Wale Addresses Kid Cudi's "Simple Ass Rapper" Comments

After Cudi's Complex magazine comments, Wale tells DJ Drama "It's obviously something behind all this."

Former collaborators Wale and Kid Cudi aren't likely to appear on any tracks together any time soon, as the two emcees have been taking both subliminal and overt shots at each other. Things came to a head when Cudi took to Complex magazine to address a punchline from Wale's "Thank You Frestyle," which referenced a fan throwing a wallet at Cudi onstage.

Wale originally responded to Cudi calling him a "simple ass rapper" via Twitter, with a reference to Cudi's June drug arrest. But, based on a recent interview with DJ Drama, cooler heads have prevailed.

niggas lettin that liquid cocaine get to them.....lets go thenless than a minute ago via web

"Nine out of ten rappers wouldn't take that as a diss," Wale told DJ Drama. "Sometimes I'm in King of Diamonds, and I like to throw my wallet around. It's just a line, and it was all in good fun. But as I'm growing as a man and as an artist, I see what you've gotta do, how you've got to carry yourself, and why you keep your circle small."

Wale, who is currently enjoying positive responses to his More About Nothing mixtape and his appearance on Waka Flocka Flame's "No Hands" also waved off claims that he went out of his way to secure beats from Kanye West only to be denied.

"It's obviously something behind it,"  "Ye's a good dude or whatever, but I don't recall making too much of an effort to work with anybody. I'm signed to RocNation and they're great producers."


  • thyAnomaly

    oh another thing, as i recall, rappers.. well MC's cause MC's actually are true to the game... Used as much CORRECT GRAMMAR as possible and enunciated. Most rappers today can't even put a sentence in their lines properly. I know i know rhymes, and word manipulation. But how come the greatest actually were able to keep up alot with that? I say Hip-pop is dead. I see a few that try to change it, keep it old school and those that try something new. Wale, is a follower of trends. Enough said.

  • thyAnomaly

    I just have to say this. Since when is hip-pop even about sick lines or simple lines? Tu Pac, just to say so myself had verses, and lines that were simple, in the end, we have to think, what was hip-pop/rap about? Freedom of speech, it was born from punk bands, and created unity from political corruptions and daily social life problems. That is what hip-pop was about. TuPac was able to keep that, unlike Biggie, who unlike 2pac could freestyle much better. BUT, was one of the first and is the influence of horrible hip-pop today. PIMPS/SEX/VIOLENCE/CLUBS/PUSSY etc. Disgusting. Kid Cudi may seem weak, but if you do listen to his albums, and lyrics, you know not all his flows are simple or weak. Yeah he does speak of emotional stuff and being on weed, but his second album was more of being more of a man. Was less of weed and daydreaming. At least he raps of problems and emotion things people can relate to, just as in the early 80's. Unlike Wale, who is like the same shit like Lil wayne, and Drake, and even Illuminati dick sucker Jay-Z. Immortal Technique would eat all of them alive. I like Cudi more than Immortal, but I assure you, that any one who spits of politics, life, issues, and fucken emotional psycho trauma. Is a true rapper, than a fucken THUG asshole fake ass MC. Cudi also is alot more original, trying to do his own thing, respects for that, compared to the shit that LIL wayne, and nicki bitch, and Drake are doing. Props to real MC's and those that try to do something new. Fuck Mainstream, fuck underground, its the what they talk and try to alert and cope with people that matters the most. Underground is overrated with respect as well. It's on the artist, not the level they are in success. Hip-pop, rock, soul, Gospel, Pop, all genres, its of the artist not the fucken genre.

  • andy

    j cole,chip tha ripper,big sean,big krit,wale,curren$y,kendrick lamar,nipsey hussle and some wiz just hope he dont change up

  • Jean Menard

    Hell Yeah that "Back To the Feature " Is Sick I was Just listening to it again last night! That makes it like a million Listens since 09! lol All The Hip Hop Lyrical Dudes support/endorsed Wale on this tape by being on it! 1, Slaughter House except CrooKed I on Tape 2, Young Chris, Beans, Freeway.... 3, J. Cole, Currensy, Sky Zoo, Bun B, Peedi Crack, Black Thought, Tu Phace & Memphis Bleek, K'Naan .... Production By 9th wonder Mark Ronson, Warren G Appearances by Daniel Merriweather Mike Posner Duffy Jean Gray Yael Naim ( New Soul).... Sick Beats, Sampling, Choirs..... Great Lyrics! 9/10 rating far From Simple! Should be an EP! Real Talk! "WOrdPLAY" Track is serious!

  • Jean Menard

    Hell Yeah that "Back To the Feature " Is Sick I was Just listening to it again last night! That makes it like a million Listens since 09! lol All The Hip Hop Lyrical Dudes support/endorsed Wale on this tape by being on it! 1, Slaughter House except CrooKed I on Tape 2, Young Chris, Beans, Freeway.... 3, J. Cole, Currensy, Sky Zoo, Bun B.... Production By 9th wonder Mark Ronson, Warren G Appearances by Daniel Merriweather Mike Posner Duffy Jean Gray.... Sick Beats, Sampling, Choirs..... Great Lyrics! 9/10 rating far From Simple! Should be an EP! Real Talk!

  • MardiGraz718

    I'm kinda shocked at these responses. Thought Wale was better received than this. IMO he is a dope MC & I'm a very tough critic on artists. He puts actual effort & thought into his bars. He spits substance. I'm not a fan of Cudi....at all. He's wack to me. Curren$y I just don't get...He's like a Wiz Khalifa to me....*Shrugs* but I think it's Wale's style that makes his punches inaccessible. He goes over alot of heads where as Drake is so simple that he's basically for everybody. J.Cole is dope but I haven't seen anything that says he's gonna save hip-hop. Sorry no! He fell way flat on a Star Is Born. I nearly wrote him off. If it wasn't for that Shook Ones freestyle I wouldna never bothered with the warm up which was sick!

  • fortydogg

    Yo iz dat da pic for exposed homos in the rap/ i mean pop star industry

    • Anonymous

      Hell Yeah that "Back To the Feature " Is Sick I was Just listening to it again last night! That makes it like a million Listens since 09! lol All The Hip Hop Lyrical Dudes support/endorsed Wale on this tape by being on it! 1, Slaughter House except CrooKed I on Tape 2, Young Chris, Beans, Freeway.... 3, J. Cole, Currensy, Sky Zoo, Bun B.... Production By 9th wonder Mark Ronson, Warren G Appearances by Daniel Merriweather Mike Posner Duffy Jean Gray.... Sick Beats, Sampling, Choirs..... Great Lyrics! 9/10 rating far From Simple! Should be an EP! Real Talk!

    • MardiGraz718

      nah it's from skinny jean kick fiend weekly!

  • Cultures Clothing

    Just being honest, I haven't really heard anything by Wale that has impressed me. I first heard him on "Rising Up" and I was underwhelming after getting excited at the prospect of a new hot artist (which is what I thought simply because he was on a Roots album). Then I heard him get obliterated by J Cole on "Beautiful Bliss". I've heard a few songs since then, and I was like "This is...OK". Nothing truly impressive to me though. I'm willing to give him a shot though, so if you guys have examples of Wale at his dopest, please share them. With Cudi, I don't even really consider him a rapper, and I've found that I either really like his songs, or I can't stand them. I like "Day & Night", and I like "Alive (Nightmare)", but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'd say between the two of them, Wale is better lyrically...you can see where he puts some effort towards metaphors...I just think a lot of his metaphors fall flat. I wouldn't count Wale as one of the "Saviors of Hip-Hop" for the next generation. To me, that's Blu & Lupe, and Jay Electronica usually delivers as well. J. Cole's talented, but I think that he gets stuck in the box as far as subject matter is concerned, when I think that he could do more. As far as the more underground rappers are concerned, I'm a big fan of Blue Scholars, Common Market, and Macklemore from Seattle's Hip-Hop scene.

    • kg

      also check back to the feature mixtape there's some goodens on that, good to see you're a fan of blue scholars and common market too I don't see too many people who are mentioning them but i'm down.

    • kg

      Check out more about nothing.. give it a run through and see if that changes your mind

    • guest

      wale got a track called "wordplay" with curren$y on there. they both went off on it. its off the back to the feature mixtape with 9th wonder wale "...im that bomb when that hand write, play me for a steppin stone then i land mine, now walk to it wit ya land mind, i can make the clouds jealous n*gga i am that fly, listen to the words, im a wizard wit it, wittier than any n*gga, sicka than a wino kidney liver..." currenSy "...n*gga aint nothin sweet like a koolaid pack, bitch*s roll sweets as i lay back in the suite, developing cavities cuz revenge is sweet, every time i rap i unwrap another piece, an eighth of grape ape hella joints to the head got my eyes all varsity red, sunroof flow so over ya head, SB horror pack monsters under my bed..." wale also had a good song that was on the nba live video game.

  • Anonymous

    in the section of "who gives a fuck" we have this

  • andy

    are guys fuckn crazy wale along with j cole and big krit gonna save hip hop you go download more about nothing and tell me wale didnt kill the whole fuckn tape you dont like wale you dont like good hip hop yall fuckn trippin this beef is dumb cudi alright but he seem to cocky now

    • sharpsh00ter155

      mf doom is an ill lyricist, dont be hatin on him. commercial rappers are rappers who are creatively different, flow is different, voice is different, etc. there going to get recognition if their lyrics are good or bad. there are good commercial rappers who are sick lyricists, so dont bring that bullshit. the reason why every1 loves undergound rappers are loved more are because if your lyrics suck and you have nothing different bout you, ur not going to do shit and no1 will know you. underground lyricists actually still get recognized, but are not amazingly different.

    • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

      @BWS_Fish you're right I do love underground hip hop, but I love more mainstream acts too....and you know what? Hip hop CAN'T be saved. Know why? cuz for every good rapper theres 5 more out that suck balls or talk about drugs/some stupid dance/women. "I have to say that in 90% of cases, there's a very good reason why these people are not selling many records..." Its called white people running the music industry, trying to make money for themselves...if you don't have the backing of white people(like eminem) or white girls all on your dick(drake), you aren't gonna make it in music anymore. So since you know so damn much, tell me whos gonna save it? Cuz last time I checked 90 percent of the people selling records is trash....I love Eminem and even I can say he fell off. I dont even listen to MF Doom u stupid motherfucker

    • BWS-Fish

      errol, it has to be someone mainstream to "save hip hop" because a decent underground artist selling 5000 albums is hardly gonna make much difference u retard. I bet you're one of those people who only likes underground hip hop, just to be different. Well unfortunately I have to say that in 90% of cases, there's a very good reason why these people are not selling many records... Now go jack off over a picture of MF Doom of somethin u cock jockey.

    • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

      you're kidding me....WALE is gonna save hiphop? yeah rite, hes a mainstream whore, who can't even sell records....out of every good rapper out (joe budden, clipse, tech n9ne just to name a few), you say Wale? step up ur hiphop knowledge and then try to tell me I'm hatin.

  • killa

    I didnt know this nigga wale signed to roc nation. he's aiight,but not all that. to me the nigga tries to hard with the metaphors and some of them come off wack. Anyway, the nigga Jay-z is signing a lot of wack niggas lately.

  • Anonymous

    irrelevent ass rappers with little talent talking wack shit...go hooooooooome!

  • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

    seriously, fuck wale, he turnt out to be another corny mainstream rapper, and fuck Cudi too, all he talks about is emo shit and weed, and then kids call it "alternative", people be real, J.Cole would eat both of them alive.

    • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

      @Pacer, no..he dosent. I can't remember who said it, but the rapper said "for every artist that makes it big for being 'fresh' and 'exciting', there's 5 underground rappers who said the same thing better." Thats true, that quote right there...I rly don't have to hate. I kno niggas I grew up with who would eat Wale alive lyrically. Its not hating if its the truth....what he sell, like less than 100K? AND he did a song with Lady Gaga, thats trash right there...I'd rather listen to B.O.B. and i can't stand that nigga..

    • Mike Meraz

      I feel you on Wale, but he bounced back with "More About Nothing". And your just hating on Cudi, just move on, don't listen to em, his music is not 4 you. Some ppl just don't get it.... But Yeah.... J.Cole and Lupe bout to take over this game!!

    • PACER

      Man, back in your box with that playa hating shit. Wale is bringing something fresh to the table. Dudes like you just trippin cause you aint got nothing fucking better to do with your time.

  • SutterKane

    This beef is brought to you by the good folks at tampax tampons

  • hmm

    Id rather be a simple ass rapper like wale, then a bitch ass pop singer like drake

    • Aswaran

      Drake can spit dude, way to only focus on a portion of the sings he puts out. And Kid Cudi needs to get off his high horse, this beef is wack, I've never heard Wale but I know Kid cudi doesn't make the best music. A kid named cudi and stoner charm were pretty wack.

  • Anthony Hilton

    This whole things is pointless to me. I really don't think Wale was trying to diss Cudi. I think both of them are great artist who's lyrical talents are on the same level just about. Overall though I think Cudi is better.

  • DjH2

    PLEASE take a second and check out our dope CONTEST VIDEO for Kid CuDi's "Erase Me" HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Dsw77h5cww and VOTE for it HERE: http://apps.facebook.com/kidcudivideo/viewfull.php?video=2Dsw77h5cww&fb=1452&id=1526931688 THANK YOU so much and ENJOY the video!!

  • Maj

    This is sum fake ass shit, wale signed 2 roc nation, cudder wiv G.O.O.D, they beefin when both their mentors are basically brothers. Focus on your fukin music, they could both be could rappers if they dont pull these stupid stunts KMT

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Cudi going at Wale's lyrics, but Cudi's are simple as hell too. I guess they are eqaul according to mass public opinion, I like Wale better though. Cudder has some dope songs, but most end up being too weird for me



  • Wu-Tang Forever

    2 average rappers who put out good mixtapes and mediocre debut albums. But I like Cudi better out of the two

  • Juke

    They're both equal to me..i mean Wale does traditional hip hop..Cudi does alternative..and they're good at what they do EXACTLY what I think also.

  • Mike Meraz

    IDK why Cudi took that line the wrong way. It's just people instigating, people interviewing him trying to start shyt and instigating beefs cause their bored. I like Cudi a lot more but Cudi because Wale let me down BIG TIME with that lame ass pop debut. But Cudi is not fucking with Wale lyricly. Cudi is as simple as it comes although he is poetic in his rhymes, dudes just fail to look closer.

  • StatQuo

    @MrC: I saw that link on fb who is he?

  • MrC

    Neither is better tan this lil dude www.reverbnation.com/hotpeez

  • D80

    This is not beef. Not even argument really. Its a mix of words from magazine articles...U'll find more beef in a vegetarian's fridge. Back to the music

  • Speezy

    Wale's More About Nothing mix tape is hot. Its currently in heavy rotation. Kid Cudi on the other hand is horrible. Not sure how anyone event listens to that garbage. That kind of music is terrible to me

  • herewegoyo

    Pathetic. More new, wack clowns who are already running out of ideas.

  • VividSci

    Both these niggas wack so.......

  • Chris O

    The only thing good that comes out of rap beefs is good songs. But, I don't know what they'd diss each other about here. "First off fuck your click and the group you claim, I fuckin wear tighter pants then you and we look the same"

  • WisePro

    this is horrible let em all fight over who's worst

  • JL

    If Wale's simple, idk what that makes cudi. either way, never really liked either, but at least wale's got lyrics on cudi, who isn't very good at rapping OR singing, so do both, right? (the kesha route = success now I guess)

  • MosesEsan

    Hip Hop (Wale) Vs. Hip Pop (Kid Cudi). Forget about this 2 niggas and listen to Big K.R.I.T.

    • Mike Meraz

      I don't even know what you said. But anyway.. I was on B.O.B and crazy about that dude but once I heard his album I just pushed him aside along with Wale. Both their albums were Pop shyt. Cudi's debut? That was the last good debut album that I heard. Who'd he have on it? Common? Kanye? Chip? That's it. Just stop talking, please. B.O.B is practically dead to me, and I used to be crazy bout that dude. Wale was dead to me but "More About Nothing" is sick as shyt. Cudi has been consistent and doesn't let me down. Day N Night, that was his only Pop Song. And that song is dope.

    • Anonymous

      Waht makes Cudi pop you retard? Its alternative Hip Hop... B.o.B is far more pop than these dudes put together but noone says shit because he did a song with that Fag eminem

    • Mike Meraz

      At least Cudi isn't trying to be Pop, he's just making music. Wale tried his ass off to go POP with "Attention Deficit" or at least his label did, and he went with it. He went from doing tracks with Kweli and Jean Grrea in mixtapes to doing tracks with Rhiana and Gucci manne on his album. Nuff said. He's bouncing back with "More About Nothing" but still hasn't made up for that let down. Cudi makes doper music in my opinion but Lyricly he can't fuck with Wale. Bottom line. I like em both but I like Cudi a lot more cuz he hasn't let me down yet. hopefully never will.

    • Moses Esan

      Nothing Pop about Cudi. Are you serious?

    • Mike Meraz

      Did you hear Wale's last album. The most Pop shyt I've heard in a while, next to B.O.B's debut. Nothing Pop about Cudi except "Day N Night" which is a dope ass track and some other songs he's featured on.

  • RevOfEMS

    Wale shines in this....real talk. Cudi looks like a Diva the way he reacted and it was just rhyme that shouldn't be taken to heart. They are both talented but Wale had the better album, it was just sinfully slept on.

  • 999

    Wale album was dope that Cudi album I couldn't even listen to that. Another dude who sounds horrible when he tries to sing. Plus has no flow really. He's not a very good rapper. He's okay although very hit or miss. Wale is more enjoyable to listen to

  • AJS

    Cudi is still better than Wale. Cudi still has better mixtapes. MotM still did better than Attention Deficit. Compared to Cudi, Wale is a simple ass rapper. Wale is full of BS, didn't go out of his way to work with anyone? I guess that's why collaborated with Lady GaGa, Rihannia, Pharrell, Bun B, Gucci Mane and Marsha Ambrosius. Cudi only had a few collabos and they weren't even all with famous artist. Wale obviously went out of his way to get star power for his 1st album and still flopped. I like Wale, but he isn't even close to being on Cudi's level as an artist.

    • Anonymous

      Cudi is the one full of BS his album sucked shit. Wale's was more clever with better lyrics but Interscope fucked him over by not allowing him to pick his single or giving him as much creative control as his mixtapes. I swear if they did he would go multiplatinum. Wale better than any of the GQ peeps i.e Drake.

    • UaDumAZZ

      he was referring to going out of the way to work wit kanye retard he didnt say people in general

  • Terrence

    I like the way that Wale handled those comments: in a calm, mature fashion. it's obvious Cudi took that line out of context and has ALOT of growing up to do.

  • MV3-2011

    At the end of the day (day) kid cudi's (kid cudi) still fucking awesome, much better than wale

  • Kevin Bibbs

    I like Cudi, Wale, and Kanye. I think Cudi overreacted. I think Wale handled this situation appropiately. I really hope Kanye didn't give Wale beats because he was busy or something and not because he doesn't like Wale. Ye is a good producer but most of his production has assistance...'Good Life' was assisted by Toomp and Timbaland...'Cant Tell Me Nothing' = Toomp...and most of his recent work has No ID on it but most people don't know that...Ye ain't the GOAT producer so he need to bring that ego down some but he still my nigga

  • m.i.c

    what an emotional wreck "cudi"!!! or may be u need 2 hit that powder 1 more time b4 u respond 2 my comments!!!!

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