Russell Simmons Co-Signs LL Cool J, Beastie Boys Hall of Fame Nods

The former head of Def Jam gives his opinion on two of his earliest acts.

As co-founder of Def Jam, it's natural that Russell Simmons has plenty to say about the fact that two of the storied label's earliest artists have been nominated to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

In a blog post on, Simmons expressed his joy at Hall of Fame nods for LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys, and posted some of his favorite images of the acts.

"Nothing makes me happier than seeing the greatest of all time, LL Cool J, getting nominated to become a member of the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame," wrote the Hip Hop mogul, who noted that perhaps only Jay-Z exceeded the Kangol-sporting rapper's resume of hits.

"But more importantly than being a hit maker, [LL] has always said yes when asked to give back to his community," added Simmons. "I have asked him to do many, many things and he has NEVER said no.  He is a true friend and someone who truly deserves to immortalized in the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame."

"And while on this subject, I also want to give praise to the Beastie Boys who have also been nominated. When I first met the Beasties, they were a bunch of white kids from New York City who were doing this new thing in music, fusing rock and rap and making it accessible to every white kid in America."

Simmons further explained, "...they took this incredible sound and made EVERY kid in America want to rock one of the greatest albums ever, license To Ill.  They are amazing people and I feel honored to have the chance to have worked with them during the early years of Def Jam. I look forward to seeing them on the stage being inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame."


  • Kirk Buchner

    Mr. Simmons is 100% right. Rock and Roll is a changing platform and Hip Hop and Rap in general has earned its place there. ranks all those not yet in the Hall and virtually every relevant genre is represented. A lot of people have to get off their high horse and realize that these styles aren't going anywhere!

  • jo

    Thanks Mr. Simmons for showing the love... Now please for the love of GOD induct the Beasties. They deserve it so much because they aren't just rappers. They revolutionized so much in hip hop and they are real musicians too. Adam Yauch get well, we miss you guys. :)

  • Anonymous

    LL and The Beasties are both legendary. Biggest respect goes out to both of them.

  • agromc

    Beasties should be in every Hall Of Fame. I've always had that feeling that they haven't got the credit that they deserve more than anybody in the game. Big Respect for one of the pioneers!!

  • unknown

    fucking disgrace put kiss or Motorhead in before these fucking chumps putting a guitar in your instrumental does not mean you have written a rock n roll song and to boot a catalogs worth of rock n roll songs worthy of the rock n roll hall of fame

  • thecool1

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  • Anonymous

    *always good to see Doing lines on the Bowie coke mirror, My girl asked me for some and I pretended not to hear her" > Adrock Jewels

  • Anonymous

    Fucking criminal those New York white boys aren't in there...oh and it's always to see rush give the Beasties props....BUT... Someone needs to clue Russel in that the Beasties made classic records on Capital as well... IMO there best.

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