Tracklistings Revealed To E-40's "Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift" & "Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift"

UPDATE #2: The Click reunites, Guce, Laroo, Black 'C', Droop-E, J. Stalin, Bosko and Turf Talk make next month's 40 Water pair of albums a Baydestrian delight.

Vallejo, California emcee veteran E-40 released Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift and Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift on March 30 of this year. The Click co-founder's twelfth and thirteenth albums respectively both cracked the Top 200 of the charts, while the Sick Wid It Records CEO now aligned with EMI distribution after previous deals with Warner Brothers and Jive.

It has now been announced that the revenue will continue to be retrieved. On February 8, 2010, E-40 is expected to release Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift and Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift. This will pull the Bay Area icon into his fifteenth solo album in a career that's prompted hits such as "Sprinkle Me," "Captain Save A Hoe" and 2006's Keak da Sneak-assisted "Tell Me When To Go."

In related news, 40's brother and Click bandmate D-Shot has recently released a music industry book. E-40's artist Turf Talk is expected to release his next album before year's end.

E-40 is presently on tour with Tech N9ne and Glasses Malone. Dates are available here.

(October 11, 2010)

UPDATE: E-40's Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift and Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift will release on March 29, 2011. Announcements were made this morning that confirm that between the two albums, there will be appearances from Tech N9ne, Bun B, Slim Thug, T-Pain, Devin The Dude and Click band-mate B-Legit.

(February 22)

UPDATE #2: The tracklistings have been revealed to E-40's Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift and Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift. They are as follows:

Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift

1. Mr. Flamboyant 2K11
2. Drugs (feat. B-Legit)
3. Hillside
4. Gunz
5. Slow It Down (feat. J. Stalin & Decadez)
6. Me & My Bitch
7. Beastin
8. My Money Straight (feat. Guce & Black C (of RBL Posse))
9. I Love My Momma (feat. R.O.D. & Mic Conn)
10. I Am Your (feat. Droop-E & Laroo T.H.H.)
11. In The Morning (feat. Beeda Weeda & Work Dirty (of DB'z))
12. Punkin' Em Out
13. Born In The Struggle (feat. Dr. Cornell West & Mike Marshall)
14. Fuck Em'
15. Rear View Mirror (feat. B-Legit & Stressmatic)
16. Lookin' Back (feat. Devin The Dude)
17. Stay Gone
18. Movin' Organized Business (M.O.B.)
19. Tired Of Sellin Yola
20. Click About It (feat. The Click, Harm (of Da Rich), & Bosko)

Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift

1. Barbarian
2. Serious (feat. T-Pain)
3. Graveyard Shift (feat. Cousin Fik & Choose Up Cheese)
4. My Lil Grimey Nigga
5. Yankin' (feat. Hot (of DB'z) & Laroo T.H.H.)
6. Concrete
7. Club On Lock (feat. Matt Blaque & Laroo T.H.H.)
8. Fried (feat. Tech N9ne & Marty James)
9. Back & Forth (feat. Turf Talk, Cousin Fik, & Stresmatic)
10. Bad Bitch (feat. Stressmatic & Droop-E)
11. Takin 'Em Back
12. My Shit Bang
13. The Streets Don't Love Nobody (feat. Turf Talk & DB Tha General)
14. 43 (feat. B-Legit)
15. That Candy Paint (feat. Bun B & Slim Thug)
16. E Forty
17. Trapped (feat. Mike Marshall)
18. Spooky (feat. Bosko)
19. Don't Try This At Home (feat. Philthy Rich & Stevie Joe)
20. Tuff Times (feat. Bosko & Netta B)


  • PlatinumPaycheck

    One thing my folks always told me is you can't pkease everybody! I fucks with 40 tough but I understand that everyone aint gonna dig his flavor! Just like dont fuck with certain rappers everyone else be riding they dicks. Respect the Game!

  • HipHopDX

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  • PAverhart

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  • RalphieRalphie

    Is this guys character any good on that def jam video game? i might look into that game.

  • Cody Wizz Gobert

    you gotta be a certain kind of hiphop fan to actually bump e-40 like that.

  • kennyken

    i'm like a lot of people who've complimented on here, i've never really just followed 40 fonzarelli, but i've always liked that ill flow. but I bought revenue retreivin, day shift, and that shit was off the chain. i am definitely going to be looking for these.

  • Anonymous

    hall of game just fuckin classic

  • Almar

    The Only E-40 Shit i ever really liked was his album "In a Major Way" And His Album "Tha Hall Of Game", them shits are classic in my book, Do Your Thang 40, Fuck The haters.

  • Anonymous

    gotta admit dude has one of the most interesting flows and voices out there, never really been a huge fan but always give his music a listen to.

  • not sick wit it

    man i alwayz thought dis nigga wuz garbage 2 me he aint got no talent whoever gave him is first deal is an ass like da song say E-40 im tellin u 2 go now dumb ass musik i hate his musik wit a passion

  • devante

    havent heard a e 40 song since 07

  • Anonymous

    Never liked this guy, never will, thought he was a cornball back when Sprinkle me dropped

  • NycMade

    fcuk the Less coast with a aids dick yall aint poppin vado > LessCoast E-Hoety needs 1000 features to back him up hes terrible

  • Jesus

    iv hated E-40 personally since i played def jam 9c0n and watched this fat fuck do back flip kicks and shit. but music-wise. hes okay. i dnt fuck with him but hes out out a song or two i like sooo no hate. as long as the nigga dont be doin no more backflips to "go dumb" im good

    • Autumn

      you seriously hate him because of a video game? you are a fucking idiot. E-40 is a great person and his music kicks ass.

  • gnigga/pleeze

    is anyone really gonna check for this shit? not hatin on the man or nothin im just curious

  • DallasUCMR


  • Anonymous

    e40 is one of the realest dudes in the game.go back and check the catalog niggas.he got more hits then motherfuckers think he got.always will be a fan of e40.the whole motherfuckin bay stand up and salute fonzarelli its well deserved.

  • Jugo

    40 Water has Devin as a featured guest so i will be checking for this. 40 has been grinding for years. Gotta respect that.

  • Anonymous

    40 even get play up in canada!!! niggas love e-40 in halifax!!

  • Anonymous

    i fux wit 40,nigga doin somethun right, 20+ yrs in the game!!

  • Backpacker 88

    I hate it when people hate on 40. Seems like people hate on the Bay in general. Anyway, I respect his hustle and the music. People always tell me, "Man, I don't understand what he's saying..." I say you're just not listening well enough.

  • iketruner89

    some people are just game goofy, if they aint knowing about e-40 now then i aint got no words for ya you square ass sucka butts

  • sactown

    i'm not a finatic like some, but i think 40 is cool. u don't get e-40 unless u live in northern california.


    Ya'll think this nigga 40 would still be puttin music out if niggas wasn't slappin his shit. Fuck all you outta staters, this nigga 40 loyal to his soil, most rappers out aren't....he's been down since the 80's nigga, respect game

  • Chuck Scott

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  • Anthony Kaala Schaffer

    im 29 nowsince i kan remember i ben off dat 40 shit.niggas shit was stankin back then and still will slap u n the facewit agarbage bag of shit now.earl keep doin wut ya dodo

  • stereosteves

    game fo yo bran some cant hang your doing some thing right 40

    • DJ Grand T

      I,m going to tell all you hating ass punks 40 water is the real. Period Mother fucking Point Blank, Bitch Ass Niggas. We love 40 in Fillmoe cause he reps The Bay, So fuck all you back biting hoes. When i hear all these other artist drop their shit i am asking where is E-40 . THE YAY AREA FO LIfE, YOU GAME GOOFY BASTARDS

  • edubb1977

    40 water go hard fuck you haters

  • exclusiveKICKS2

    been listenin to e 40 since95! cant wait

  • Nico 3

    E-40 actually makes Yukmouth sound like a road scholar, yet this is the problem with hip hop nowadays. Much better rappers can't get their shit out, yet people like E-40, Messy Marv & Keak Da Sneak, seem to have endless music out every few months. I respect the hustle, but the music sucks.

  • Loso

    40 Water Go Dumb!!! Tha Last Double Album Was Hard And The New One Goin To Be Hyphy 2

  • Anonymous

    please stop rapping, your so boring, your last album was garbage. One good advice: retire

    • Anonymous

      your just a fuck nigga and your 40 hating when this nigga aint did nothing but spit straight game to these cats.e 40 gets more then respect he is a honor to listen to .learned nothing but game from him.what the fuck did you do

    • Anonymous

      Whoeverr posted that komment abt 40 is a straight Sucka and must not be Game Tight O Ho Cake !

  • The Truth

    In related news: Next Thursday, I will place 2 bags of garbage outside on the sidewalk, which will mark the 4th bag of garbage I have placed on the sidewalk to be picked up in just 2 short weeks. I will be making these bags of garbage available for pickup 'cause the trash keeps comin'.

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