Kanye West Compares Lindsay Lohan's Fashion Line To "9/11"

Kanye dishes out some harsh criticism of fellow celeb Lindsay Lohan's failed fashion line.

Though Kanye West generally strays from beef in Hip Hop, he has no problem dishing out the hurt in the fashion world.

According to elleuk.com, West likened Lindsay Lohan's "Ungaro" collection's effect on celebrities doing fashion to the infamous airplane attacks of September 11, 2001.

West called the line the "9/11 for celebrities doing fashion. After that, I thought, 'Well, I can't do a line now.'"

When prompted about his own fashion line, West retorted, "Did you not see the Lindsay/Ungaro collection?"

Kanye explained that Lohan's critically-panned line has forced the fashion world to be skeptical of celebrities working in the fashion world. "Last night at my Paris premiere of 'Runaway,' what hurt most was the people who weren't there. People look down on celebs doing fashion."

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