Beanie Sigel Charged with Tax Evasion

Beans is in trouble with the IRS, as news broke that the rapper filed no tax returns from 2002 to 2004.

The Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel is back in legal hot water as he is now being charged with federal tax evasion. News broke today that the former Roc-a-Fella rapper did not file his tax returns during the span of 2002 to 2004 despite making close $1.5 million during that time.

"Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia say the entertainer born Dwight Grant made $1.5 million from 2002 to 2004, but filed no tax returns," reported the Associated Press earlier today. (

According to reports from Sigel's lawyer, however, the rapper may not be entirely at fault in this situation. Defense attorney Fortunato Perri Jr. stated that the rapper had been incarcerated during some of those years following his 2004 arrest for gun charges and had other individuals handling his finances. Perri Jr. hopes this is enough to keep his client from having to serve time in prison.

DX will keep you updated as further information in this scandal is revealed.


  • Lsn22s

    damn...Beans taking another L...people keep saying he needs to focus on getting his shit together instead of petty disses...this is proof right here... damn...dude needs to just MAKE A HIT or something...and STOP COMPLAININ...both 50 AND Jay made this dude look stupid last year...and now his business is all over the internet...he needs to realize even his own fans are questioning him...i heard some crazy shit in my boys car few weeks ago with Beans and Freeway, some new shit i guess, but it was tight is my point...if Beans would talk about new shit he's doin and not focus on cryin over Jay, he could be turnin some heads right now, but no, instead he wastes every clip of video or whatever talking about OTHER GUYS...PROMOTE YOURSELF FOOL!!!! Beans got talent he needs to stop wasting it...he could be smashing the hardcore rap genre right now but he aint...he's fuckin cryin...and now this...smh...Beans needs to get some kind of business team together and start functioning like a grown man with some sense...


      Amen. Thats why I cant stand Beans. He's like that genius everybody knows is capable of greatness whether it be in sports or mathematics but he would rather finger paint with crayola colors. In other words his thuged out ass needs to stop drawing.

  • wickwickwack

    the irs always get you ...celebrity or not i wonder if dame did everything right with the state property clothing i hope for beans they dont look into that

  • Anonymous

    when in doubt blame jay z right?

  • Anonymous

    So Sigel didn't file taxes from 2002-2004? "Defense attorney Fortunato Perri Jr. stated that the rapper had been incarcerated during some of those years following his 2004 arrest for gun charges" Read that back DX.

    • Anonymous

      i noticed that too, but how do you make 1.5 mil in jail? then again this record business. confusing isn't it

  • Anonymous

    Rappers think that they are above the law. What a dumbass.


    Way to out do yourself once again Beans!! Thats that thug shit for you. Dumb ass running from the Feds and the IRS..What you think you can beat a case and them boys wont want revenge?? Dudes driving around in cars from indicted loosers in the drug game. Come on Beans I thought that was showing enough on how dumb you were. Now the IRS?? You broke as hell talking about starting a State Prop Gang Global!!! Where dey do dat at???

  • Blackula

    Jay penning some subliminals right

  • pdxg

    Jay finally got his gov't buddies he's in with on the realness of b. sigel. Just as good, beans would have to do hard time after murdering jay in a battle anyways.

    • Anonymous

      this is why people dont respect you theorists. you hurl accusations at people with no proof or basis whatsoever. fuck off

  • bluerazor

    Big up to Beanz..there not much more that hip hop needs other than for you to get your shit together!

  • harris89

    lol @ the Jay-Z dickriders attacking with the swiftness... Beans is that dude.

    • ****TEXAS DRUG MONEY*****

      Bitch shut yo FAGGOT ASS UP. Dis nigga dissing Jay, diss the IRS nigga. Stay yo dumb ass outta jail and PAY YO TAXES!!!!

  • young will

    stupid ass nigga be hating on jay when hes broke as fuck and jay be piling millions monthly LMFAO

  • Truthenola

    somehow he gon blame dis on Jay . hahah lmfao!

  • Truthenola

    HA hahaha dumb ass beans! concentrate on making good music dummy.and payin yo bills,,. just a stupid ass nicca , im not suprised, and you steady worryin about Jay? worry about mr IRS, you in dey crosshairs now.

  • white milk

    dis dude stay takin a L these days... and its all J's fault?? pull up yo panties and handle yo biz simple azz n1gga

  • Anonymous

    Love Beans, but he just stays taking loses

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