Jay-Z Gives More Details On "Decoded" Book

With hopes of showcasing Hip Hop lyrics as poetry, Jay-Z preps electronic and interactive iPad versions of his book.

With the release date of his first foray into the literary world looming closer, Jay-Z offered Billboard magazine an excerpt of his upcoming book, Decoded. Jay-Z offers his three-tiered reasoning for writing the memoir/lyric book, which shed further light on his choice for the book's artwork and his participation in a public reading at the New York Public Library.

"I told my editor that I wanted it to do three important things," Jay-Z stated. "The first was to make the case that hip-hop lyrics-not just my lyrics, but those of every great MC-are poetry if you look at them closely enough."

Random House, the publisher of Decoded, will reportedly offer eBook and interactive iPhone/iPad versions which include content users can customize. An image of the Decoded cover as well as Jay-Z's full excerpt explaining his motivations for writing the book are available in Billboard's full story.



  • frank.jones1010@gmail.com

    This kinda reminds me of that other book, "How to Rap: The Art & Science of the Hip-Hop MC", that's a dope read if you haven't got it already... over 100 of the best rappers interviewed for it - www.howtorapbook.com


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  • quboy

    ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com

  • Life Accordin' to Dutch


  • Anonymous

    i bet this is just like the eminem book he came out with are you bored? check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXnvuNmXDIE shits hilarious!!!

  • Thisizpree

    “@THISIZPREE: I'm Sick Of Hearing About How Nice 2Pac Was When y'all found That Out? When He Died That Nigga Beat Selection Was Horrible!! He Was Good!!” Stop Hating On Jay Cause He's Alive If PAC & Big Was Alive They Be Labeled Old School Rappers Hov Did it His Way!!!

  • Thisizpree

    “@THISIZPREE: 2Pac Was Good Not Great First Few Album's Are Not Hip-Hop Classics And His Best Album too many(AllEyezOnMe)Was Average Minus controversy !!!” Jay Collection Shits On PAC Legacy Don't Believe The Hype Cause He's Dead!!!

  • Toobusytohate

    Haters going to hate, but Jay already addressed all of them. If you're busy hating on Jay it's because your favorite artist isn't holding you down. Jay fans are too busy listening to good music.

    • @tall

      cause these dudes are wack. they keep typin and writing bullshit about the people we already know, and fail to recognize all the hard working real hustlers the american people and people like that all over the world. They think the only people who are successful are the people you see in media, and they think everything the media tells you about them is correct.

    • Tall

      Well... This escalated quickly

    • @mav

      The Chris Gardner story is a great story. It is different from jigga's story. Garder isn't in the music industry and on MTV or VH1 and in front of millions of teenagers faces. He doesn't affect the culture that is music and what teenagers do today. That is the point of my posts. All of you just changed the subject you didn't respond properly to any of the content.

    • @----

      Sorry bro you posted what 2 lines? Not enough content for anybody to care about. At least I actually posted stuff that makes sense. @maverick Its not a rant, its a post on a blog. Chris Gardner's story is different from jigga's because you don't see Chris Gardner on TV he doesn't use media to gain whatever wealth he gained, jigga reaches a whole audience of teenagers and the image he portrays to them is terrible. jigga uses the media. Your example of Chris Garder does not. so again you changed the subject and didn't say anything in particular. @anonymous attitude's like yours? really dude? and what exactly did you say in your post? I'll tell you, you said nothing. My post is very intelligent and it states facts. You don't like it because you want to keep the american public down you want more fame for the supposed "music stars". You just want to keep putting them on a pedastal. And in the process ignore the general public who are not doing well, becuase of people like this.

    • Anonymous

      100,000 a year really isnt that much money if you have a family. with attitudes like yours is whats wrong with kids now days. wasting money away just because you have it and not saving your money is the dumbest thing anyone can do. but you'll never know that because you're a welfare baby.

    • mavvericks66

      Wow truly interesting... your rant about gaining 150million dollars in the bank from Hating really got me thinking.. I was reminded of this homeless man with a kid living in San Francisco while trying to participate in a very competitive stock broker training program. Chris Gardner went through hell, but was able to achieve millions in the end by PURE DETERMINATION and HARD WORK and WITS.... Why the F*ck would the story be any different for a damn black man from Marcy Housing Projects... He busted his ass, he made moves, he became successful,. End of the story and as long as he continues to understand that the music business is all marketing of the product he will continue to be successful ..Go Get YOU Some!!

    • ...

      LOL @ the nerd above me writing a fucking essay as if anyone cared...

    • @2busyhate

      You're post is incorrect. Favorite artist has nothing to do with it. This dude is the one who is "hating" because he aquired his wealth through other people, most of them he never met, most of them who were under 21 years old, and used media as the outlet to do so. Music is not good right now, its garbage because the economy is not good and music affects the economy and whether or not a person makes a hot song means nothing when we talk about raw numbers such as average salary, income, unemployment, housing, financing and investing. And by the way this dude did not address "all of them" or any of them, when you actually think about it, because some of the people who you think are "haters" are the real people that want to give the success to the people that deserve it. The people who may have gotten it taken from them by this dude who "hated" their way to 150 mil. On $100,000 a year any person can spend 365 days at a nice hotel, live wherever they want, enojoy fine restuaraunts and meals every day. They would even have enough money to spend it on a few friends so they could enjoy their success in company with others. That's plenty to stay happy and healthy. When you got 150 mil, that is 1,500 times what $100,000 can bring you. Now tell me who the real "hater" is. How else would you have gotten to that 150 mil if you weren't "hatin", homie?

  • Miles

    lookin' like spike lee now

    • WhyHate?

      Who the hell is 2busyhate?? Why is he hating on Jay-Z?? His success isn't good because he uses the media? News flash, it's the music industry. It is the media. This man gives back with the money he makes, even has a scholarship program. And not no scholarship for the people who have the best grades and are already rich like most of these scholarships are, but his is for the people who deserve a second chance and get left out the loop because society thinks they aren't good enough. The average people. This is a bad image to teenagers? This man came from the hood, from nothing, and used music as a way into the corporate world, and dominated. His money don't even come from the media, he has like 16 businesses. The money he makes off rap is change. The guy freakin does charity concerts, 100% of the money goes to a good cause. Research this man before you start hatin like a faggot. I mean damn, never in my life would I have imagined that a man turnin nothin into something was a bad thing. Atleast he aint like most rappers who get rich and still be tryna promote a hood life that they don't even live anymore. This man made it off the streets, stopped selling drugs and started sellin records, owned his own businesses OUTSIDE of rap, and most importantly left the entire hood persona altogether to show young black people that you don't have to sell drugs or be a gangsta to be successful. He's always talkin about how you need to grow up and be a man and get off the corner and how that life ain't cool anymore. How is that a bad image? I rather follow his example than yours. Hater

  • ILLZ

    THE KING...PERIOD @mynameisill

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