Just Blaze Talks T.I., Jay Electronica Delays

Just Blaze tells the Hypemen what's really holding up T.I's "King Uncaged" and Jay Electronica's "Act II."

T.I.'s King Uncaged and Jay Electronica's Act II were originally two of the more hyped releases expected in 2010, and Just Blaze may lend his production talents to both albums. Prior to his most recent legal trouble, Tip targeted September 28 as his album release date. But Just Blaze said, T.I.'s issues with the law are not necessarily to blame for the multiple delays of his album.

"The crazy thing about Tip is that when he got out of jail he went into the studio and literally recorded 70 songs in a matter of months," Just told Eric and Jeff Rosenthal and Jensen Carp during an appearance on their Hypemen podcast. "We had a conversation where he was like, 'Yo, I've rapped and said so much, I'm trying to figure out which way to move next.'"

Just contrasted T.I.'s recording process to Jay-Z's method during The Blueprint, which he had a hand in producing. "[T.I.] has such a wide range of really good street records, introspective records and a couple of smash singles. But when you've got 20 of each type, it's hard to pick which ones to run with."

Meanwhile, Just Blaze thinks Jay Electronica's delays may have more to do with adjusting to the industry and his fan's expectations--something that Jay himself hinted at on Twitter.

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#TruthBeTold: I've been afraid to release Act II because I feel like it's not gonna be good enough. I know the people expect so much from me5:25 AM Aug 9th via Osfoora HD

Just Blaze did hint at a new release "coming sooner rather than later," reminding fans that there was no anticipation or build up to "Exhibit C."

"I say this with all the brotherly love in the world in regards to him; you have to remember this guy was literally homeless when I met him," Just Blaze explained. "It takes some adjusting to go from sleeping on a train to having the hottest record of the year. He was always used to operating on his own schedule, and all of a sudden you have a responsibility to fans, media and to your friends and the people who have been there for you. It messes with your head, and everyone has to handle it differently."

The full Hypemen podcasts features Just Blaze giving his thoughts about working with the Diplomats, the Roc-a-fella split and his work in the video game industry. It can be streamed or downloaded via the Hypemen Tumblr feed.


  • Anonymous

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  • kiLLimunati403

    Don't y'all see it's the powers that be suppress music that will up lift the soul because as you can see it's no delay's on albums that's perpetuating that same drugs, hoes, and clothes rap! Wake up people and make your voices heard... WE NEED OUR HIP HOP back!!! Kanye and Wayne should not be at the top of rap!!! This is not a diss to them but we have too many more great artist out there they ain't getting no SHINE.... JAY ELECT, LUPE, and others are just examples of the controlling forces in music. LIke 2Pac said... "THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US"

    • Charles ExSavior

      Serious co-sign my dude. Other examples like Blu from LA, J. Cole, Elzhi, Phonte... there's definitely a better selection out there to represent this culture to the fullest. Gimme that Jay Elect album already!


    im gonna buy JAY E album over T.I album allday its hard for tip to top them first three albums

  • Dale Muphasa Oats

    Just drop the damn album already, Jay. We been waitin!

  • blackula

    KRS was homeless for a while too before he dropped his first album and he was only around 20 then. Still mad young. Jay Elec is 34, grown ass man. Just put the music out and let the fans decide. Every artist has to do it. Dude can rap real nice. All he's gotta do is put the words down on wax and the rest will fall into place.

  • ShowTime NY

    Jay Electronica has the illest story. How do you go from Homless, To wifing up Badu,to Reaching Just Blaze on Aim, to Breaking into the Music INdustry, I would say to Jay You know when Your finish when You have nothing Left to say and you need to grow live life and then hit em again. At least thats what I ve experienced in making my own albums. Now Im getting to release my first one for sale. So I can relate. TI 7o songs.. Man I couldnt find 70 Good original beats in that amount of time. Well he's TI He probably got beats waiting 4 him. Still Impressive I geuss. www.soundclick.com/showtimeny

  • AnonymousToo

    Honestly never heard of Jay Elect till he did that joint with diddy yappin' at the end. That was hot for a minute, then what happened? Shit's lame, give me that fire i heard on that Christopher Wallace shit.

  • yourmomsballs

    Man, I wouldn't let JUST BLAZE manage my carrer for any amount of money in the world. This dude is a producer not a label owner, dude, you had SAIGON THE FUCKING YARDFATHER, and screwed that up. Now you have JAY ELECTRONICA, the hottest rapper out with the hottest song and you let the steam die down. At some point you have to get some balls and release solid material at least for the fans so that these men could advance in hiphop, you can't just keep shit locked in a fucking vault and come out with some sob story every few months. THIS SHIT IS FUCKING LAME

  • Anonymous

    what about Saigon?

  • sgwwwwwwefas

    in regards to saigon, he has to be lazy. You can blame label politics all you want, but that shouldn't stop you from continuously putting music out. When you disappear and stop promoting, how do you expect the labels to support you? smh

  • G

    What happened to Rek's album? Will J. Cole ever be finished? Will Jay Electra release 1 single next year and FINALLY release his album in 2015? Is Lupe's album shelved until further notice? So far everything I've looked forward to this year has not come to be. 2010 sucked. The only great album was Shad K's TSOL, and hopefully Joell will deliver in full in Nov. Hi Tek (not Kweli) let me down, and LB didn't go out with a bang, but LeftBack was not bad at all. Just not excellent. At last Phonte is releasing a solo album. eLZhi the beast is solo now too!!!!!!

  • blue

    wanna hear that unreleased catalog.

  • Anonymous

    what ever happened with saigon will the greatest story never told ever be told?

    • gooooooooo!

      Saigon is not gonna get millions of dollars from it that's why he is M.I.A. Don't let the absence of these rappers fool you because they are caught up in their money situations and they want a shit load of money and no download leaks when they do decide to make the albums and the album drops in stores. They don't want people jacking and stealing their shit. That's why you don't see Saigon or Jay Electronica around. Jay Electronica needs to stop being a fuckin' perfectionist because nobody's perfect when it comes to music. If you feel like your music is shit then don't waste your time making it. Just Blaze is turning into a producer who fucks with artists that don't have the knack or strength to keep going in order to make it in the music business. Sorry but Sai and Electronica won't make it and they are not cut out for this music shit. They are no different then the other artists who wanna make big money from it. The only difference is that Sai and Electronica won't tell you that they wanna be rich off of this rap shit but deep down you know they do. If they didn't then they would still be releasing music whether it was hot or just garbage. I can only see Jay Eletronica making one or two albums and then waiting 15 more years to decide to make another one like Dr.Dre so Jay is done anyways. All of these rappers including Jay Electronica and Saigon just want money and want their albums to sell like Eminem,Lil Wayne,and Drake. Jay and Sai won't say it but sorry that's just the way it is.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i know, wat a fuckin joke that's becoming. fuck that average punk saigon as each day passes i am less and less impressed with his shit flowing and delivery. he is a simple to average rapper. nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary with him. just a piece of lazy bi-polar shit like the game. honestly, have you guys heard warning shots 2....man. all in a day's work is okay, but this dudes body of work ain't shit and it's filled with lies, how many times have we been promised the greatest story never told. way too many times over way too many years. i was all over this dude back when warning shots one dropped and his buzz was kickin up into high gear. but he has completely fizzled out. that dj drama mixtape for instance (yawn). yeah he's a joke fuckk you saigon. check for more information on the greatest story never told comin on warning shots 3 droppin in 2011

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