Kid Cudi Explains Origins Of Wale Criticism

In his Complex interview outtakes, Kid Cudi says, "I'm not into peer mediation and working things out...I have no ill will towards dude."

With their October/November cover story on Kid Cudi now on newsstands, Complex magazine has released the outtakes of Cudi’s interview with Joe La Puma. In addition to explaining his brief time touring with Lady Gaga and his role on the HBO series “How To Make It In America,” Cudi addressed the origins of his recent comments about Wale.

“I started making changes in my life and started to realize positive energy around me, and he never really had a good energy,” Cudi said. “I never felt like he wanted to see me prosper, it was just one of those niggas that was envious rather than happy for a nigga. I could be reading it wrong, but I’m not making beef and rearranging my life. It’s pretty obvious he feels some type of way about it. I’m not into peer mediation and working things out…”

After Cudi’s initial statements in September, Wale responded via Twitter and in an interview with DJ Drama. While both rappers have previously performed live together, and been featured on the same tracks, Wale’s initial response to “keep his circle small” seems to echo Cudi’s sentiments of neither engaging in a full-blown feud nor mediating the situation. To read the full profile including how Cudi’s arrest lead to the loss of his VitaminWater sponsorship, visit


  • Truthenola

    Bof dem is wack! cudi is aight wit da style but he mad weak ,. aint a good lyricist at all,..

  • ME

    Cudi is wack! I dont get it....

  • Anonymous



    Wale is a lyrisist...but He sounds a lot like Wiz khalifa except he has more to say Cudi is good...not really strong at writing lyrics but he can make a good song... punchline artists are rappers like fabolous or drake...when you have to say "like a..." in every're a punchline artist...Wale doesn't do that

  • Real Hip Hop

    Kid Cudi is wack as fuck! Like Sean P. said, "If you are a Kid Cudi fan than you should go kill yourself"

  • Alexander DeSimone

    I'm a fan of Kid Cudi but I don't understand how he criticizes Wale's lyricism when 1. Wale is an a lot more talented lyricist and 2. Lyricism and cleverness aren't even the focus of Kid Cudi's music, its more of an original alternative sound mixed in with the flow and base of hip hop. I think it's a little bit contradictive and ironic of him to say that but maybe thats just me

    • jaymarcelle

      Look I like Wale too. My cousin is a rapper in the DC area and has songs with Wale. I respect Wale a lot and I like the way he handled this situation but come on. You must admit the obvious flaws in his style. I have all those mixtapes and enjoy them but Wale tries too hard sometimes. ''No Vince Young I did superb on the wonderlic''?? COME ON. A bit cheesy and out of place. That wasn't witty it was unnecessary. I don't think Kid Cudi is more lyrical, but I don't think his style revolves arpund the same stuff. When you hear sky might fall,Cudi Zone and Heart of a Lion, you are hearing a masterpiece. Heart felt flows using rhythmic patterns not heard anymore. Cudis lyircs for the most part always fit in with what he says. So saying he's not as lyrical makes no sense to me, That's like saying Dwight Howard doesn't shoot as well as Kobe. Dwight Howard isn't a shooting guard, but he is damn good at what he does. As a matter of fact, nobody can do what Howard does.Just like nobody can do what Cudi does. It's originality. Wale is using the formulas of others and it's not working. You have to set yourself apart. Sometimes I look at Drake and wonder what he had that others didn't. Whatever it was, no one else was doing it. He now has his own sound. Nobody can do that.They slowed down the deuces remix to compliment his style. DOPE. Wale can't do that. I think he can but hasn't done it yet.

    • Mike Meraz

      jaymarcelle, no disrespect but Kid Cudi is not fucking with Wale lyrically. I like Kid Cudi a lot more then Wale. Kid Cudi's music is what attracts me. It's just dope, never been done, deep, poetic, mellow, relaxing, get hight to, type shyt. lol He's dope. And I'll give you that he's poetic but he's no where near the level of lyricism that Wale is on. Wale is dope as shyt and I though he was gonna be the next Kweli or something but he sold out faster then..then.. idk what. lol but yeah.. Mixtape about nothing? Back To The Feature? More About Nothing? C'mon man, you can just listen to Back To The Feature and see what Wale is on lyrically. I can see a lot of Kid Cudi's lines coming before I hear them, to say Wale is a simple rapper? that's ironic. Cause Cudi is as simple as that for your simple ass.

    • jaymarcelle

      Dude,you are entitled to your opinion but you are completely off based when it comes to Kid Cudi and his talent. You can't be a big fan to say Wale is a better lyricist. There's a reason why Kanye signed him. Wale does what has become a really boring trend. Wale is a punchline rapper and relies heavily on them like that simple line that bothered Cudi. These punchline rappers have a hard time making good albums and they build lyrics around punchlines as opposed to building the song itself.Kid Cudi doesn't rely on punchlines or metaphors AT ALL. He is all about melody and rhythm. His style is more poetic than punchline ridden. If you listen to Nas, he doesn't rely on punchlines. Jay doesn't rely on them. Everyone wants to say Cudi isn't lyrical because he doesn't use them at all when that is a choice. I appreciate it very much and I challenge these rappers to focus more on the meaning behind their songs and the lyrics than the punchlines. Kid Cudi did something no one else did. That's hip hop right there. Like it or not. I disagree with Cudis reaction too. I think he came off cocky and that's not the Cudi I know. Still Wale needs to look at the content he is releasing and why the substance behind his albums is lacking. I don't think Wale is that good either. I like him but I think he tries too hard. ''cover this track like a motha fuckin laminate. Yeah,real niggas in my cabinet, you the type of nigga make a stripper turn celibate''. That rhymed but it was so cheesy and predictable. He does this several times a song. Only a few guys can do that and get away with it, like Big Sean.

  • Controverse

    Wale's the shit! Fuck Cudi!!!!

  • Anonymous

    cudi is the realest fuck this faggot hating on him below

  • Anonymous

    madd resoect Duce Rivas Brain Pollution Episode 1

  • Lankh

    Cudi's a faggot !! No, I'm kidding, he's a good artist. Man on the Moon is a good debut.

  • Fuck Cudi

    Who gives a fuck about either of these faggots?!!

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