Lupe Fiasco Explains Lasers Delay, Fans Plan Protest

Lupe tells fans Atlantic thinks he's "whack" and fans plan a "Fiasco Friday" in protest of the label.

Lupe Fiasco attended the Second Regional Academic and Cultural Collaborative in Dayton, Ohio this weekend where he was a keynote speaker. There, he went into detail about why his long-awaited album Lasers is still being delayed.

Although he has touched on the topic before, he told fans that Atlantic demanded a 360 deal, including 25% earnings from original music, shows, and outside deals. He explained that, when he declined the offer, Atlantic threatened to withhold money to make music videos, and to not promote his music on the radio.

Lupe also said Atlantic didn't like his music, or as he put it, "They think I'm whack." He told fans that the label sent him hooks to record, and when he completed them, they still did not like them.

In reaction to Atlantic's delaying of the album, fans have planned a march in protest. Dan Winchester, organizer of the march told DX, "We want to generate awareness to this injustice and hopefully force Atlantic to explain why and defend their position of holding this back for so long…[Lupe's] music is empowering, inspiring, and draws attention to social issues in need of change."

The march, called Fiasco Friday, will be held on Oct. 15 outside of Atlantic's various offices around the nation. Lupe will reportedly be in attendance at the march in New York City.

"Fans and supporters will be wearing Fiasco attire, carrying picket signs, chanting, and spreading the message with any who will listen," said Winchester.


  • atlantic records

    P.S. Maybe if you change your name to Lup Doggy Dogg and buy auto-tune we can talk but hurry up with the auto tune. Even white pop chicks and hatians are starting to get tired of auto-tune so the window is closing.


    Dear Lupe, You are wack. Its not a thought. Its a tangible asessment. You've been rapping for 7 years and I can't remember ANYTHING you've ever said. Any rapper who I can't remember 1 rhyme from (see T.I.) is not very good. Sorry to bust your bubble. Who told you your shit was hot? Your mans and them? Get a life, a real style and some substance, stop saying shit ordinary people say on the regular and holla back. 1 Atlantic Recs

  • pb

    the music industry dont want his positive music, they want him to "dumb it down" but lupe aint gonna listen to em.

  • D.Ricks

    Dude people are saying, 1. It wont sell because it doesn have a hit single. Mr Bobby Ray a.k.a B.o.B had 2 hit singles &did he go even gold yet....NOPE. It's about your following. LUpe has a huge following people who will pay to go see Lupe so he can have money since most of the money made on tour goes to artist directly. He would be good. As far as the protest this has happened one time to another artist i forgot her name. BUT GUESS WHAT FOR HER... HER ALBUM GOT RELEASED AND SOLD PRETTY DARN WELL. Lupe's album has been expected since 09'. And if the protest is gettin this publicity he has a bit of a huge following. Lil Wayne couldn't even get "Rebirth" protested hahaha. But anyways Lupe didnt want Atlantic tryna make him something he isn't. SO because of that you have this situation. If I were Lupe i cal my homies Kanye & Jay & go sign to One of their labels

    • Eric Asare

      i happened to fiona apple, and her fan were able get her album out Extraordinary Machine...and she one of the best singers of the modern age ...along with janelle monae

  • DallasTxGreedy

    He Cant beat The Machine... This nigga Should Just Say Fuck it & just leak them Bitches

  • entroducing

    I duno how anyone can say this protest aint a good thing. Lupe released two classic albums already so why are atlantic now sayin he's wack? an if they truly think that then they don't know shit bout hip hip music. Or even music in general. Lupe just to positive for them.

    • Beast Mode

      It's not a good thing because it's a fucking publicity stunt. It's also not a good thing because a bunch of faggots are wasting their time with this bullshit.

  • vdsdfjsd

    there is a bunch of ignorant fuckers in here that want to sound like they are aware of what's going on around the world. "fuck lupe protest for something that matters" man shut the fuck up do you even have the slightest idea of how much Lupe has done around the world while you sit on your fucking worthless ass and make ignorant ass comments. god damn the most irritating thing in this world is confident ignorant assholes

    • Anonymous

      good observation captain obvious. everyone is a hypocrite. i think lupe said it himself it's okay to be a hypocrite, as long as you're an educated one. meaning, i actually know a lot of what lupe has done so i dont sit here and make unsupported remarks about the guy where most of the other people in here are just saying shit cuz they want to feel relevant. flash news not everyone is entitled to their opinion


      every single word of what you just wrote could be applied to you as well sorry fam but you a bitch nigga (a HYPOCRITE too)

  • kw4life

    This kinda of stuff pisses me off. Lupe is one of the most deep, intellectual hip-hop artists ever. Why is he getting slept one? Why can't his record label (much less many in mainstream society) accept him?

  • ysoserious247

    "a nigga on some che guevara shit shouldn't be scared of a corporation" lolololfmaorofllallolroflmaO

  • Who Dat

    Lupe's studio albums are ass compared to his mixtapes.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    When a label tries to go as far as to tell you what your hooks should sound like, its time to part ways.

  • Paris Tokyo

    Great rapper. Seems like a good guy (The Lupe Fiasco Foundation, etc). Clearly not much of a businessman... he seems to forever be a few years behind in the business side of the rap game. Sometimes you just have to start all over again. Forget about Lasers (an album you've been sitting on for 2 years is going to sound mad dated anyway), fuck Atlantic, and get back to releasing music.

    • Eric Asare

      if u think about y would u sign a 360 deal that takes 25% of everything you make..meaning they get your money from touring,shows,endorsements..basically their raping him of his money..he's a human being that has to support his family and friends...and the album won't sound dated shining down and i'm beamin didn' lupe knows the business side well enough not sign such a stupid asinine deal


      actually he is getting fucked in the ass right now by atlantic

    • sheemo

      clearly he doesn't give a fuck about the business aspect or he would have bent over to let Atlantic Fuck him in the ass a while ago to get the album out

  • Paris Tokyo

    Is it also Atlantic's fault the Friend Of The People tape didn't come out? I think Lupe is just lazy.

    • Eric Asare

      actually what he wrote is creditably you idiot to David Jones Is A Fuckboy

    • David Jones Is A Fuckboy

      Just because you make a whole bunch of shit up doesn't make it true... sorry faggot nigga but none of what you wrote is credible...NONE OF IT

    • David Jones

      actually it kind of is. They didn't want Lupe to release EOTS (rapping on other artist beats) from what I hear which put him in a lil hot water, then his songs leaked, more hot water w/ Atlantic and he decided not to put out Friend Of The People b/c of it. I heard Atlantic had a problem with it because clearance/copywrite issues or something, idk but Lupe is far from lazy. He wrote Lasers, I think he changed Lasers (cuz he said it was done in 09, then @ the beginning of this year he said it was done AGAIN and turned it in suggesting he changed somethings.) He's been on tour nonstop AND writing another album F&L II: TGARA cuz Lasers didn't get released...

  • Gold Watch

    Is it Atlantic's fault Friend Of The People didn't come out also? I think Lupe is just lazy.

  • Gold Watch

    Is it Atlantic's fault Friend Of The People didn't come out also? I think Lupe is just lazy. There's a way to handle this shit. Read up on it - Wikipedia -> Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

  • Gold Watch

    Lupe might just be too damn lazy to finish his own album. Is it also Atlantic's fault Friend Of The People didn't come out? Enemy Of The State was fire but it was only 25 minutes long - Lupe probably banged that out in one afternoon. Lupe, if you need advice on how to handle this sort of problem, read up on Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album.

  • D. $cience

    I think Lupe is dope, but let's be honest here... This stannery is getting out of hand. I personally think that this is the case of the "Spoiled Internet Stan Syndrome". Protesting to release a rapper's album from a major label is more important than other worldly issues that I bet none of these people would show up for to fight against. They just are greedy to hear a long overdue album, only to download it, bootleg it and all. I know real Lupe Fiasco fans (including myself) are getting over it, because at the end of the day, it's the nature of the business. There is a laundry list history of similar situations where artist's albums were shelved indefinitely. Lupe have to be the bigger man and handle his "business", and get out of his situation with Atlantic. He needs to move forward, go independent, and start another project from scratch instead of "joining" in protest. Utter bullsh**.

    • martree

      I think it's good Atlantic is getting called out like's finally publicizing the whackness of the major label system (because there are still people out there who don't really know how shit works) When has protesting a major political issue EVER worked?!! Obviously some people protesting over a Lupe CD MIGHT ACTUALLY get it released... you think if people protested against the war right now it would change anything???! hell no it won't so yes there are more important issues but protesting a CD WILL get the cd to come out protesting the war, healthcare, etc. etc. wont do SHIT

    • One Man Army

      For real. If you guys think this is bad, you should read up on Crooked I.

  • Charlotte Zoo

    Glockwork=Dan Winchester "a few dozen people aimlessly protesting" government atrocities won't get noticed but the same "few dozen people" will convince a record company to release an album...they wont even be able to see you fags from their 87th floor office but it doesnt even matter because this is a cheap marketing ploy


    I like Lupe's music, but reading this article again, he just sounds like a bitch. He's crying about no money for videos and no wack-ass pay-for-play radio promotion? People (on the internet) would make videos for him for free and no one listens to the radio anymore. Lasers will sell alright regardless of this other bullshit.


    Maybe Lupe should just buy the rights to his album from Atlantic and release it on a different label.

  • Anonymous


    • hp12

      Pretty sure that "big money production" is exactly what you're going to get with Lasers. I would rather have Friend Of The People. The leaks and live tracks from Lasers have been mostly misses.

    • SutterKane

      Lupe is an Eminem, just sayin Sad truth is If Lupe ever blows up and sells 3 milli, you'll be callin him a fag next

  • Siya

    marketing ploy?...if not, then why not people like Jay Z or Kanye West who co-signed his talent bail him out of the he could either be signed under G.O.O.D Music or Roc Nation? if Atlantic think his wack, then why don't they drop him?

  • dan winchester Visit our site for more Chicago March info:!!!!!!

    • Who Dat

      A: "Protest something important instead" B: "You're fucking retarded" CHI TOWN STAND UP

    • Charlotte Zoo

      Glockwork= Dan Winchester "a few dozen people aimlessly protesting" government atrocities won't get noticed but the same "few dozen people" will convince a record company to release an album...they wont even be able to see you fags from their 87th floor office but it doesnt even matter because this is a cheap marketing ploy

    • Charlotte Zoo

      Glockwork=Dan Winchester

    • deathray

      all the revolutionaries lupe name dropped in Building Minds Faster wouldnt have cared about getting sued a nigga on some che guevara shit shouldnt be scared of a corporation


      BRRR you are a fucking retard. They would sue him for everything he has; as their artist, the album material is the property of Atlantic. I hate is as much as everyone else but Lupe can't just "leak" it. And another thing, a few dozen people aimlessly protesting some government injustice doesn't mean shit anymore but a song with heart and a message, that becomes an anthem, a rallying cry, that gets noticed. Think before you open that mouth again.

    • BRRRR

      Publicity stunt ass nigga. I've got a better idea: 1. Tell Lupe to leak the goddamn Lasers album if he cares so much about getting his "empowering, inspiring" music to the masses. 2. Protest something important instead, like one of the ways our government is killing people and/or destroying their lives.

  • I HATE

    I hate record labels. I hate MTV. I hate BET. I hate the government. I hate Satan! I hate politics. I hate social injustices. I hate materialism. I hate crime. I hate war. I hate everything that has to do with the bad. I love Allah. Support my muslim brother Lupe Fiasco. Lasers. FnF for life and after!

  • Realness121

    Its called getting Jerked(no homo) Atlantic Records is jerking Lupe period,they basically called him lame and whack.F Atlantic,thats why their best artsit is Trey Songz now that T.I. is in trouble again, ATLANTIC GETS A L FOR THIS,LUPE FIASCO LASERS NEEDS TO COME OUT NOW.Like atlantic would rather endorse a rapper who constantly gets into trouble and go to jail/prison and get arrested,but wont back an artist whos clean cut image is good,and makes great music,and has a huge fanbase like T.I. FFFFF Atlantic Records.

  • We See You

    Atlantic is buying those picket signs and all the t-shirts they'll be wearing.

  • SutterKane

    I see both sides In Atlantics Defense, can you blame them for wanting a 360 deal??...... The internet killed record sales, give it another 3-5 years and you'll be lucky if ANY record companies are still in buisness. They got families to feed to, so there doing what they have to, Desperate times = Desperate Measures In Lupe's defense, if he turns down the 260 deal I dont see why they dont just void his contract, let him go and sign one of the many desperate rappers out there willing to play ball. alot of kids in the hood right now that might noit be so skeptical of a 360 deal, better that then food stamps

  • Sean Mahoney

    the same thing also happened to another talented artist, Neil Young. He had to release five albums that sucked just to get out of the contract! lupe is a genius, the record execs should have more faith in their artists. simple AS

  • bios

    this doesn't make any sense. Lupe's last record was far more successful than his debut--certified gold--and the songs that leaked from Lasers didn't sound all that different. it wasn't like he went out on a limb or anything. so if atlantic really think it's wack, they are fucked

  • Mike Meraz

    Protest in Chicago Fiasco Friday too. October 15th. Same Day as the protest in New York! If you can't make it to New York, represent the Chi!!/event.php?eid=129485273768428&ref=ts

  • ROFL

    If you support or participate you're a fucking faggot.

  • Huey Freeman

    Fight the power!(one fist in the air)

    • BRRRR

      Huey Freeman would be calling bullshit on this stupid publicity stunt. Lupe is in my Top 10, but this shit is just stupid.

  • Anonymous

    payola is real. how do you get your wack record on regular rotation? Pay for it. 5-6 corporations control every industry there is. Ain't no secret or conspiracy is the truth, pick up a book.

  • G'

    You would hope Atlantic would not be so dumb...that a good chunk of change they are losing right there

  • Μιχαλι Hansell

    I'm thinking on that day, every lupe fan should go buy one of his albums. Either F&L or The Cool.

  • chuck chizzle

    how is Lupe wack when even his peers look up to him??

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