Kanye West Compares Lindsay Lohan's Fashion Line To "9/11"

Kanye dishes out some harsh criticism of fellow celeb Lindsay Lohan's failed fashion line.

Though Kanye West generally strays from beef in Hip Hop, he has no problem dishing out the hurt in the fashion world.

According to elleuk.com, West likened Lindsay Lohan's "Ungaro" collection's effect on celebrities doing fashion to the infamous airplane attacks of September 11, 2001.

West called the line the "9/11 for celebrities doing fashion. After that, I thought, 'Well, I can't do a line now.'"

When prompted about his own fashion line, West retorted, "Did you not see the Lindsay/Ungaro collection?"

Kanye explained that Lohan's critically-panned line has forced the fashion world to be skeptical of celebrities working in the fashion world. "Last night at my Paris premiere of 'Runaway,' what hurt most was the people who weren't there. People look down on celebs doing fashion."


  • Magic16

    So Kanye speaks on a girl's fashion but isn't man enough to respond to other rappers taking shots or clearly calling him out, smh, this type of stuff reminds y I smh @ Kanye alot. Stop being a diva and stick to making music, if u ain't gon make music against artists that provoke you then stop talkin bout what a female wears, fukin drama queen. This nigga irritate me sometimes.

  • Asafo

    Lol damn I don't think anybody actually read the article. They saw Lohan, fashion, and Kanye and IMMEDIATELY responded with the infamous Riley quote "nigga u gay..". Lol if u actually READ it u would see that he's talking about now being able to start his own line because of the failure of Lohan's line. Celebs don't get much respect in the fashion world due to her...

    • tonytone

      they only read bold letters. then they say us black folks are illiterate and cant articulate.....shake my head.

  • Kanye Is A FAGGIT

    Can You Belive This Pussy Nigga Startin Shit With Little White Girls... When Is Some Gonna Shut This Piece Of Shit Up. He Wouldnt Dare Say Anything To Any Rapper Because He Knows They Would Punch Him Right In His Watermelon Head..! Kanye Is One Bitch Ass Nigga

    • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

      ^ sounds more like you're talking about Eminem! He disses more "little white girls" than anyone & never goes after anyone worth a shit, yet every second person says he's the greatest ever.

  • Kanye Is Racist

    Kanye West Hates White People

  • bswift77

    OMG!!!! Kanye sounds like a straight Diva. Man i would totally not be suprised if it came out that Kanye was gay. What Hip Hop cat is trippin of fashion like this. I mean everybody wants to look nice. Rock the fresh kicks with the dope outfit but damn, it ain't this serious. C'mon Son!!!!

  • AP

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  • Sensaye252

    Oh my God, it's just shocking the way rappers have turned into COMPLETE PUSSIES!! These niggas are hangin' around so many stuck up beverly hills bitches that they're acting like them now. I don't know and don't care if this nigga is gay or not, either way he's just a feminine ass bitch ass pussy ass clown...and a dope producer.

  • hiphopsfinest89

    seems like alota people under me wish he was gay so they could get that "DICK". why you worried about another man sextuality. drop the subject move on, yall sounding like dick goblers right about now.

  • Controverse

    that shit's gay as fuck! just rap and produce!

  • Hovakraft

    And yet yall actually posted on this article which means you took time out of your lottery buying life to read it. Is that power? I don't know you tell me.

  • nucca

    lmao...dats fuckin hillarious

  • Anonymous

    i'm starting to sense a strange parallel between kanye and rick ross. one puts on this facade of being a gangster when he actually was a c.o. while the other puts on a facade of being hetero. hmmmm?!?!

  • Kev

    Wow! Why is Kanye West even saying mean things like this?

  • Anonymous

    Damn hiphopdx will report fuckin ANYTHING that has to do with this fool kanye! who gives a fuck about this story? no one. Faggot kanye is fuckin someone at the head of this site. An whats wit this obsession kanye has now wit red? he looks ridiculous.. not to mention this egyption shit and the power video... kanye trippin

  • Mr. I Rap Better Than You

    He problaby is gay...i would throw away every cd i have if he is...but he's the ultimate celibrity asshole..

  • G-funny

    Who gives a fuck if he is gay? You can't handle that? Is it really something to worry about? You fucking homophobic motherfuckers. If i would say i hate jews and Hitler was right all along everybody would hate me. Or if i would say the N word I bet you i'll get tons of replies that i am racist while you fuckers are gay bashing. Really it's pathetic.

    • Lsn22s

      "what god hates you hate?" most ignorant statement ever...religion is the biggest line of bullshit and people eat that crap up with a spoon...you are a tool... i actually agree with you on the animals not being gay thing, and that its a choice people make...human beings are the only animal advanced/complex enough to have that curiosity in the first place... i really dont think kanye is gay, he just doesnt give a fuck... and seriously...until you can prove god exists (which you cant) you should leave it out of your argument... and hatred? what religion approves of hatred again?.....exactly...fucking idiot...

    • Anonymous

      even animals aint gay...being gay is a choice ur not born like that ...n i wont lie what God hates i hate ....that shit is stupid...n Kanye dont be such a douchebag

  • Lol

    Says the guy with the big ass ugly chain around his neck, and Blues Brothers glasses.

  • Nathan Helton

    Could someone explain what exactly makes kanye gay?

  • Cogna

    Damn Kanye, could ya turn down the douchiness for a minute? Fucking 9/11? Come on.

  • Kanye is gay

    I'm getting sick of kanye guy thinks he's the shit go make a line of panties ya fag

  • Anonymous

    why dx taking articles from sohh. isaw this shit on that site along with the ashanti and diplomat articles. come on dx wtf?

  • B to tha

    Wow a lot of ya reek of homophobia right now...

  • Neilc

    You guys are morons.. he's saying that it's hard to do a celebrity fashion line because Lindsay fucked up the rep

  • Stepoutkanye

    Kanye keeps opening the closet door and peeking out of it. Its only a matter of time before he finally steps out of the closet. Dude is fruity as shit.


      yez'zir did u see the new xxl copy they let the faggot design half of the magazine nigga had pictures of flowers n shit..haha fuckin faggot


    SutterKane is right, this article makes Kanye look even more suspect as fuck

  • SutterKane

    LOL, this gay ass would sit around debating womens close "OH MY GOD lindsey those shoes are like, so yesterday" Fuckin fruitcake

    • Codeez

      your music sucks

    • Cody Aguirre

      your music sucks

    • SutterKane

      @ stfu-sutter Did I strike a nerve or summin, lol, using my name in your name is bout as gay as kanye caring about womens clothing lines

    • stfu-sutter

      stfu ma nikka...if u actually read thee article u would see that he's not talkin about it as a clothing line..hes talkin about how itsz giving celebrity fashion lines more trouble becusz of the fact that it was such a failure..not once did he mention an actual piece from that clothing line..all he sed is that now itsz gonna make it harder for him to release his own line becusz fashion companies are thinking twice about celeb clothing lines..stop fuckin being ignorant and read u stupid ass

    • SutterKane

      @Bubu K If I were a celebrity, I wouldnt comment on some females clothing line in interviews, that much I can tell you, lol

    • Bubu K

      soo you have never seen someones clothes and sed to yur friends sumthing like "Danm those pants are hella ugly..."

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