Talib Kweli Calls Out Babygrande Records For Ethics, "Reflection Eternal" Release

The veteran emcee spoke his mind that he's none too pleased with Babygrande after piggybacking "Revolutions Per Minute" with an unofficial similarly-titled LP.

Talib Kweli  took to Twitter this past Friday to vent his frustration with the business practices of New York's Babygrande Records. “Chuck [Wilson] from BabyGrande is a schmuck. He puts out an album called Reflection Eternal 6 days after we drop with old HiTek tracks. Scumbag,” tweeted the emcee.  

The Black Star/Reflection Eternal emcee’s anger stems from Babygrande’s May release of a cobbled together album of Hi-Tek produced songs under the Reflection Eternal mantle that was issued just a week after the Rap duo’s official sophomore album, Revolutions Per Minute.  

Babygrande Records has previously come under fire with rappers Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks and Kweli's Blacksmith artist Jean Grae for alleged shady dealings. As of yet, the label has not publicly responded to Kweli’s complaints. Recently, Babygrande released Group Home's G.U.R.U. (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal) and has plans to release Killarmy member 9th Prince's third album this month.

Fuck Baby Grande. I dont even say that in public usually, but fuck them and everybody who got anything to do with them. Thanks, I'm done.less than a minute ago via web

People like this guy Chuck are the reason why the business is fucked up. Please dont support snakes and make sure you cop the real.less than a minute ago via web

Chuck from BabyGrande is a schmuck. He puts out an album called Reflection Eternal 6 days after we drop with old HiTek tracks. Scumbag.less than a minute ago via web


  • S.M.A.R.T.

    not that im defending babygrande

  • S.M.A.R.T.

    kweli your no better there are emcees like me who have bin bustin there asses off with wicked skill but still homeless N dam well starving to death but i dont see u helping anyone gettin them signed fuckin hipocrit

  • Vega

    Yea this is also confirmed by me, Chuck Wilson and Willie are scum of the earth. I wish someone would audit Babygrande for that new Group Home album cuz I highly doubt any of that money is going to GURU's kids. Here's a rant from a while ago about Babygrandes shady tactics to get INTERVIEWS off my website. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHryh9hoVC4

  • Anonymous

    GRIND ON UR OWN!!! Duce Rivas Brain Pollution Episode 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZiWe3i7Ato

  • bios

    Babygrande records are finished anyway. most of their good artists have left, and they lost their distribution deal with Koch years ago, now their albums are harder to find in stores. They had a decent run between 2003-2007, but now it's over.

  • pep sol

    Chuck Wilson is a fucking scumbag. Everytime I've had to deal with him it's been a goddamn clinic in "how NOT to do business". And while we're at it, his lapdog/lover/assistant Wllie is a fucking bitch too. Fuck Babygrande!!!!!!!

  • beenthere

    Babygrande's is known for being shady. Why artists continue to deal with them is beyone me. I mean these jerks even tried to withhold monies for banner ads owed to our site. They eventually paid after some greasing...but overall..not a label anyone should fuck with

  • Lsn22s

    thats some pretty grimy shit right there...the whole history of the Babygrande bullshit is kinda sad really...im sure Talib will just get hungrier and kill it on his next shit...seriously Talib and Tek make some fucking great music, anyone who doesnt know needs to find out or slap themselves TWICE...

  • R.Pgh

    Q-Tip told y'all this shit a long time ago. Industry rule #4080.

  • Javier Martinez

    Talib also went off on a Fuck Solar/Chuck Wilson/Babygrande at the House of Blues show in Boston last night.

  • 718rob

    slimball label. i used to buy shit from them when they had jean grae and canibus... now i just see shit like that and group home's album title and feel bad.

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    babygrande has been dicking their artists lately. That's why Jedi Mind Tricks left to start up Enemy Soil. It's bad when independent labels are fucking with you.

    • PRE459

      word... JDM is playing in Asbury Park, NJ with SOLO FOR DOLO (www.solofordolo.com) --> we gunna rep for REAL RAP...

  • Champ Fulse

    Fuk outta here. Talib Kweli is an upstanding Afrikan King. The black woman iz gawd!

  • Who gives a fuck ?

    Yo, nobody gives a fuck about Kweli. Nothing more interesting ? Like Wayne's last orgy in jail or something.

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