50 Cent And Chelsea Handler Picture Fuels Dating Rumors

After some flirting via Twitter, TMZ spots 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler out together.

TMZ has posted a photo of 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler after the pair were spotted outside the Blue Nile jazz Bar in New Orleans. The comedienne has a habit of playfully flirting with rappers on her show, and has been trading messages with 50 via her show, Chelsea Lately, and her Twitter feed. Similarly, 50 has used his twitter feed to flirt with former video vixen Melyssa Ford and adult actress Stacie Laine, among others.

I think @chelseahandler is beautiful I wanta see what that dog lookin at on her page11:24 AM Aug 28th via ÜberTwitter

Everyone needs to go see easy A this weekend. Emma stone is awesome, and we all watched at my house last night. By we all, I mean me and 50.2:04 PM Sept. 16th via ÜberTwitter


After appearing on Chelsea Lately, 50 Cent wrote, "I think Chelsea Handler is beautiful I Wanta [sic] see what that dog lookin at on her page." Published reports that some celebrities can earn up to $10,000 for endorsing certain products and/or television shows, begs the question if the pair are milking the situation for publicity.




  • Jack

    I would like to see what that dog is looking at too! If she hasn't been BLACKED yet then 50 needs to do just that. If she is willing to open her legs for him ...then 50 just jump right on in there...fuck her hours...tearing up trees, shrubs and flowers!!!

  • JizzMachine

    Chelsea Handler is hot imo... she got a sexy voice :S She wants that black dick...

  • Charlie Alvarez

    lmao "by we all, i mean me and my magic stick"

  • Wild Hen

    What's the big deal if 50 wants a white tunnel and Chelsea wants a chocolate stick. If they get together, I hope they don't disturb the peace by hollering and screaming.

  • mUGA

    Damn the American Public is so damn gullible ..its like yall will belive anyyyyyything..first off Chelsea Handler is a comedian 50 as we know is just as crazy ..why would they go into a restaurant and get seen by the Paparazzi it soo obvious they just want to get the media talking it helps her shows ratings and 50's next album DONE!!!

  • dsoadjafhnsaofnsoi

    Ok, so what does this have to do with hip hop?

  • Joey Martin

    A pimp told me I was made for this mack shit. So just get you a white girl, don't fuck with no black bitch !!! LOL

  • Realness121

    50 hasnt fallen off,hes hit a slump like every rapper has or will at some point

  • Realness121

    But hey,In all realness 50's mom would be proud of anything 50 does,and i mean its not about his mom R.I.P.its about 50 and him being in good and happy relationship,so im happy for my man fif,thumbs up,and she looks good to

  • c3dr1c

    wasnt 50 cent's Line "My momma turn in her grave if i Married a White Bitch"


      Yeah but no where in his raps did he say "I will never marry a white girl". Just saying. People know the slaves would be turning in their graves if they saw the foolishness some people are doing in our inner cities but whats stopping them? Change for good bad or worst is coming.

    • Anonymous

      exactly first thing i thought when i saw this smh

  • Anonymous

    people are dumb, and over analyze shit. pics are pics who cares? hiphop has nothing to do with this yet, its what most are concerned about kill yo-self. word to sean price. peace

  • chuck chizzle

    Chelsea Handler looking "good" was news to me. she aint fugly, but she IS average at best. she's like that girl at school. in the beginning of the year, she's aight. by the end of the year, she's lookin mighty tempting and ur tryin to holla

  • arya721

    Forkfif states some good points

  • BORN IN 86


    • Fork Fif Cuz He's DONE!!!

      You right! 50 Cent is a sucker or at least the stress of the music industry has turned him into a sucker. Just look at him in that photo with Chelsea. Look at what the fuck he is wearing? It looks like 50 has fallen off big time and he's a couple of inches away from hittin' rock bottom.Also I don't know what the fuck is the big fuckin' deal about Chelsea Handler because if you take off that dress and all of that damn makeup and get up she will look like complete average shit. Do people actually know how much Chelsea Handler has to go through just to look that damn good? She's got to go through a little bit of hell just to look hot like that for her age and people are making it look like she's on Christina Aguilera,Scarlett Johansson, or Jessica Simpson's level or some shit and she's not even fuckin' close. I wish the media would quit gassin' Chelsea the fuck up. And 50 Cent needs to open his fuckin' eyes as quickly as possible because in that photo it looks like he's way off his normal A-Game. It looks as if he's fallen off but is too absent minded to even know it. That is not a good photo of 50. It looks like a Game Over photo of 50 like he's already planted the white flag. He shouldn't be fuckin' with Chelsea anyways because she is gonna completely take him off his A-game. She's settin' him up. I would hate for Chelsea to turn around and just shit on 50 before he even realizes it. Yayo or Banks had better smack some sense into his black ass quick before it gets even way worse than what it already is...

  • jonah

    i hope they dont drop a sex tape

  • K-Mo

    These days it seems like everything any celeb does is for publicity. We have the internet to thank for that.

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