Nick Cannon Accepts Suggested Eminem Charity Boxing Match Offer

UPDATE: Ever the jokester, Nick Cannon now suggests he teams up with MC Hammer for a tag-team grievance wrestling match against Eminem and Jay-Z.

A dated disagreement over Mariah Carey between Rap superstar Eminem and television personality/actor/musician Nick Cannon has come back into the limelight recently. Earlier this month, Cannon released a Slick Rick-inspired diss song, "The Warning," towards the Shady Records front-man. Now, a jovial Cannon has suggested a charity boxing match between R&B diva Carey's past and present lovers.

During a morning interview with New York's 92.3 NOW FM radio show, Nick Cannon was approached by co-hosts about a suggested boxing match with Em. "Man to man, you and Em are gonna box-off," said Nikki Hesse, the show's co-host who was attempting to reach the Detroit Rap super-star, before noting that a petition page has been created "to try and get [Nick Cannon] and Eminem in the ring, man-to-man," before Cannon interjected that it would be for charity.

"I think that's a good idea," responded Nick. "I've been sayin' that for like a year," acknowledging that he had heard a similar suggestion within Em's group, D12. "I'm wid it! Tell me where to show up! I'll be there...with bells on!"

Noting that dispute is both "silly" and "ridiculous," Cannon continued, "He says it's entertainment, so let's take this entertainment to another level. I feel like you was disrespectful, as a man, so let's meet man-to-man and do it old-school, just get back to a prize fight. Let's get it! In the ring!"

Cannon, however, downplayed his physique moments later, considering himself "the Steve Urkel of Hip Hop," claiming, "I'm not a fighter," and that he'd rather be the fight's under-dog. Seconds later, Cannon disputed being an underdog in size, adding with a laugh, "Because he's in hiding, a lot of people don't realize, Eminem is a lil' dude." Cannon then said he's been boxing for 15 years.

Cannon continued his differing tunes, tweeting that he would bet on Eminem, should the match take place:

I'm on some Harlem Nights type sh!t I'm putting my money on @Eminem to win!! LOLless than a minute ago via web

The entire audio discussion can be heard at

(September 27)

UPDATE: Earlier this week, the comedic personality has now suggested that he and MC Hammer take on the "Home and Home" headliners, Eminem and Jay-Z respectively. Earlier this week, Hammer expressed displeasure with Jay-Z's reference to his 1990s financial struggles on "So Appalled."

Jay-Z, MC Hammer and Eminem have all ignored Cannon's requests thus far.

TAGTEAM WRESTLING MATCH!! Me and @MCHAMMER against @Eminem and Jay Z! LOL!less than a minute ago via web



  • antinickcannnon

    oh fuck Nick cannon is embrassing himself Lol boxing is for pussys why eminem can just call out nick stop playing.

  • Anonymous

    Em..would accept the fight only that his career aint finished like Nicks...and boxing for fifteen years and u aint a professional fighter...thats like saying u killed fifteen people n u aint a killer...fuck Nick ...n what u doin with Mariah nigga ..if u like old women grandma available tooo

  • Anonymous

    Nick Cannon is the Justin Bieber of hip hop.

  • cobra

    eminem released the wrning not cannon, cannon release ima slick rick.... em n jay would kill cannon n hammer... i think whoever wrote hthis article needs to get their facts straight....

  • Nathan Helton

    50 is not big like he used to be, nick would knock his ass out too

  • bigjake77

    they should make it PPV fight . more rappers should stop talking and put the gloves on

  • hello hello

    would be even funnier if em and 50 cent taged up together, 50 would smack cannon up like crazy. still think em would win, he got alot of anger inside of him

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Fuck a boxing match, put them both in the cage and we can see a real ass beating


    Remember when MTV wanted some Vanilla ICE vs Eminem boxing shit!?! But who knows Eminem collabs with Drake, Rihanna, Kanye, Lil Wayne...he surrendered to the Illuminati Industry ever since they killed Proof....that's what you gotta do to stay on top and be relevant. Collaborate with the artists who are puppets! Just a puppet yourself! BOW DOWN TO THE REALNESS!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yooooo check out Brain Pollution!!! this show is fuckin HILARIOUS!!!

  • real nigga talkin

    nobody knows who will win so shut tha fuck up wit that nobody seen these 2 niggas hand game at em has been through more shit and had to face beefs and probably has had more figts then Nick cannon bein a trailer park rungi white boy from Detroit but no one knows who will win..em and jay z most likely wont do it tho

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Em & Jay could lyrically and physically whoop both the dude's @$$ lol

  • lass

    EVERYONE HATING ON HERE LOOK AT THIS: eminem will not benefit either way in this. i prefer eminem NOT to accept. is this really where hip hop is at? fuck nick cannon hes a fuckin joke. as far as em though em will get wooped by nick cannon. but em doestn need to do this. just let nick cannon have him publicity.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I wanna see that metro sexual Eminem get his white ass kicked, I hate Cannon even more...Can I just see WC & Cube vs them?

  • Andoura

    If this happens Eminem would completely destroy nick canon lol Nway I just hope Eminem will come back with a respond to ''slik rick'' ''You wanna ruin my career you better get one'' haha

  • hiphop11

    weather you like it or not eminem and jay z are the two biggest rap icons on the planet. So all you can piss and moan over if eminem is actully a fighter which neither him or nick cannon truely are. In the end if you look at it from eminems point of view. He already slaughtered this man and his wife on "the warning". Now hes got the best selling album (recovery) and biggest rap single of the year (wit rhianna). After letting the world know your done with beef what is there to gain from nick cannon and mc hammer?

  • lastrealniggaalive

    WOW this headline is so misleading, acting like Eminem proposed it, and nick cannon accepted, when in reality nick cannon is the ONLY one out of the four MC's talked about who has even opened his mouth about this.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    only fond of dude's work on chapelle's show. that's it. thats all he got. he is very below quality. hammer takes jay-z and flops him like a fish that Chris Farley would swing at ya dome

  • Its Um

    won't happen like Nas vs. Jay-z beef battle.

  • Rhymerfest

    Nick Cannon blatantly doesn't give a shit, plus if he's been boxing for 15 years he's going to beat the taste out of eminem's mouth.

  • white milk

    any of you that think nick cannon is not paid is crazy. dud egot mad dough. naw he aint on jay or diddy level but he stays behind the camera in some form or fashion and he's been doing for for how long now? rap wise he was never abt ish but he's always been abt his dough. he had his mtv show syndicated which means more money is his pocket while it lasted and everytime they show and episode he gets paid. dude might be corny but he intelligent. plus black ppl require too much ish just to fit in. f that. be you and get paper... oh yea and no way em accepts. great artist but soft heart

    • SutterKane

      I Bet you If Em does Accept, Cannon backs out of it..... Shit is just a publicity stunt, NC is sitting there saying to himself "Em aint gonna respond, I'ma make him look bad" If Em shows up on TV wearing boxing gloves , saying "Lets get it", he gonna back-track

  • GoldenTrophy

    Now Eminem is one of my favourite rappers and as far as top notch lyricism he's definitely one of the best lyricist alive along with R.A,G Rap and Chino but I had no problem with Nick and Mariah defending themselves. Em went at Mariah first she didn't have Eminem on her radar and when she responds in retaliation Em puts up a hissy fit and his stans go bonkers over a diss on a RnB artist and a comedian? Nick Cannon is a horrible rapper but I respect him as a man defending his lady but to the Stans he should of kept his mouth shut and thus not be a man. Let's see if Eminem is a man and can accept a charity boxing match but you know his ass wouldn't.

    • SutterKane

      It doesnt take a man to accept a Publicity stunt Celebrity boxing match, those are for has-beens, lol Last time I saw celebrity boxing it was Screech from saved by the bell, vanilla Ice and Todd Bridges. Going on Celebrity boxing is like admitting your a hasbeen..... MC Hammer, it might make sense for I guess

  • Karl

    Anybody else think its pathetic that the top 2 MC's are involved in "Beefs" with a Has-Been and a Never-was?? R.I.P Hip Hops integrity

  • eminem cant fight

    all yu little stans look away......but cannon as annoying as he is may be on to something here.....ems been getting bullied his entire life.....meaning when it comes down to it he wont man up face to face.....people think cause he's a fierce lyricsist and he's aggressive in his music that it will some how translate into him being a fighter which he's clearly not....he's more like the little punk who gets the shit kicked out of him and then mutters tough shit under his breath, like he would of got em next time.....bitch please....if em's so tough lets see him accept....i mean if cannon is such a bitch then whats that make eminem for being scared to go one on one with him???

    • your a fool like nick cannon

      man who are you dog..u seen em fight..u seen cannon figght..didnt think so who knows who would win..fool not you and only cannon n em know..n im sure cannon doesnt want em to accept..ohhh and..eminem already finished this beef with the warning this fool cannon has been suckin out crack from mariahs tits lately so he dont know what he want this fool already suggestin a mc hammer n jay tagg team man you a fool juss like him

  • fraseboi

    Dick cannon's last ditch attempt to make something of himself. why is he even on this website? then again so is beiber... i'm done with this lame ass website

  • TruToThe

    Nick is lame as shit. Challenge Em and then say your money is on him?! Clown ass dude. The fight probably wont even happen. There are two people you dont challenge in Hip Hop. Em and Jay-Z. These dudes are career enders. Mariah thought she was hot shit when she put that song out about Em. Her shit went like copper.

    • dvo

      nigga i likes that hell yea lmao

    • EddieMurrrphy

      oh, i forgot a few great films worth mentioning xxx state of union and Troque LOL

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Cube!! LOL drink the kool aide. drink the kool aide. or how about barbershop 1 2, are we there/done yet, all about the benjamins and the longshots stand up body of work don't take this as hatin i have bought every single cube album (physical cd) ever made. including both war and peace (pieces of shit), bootlegs & b-sides and the kill at will ep when it dropped. all that shit. he is a strong artist i have all his shit sittin on my shelf amongst many other artists. the only cube cds i ever parted ways with were the westside connection ones. fuck that boring shit. i just think he is gettin spent and a little weak lately. let's not forget he has that tyler perry co executive produced/inspired comedy series on tbs. very homo

    • RIP_Proof&Dilla

      Battling Jay Z ends your carrer? Well I'm pretty sure battling Jay saved Nas's not to mention Nas killed him. I'd say don't battle Cube over Jay.

    • ZenGl1tch

      Jay-Z's a biting clown

  • Fope

    em knock him out hes a prick dont care im black too but hes sht at rappin full stop shouldnt mess around with pros

  • VyrusTheGr8

    Yea, this fight would be funny to celebrity basketball lol. But really, who cares, check out the best mixtape out right now.

    • ASEE

      You can rhyme well, and you've got something to say, but you're trying too hard to capture that young money sound on this mixtape. Find your own flow. Honestly though, tape was a good listen. Props.

  • Anonymous

    nick cannon is one of the worst rappers out but one thing is true , Ems hiding , the old Em would have burried ended this man's little career , I guess he's too busy nowadays , probably workin on detox lol word on the street is that its droppin in 2025, but for real though Em has got to bury this loudmouth faggot and show the world he still has that controversial competitive shit in him , wich I doubt he still got

    • EddieMurrrphy

      nah nigga i heard 2025 was the date for the detox pre-tox mixtape. detox sometime after dre dies detox will come out as a posthumous album co-produced by dr. luke and dj khalil featuring kesha, bieber, ester dean and jayden smith to provide them raw evolved hip hop bars

  • dwill1 from allhiphop

    hiphopdx erased my comment yall some hoassniggas for that. don't be bitter cause allhiphop is leaps and bounds ahead of you ass clowns. again fuck em an dnick.

  • Shoppin Bag Chrizzy

    Nick Cannon is a faggot, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Does he realize how much bigger Eminem is compared to him, or even his milf wife? I'm pretty sure Eminem doesn't have time to go beat the shit out of this kid because he's actually doing work within the industry.

    • iddle

      as a boxer myself i can say size isnt the only factor. I guarantee em isnt 50lbs heavier then nick, anything less and its SOMEWHAT legit. now if cannon truly has 15 yrs experience em is going down. I think EM is a punk anyways. nick cant rap but he's been defendin his wife, and thats being a man.

  • Steve Spag

    eminem would fuck lil' nickey up!!

  • dwill1 from allhiphop

    these boards are corny the shit ain't fucking with nigggas be coming on ahh telling us about this wack ass site. GTFOH!! this shit not even close. i rather just go back to ahh and read the comments for a week then comeback to this wack ass site. anyway both these muthafuckas need they ass whooped fuck em and nick.

  • tracerONE

    I think he's just making this buzz coz Nick no longer has a career like it was before.

  • Fcknickcannon

    WTF... i usually dont comment on websites, even when i see dumb shits like most people that are on nick cannons nuts right now, talking like they know everything. I hate sayin shit behind a computer too, but right now i just cant hold myself back. nick cannons bitch ass wasnt saying SHIT while em was dissing him. then when em made it clear saying he was done with beef and shit because he's a grown fucking man now, dick cannon replies. he never replied until eminem said he was done with beef and wouldnt reply to it anymore, making nick cannon a little bitch. obviously u will go after someone if you know they wont defend themselves anymore...then he released a diss song, sounding as bad as fucking soulja boy(and if you sound that bad, you really suck ass. make your money n shit thats awesome, sorry for hating, but that diss was shit). MARIAH should be fighting eminem, since she is 3x as big as nick cannon. shes gettin a little big there buddy. more cushin for the pushin though? atleast em blew all over her stomache when she was smaller.. but for real, this boxing match? Em does box too you know? its a great sport, great way to stay fit. em is gettin older, and recovered from drugs, so maybe his body and as good as it used to be, but hes a man and too big to even deal with a faggot like nick cannon. Excuse me again for talkin shit behind a computer, cuz that aint like me, but id like to fight nick cannon mma, or even just use boxing, and let him see what his teeth taste like going down his sure alot of other people would too. id also like to fuck his woman in her fat ass. she looks like she could cook up a good steak, judging by her belly. w/e. fuck haters, fuck nick cannon, and fuck mariah...litterly... im outtie RECOVERY

  • em with floyd mayweathers trainers

    em is good friends with floyd mayweather so tell nick cannon to give em a little time to train with floyd and then box him haha na but in all seriousness nick cannon is just looking for attention

  • wickwickwack

    this is why i will never respect eminem All he does is make stupid 1st singles going at pop artists and then be a pussy when someone gets at him Nick Cannon sounds desperate but he´s right ...i can understand where´s hes coming from

    • Cogna

      Yeah, I guess eminem never responded with diss tracks or subliminal disses in his songs when other rappers got at him. In The Warning the name Mariah was just some random girl. Canibitch must have been about someone other than Canibus. The Ruler's back wasn't about Ja Rule. In fact, all of his diss tracks must have been fake.

    • b haze

      so you must be a fan of all those pop artists em has made fun of in the past then. p.s. em makes fun of everyone not just pop artists. what about icp, his mom, christopher reeve, everlast, ja rule, benzino, cannabis, should i continue. you are a fool don't type if you don't know what your talking about retard.

    • bullshit

      This is why no one will ever respect you. You have no idea what your talkin about. When has em ever acted like a pussy. O, wait you cant answer that cause your talkin out ur ass

  • bhester1906

    That's right Nick Cannon. Pick a game that you could possibly beat Eminem in because you damn sure can't rap with him and your jokes are corny as shit. I fucked your girl and pissed on her...Live wit it!

  • Anonymous

    Either this nigga has become "Obsessed" with Eminem or he's DESPERATELY lookin' for attention or publicity for some shit.

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    This is stupid as fuck. Hip Hop is such a joke these days. Eminem has a shit ton of talent, but he really holds himself back staying in the mainstream and getting involved in stupid bullshit like this.

  • Hate Lames

    I grew up on NWA,Rakim, Run DMC, BIG,PAC,WU,Nas and all the other dope 80's and 90's rappers. You cats today are CORNY and FAKE as hell to even be concerned about this tabloid trash. Rap was a movement in the early 90's that really meant something to the black community(P.E.). Now it's hollow as hell!

  • Whateva

    I don't care if this fight never happens. Hip-hop is degraded these days to pure pop. And Eminem went POP on Recovery. Both of them is corny right about now.

  • routetoheaven

    Nick mess around and sleep on Em and watch Em rock him to sleep. Em survived in the D why? Not cuz he's a pu$$y..he survived cuz cats probably thought he was really talented and really crazy!!!!!! Nick and sleep all he wants.. i am not counting eminem out at all.. I really don't care who wins this but Nick's sleeping.. .Em my really rock him lol

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    @That dude LMFAO!

  • Maris Pelshs

    music and fight are 2 diferent things.. and still i think eminem would woop this lil suckers ass.

  • That Dude

    Nick Carrey needs to sit down and shut up. I respect his little hustle of trying his best to stay in the limelight but dude got to realize he is a housewife and needs to take care of his husband Mariah Carey. She is the one working bringing in the money. LOL

  • That Dude

    Nick Carrey needs to sit down and shut up. I respect his little hustle of trying his best to stay in the limelight but dude got to realize he his a housewife and need to take of his husband Mariah Carey. She is the one working bringing in the money. LOL

  • BoiTooSLiiK

    smh yo WHO THE FUK IS NICK CANNON!!???? LMAOOOO dawg if u wana talk bout lil dudes, Em aint lil. lol this nigga gon make Em's syphco lyrics come to life on his ass

  • Commenter

    The real question is why would Em want to fight him? Like what does he have to gain by it... seriously even if he wins?

  • Joma

    Celebrity boxing is for has-beens and rejects like Jose Conseco and Tanya Harding. Eminem would never lower himself to that level. Why would someone who is at the top of their game accept a boxing challenge from some chump host of a reality show? It's like Ryan Seacrest challenging Justin Timberlake to a boxing match...its retarded.

  • MJd12awg

    You're all morons. Eminem is a rap phenomenom. nick cannon is nobody. Em' would never do a charity cornball match against this nerd. Em' is in hidin'?? .. STFU u nerdy ass nigga, Em's been smashin everyone's stereos since Recovery dropped, & now he's back on top once again. Who the fuck is Nick Cannon?? .. where he been besides nose deep in Mariah's old, loose, smelly ass vagina. Ahhh haha Marshall Mathers 4 life. Let it go Nicholas, I'd rather a pair of Eminem's Nikes than 2 spend a day bein a nerd with you. Get fucked.

  • Rap2Tight

    **************** THE STREET'S URL ——– Latest Hip-hop Updates and Music ... Join The Rap2Tight Community @

  • allhiphop

    HipHopDX really shows its not up to the caliber of ALLHIPHOP.COM when they post weak shit like this as their main article. HipHopDX, u are the weakest link.

  • Nico 3

    No way this ever goes down. Not with Eminem back on top of the rap world. That's the thing about diss songs. You don't have to act the lyrics out. Nobody involved stands to gain anything by play fighting, or even real fighting. They should just team up and ridicule Mariah for making Glitter.

  • the wigger hater

    Man forget that old boxing stuff. They should go MMA style where they can put all there fighting skills at work p.s. fuck nick cannon, I'll fuck him in the ass until he loves me - mike tyson. I hope 50 fires whoo kid(nick cannon's brother) and knocksout nick cannon.

  • rashad jackson

    idk man...i dont think eminem will do it just for the fact its eminem. but he should do it...if he doesnt he looks like a pussy...if he does and if he loses ppl will call him a pussy...idk i dnt wan them to fight/...if its for charity kool...but i say they shud keep it on wax lol cuz cannon aint got shit on eminem but if they really were to fight that be some shit. im pretty sure nick wud win hes jacked..eminem is jacked a lil also but hes old..36..bout to be 37?....cannon may win but i want eminem to win

  • khordkutta

    Mariah got the BOMB

  • Anonymous

    Why is it so admirable for him to stick up for his wife a year later? espescially after he came out with this "Im better than him and dont need to stoop to his level" attitude at first. reciting bible verses and calling him washed up and shit. Sounds like the bitch is the one who took a year to grow the balls to even say anything back. And now he wants to start a fight with someone who's clearly ALOT smaller than he his, knowing he sounded like a clown with the year long line it took him to come up with. No one takes Nick Cannon serious, this is the guy in Drumline and on Nickelodean. his music will never be taken serious nor will his music career. if he even wanted the remote chance of getting any credibilty in the rap game he would've come back right away with some on wax, wether it was good or not atleast he wouldve gotten some respect.

  • J.M.

    Wow, this fight's gonna be a craptacular as the Danny Bonnaduce vs. Peter Brady celebrity boxing match! Does anyone have Don King's mentally retarded step-daughter phone number? Cuz she'd be perfect to host this thing.

  • franco

    I like em's music but good for Nick Cannon standing up for his wife against a bully.

  • word?

    emminem is pussy! i could knock that chump out effortlessly, and cannon is ripped. man i would chew off marshal's nuts with ease, that nigga aint got shit on me. o by the way.......IM RICH BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    seriously? nick cannons a bitch he cant see eminem on the mic ever!!! you eminem haterz need to get off you nickolodeans nuts real talk i hope em fucks that nigga up YOU TIRED OF BULLSHIT ABC LYRICS? TIRED OF SONGS ABOUT CLOTHES, MONEY AND CARS??? THEN CHECK OUT THE PILL POPPIN BEER DRINKIN BLUNT SMOKIN SPIC FROM NEW JERSEY

  • Anonymous


    • C.

      nope. im more tired of weak emcees, doing the same spam message all over the web. thats what the fuck im tired of haha. if you can't even spam creative, imma guess your music is just as weak as your attempt to reel a random fan in. lol

  • SouthCakC23

    1st, Marshall didn't grow up in Detroit; he's from fuckin WARREN! 2nd, Nick Cannon will skull drag Marshall 3rd, Nick doesn't have to keep it on wax; Mariah CRUSHED Marshall with "Obsessed". For all you marshall meat molesters.....sit the fuck down. Most of you prepubescent bitches have no idea of the concept of defending your woman's honor. somebody needs to make this fight happen.....finally, Marshall will be held accountable for a few of the checks his mouth has written.

    • Dale Muphasa Oats

      I agree with you, homie. All these faggot ass Feminem fans need to shut the fuck up and watch Cannon beat his little ass. Plus, Marsha wont accept the challenge anyway!

    • Cogna

      Ok, so Nick Cannon is defending his woman's honor because she lost her honor to crushing Eminem with her pop single?

    • Anonymous

      @ nigga plz... just because you sell alot of records doesn't mean a diss can't crush you. Not saying that record crushed em... but you're a dumbass for bringing up sales.

    • SilkyJohnson

      are you DUMB? how did mariah smash him when all she did was say he was obsessed, when eminem came back 2 weeks later with a well written, well produced track, with loads of evidence and shit to make mariah look like a stupid ass fool. nick would beat eminems ass, i know, but who cares, eminem could easily be called the GOAT, and nick cannons a joke that will be forgotten a month after he dies. sounds harsh, but its true. nick knows he looked dumb by makin that fuckin song, and hes tryna do anything he can to get a 1 up on em. cannons a joke.

    • asfsf

      yeah warren is really really far from detroit hahahahah same shit happens in warren like in detroit if you ever been on the east side

    • Both of you

      Both of you are some idiots. "Most of you prepubescent bitches have no idea of the concept of defending your woman's honor". So you idiots are saying that if a man were to ever disrespect your wife or girlfriend, y'all would let it slide? This guys comment is far from "stupid".

    • nigga-plz

      1st He's from st Joseph MO. moved to warren then Detroit. 2nd Nick Cannon is from the mean streets of san diego and grew up on nickelodeon. 3rd if Obsessed crushed marshall than how come he's sold 4 million records in 2 years and nick cannon and her combined cant even go triple wood?

    • The.Watcher

      Wow, you're literally stupid as fuck.

  • Joel Anthony Castro

    Negro please. Nick talks to much.

  • Anonymous

    So he wants to get into a fight with guy thats 5'6" 165lbs and nearly 40 years old. whos the one who looks like a bitch

  • realhiphopfanfreeweezy

    Wow how about this little bitch street fight him not boxing real fight because he already figured out that he know where could compare to em on a rap level so a rap battle is out the window. I would put money on em kicking his ass there a difference growing up hard(em) than growing up soft on nickelodean(nick) this kid is trying to be bad and it makes him look like a pussy you have ems sloppy seconds get over it." i keep cannon on my hip but this is not mariah" Drake

  • Anonymous

    Lol first he thinks he can win in a rap beef.. lol know that he see's that is impossible and he is retarded he's tryin to save face by thinking he can beat em in a fight.. lol and commin in almost 2 years late.. haha he knows he'd get wrecked he's just bankin on him hopefully not accepting. so he can act like he's a hard ass and won the battle. (notice how he said em would win at the end just in case em does accept and beats his ass he can say he wasn't expecting to win and it was for charity.)

  • gillmatic

    "Whats the matter you too mainstream to fight your own battles now Marshall?" *Crack* Didn't Em just one-punch Vinny Chase in the season finale of entourage? Cannon dont stand a chance lol

  • flakiito

    are you serious? nick beat em's ass? get out of here you little kids. nick weighs what? 120? what is height to strength? em isn't some skinny dude. you dont think he trains with 50 and/or dre? em would could probably get him with a 2 piece and that's it for nickalodeon.



  • prewoz

    I am an em fan... nick got em... em is little

  • Chupps

    All ima say is, i wanna see this go down. Sometimes talking dont cut it, and obviously Nick loses with words.

  • 2dope

    Eminem will Go HAM on this nigga. NIck remind me of a wannabe tough boy. you got mariah..and? now you tough?

  • Anonymous

    that nigga corny so quit actin like you hard nigga cause aint nick

  • kaylo

    Nick Cannon must be a Hindu. It would explain why he spends all his time loving and defending a cow

  • kennyken

    damn i'm already shame for whomever loses boss

  • anonymous

    lol cannons a tool, look at him flip flop

  • Anonymous

    smh people saying em would stomp someone out just because his raps are better. This place is starting to look like dickrider central

  • c/gaddic

    In a boxing match Nick would probably beat the shit outta Marshall!! But considering he was constantly bullied at school Em should have good dodging skills! That shit would be hilarious!!! 2bad Em won't do it It's cool for NC to look like an Idiot Eminem is no fucking joke! Dickriders begin disrespecting Nick but seriously writing classic acid-rap songs Don't make you a great fighter FIst to fist Nick would pound Marshall-dude is short as hell

    • Flawl3$$

      You mentioned about Eminem constantly being in fights his whole life growing up and you honestly think this nick cannon could match up with him?? Eminem grew up fighting constantly, and practiced fighting his whole life growing up with proof as a means to protect himself growing up in Detroit, Boy knows how to feet and pair that with him being in the best shape of his life he would merk Nick.

  • Emran

    Eminem is gonna punish Nick

  • Anonymous

    why dont that corn ball fight 50 nick is a faget size dont matter ill whip his ass

  • nuc

    ok,, time for royce, and all of team shady to start just joking on this clown harrrd... em does not even need to aknowledge this charity boxing event idea... sooo lame. nick cannon is a gimmick.

  • Anonymous

    I bet Eminem doesn't say yes because he is scared. Eminem can rap but he can't fight. Nick Cannon could probably fuck Em up.

    • Flawl3$$

      Oh not to mention his countless songs referencing fighting and promoting violence. lol

    • Flawl3$$

      @Dilli "brain damage" was when he was in elementary school retard.. and before he ever learned how to fight he grew up and practiced fighting with Proof and d12 and was constantly in fights the rest of his life ha to think that eminem can't fight is ridiculous haha

    • Dilli

      Have you ever listened to "Brain Damage"? Because if you had, you would know that eminem cant fight.

    • Anonymous

      how would u know if he can fight or not? o thats rite, u have no idea

  • T.

    If Em fight Nick Cannon over Mariah Carey he dumb as fuck!

    • Flawl3$$

      Not over her just because Nick is talkin shit. He should make it clear that he doesn't care about that slut before the fight if he were to do it.


    Duce Rivas Is Back With "Thats Real" Bringing you real hip hop on this track check it out

  • whatit is

    eminem never really dissed any1 with skill think about it.. he disses pop groups and female singers.. wen he does diss a rapper there weak as fuck like jarule,benzino, then he makes talking to myself saying he was gonna go after kanye and wayne.. but instead kisses there ass.

    • BKilla845

      You do realize he went hard at Cannibus and where is Cannibus now? Not to mention Cannibus is OD with his lyrics and is NO WAY in hell a weak rapper. Do your research homeboy

    • tadaow

      He dissed evidence and evidence roasted him on searching for bobby fischer. Em chose to not respond to that. He does seem afraid of skilled mcs.

    • SMACK

      He's also never been dissed by anybody with skill. Eminem only attacks from the DEFENSIVE position. People fire shots and he turns around and drops BOMBS. Those lil name drops in songs aren't really disses to me. It's really just random lines that comment on truthful things people are already thinking. On that going after Kanye and Wayne ish, he talked about how he was coming from the perspective of a HATER and was coming from a bad place. So, he himself said there was NO reason to after those dudes cuz they were killing the game. But on the subject, this article is misleading. It says Nick ACCEPTS SUGGESTED challenge. How does that sound? That sounds felonious to say the least. This ain't going down. And, Nick is a clown for even thinking about doing something for "charity" after what Em said about him and his wife in "WARNING"

    • dan

      Well one thing dude, he brings whack pop acts to light for what they are as a joke. Also, have you ever really heard too many legit rappers diss em? I mean canibus did...but what rapper that you could take seriously would em ever feel like he needed to go at?

    • TheXTC

      thats cuz he doesn't like wack people.

  • TB

    Its pretty funny that the last two big diss tracks have been from nick cannon and fuckin MC Hammer

    • Snipes

      lol. wow man, you really hit the nail on the head with that one. But seriously though, Nick Cannon realllly needs to stop. Hes trying to diss Em a year later? ALSO, if Nick Cannon has been boxing for the past 15 years, can't he pass Mariah some healthy eating habits, diets, OR work outs? Mariah needs to do something, her frame has NOT been looking all.

  • Diana

    Eminem is gunna kick that Nick Cannons ass!!! Team Shady!!!!!!!!!

  • c.webb

    let's get it in lloyd ft 50 cent ,super club banger .it's real 50 comes back harder than ever,the unit is back ,we are taking back what we had back years,g unit's buzz is so huge now,the game is ours ,we come take our shit back,jeremih ft 50cent,down on me,banger,sb ft 50 mean mug,banger,lloyd ft 50 let's get it in an other huge banger,the unit is back y'all niggas gotta beware.

  • Erik Edge Quinty

    fuck nick cannon haha

  • Anonymous

    i hope D12 just stomps dude out at an award that would be hilarious

  • sharpsh00ter155

    nick cannon finally realized he cant get close to em in a rap battle.

  • DJJJ

    Eminem will knock you out son.

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