Nicki Minaj Sets New Record For Female Rapper Chart Positions

The DXnext alum has seven songs on the Billboard Top 200, including three of her own, and appearances with Jay Sean, Trey Songz, Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne.

Young Money's sensation and DXnext alum Nicki Minaj has broken a Billboard Charts record, despite still having never released a full-length album. With November 23rd's Pink Friday on the horizons, the Queens, New York native was announced to be the first female emcee to have seven songs on the Billboard Top 200 Singles charts.

Those recordings stem from feature appearances alongside Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, Jay Sean and Trey Songz, as well as Minaj's own "Your Love" , "Check It Out" and "Right Thru Me" . Those collective seven songs have totalled over four million in singles sales.

Pink Friday is expected to feature production from Kanye West,, Drumma Boy and Swizz Beatz.



  • The_Ghost_BKS1

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  • m

    congrats now let's get more talented female emcees that dont just raps about sex please not saying that's all nicki raps about

  • Nico 3

    She'll go platinum like Drake, but hip hop is about longevity. She needs staying power to really make a name for herself. The odds are againsn't her.

  • michael

    Not a fan of her music but i respect her hustle and no-fail attitude. No matter what anyone say about her music at the end of the day what she done is quite a accomplishment. But sadly to say, no one is really going to take her serious (as a consensus among hip hop fans) until she puts out a solid album and go platinum. The reason she has to put out a solid album is because her guest appearance mostly been filled with wacky and unsustainable content (faces and voices) with no real lyrical firepower. Funny thing is that, she can spit, just the whole image she developed, while helping her get recognition is taking away from her lyrical abilities. Next, the reason she need to go platinum is because so much hype and marketing was placed behind her (similar to drake) that if she does any less, two things will show; 1) her hype was a "Industry Force Demand" not a "Natural Fan Generated Demand"; 2) it will become even more difficult for her to recapture her buzz once people feel that you "FAILED TO DELIEVER" (papoose, saigon, Remy Ma are great example of rapper not realizing their buzz and translating it into sales numbers). Young fans have short memories and what is hot one second is not the next minute (ex: 50 cent) So far her performance in my view (so nicki stans stand back) hasnt brought anything new to the game. She hasnt done anything in my view that is memorable on stage or on National TV. To be fair i'll wait until she drops the album and judge then. Until then she will just be viewed as another "guest-star rapper" or "scott pippen" who is only good enough for assist but unable to carry the torch or "ball" and slam it home.

    • @shawtyacemusic

      so true ..i used to bump nikki hard until her recent fame she too animated but im glad she finnally made it....its sad to say she actually has some decent songs that the label itself probably is not sure they made her go the popish route for her image smh but i support her and wish her success

  • Best Rapper

    The Best Rapper(Em a legend so he dont count)gona sell Krazy when Pink Friday comes out, her and Kanye are the Best HiPhOP artist out 2day, and like i said, Em and Jayz already legends, im talkin about Artist that are tryna become legends, and thatz Kanye and Nicki.

  • Smiffnwessyde

    Shame all of those songs are shit.

  • dc the producer

    I think she might go gold.

  • dc the producer

    That is good but I wonder if she can go Platinum???The last female rapper to do is Missy I think??

  • Hpnotic

    till she get a platinum plaque for her own work this "new Record" dont mean shit ~_~

    • masterbeta

      Spoken like a true hater, the only reason these seven records are on the billboard is BECAUSE OF NICKI MINAJ. So this record actually do mean something.


    well damn

  • HUCC

    My wifey is killen the game..succas

  • Dontsleep


  • AP

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