MC Hammer Takes Offense At Jay-Z's "So Appalled" Line

After Jay brings up his past financial trouble, Hammer promises a response on Halloween.

MC Hammer's financial troubles have been well-documented. In 1996 he told Jet magazine about amassing over $13.7 million in debt, with an $100,000 interior decorating bill among his expenses. Friday, the former chart-topping rapper took offense to Jay-Z's quote on the song "So Appalled" launching a series of responses via his Twitter account over the weekend.

Let me mess you #HellBoy (Jigga) Stans high up... What verse you gone put in front of me ? #Demonsless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Hammer referred to Jay-Z as "jay-hoe" and incorporated the Twitter practice of using a hash-tag by calling Jay "Hellboy" in attempts to make his beef a trending topic. The line which caused Hammer to get so upset, referred to Hammer admitting losing $30 million on his 200 person payroll:

"Show me where the boats is / Ferrari Testarosas / And Hammer went broke / So you know I'm more focused / I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30 / 'Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can't hurt me..."

@kanyewest jay-hoe aka #HellBoy Tell Jay Oct 31 (Devils Nite) We'll see if this record and video"Hurt's Him" .. #IamHammerless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad

Hammer took no offense at this summer's collaboration between Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, where Ross rapped, "I got 30 cars / Whole lotta dancers / I take 'em everywhere / I'm MC Hammer."

So Hammer will return to the studio to respond to Jay-Z in rhyme form, earmarking October 31 as his target date. His choosing Halloween as his response date and the Hellboy hash-tag are likely references to allegations that Jay-Z has some association with the occult.


  • the-xfacta

    So you wanna go after Hov but not Ross for talking the TRUTH about you Hammer.. Yo Hammer you need attention.. That ESPN Monday Night Football commercial you did last year was funny.. That's about all you got though call.. Now do the Running Man up outta here!!!

  • Rhetoricjams

    If hammer's gonna be going off on some stupid junk, he should consider that the devil probably is the one that made HIM go bankrupt. The good lord has blessed HOV. hammer's just mad that he has to be a televangelist to get his paper lol



  • J

    Hammer trying to bring back his "Jeanie Pants"? "Can't touch this"? This ain't 1988. Hammer, you couldn't rap ya way outta wet paper bag. LoL

  • Christopher Maker Harvey

    That Rick Ross tune is the fucking shit though !

  • The DOOD

    PLEASE! HAMMER! DONT HURT EM! LMAO!!! nigga please! didnt hammer give his life to jesus or somethin? that nigga better "turn the other cheek" before "hellboy" strip em of his grace! hahahahaha!!!

  • joezgal

    this right here is that dumb n---a s--t. Didn't that dude lose 30mil so what he mad for just trying to being relivent again but it ain't going to happen. it wasn't a dis to me it what just real talk.but it ain't like Hammer got no real arsenal.

  • XiK

    bACK TO the circus - Jay gonna get some broke-rapper shit on his dick for this 1 RIP MC Hammer...again...

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • KC

    ok well mc hammer u aint finna do shit what u gone do pull a glock from dem big ass pants its nuthin dunt try jay(even doe i dun like him) u gon lose mah nig just dance your way out of this one haha Freestyle dance that n....

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    Hammer knows the analogy was not intentionally a diss, Jay Z is not the first to use the Hammer's situation in a rap. In fact, there should be a theory in the music industry called "the Hammer effect." Hammer just want to gain some relevancy from this and a reason to start back rapping. This whole ordeal is Hammer's way of endorsing the rebirth of his rap career. And articles, tweets and comments such as the one I am making is only encouraging his behavior. [HASH-tag] SMH *Kanye Shrug*

  • Allen_J

    There was no diss.. Hammer just mad at the truth... The truth hurts


    GO HAMMER!GO HAMMER! NO REALLY, GO! Hammer have got to be kidding me?! Oh no this is serious. But, Shawn Carter aka the BUSINESS, man aka H to the O.V.A aka GODEMCEE bka JAY Z is not sweating you, Hammer. Surprisingly, I don't find it at all surprising that someone, who catastrophic career ended in the mid-90's then reverted back to preaching, would get SO EXCITED by the GODEMCEE mentioning their name (i.e. Hammer must have soiled his sheets to send those tweets). Honestly, Hammer must be thinking "this is it." This is his true calling. [HASH-tag] SMH. I guess when a GOD calls, he calls. Unfortunately, a GOD is not ringing the phone of ol' MC Hammer. In fact, Jay Z probably somewhere laughing his money off or lounging on a 60 million dollar rented Yacht or buying another island for Beyonce's next birthday or talking to FORBES magazine about making more money or in Hawaii recording an collaborative EP or just intentionally overlooking and ignoring foolish articles and tweets such as this.(i.e. Don't expect much of a response from Jay Z) Hammer would be lucky to be considered in a subliminal (In my opinion none of Jay's lyrics are ever subliminal when he is addressing more than one person.) On the other hand, THIS RIGHT HERE will end in a tragic comedy on "October 31." Perfect time for MC HAMMER's relatives and closest bff's to plan an intervention. [HASH-tag]HellishWayToGainRelevancy. ( I am SO APPALLED because this article is...F*K'n RIDICULOUS.)

  • Dale Muphasa Oats

    Fuck what you clowns think. I don't blame Hammer... I aint lettin no muhfuccah dis me and me not say nothin about it. Get em, Hammer!

  • Rap2Tight

    **************** THE STREET'S URL ——– Latest Hip-hop Updates and Music ... Join The Rap2Tight Community @

  • Nico 3

    It's going to take Hammer that long to respond? Must be tough trying to secure studio time with IOU's.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i saw this article title laughed, was ready to write how hammer was a beast and uh-oh dont wake the beast, dont provoke it, especially on halloween, its like an epic movie sequel (michael bay). but no, fuck that look at the last two lines by hiphop dx. "are likely references to allegations that jay-z is in the illuminati". yea i'm sure that is where hammer is going to go with this. calling him hellboy is effective, because people will associate that with those god awful movies. that is a diss. picture a red jay-z, a hellboy with huge lips...

  • mindrelated

    How is he mad when he made himself look a fool on them commericals about him going broke. I think its a statefarm commerical, I could be wrong. He is whack.

  • Wearer of the Crown

    MC Hammer, you're a tad bit rusty, don't hurt yourself.

  • Joel Anthony Castro

    Fact of the matter is Hammer can't mess with Hov. Ya i'm still waiting for a reply from Hov with the Beanie Sigel beef, but is Hammer serious? Good Luck Hammer, better find a good ghostwriter.

  • toppa shot

    Hov's a pussy! No hesitation saying Hammer's name in a song, but you couldn't even pay him(the irony)to say Beanie's. Dude is cotton soft these days. And all those that defend him say he's too grown and rich to be taking swipes at people...smh.

  • ChuppsD

    This some stupid shit, hammer gettin all emotional over the truth? Nigga is u serious? Er'body know hammer fuked up financially, it's just a matter of time before rappers use you in their lyrics, and they have done for so many years. It's obvious Hammer is just tryna use this to get back into the limelight a lil and make some money, that's all it's ever about these days smh

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    • EddieMurrrphy


  • c.webb

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  • c.webb

    let's get it in an other banger featured 50cent,lloyd ft 50 cent let's get it in,lloyd is very talented singer he needs to be backed up bcs he quite has talents,50 murdered the track,50 is really back,the need track is a straight banger,put it down on me ft jeremih banger,mean mug sb ft 50 banger,let's get it in lloyd ft 50,straight banger,50 is back for real in this bitch,g unit is back,watch back niggasz.

  • Up North

    Get off the estrogen and calm your emo ass down. You can get in line if you wanna diss Jay.

  • whatitis

    jay-z is a hellboy him kayne drake and rihanna are gonna get ass raped by the devil in hell burining everyday so enjoy this life faggits

  • Shone Jones

    @ exactly Homeless shelters and jails are packed with dudes who had a lot of shit at one point in time... now they're sitting around in a tight ass room sharing beds. That's the point. Hammer ain't doing that bad, but this dude was buying up everything one year, filling Chapter 11 papers the next. Facts is facts, breh. If you were 5 and caught up in his dancing and glittery genie pants, more power to you, but you're not serious about thinking this dude was ever on THAT level.

    • exactly

      nah your wrong son. Hammer was on THAT level. What was Jayz doing in 1991? That's right nothing. Hammer did it way before anybody even knew who fake hov was. You wanna talk about glittery pants right? Well show me a picture of what Jayz looked like in 1991 and then we will talk. Hammer wins case closed.

  • Glenn Tucker

    Hammer please stay retired.

  • Hammer Wins

    Hammer wins this easily, its not even close.

  • Mr. Hell Spawn

    Damian Smith is a douche bag...who in the bloody hell would compare EFW & the O'Jay's with Jay-Z & MC Hammer???? This is hip-hop where the lyrical battle is a part of what we do so take the stupid ass comparisons elsewhere dumbass

  • oronero

    Who does Hammer have in his corner? Jay can send Pusha in with one line an murk hammer. Anyway, who told Hammer to have gold plated toilets and all that bullshit?

  • BlackStar

    Hammer don't even need to talk shit about Jay-Z like that. His response i just so so unnecessary. Jay-Z didn't even dissed him really and almost certainly never will.

  • Damian Smith

    I like a person, not musician. Why can't you kids just enjoy music. I'm trying to picture fans of Earth, Wind and Fire yellin', "Fuck them bitch-ass O'Jays." Sounds stupid, right? Hammer made some dumb financial moves. Jay-Z had that example to avoid when he first started to blow up. It's just music, kids. It ain't that ser's.

    • Marx1684

      They can't just enjoy the music. That would go away from the labels plans. It's not just about music. It's the persona that comes w/the character. There are only but so many lines that can be said. It's about the character that's saying them. Hence the use of ghost wrtiters.

  • heyyy

    hammer needs a month to write something decent.. on second thoughts - it might not be decent at all.. why wait for it?

  • Hammer>Jayz

    could care less who raps better or puts out a better album, could care less about what supposedly happened in their careers through the media. the bottom line is this Hammer>JayZ Why? Because at least Hammer tries to put out a good image.

    • Allen_J

      You forgot when hammer was signed to Suge Knight lmfao

    • @floop

      Jayz represents a greedy, satanic, evil, hand signs, corporate, media backing, 40 year old still running his mouth about high school shit image. Hammer represents the image of a man who wanted to make the people around him better. Its plain and simple.

    • Floop

      Good image huh? Going broke is a way to set an example.....what image is hov presenting exactly

  • mcphly

    youtube "life comes at you fast" MC HAmmer. Its the nationwide commercial where he loses everything.

  • Killalex

    Jay didnt even diss mc hammer he just stated facts, that coon had 30mil and danced for chicken and then blew it all. Why so offended? And SMH @ people talking hammer murkin jigga, we're talking bout MC FUCKING HAMMER here lol, get real!

  • prime218

    Is it really a diss to hammer when as it was stated it is well documented, and let's be real dude can't rap he was know for his dancing and just about everyone including ice cube went in on him. He is going to wait over a month to release anything so he can find a good ghost writer. Man just stick to preaching

  • Breezy

    yo fuck mc gayboy hammer for real...pussy ass nigga aint recorded shit in like 30 years or something...arent mother fuckers his age supposed to sit inside and worry about old age and medicare and that shit?

    • @Breezy

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hammer was born in 1962. Jayz in 1969. That is a 7 year difference, boy you new cats be on some mad stupid shit nowadays. wake up and stop believing everything in media they are trying to trick you so they can make money.



    • exactly

      had everything for 2 years, in 1991. 4 years before anybody knew who the fuck fake hov was. some of you people have no respect for the real dudes in the game.

    • shone jones

      Breh, some dudes will stan for Silkk the Shocker, if it was a dis against Jay. That's just the way it is. Reality gets clouded something awful. So are people really co-signing Hammer? A dude who had everything for two years and blew it all? I guess we know who rocked them British Knights and watched 'Hammerman' when they were kids.

  • Cuff

    I dont know whether some of yall or stupid or what. Hov will murder Hammer...point blank period.

  • ertu

    Aint this nigga a Rev???? yall giving this wack azz nigga to much attention...all hov did was say something the whole world wasn't disrespectful at news...come on Hammer stop the bullshit...who gives a fuck????

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    y do these faggot azz niggaz keep hatin on jay-z! for? hammer iz a broke muthafucka whose jealous of jay-z!'z sucess. whenever some1 wantz attention and time in da spotlite wut do they do? they diss jay-z! look at gayme, shitty cent, and recently, gayron and jimmyhat jonez. all those fruitcakez came out wit wack azz diss songz and all there fanz who 4got bout em hopped back on there dickz. dat'z a faggot move rite there. hammer'z da next faggot who'z cryin ova a simple reference claimin it'z some sort of diss. where they do dat shit at?! get da fuck outta here hammer and go back 2 receivin welfare checkz. jay-z! iz da greatest of all time. fuck haterz and fuck all hammer dickridaz. it'z mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up in diz bitch!

  • freshyboi

    hammer is gonna ja rule jay-z's career

    • moves?

      still has the moves? dude both of them are over 40 years old. wake up for once will ya

    • JJ

      You must be joking! You really wanna hear jokes? The only thing Hammer can do is outdance JAY-Z and that's only if he still has the moves! How can he even consider himself a MC!

  • Rich

    aye chill Jay will kill Hammer, the biggest issue wit jay's atist was that they couldnt leave da hood alone and wouldnt stay outta jail! his real artist j cole will run rap! but hammer fuckin wit appalling lol

  • freshyboi

    i was listening to hammer way before i ever heard a jay-z song, i hope hammer goes hard on jigga

  • vanilla ice

    Yo Hammer i got your back! Tell this fake drugdealer to quit rapping

  • Anonymous

    Why dis Hammer he is a good christian. Besides in a battle he will murder Jay-Z. People forget that Hammer was a monster before his fame. Don't judge a rapper because he had some pop hits

  • $Winz$

    Hiphopdx aka the hood TMZ..nobody care about this shit..get back to the music..lets hear some real bullshit..

  • Gothic Daytripper

    Finally mc hammer getting pissed at rappers using him as reference, thats sucha wack move

  • yugang


  • Hip-Hop Guru

    WEll at least jay had a nice career RIP JAY Z

  • milehighkid303

    LOL, c'mon Jay really!? Dude has been sus ever since Nas spanked this boy with the belt. He's constantly goin after softies, duke didn't want no problems with 50 when he was sayin ish, but he comes outta the blue with the hammer line?? Jay need to take his money and go lay down by his dish real talk. Like Fif said..."Isn't he from Marcy??"

  • rigo1392

    cmon hammer jay will murder ur ass

  • dryanalblaster

    Hammer is, "so appalled"...haha, get it? nobody? is this thing on?

  • BKB4

    Why jay even come outta the blue with a swipe at hammer when he let so many shots at him go by from legitimate emcees?... he just picks soft targets he thinks wont respond, i hope hammer fire back with some totally unexpected bars over a hard beat to shhhh jayz big mouth....imagine that.

    • yugang

      All jay did was make a reference to him and hammer is interpreting it as being a real diss, thats all. It's no different from when joe budden referenced saigon or when wale referenced kid cudi. Niggas need to stop catching feelings over punchlines unless the person made a flat out personal attack on em. BTW jay ain't the only rapper who referenced hammer why doesn't hammer go after them too?

  • Its Um

    This should be interesting.

  • bond

    Hammer gave many black fam opportunities from the south. And Jay-hov- an obvious pawn and house nigga for the well established. Jay is good for talking about how good he is, but he was unsuccessful as Def jam President. And if it wasnt for his obvious tight skills at rapping, he wouldn't have secured the deals that he secured. Hammer has a good heart and is a christian man. Jay z is a follower of the devil. I'll ride with Hammer anyday.

    • @facts

      those are not facts that is media bullshit. you're not telling the whole story.

    • facts421

      its funny u say that cos the hit makers & money makers for def jam are neyo,rihanna & rick ross. guess what fool. these are the people jay signed into def jam. smh @ these hating ass clowns

    • Lmao

      Leave it to Hip-Hop DX to generate that ONE Hammer dickrider. Said it himself "I'll ride with Hammer anyday". You would. You guys never cease to amaze me.

  • Anonymous

    There are so many damn rappers who took shots at hammer.. why in the hell is he going to make a big deal about this one?? Maybe because hova is one of the biggest names in the game, and little hammer wants a little lime light for a month or so. C'mon son

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    Hammer's an idiot. Devil's Nite is Oct. 30th.

  • Micheal White

    Unlike Jay,Hammer actually created his own businesses and provided opportunities for those around him during his heyday.Many of Jay's fan will point out that Jay was cool to speak on Hammers misfortune because he has millions of dollars and sat with Warren Buffet.This is one of the many problems in HipHop today,no concept of HipHop history nad hanging on to"whoever"is holding the banton.Hammer gave dozens of groups the opportunity to shine and feed their families,and yeah he went broke(helping others..) many artist has Jay helped?How many of the dudes who helped put him on has he stabbed in the back?

    • @M W

      good post man you know what you are talking about. co-sign 100%

    • Micheal White

      As I suspected the responses would be"pro-Hova",I can't get mad at Music fans that don't know the history of someone as important as MC Hammer.Many of you give Jay too much credit,YOU forget that Dame Dash handled the business end of Roc-a-Fella,Jay gets pushed into your face,so you forget about Dame and Biggs matter of factly,you forget that-Jay did not want to sign Kanye on as an artist,just as a producer.You have no knowledge of the breakfast program Hammer started during his sucess to feed poor kids,or that besides the group 357,he helped launched R&b artist-B.Angie B,2 Bigg emcee,and others.I had to laugh,some of you slam Hammer for overspending,but forget Jay was charged and convicted w/ attempted murder.You dudes are really lost.And why is Jay dissing Hammer and not Beans?Afraid of another ETHER perhaps.I'm done.

    • real life

      anyone of you talkin about what happened to either one of these dudes money doesn't know what the fuck you are talkin about. we dont' know. we can only speculate through media.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      memphis bleek, ye', and beanie sigel are all considered big names in rap. gtfo. it hasnt been hammer's time (get it) since the 80s, when he was a fucken retard and didnt learn how to spend the 50 mill he made.

    • killa

      Micheal white, tsk tsk tsk, u have to be a dumbass. u need to get ur facts straight dawg. Hammer blew his money like an idiot.and who did hammer help? 357 bullshit? u kiddin me?!?! Jay donated millions and helped niggas along the way.Yh a lot of dem niggas ain around with jay no more, but thats life and u dont know the full story around that so why assume and make an ass out of urself with dumb uneducated comments?

    • christian821

      Look at the forgotten roster of Roc-a-Fella. Look at artists like Beans and Memph Bleek. At least we know those names and the only artist(s) I can recall that Hammer brought out is Oaktown 357. All those artists are not successful, and really the only successful artist that came out of this is Kanye West, whom Jay and Dame brought out. Jay 1 - Hammer 0. Jay indeed took a low blow to Hammer, but really he's repeating a cautionary tale. Sure he gave back to the community, but freeloaders who have no intention to give back to the man that gave to them don't count as 'community.' That entourage of his was too large to justify spending millions on and that's what brought him down.

    • BlackStar

      Hammer spent his money on his house some music videos and some effing horses.


      that may be the stupidest comment ive ever read bra. real talk

  • Devin Williams

    Hammer dont hurt em lmao!

  • dcd525

    Nigga hammer caught feelings.... he should be thankful that he's even being referenced in songs.... only reason he's still relevant

    • Hammer wins

      Jayz should be thankful he has so many real dudes that got involved in the music industry before him. and what does he do, he tries to dis them instead of respect them, for his own personal gain.

  • Dirtdawg

    Please don't...hurt 'em...or so!

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