Mistrial Declared In Buju Banton Drug Case

A Florida judge declared a mistrial for reggae star Buju Banton.

A Florida judge declared a mistrial for Jamaican reggae artist Buju Banton on Monday (September 27), who was on trial for conspiring to buy cocaine from an undercover police officer last year.

The Associated Press reports that U.S. District Judge James Moody came to the decision after a 12-person jury could not reach a verdict. The jurors said earlier that they were having trouble reaching a verdict, and Moody directed them to keep trying.

Banton's attorney has requested that Moody release Banton on bond. The singer has been held without bond since his December 10 arrest.

Banton has been charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine, and aiding two others in possessing a firearm during the course of cocaine distribution. If convicted, he could get life in prison.

"We were hoping to get a good verdict today. That said, twelve jurors did not believe Buju did it," said the singer's attorney, David Markus. "The government tried to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and they did not do it."

Banton, who has worked with artists such as Bussta Rhymes, Fat Joe and Ice Cube, claims that he spoke to the undercover officer about cocaine only to impress him, as the man claimed to have music industry connections.

Buju Banton's new album, Before The Dawn, hits stores today (September 28). "It speaks volumes about what's going on now in Buju's life," explains his manager, Tracii McGregor. "Buju has said his body is locked away, but Buju is with us, he lives through his music."


  • Yankee Gal

    Buju my brother..have no fear, for the Almighty Father is always here. I have been praying for your deliverance in more than one way. To the fans, friends, and family…Please recite Psalm 56 and 91 daily until the release of Mark Anthony Myrie. He will be released in the name of the Jesus (Our Saviour). Cause only the father, the father, the father, only he alone can see you throgh. Trust in god with all your heart. Buju, God has a way of getting our attention…he wants to use you in a good way. Look at this as a way of getting ready for a “Higher Height”. Stay Blessed.

  • Anonymous

    Prayer to Saint George. Draw Buju Bonton out of perdition you who resuced the girl from Beirut from the mouth of the dragon. Rescue his soul from a murderous enemy preseve the rest of his life from every temptation.Amen Ras Emmanuel.

  • rod

    The messanger who has been sent to make streight path was not good enough but sandials

  • Milly

    Slava Kuperstein, please start proofreading your stories. Every time I click on your stories there's always some type of blatant grammatical error. Bussta Rhymes really? Step your journalism game up. Shit is unbelievably annoying. Oh yea, so glad to hear about this Buju story.


    "How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look". Some will eat and drink with you.. It is time for all who are not afraid of the enemy to stand up and speak out about the injustices of the system. It is clear that what is behind all this is the attempt to silence reggae artists and to silence reggae for good. I have spoken about this for years. We all know what the real deal is. Now is the time when all conscious rastaman must rise up and stand together to fight the forces of evil in Babylon. I am confident in the victory of good over evil and I know that Buju will be set free unconditionally. The people know the truth and they must never be afraid to stand up for it. If Buju was like those Hollywood celebrities they would send him to rehab instaed of keeping him incarcerated since December - "because he pose a flight risks". Buju is no flight risk to anyone and was entrapped by the system of people who wants to silence him and to silence reggae music and the truths of the rastaman. We know who is to be feared and the system knows it too. This rastaman may have slipped in being around the wrong crowd, but I and i know that this is one way they will set you up in Babylon. All artical rastaman must take a lesson from this. The aim is to destroy the messengers of the music and to destroy the music itself, but this will never happen for when one prophet falls many more shall rise. The question is -Who will it be next? Babylon never sleeps, but keeps roaming like the devil in desolate places. I Ras Cardo from trench town sends much love and respect to all those fearless warriors and jurors who know the truth. To my brethren and messenger Buju- I say, stand strong inna Babylon. My prayers are with you continually and with all righteous rastaman who bring the messages of love and truths and rights to the people. Jah know- You must be free to carry on the works of Jah to his people. One love everytime.

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