Waka Flocka Flame And BET's Stephen Hill Exchange Words Via Twitter

UPDATE: Wacka Flocka Flame and Stephen Hill reconcile, as Flockavelli is scheduled to appear on 106 & Park Monday night.

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka and BET executive Stephen Hill took part in a war of words shortly following the taping of the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta on Saturday, October 2.

Hill called the rapper out via his Twitter account by stating that he switched up his performance at the awards show without informing anyone. The 24-year-old rapper, who performed both “No Hands” and “Hard In The Paint” during the show, also jumped off the stage and into the audience during his performance causing a production frenzy.

BET Hip-Hop Awards. The show was going so well...and then Waka Flak-ed. Yeah. I said it.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Waka Flocka fired back with a series of Tweets attacking Hill for his comment.

ima let fans know the inside of this lame game yall call rap they want u to don't b ya self N x u out 4 being a real nigga ...  pussy HILLless than a minute ago via web


how the fuck u invite Waka Flocka and hate when i jump N the crowd to connect more wit fans and friends ..... #rappers R robots lolless than a minute ago via web


Hill attempted to reconcile with the rapper and even apologized for making his initial remark about Waka Flocka. The rapper did not directly respond to Hill’s request to talk it out. The 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards will air on Tuesday, October 12.

@WakaFlocka1017 let's you and me talk. Bring your manager. I should NOT have sent that first text...but there's some learning here. You in?less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


UPDATE: When news of the Twitter exchange hit various news outlets, Monday morning, Waka Flocka Flame apparently took Hill up on his offer to work things out. Hill later posted a picture of the two on his Twitter feed saying the two men had worked out their differences and that Waka Flocka Flame would make an appearance on BET's 106 & Park.

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Now I'm mad...that @wackaflocka1017 is so much taller than I. :) 2 Black Men making it right. O let's do it. http://plixi.com/p/48772185less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


  • djraquest

    steven hill was so right wacka 1st started out by tryin to bring other artist to the stage who as u could see from there faces didnt wanna go up there then he left them up there to go in the crowd when he came back to stage they were all GONE then his wack ass doesnt even rap 70%of his lyrics C'mon Son u have no right to beef

  • OX

    Damn, this is exactly why the wack shit is still in hiphop. The people with the power to change things punk out. Stephen Hill got scared, you a grown man homie. I guess he had to make the retarded kid feel special!! Still fucked up he going to let the kids at 106 listen to Waka's ignorance again. Just like last time

  • ThaLokster

    I love how all u guys talk like ur actually rappers.. "There's nothin ta hate on, he aint go gold/platinum" Waka Flocka's weaaaakAF! But we're sittin on our cpu's critique'nn his music and complainin for a few hrss until we gotta wake eup in tha AM & be at work for anothaa 8 hrss.. This nigga makin 10x what most of us got in tha bank by puttin out garbage music & u aint got nothin ta hate on!? Im hatin to tha max! Lol but hey.. I guess he did what he had ta do ta get where he at.. But u cant knock him, just dont listen to em! Simple as that!

    • Chupps

      Having money isn't a shield to criticism and fan of hip-hop have the right to comment on who or what they think is wack or not.

  • ...........

    pussy hill got scared

  • savagerr

    man why they let lame ass wack flocka perform anyway ? he is wack as hell wacks flocka = worst rapper ever and i thought soulja boy was terrible

  • Anonymous

    NOT A FAN OF HIS MUSIC BUT U CANT HATE HE GRINDING!! Duce Rivas Brain Pollution Episode 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZiWe3i7Ato

  • Anonymous

    Look I don't hate, because there's nothing to hate on, since Waka Flocka ain't gone gold or platinum or has had any real BIG succes. The thing is, I REALLY think he's one of the WORST rappers in the history of hip hop. His lyrics don't have any real meaning or substance, his flow is just messy and off beat, rhymes are so simple an 8 year old grade school failure can understand 'em, punchlines/metaphors (if he has 'em) are just cliché and dubious, his whole style is not appealing at all. I think the only reason he's known, is because his neighborhood wants to be represented by any means necessary. Again, I don't have Flocka. (Who I DO hate is George Bush!) But really y'all, this guy really puts the 'Wack' in Wacka Flocka...

    • Snake

      u hate george bush when he dont even have the power to make u happy. he is the president. the face and name to fuc ups in america. it aint like bush or obama is makn choices. lol u a dumbass nigger. george bush and obama is both in the same group as kkk and blacc panthers. so wat do that tell u about the ppl who tryna b incharge

  • Sensaye252

    I never thought I'd be defending the guy who literally might be the worst rapper of all time, but he's right. And there are definitely too many pussy ass rappers.

  • d_sefz

    In my opinion, you can argue both ways, surely Waka Flocka went a bit over board with the performance, C'mon first BET Awards Performance is like a dream come true in his shoes!!, imagine if it was Lil Wayne, Kanye or the Game that jumped in the crowd getting all amped up in shit, would they face the same scrutiny as Waka did??. It depends on how bad it was because I really wanted to see Hard in Paint/No Hands being performed live, dope tracks/production. However, there's a fine line between what to do and what NOT to do where FLOCKA irresponsibly lacked perhaps without indication.


    not watching this B.S

  • Nathan Helton

    Fuck stephen hill and BET yall might think flocka is dumb but he is right the labels want rappers to be robots and most the people in the 00's were just that but its a new day and age in hiphop and the new school rappers arent dealing with no bullshit they are gonna be who they are no matter what

    • Christopher Bell

      I don't care for BET, but Flocka is ignorant. And if Flocka want to do whatever he wants without being a "robot", then I suggest stop taking the machine's marketing money. True freedom comes with a price... handling your own record label, your own distribution, and marketing with your own money if you want to do whatever you want to do. That's being a true independent artist. Until he does that... he shouldn't be saying anything.

    • Robert Laryea

      fuck all of em wacka bet hill... hip hop hasnt been represented corrctly since pre 2000 and BET has been a pieca shyt ever since big tigger left rap city.

  • Anonymous

    tough guy turns pussy in fear of whack ass pussy rapper. great story here anyone else laugh at wackas horrible grammar? its whatever if you use slang and shit like that but fucking god at least put a sentence together. "in this lame game yall call rap that want you to dont b yaself" wow. proof this dude is whack as fuck as a rapper

    • yes he is WACKAs fuck

      I'd like the thank all the wacka flacka supporters very much, keep up the good work. Hes clearly very talented. Hes clearly got a good head on his shoulders. He should be listened to by millions of fans. Hes headed in the right direction for sure. He represents whats real and good in life. We need to get more kids listening to this man, he is a leader. I really liked the video he made about robbing people for no reason, very artistic. As you can tell by his tweets he is a brilliant man and he deserves all the money, accolades, and positve feedback that he recieves

    • Anonymous

      I blme twiDr 4 mkng peep tlk n stpid wys now dys

    • Asafo

      I mean i'm not a Wacka fan at all, but umm who's checking for proper grammar on twitter. In fact most twitter users don't use proper grammer at all.

    • DL Dub

      I wasn't so much laughing as crying on the inside. Is this how niggas talk these days? Talk bad so much that sentence formed cant be? (it took me 40 minutes to type that incorrectly). It should be a requirement these days that you have a high school diploma (or at least a 9th grade education) to get a record deal...

  • dizzy

    saw this on hiphopspy on saturday nite.

  • The COOL

    Even though Stephen shouldn't have made that comment, I totally understand where he's coming from. When dealing with something as big as an awards show, logistics have to be tight and there's still a script to be followed. Wakka should respect that. This wasn't his own concert to be doing dumb shit. The lighting, mics, cameras...all have to work together to produce a show a certain way. Wakka clearly disrespected the show. Wakka wack ass shouldn't be receiving any awards anyway for the stupid shit he puts out.

    • Christopher Bell

      I am quite sure he was given directions. All televised awards shows do it, that's the reason for soundcheck and rehearsals. ...and I wouldn't call my opinion hate..more like an observation.

    • Anonymous

      the first comment makes more sense than your own stupid hate filled post. they have liabilities and insurance regulations to stick to what if he knocked the fuck out of some pregnant woman with his stage dive and causes all sorts of medical damages? yeah a stage dive is a dumb thing to get all bent out of shape for but Im sure it was for a reason.

    • SMH

      See, you just undercut a fairly reasonable objection with your mindless hate. And I actually agree with Waka, but I don't know if he was given directions on what he could or couldn't do.

  • Anonymous

    dont knowbody give a fuck about what bet executives are talking about they sold out to them crackers anyway.why the fuck would you not do you when your performing.fuck bet cause instead of keeping it black owned those motherfuckers quickly sold out when it was all said and done.

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