The Miami Dolphins' Disputes Birdman's Ownership Reports

UPDATE #2: Birdman says that he has deep interests in franchise ownership, but was speaking prematurely. He says that he does have the means however.

In February of 2008, billionaire real estate developer Stephen M. Ross bought a 50 percent stake in the NFL’s Miami Dolphins franchise for $550 million. In the two years since, he has purchased the remaining shares and brought Venus and Serena Williams, Jimmy Buffett, musicians Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Marc Anthony into the fold by selling them small shares of the team. Cash Money Records co-founder Brian “Birdman” Williams wants to add his name to the list.

“It’s in the works,” Williams told Shade 45’s Angela Yee during a recent interview. “You have to get a clearance from the NFL…we’re waiting on the clearance. Once we get cleared, we good. You got Venus [Williams] and all them other people involved. We wanted to be part owners in the Dolphins.”

Forbes magazine estimates the Dolphins are worth $765 million. Williams also expressed an interest in becoming a minority owner in professional basketball or baseball, saying that sports ownership would be “the next step” for Cash Money. Birdman also looked back on artists he had the chance to sign earlier in their careers.

“I had a chance for Keyshia Cole, I had a chance for Jeezy and T.I.,”  Williams added. “T.I. used to be in the studio with us writing everyday. I used to let him come in the studio and just chill with us when we used to go out to Atlanta and record. At that time we were just young and focusing on us, but they made great careers.”

UPDATE: The Miami Herald has reported that Birdman's statement about owning a piece of the Dolphins was news to owner Stephen Ross. "I have NEVER spoken to him or any representative," Ross said in a statement, adding that the ownership group was "not considering or looking for any celebrity limited partners."


UPDATE #2: Birdman has re-framed comments he made earlier this week that confused Miami Doplins owner Stephen Ross. "I just hope one day that we can find ourselves to be a part owner of a team. I don't think it should be outta' [the question]," Birdman told Shade 45's Angela Yee. The executive and rapper added that he had interest in owning teams in all four major U.S. sports.

The Big Tymers member also says he has the money to match his mouth, saying, "We're financially able to do so."


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  • mebeburke

    No one is going to let "Cocaine Kilo Man" into the NFL.

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  • Anonymous

    you have a star tattooed on the top of your head. enough said....

  • lilhooverdashooter

    Baby u a liar mane! Check out dis real hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Habitual scrotum face ass lyin ass nigga...



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  • cream

    -cashmoney aint paying producers -bronald oil is some bogus company -ross deny any dolphin ownership talks what next?

  • Anonymous


  • Alex Mendoza

    Birdman is a fuckin moron. He may have a lot of money and act like he has more money than he actually does, but he's an idiot as far as being a decent person lol. This is just like that 'bronald oil company' bullshit

  • Chris Dras Payton Jr

    Really.. This nigga don't pay his bills and lies all the time... Its like a trend.... New Beat Free Beat Package!!!!!!!!!! (Release Date 10/06/2010) Old Beat Package (Release Date 09/06/2010) Will Rap 4 Deal Album I work with every body.......just hit me up about collabos, beats, verses, or shit any thing.... Contact Info: 210-264-1290

  • edubb1977

    Why would anyone be surprised that this nigga is a liar. Secondly why would the dolphins owner or any business minded deal with this coon buffoon nigga. Im sorry but birdman never has anything remotely intelligent to say, so i ask again why would anyone with a business mind do business with this fool. Why please someone tell me why, and now that he has been caught in another lie someone tell me why it would be logical to do business with this nigga!?

    • Asafo

      //so i ask again why would anyone with a business mind do business with this fool.\\ Umm maybe because he signed one of THE MOST HISTORIC music deals in History with Universal, and he's the part owner of an Oil company? Why wouldn't wealthy folks do business with other wealthy folks?

  • Anonymous


  • Nneka fan

    Anyone looking for some straight Lauren Hill-type soul shit needs to go to Youtube now and type in Nneka-God of Mercy live. This chick is incredible and so is her range towards the end of the song. Peace

  • BlackTalkinWhiteBoy


    • Mrnoluv

      Because in every interview this nigga is talking about how rich he is yet the SEC has never heard of this oil company he claims to own, now this. Got a feeling Jay has way more money.

  • Gonzo

    gotta love the birdman

  • G5

    This nigga stay lying about shit. Actually his whole crew stays lying about shit. Birdman owns an oil company right? Wrong. Birdman is buying part of the Dolphins right? Wrong. Lil Wayne and Birdman are bloods right? Wrong. Birdman and Lil Wayne have more money than Jay-Z right? Wrong. Birdman's best friend/D-boy Rick Ross used to be the cocaine king of Miami right? wrong. These niggaz lie every second that they breath. What get's me though is that it is completely unnecessary. He brings this shit up and lies about it, it's not like people are trying to make him say this shit he really fabricates it all on his own. Fuck shit.

    • albow71

      I agree. Dude be trying to make it seem like he doing really big business outside of rap which he's not. The only $ he's making is from the rap game & all the other shit is a bunch of french fry business that ain't even worth mentioning. This dude acts as if nobody gonna check behind him on the shit that he says. Once you get caught lying about some shit the media will definitely be fact checking the next piece of shit you serve them. I think dude is a fraud in so many ways & the reason he has the dough he has now is by fucking over damn-near every artist he signs. Nigga just take his artists royalty & publishing checks. When these niggas made those hits, they ain't see shit but their advance money & a portion of their show money. Sad thing is that with all of this $$ Wayne has been making the bulk of that shit goes to this son of a bitch!

    • CStunna

      You a hatin broke nigga.. You dont know wtf Birdman got going on.. Hater..

  • Young Money Honey

    Preview of Lil Wayne and Birdman threesome video with Kat Stacks!!



  • Anonymous

    I thought this shit was about Tony Hawk buying the Dolphins until I saw this fools ugly head. Tony Hawk has more money than this poser does anyways.

  • The Gambler

    First off, any report like this would be highly unlikely for several reasons. One, Byrdman, regardless of how much money has has [NFL owners could care less, they have more] woul dnever get approved to be an owner because of his background and his color. The NFL to this day has NEVER had even a minority owner of color. Reggie Fowler almost bought The Vikings some years back, but even after you pass the financial requirments, the old boys network known as teh owners have to vote to allow you in..Byrdman is not their kind of guy..He wont be the owners first choice as first black owner of an NFL franchise..

    • CStunna

      You dont know what your talking about.. The Texans have a minority owner of color.. Kirbyjon Caldwell... Google him... Hater..

    • get it right

      Get ya facts right!!! Venus & Serena are minority owners of the dolphins. They got in before J-lo & Marc Anthony!

    • Anonymous

      its called negative publicity...look at his tatoos, you think they want to be associated with Birdman, and Lil Wayne, who just got locked up..they are walking riskz forreal..they need to invest in like a TMZ or sum shit, these niggaz are dumb thinkin they can get money fast when, they just look like they are marketing in their raps and swagger jackin mentality, give em a year, look at lil wayne sales, on to the next one

    • Anonymous

      its not majority owner you idiot. the williams' sisters are already partial owners. so your theory on their being no black owners only shows your own ignorance

    • Anonymous

      his color had nothing to do with it you racist prick. his history and image have EVERYTHING to do with it

  • freshyboi

    this fuckin guy gets on the radio and makes shit up, how did he think that wouldnt come back at him????

  • tha620hawk

    Dudes got a bird shit target on top of his skull and thinks the NFL is gonna take his ass serious? He can't pay the wayne production bills let alone make serious moves in a multi-billion dollar industry. Get real parakeet-man. Your as lame as your record company.

  • Anonymous

    Look, this dumb motherfucker is lying,, got an exclusive from someone close to the situation saying he is lying, as well there are statements out that says the owner, came out and said he does not have recollections with this habitual ass nigga, so stop lying Birdman, why would they want someone with tatoos all over there face and still talk about drugs and shit that put the team in a negative light, why you think Jay can do things he probably want to do, cause he minority owner of the nets, just like Mark Zuckerbeg, you put my company in a negative light, you bouncing, and just like this nigga, they not taken that risk at all, Steph Ross said it, look it up.leave with a jay-z quote smart nigga Jay is "My niggaz love it when I talk like this My corporate people start buggin cause I talk like this The corporate thugs is like, "Nah Hov, talk that shit, the dope boys go crazy when they hear the boy jay-z"

    • albow71

      Yeah & they definitely ain't trying to fuck with no nigga who's claiming to be in no gang. His dumb-ass really thinks that because he has a few hundred mil in his hands, which may not be a fact either, that he can buy his way into the white folk's worlds with all the other bullshit he has going on also (dumb-ass tats, silly jewelry, talking like a retard, etc). He wants to be where Jay is with these folk, but he'll never be because he's too childish & to ignorant for his age. Rap will accept him, but these multi-billion dollar corporations don't want no part of him!

  • Anonymous

    Well reports are surfacing now that the OWNER of the Dolphins knows NOTHING about Baby wanting to buy a stake. If thats true, then yall fell for the oki-doke. Baby was just entertaining and stun'n on YALL! LOL.

  • Anonymous


  • white milk

    what r u dudes talking about? so now you have to buy ownership in a team from your home town? how ignorant is that. is jay from jersey? is jlo from miami? none of you know how much this man is worth for real. historically birdman and master p have made some of the best deals with the record company. baby said it a looong time ago. they was already making crazy money selling their records w/o the help of a record company so when he made the deal with them he made sure it was a more than fair deal and its been that way since the jump. im not saying they got jay and diddy money but i bet they not far behind. but it does seem like birdman likes to lie a lot (the oil extravaganza) so you never know with him but i dont doubt his financial power or prowess. yall may be right about other team owners denying them. and to the ones that think he should invest in the hood shut the fuk up and make your own way. STOP LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS!!!! no ones helping you get over. at this point we are our own worst enemy always looking for help. help yo fukn self...

    • Anonymous

      and close to his home so it aint that big of deal on teams within his area that are struggle with money that he can shine a light on being that YM is so "popular"

    • Anonymous

      but Jay-z is moving it to his hometown, that was the whole point..

  • Pierre

    this man sounds real ignorant. come man what makes you think you can buy shares in the dolphins? why would you? ain't he from NO? i'm from the nap i would buy shares in the colts playa fake ass gangsta get them tears drops off your face you or the faggot lil wayne ain't never put in no work. yall ain't never pulled that tool or anything you faggots. cash money sucks ass now.

  • JJ Carruth

    THIS MUMBLING, IGNORANT SOUNDING'll never own a major sport team. Invest into your 'hood first.

  • jesterdxxl

    @BlackTalkinWhiteBoy Snoop got shares in Raiders son!

  • blusty

    he should invest in making a san antonio football team the second largest city in texas and sixth nationwide home of the spurs

    • Anonymous

      No chance inhell San Antonio gets an NFL team. the market is too small, not rich enough and would seriouslly impead on Jerry Jones' territory. and I live in SA so dont call me a hater. Id love an NFL team but its not going to happen

    • nucca

      1.Houston 2.dallas 3.san antonio...........pow



    • albow71

      Exactly!! AND... nigga get out of the cash cow of Cash Money's pockets too. He's robbing the shit out of Lil Wayne's dumb ass & he's too stupid to even notice it. Nothing Lil Wayne owns is under his name, it's all under Cash Money Records name & that's straight from Manny Fresh & it makes sense. It's the same shit Suge pulled on Pac. When Pac died most of his cars, homes, etc was owned by Death Row Records! When Wayne gets out he needs to ask this clown to sign over all of his shit and then he'll see just how real his "daddy" is. That nigga ain't going to want to give him shit!

    • OHH

      CO-SIGN I respect Baby for his drive and ambitions, but cmon son, how u gonna not pay the people that help your artists grow their fan base? You lose respect for being mad greedy and selfish.

  • BlackTalkinWhiteBoy

    white people!

  • Realhiphopky

    This is a Situation where his Image and Apperance is gonna get him in trouble. The other NFL owners are gonna look at him and the Tattoo on his head and say hell no! You gotta be smart and have a clean cut look, like Jay-Z hint "Part owner of the Nets!" Eminem, and like Kanye is probably the only other rap artists who has the money and a shot at bein a part owner if they wanted too, but Kanye's Taylor swift stunt might have some owners against him too, and Eminens is a Ex Crackhead, so it might just be only the Jigga Man!


      yeah jiggaaa cuz that nigga sold his soul to them freemason ass cracka niggaz jus like yeezy

    • Anonymous

      seem like you forgettin about nelly, but then again i almost forgot about him and that lame ass team too.

  • ...........

    dragon ball head face ass

  • tgod

    lls "on the wood everynight" no point in sayin no homo cuz he is one

  • Doze1da

    not to hate but first you gotta have your mind set in those cases pigeon man. then lets not forget you owe people money, and i do mean money

  • MyFather

    Let's get all of these hatin' ass white people off these Rap sites, it's time. You have to OFFICIALLY call yourself a jealous hater if you're hating on anybody making money in the Recession. Stop preaching to the choir and get off nigga'z dicks.

    • MyFather

      uh oh, i just set black people back 1000000 years becuz of what I wrote, oh gosh! but ummm yeah, if u think just becuz dude is a rapper, has a gang of tatoos, and has gang affiliation shouldn't be able to take part ownership of a football team then you are just sad period. tbh, if this was YelaWolf or Big Daddy Kane or KRS1 y'all niggaz would be all on dick now, you'd probably even go to work and be all excited and couldn't wait to tell everybody. y'all should cut that sissy shit out. just becuz i'm a black guy and i call out some black shit doesn't mean u should over examine me or crucify me just becuz. you don't even know me.

    • tha620hawk

      @MyFather Co-sign Anonymous & Radmofo You're your own worst enemy. That a boy. Set black folk back man. You might just be the dumbest and most ignorant person on here

    • Badmofo

      As a black man I would like to say to you. "Why to keep racism alive you IGNORANT FUCK!"

    • Anonymous

      IM black and if you think it's HATING if people suggest that the NFL isn't gonna except ownership from people who rep a gang, HEAVY, then YOU are setting black people back 300 years with ya dumb thought process. I ONLY way this happens is if the owners have no idea about what Baby and nem represent. The ONLY one making money would be the Dolphins current majority owner, NOT the NFL.


    dont you fools know money talks an this guy got plenty of it its not like he gone be on some jerry jones type shit i seen serena and the other owners at one game thats its a share in the team.

  • Anonymous

    Man if NOTHING is sacred, THIS should be. Not because of my PERSONAL beliefs, but because of how the NFL operates. They ban certain celebrations and hand gestures because of gang affiliations. So if that is the case, do you know how much of a show of HYPOCRISY it would be if they led a "GANG MEMBER" (even if fake, LOL) purchase a portion of an NFL franchise, LOL. C'Mon Son!!! I agree with everyone else on here.

  • AP

    ...We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM.......We get it First...IAMTJAY.COM....

  • Wolfman

    Yeah, sorry... I can't really see that happening. It's situations like these that make me think, sometimes perceptions of your personality will come back to haunt you. I can't imagine the owners and commissioner of the NFL becoming accepting of a "gangsta-rapper" like Birdman, and his tatted star on top of his head.

  • doctor

    i highly doubt this guy or wayne will get approved to be apart of the NFL ownership how it works is when someone wants to be an owner or part owner of an NFL team every other owner from every other team has to approve it and all it takes is one owner to deny them and thats it no ownership for the way did this guy get a star tatted on his head? haha

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