Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck Readies Dubstep Remix of "Manifesto"

Like U-God on "Dopium," The Rebel INS is giving the sound a new genre on a remix to his spring 2010 album.

The Wu-Tang Clan emcee Inspectah Deck will close 2010 with a new version of the album he released earlier this year. Manifesto: Redux will feature 12 Dubstep versions of songs that originally appeared on Manifesto, the Rebel INS' spring album on Traffic Entertainment. The originals were produced by the likes of Alchemist and Lee Bannon.

Last year, fellow Clansmen U-God released Dopium, which featured House remixes of several songs. Manifesto: Redux will release on November 2 through Traffic Entertainment.



  • Anonymous

    Yo deck one of my favourite rappers an not just in the wu. I like manifesto i thought it was sick, i don't get how u some below me can say its garbage. Underrated album for real

  • yessir

    love the wu, but the best fit for dubstep is h-town emcees. you get some chopped and screwed lyrics over that wobble sound, shit is right. i'm not really down with too many houston cats, but i heard a still tippin' dubstep remix that was nasty.

  • Doubl Negative

    Dub-step was born out of Drum n Bass, but DnB is 180bpm so alot of emcees are gonna have difficulty spittin' on them beats, even if d n'b shares a lineage with hip-hop. Dub-step beats are better suited for rappers as exampled on Breakage's "Hard" feat Newham Generals and Yungun and Foreign Beggars work with Alix Perez. It's cool to see Deck tryin' something new and not remain inert, but I echo the sentiments of other bloggers by wantin' to hear him over Necro, Premo, Lewis Parker, Oh No and obviously RZA beats.

    • djzacmaniac

      DnB is 180bpm, but half-time is 90bpm. You can play hip-hop tracks with DnB tracks, they are the same tempo essentially. You can catch the slow vibe even with the extra snare, more hiphop MCs should try it out.


    Deck is a great Mc but like others I agree that his beat selection and sometimes terrible hooks pull him way down. Its fucked up to see what potential Deck would have with Rza beats or Ghost face picked beats. What would make a classic is a Deck album with beats made by the Wu elements + Primo, Alchemist, 9th wonder and MF Doom to name a few. But still............ Wu tang 4 life

  • Wu

    He's planning The Rebellion for a 2011 release, with at least 50 % RZA beats.

  • Really Real

    I don't know about this dubstep. The wu meets indie vol 2 sucked, Manifesto was really bad...It's like with each album, Deck's beats have deteriorated even less than the previous...I know we won't get another Uncontrollable Substance, but c'mon, a somewhat decent album now re-released with dubstep beats?

  • wu tang fan

    manifesto was a piece of shit and even less people are gonna buy a fucking dubstep version...why ont let rza just do the whole thing


    yo manifesto truly an underrated album. inspectah deck the best of the clan and possibly the most underrated rapper of his time. he aint jus for the hype tracks wen the whole wu come together. this man been doin it all just nobody notices

  • Doc Hol

    Manifesto's a dope album

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