AZ Says The Firm May Reunite, With Or Without Dr. Dre

In an interview across the pond, AZ says The Firm reunion is a possibility, even if Dr. Dre isn't on board.

AZ let HipHopDX know a lot about his future plans when we spoke with him back August. Now, he is still speaking on his forthcoming project, Doe or Die 2, and he is also revealing information about a possible Firm reunion. 

"It's a possibility," he told Hip Hop Chronicle UK. "Talks is in the works." 

When he revealed that twenty percent of The Firm isn't on board, he went on to insinuate that Dr. Dre was one person who wasn't on board. 

"With or without [Dr. Dre], it still might happen," he added.

But for now, his sights are set on Doe or Die 2, an album that will be released in 2011. To prepare fans for that, he is dropping the fifteenth anniversary release of the original Doe or Die next month.

"Right now, what I'm putting out is the fifteenth anniversary on November 3. I'm going to continue working on Doe or Die 2. That'll have to be a classic so I'm putting that out next year sometime."


  • Quiet Money

    Nas & Cormega Are Not Cool....Nas & Nature Are Not Cool Neither....Foxy & Nas Ain't Cool Neither. Az Is Cool With Everybody In The Group But I Don't See A Firm Reunion In The Near Future...Dr Dre Won't Be Apart Of That..

  • Nico 3

    Dre called the first album, "the firm flop" on Chronic 2001, so don't hold your breath that he's coming back. As for AZ, he seems to have alot of ambition left, so a re-release of Doe or Die might work.

  • advise

    As long as nature cormega nas and foxy jump on board that ship and get down in that studio pronto the shit will work out and not be just another case of more larger than life hip hop hype! As long that chemisry remains tight, not just in and out for a quick calabo. Before any type of news like this hit's the net them niggaz should be in the studio vibin with some finished tracks The producer part don't really matter as you might find more good producers in the game these days then mc's..but Dre's name alone will make a project still sell a substantial amount..

  • dlp

    And screw the clown that said Preemo was too are still bangin'....

  • dlp

    Screw Dr. Dre..The Firm was The Firm B4 he came along....People give that fruit too many props....

  • mcmastermind

    AZ is a monster and always has been. I have wanted an AZ-Nas album forever(The Firm doesn't count, it wasn't just them two). I feel even know they never made an album together they are my favorite duo to date. Some Mo Money Mo Murder shit. If they had Primo, Pete Rock, Q-tip, Large Pro, Fizzy Womack etc. on that album I would literally shit my pants. But a Firm album sounds nice regardless...

  • seqal1

    Its all good stuff Dr Dre on the boards nas, nature, foxy Az really sounds like a beautiful thing..if niggaz took a step to up their work ethic, great things could happen with this right here!

  • dynasty

    I just want to say that AZ is really trying to make some major moves these days. Nas on the other hand is clearly trying to become a brand new monster. Shoot the "N" album was lyrically great but you can tell he didn't enjoy making the album. Then he mdee this album with Mr Marley here. It may be a good album, but come on the fan base have been waiting for a Nas Az album for a decade and you make a album with Damion Marley. 5 mic album or not give the fans what they want. A mixtape would have been fine. That being said I think Nas isn't even enjoying his own music now. The firm album might be Okay. I'd rather get the see nas and AZ. If not that the callabo with styles p "The Hardest" is the best callabo AZ has to date. Shoot give me a AZ, Styles p mixtape. The Ghost S.P. and The G.O.D. AZ.

    • LWebb

      Man idk what you smokin son but you need to lay off the crack pipe, Nas has been more focused than ever since Hip Hop Is Dead, maybe you should stick to Justin Bieber cuz none of Nas's albums are boring...Fuck outta here!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please no firm album with exception of Nas the rest is just not interested anymore to listen to. album will just be made for the money. Oh and no beats by dre or premo. Why because they are done and to old

    • dynasty

      High quality compared to what?? No doubt Nas is Nice but this dude's albums are getting boring as hell. Shoot I got most of the albums it's like i have to force myself to listen to them. He's been getting b.s. productions for a min and a half. Don't come around here talking about not has great studio albums. Them shit's are boring. Lyrically fantastic but boring. I'll take any album he made before streets disciple any day. By the way MIXTAPES ARE BETTER THAN MOST ALBUMS". No body has to screen the mixtapes they can what ever they want and label can't do a thing about it. Go download a mixtape right now and learn something KID!

    • sharpsh00ter155

      nas has dropped 4 very high quality STUDIO albums since 04. the dudes focused, so idk wtf your talking about. a shitload of mixtapes meens shit to me.

    • Dynasty

      As Nice as Nas is he's cleary trying to be like common or mos def. Lyrically he will always be grea, but these 2-3 year hiatuses and Hold up speaking about making a album for the money NAS/Damion Marley anyone. Come on he selling out himself just to move a couple more records. AZ since 05 has dropped AWOL, The Format, Memphis sessions, Undeniable, GOD(mixtape), Legendary(mixtape), Final Call(mixtape). Hungry!!!!

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Anonymous

    can anybody tell me the last thing nature did, i don't really follow up on these dudes except for the word of mouth shit. last thing i new nature from was when he was in belly and i was like who the fuck?

  • R.Pgh

    The Firm 2 is coming out right after Detox, so don't hold your breath. I think the group would have been better if it was just Nas, AZ, and Mega. Nature is o.k., but he can't hold his own w/ the rest of them. Foxy USED to be good, but that was a LOOOOOONG time ago. Back when she was fine as hell and not getting arrested every week.

  • RoB

    Cormega & Nature are cool with each other, but not Cormega & Nas, fuck Nas!

  • jack johnson

    a Firm reunion would be awesome, but Nas, Cormega and Nature still don't like each other, so either AZ would have to pull a fast one and get Nas and Nature to record verses without realizing they're gonna be on the same track or he's gonna have to make it AZ, Nas & Foxy leaving out Nature, Cormega & Dr. Dre. i reckon he should just pull a fast one and get Nas, Cormega & Nature to record verses over the same beat and not tell them they're all gonna be on the same track

  • SutterKane

    They need the original Line Up tho, Nas/AZ/Fox and cormega....... Nothing against Nateure, make it a 5 piece group if you want, but my favoeite Firm song is still Afirmative action and Megas verse was crazy on that

  • HipHop

    Damn, ''Mo Money, Mo Murder (Mo Homicide)'' is one of the best tracks ever. But I can't believe this. The problem is nas. AZ, don't talk a Firm Reunion when you can't even put your fucking album out.

    • Fail

      AZ dropped two albums back to back last year and is working hard to make another classic Doe or Die album. Excuse me, but when has he NEVER dropped? Don't talk if you don't know shit.

    • Up North

      Can't put his album out? Do you know how many albums AZ has released plus mixtapes?? I don't know what direction you're headed in with that comment.

  • Charles ExSavior

    Wait a minute... despite I firmly believe Nas pulled a huge bitch move saying AZ was never a friend but a good person to work with, did they REALLY have a sit-down and resolved this?! If so, that would be great because Nas and AZ are one of the best together in Rap. Seriously, every song they have made just the two of them is nothing short of great, from Life's A Bitch to So Serious.

  • ASEE

    Good. Dre's beats are underwhelming these days. Throw in DJ Premier instead.

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