Lupe Fiasco Fans Plan "Fiasco Friday" Protest October 15, Lupe to Attend

Lupe's fans plan to picket Atlantic Records' offices to ensure the release of "Lasers," and Lupe says he'll be there too.

A group of Lupe Fiasco's fans are moving forward with their plan to picket outside of Atlantic Records' New York offices to speed up the release of Lupe's Lasers album. An online campaign was started by Lupe fan Richard Barker on July 21, and to date, the free service through which the petition was launched, counts 28,979 total e-signatures in support of the petition. Two weeks before the petition was launched, Lupe stated via his Twitter account that he had already turned the album in to Atlantic, and acknowledged the fan support.

The "Fiasco Friday" petition calls for supporters to bring picket signs and protest in front of Atlantic Records' headquarters on October 15. Fans outside of New York are encouraged to protest in front of local Atlantic branches as well as spread the word via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms.

After hearing about Fiasco Friday, Lupe is apparently willing to attend as well. Fiasco gave the following response via Twitter, Tuesday morning.

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#FiascoFriday huh?!?...well if y'all there...I guess I gotta be there too! Ha! Leggo!less than a minute ago via Echofon

While Atlantic did alert fans that Lasers would still be released after the initial petition on July 24, there have been no responses since.

#Lasers is coming folks!less than a minute ago via web


  • Rett

    a winter release would be fucking dope

  • KRS

    Bout time this happened. Lupe gotta be proud of his fans.

  • Cudder

    Did anybody check out his live stream with the UN today?

  • Anonymous

    he is so so so so so so gay

  • GG

    Keep buildin awareness about important issues Luu! Rapper with a purpose.

  • Ditto

    Lupe deserves this. Whats Atlantic's deal??

  • Maybe...

    Does anyone else think that maybe all this could be a marketing scheme to build hype for the project? It could not be, but sometimes you gotta see through the obvious...controversy sells.

    • Amp

      Actually it could work (and work very well at that). I dont think that in any way did Atlantic Records plan the hold of Lasers to stir up controversy and increase sales, but I do think that now that the controversy is here, Atlantic Records is taking advantage of it in an attempt to boost sales and notoriety. Maybe because they know people always "want what we cant have"

    • Bill

      How would that work? Atlantic is purposely holding the CD knowing that lupe fans will petition and strike, and they are just waiting until there is enough hype to release it??

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i think we only know a small percentage of the story. but i can say one thing, his album should be dope. heard him play a lot of the songs live and all of the songs are crazy.

  • G'

    I know record companies screw folks over all the time, but I just dont feel as if we are getting the whole story. Something feels off...why would Atlantic all of a sudden say Lupe doesnt have "radio singles"....his first two albums, espcially THe Cool, didnt. Superstar was just one of those unexpected hits. So I dont know...folks thinking the album dont got no hits, but maybe it is also the artist being difficult. Warner Bros. was pulling the same ish with Prince, but alot of his material during the main conflict (early-mid 90's) wasn't that good, period.

  • AJ

    boycott atlantic till the release!!!

  • Free Chill

    Bout time this happened. Hope mad numbers show up.

  • BOSS

    maaan lupe needs new music. its been years since i've listend to him. keep it up yall!

  • GEM

    think a mixtape will drop after??

  • Really??

    This better happen. If somebody films this, i wanna copy

  • Hip hop fan

    Hate what Atlantic did to B.O.B., hate what they tryna do to Lupe

  • Ali

    he really gonna be there??????????

  • ugk

    where do i sign the petition????

  • STFU

    Lupe needs to make his fuckin mind up n stop talkin bullshit, dudes constantly tryna front he doesnt give a fuck about money n he wants the fans to get the music. OK then fuckin leak the shit for them your already a millionairre fuck you care for and no they wont sue him before some dumb fuck who doesnt know what their talkin about replies with that shit, theyd need a lil thing called evidence proving he did leak it. oh and I read on another article bout this theyve had it since 2008 which is bullshit since i remember Lu sayin he jus handed it in 2 or 3 months ago

  • jane

    best live performer. insane energy. hope he gets free.

  • Sanders

    Wheres lupe been? Never hear him anymore

  • Rakim

    Mad respect for lu. Hope everyone in NY area goes, could be epic..

    • Pete

      No doubt. Even if youre not a huge lupe fan livin in NY, you should go. Insane that lupe is talkin about bein there. Easy way to meet somebody famous, get a few autographs, pics..

  • William Munnerlyn

    OH SNAP!!! I wanna be in this protest cuz i hate atlantic records, they're a great example of how major record labels are killin the music industry.


    Fuck it, Lupe should just leak the whole thing, I know he don't care about sales. Atlantic would sue the shit out of him rules everything around me.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Damn I wish I could go but a 5 hour drive to New York to protest the release of a rap album isn't on the agenda right now

  • Mike Meraz

    MAN I wish I could go! If it was in the Chi I'd be there without question. Hopefully a lot of people show up and it's on the news and gets some attention nationwide. Sing the petition people!!! LUPE!!!!

  • Baiza

    i am not in new york man, if i was i would be all over there asses but PLEASE ALLA NEW YORK go fight this man help the World get the album im guunnnaa cryy if i dont get to hear that album RELEASE LAZERS DAMMIT!

  • Ventu

    Please sign that online petition! And go to that protest new yorkers!! Hip-Hop fuckin needs Lupe!

  • Anonymous

    not a fan anyway like 90% of hip-hop right now, this shit is filler nothing else and who the fuck cares about swagger thats the dumbest phrase ever to describe an emcees prowess. fuckin hipsters.

  • Anonymous

    30,000 signatures means nothing like everyone else said. I'm a fan of Lupe and plan to buy that album, but I didn't know anything about this petition until today. Plus what about all his fans without computers. Point, you can't make a basis of album sales off of that. Well you can, but you'd just be making an ass of yourself and would be wrong.

    • Joseph

      No wonder why you stayin annonymous with all that shit talking... At least people are doing something about it. Quit with that haterade drinking and stop listening to waka lame o lame

  • Anonymous

    30,000 sigs have nothing to do with sales you fuckin moron!!! most people dont give a shit about a online blog based petition.... Lupe is the most complete rapper right now... meaning top ten in all catagories lyrical flow wordplay swagger live shows!

  • juju0190

    he only got about 30,000 signatures for the petition soooo clearly that means the cd aint gonna sell. might as well make that shit a mixtape

    • James Holessis

      I think the main problem that people have supposedly been reporting out of Atlantic is that, according to them, there isn't a big hit single on the album. Lupe doesn't want to record one just for the sake of making a hit song just to please them, and thats why they are at a standstill. Which is stupid in itself, because Lupe has done most of the work to hype Lasers by himself, without Atlantic's help for the most part. However knowing record companies, they'll expect a decent hit to cover the amount of $ Lupe asked for from Atlantic to actually make the album. So they aren't going to pay the considerable amount of $ to market the album unless its going to pay big in their favour upon release. And for whatever reason they aren't confident enough in it to do so. MGMT got away with being able to make an album without having to worry about a hit single, mainly because they were on the back of an album that spawned 1 absolute monster hit single and a couple of other very big ones also. However I think after The Cool, Lupe isn't in the same boat, he doesn't have the straight purchasing appeal that Atlantic (or he himself) would ideally like, to be competing with Kanye and Wayne for sales. I think Atlantic feels he NEEDS a big hit to compete anywhere near the top of the food chain. His redeeming feature was his glowing praise and great press, but ever since he stopped being so nice to everybody, with emphasis on him calling out MTV and who they considered the best MC's in the industry, people have been turning on him. It was a step he needed to take in my opinion though, as he's been in the news far more now because of it, even if some of it has been negative. For someone who's trying to base his career on Nas', he wasn't being controversial enough. Now with this public disagreement with Atlantic though, its hurting him and helping him at the same time. People doubting that Lupe can challenge at the top of hip hop with quality music are now feeling justified, because he can't even get his album in stores, with a few producers saying his 'perfectionist' attitude or perceived lack of respect to the rest of the industry is putting too much pressure on him. It will help him though because its creating real hype for this album, even from people outside of his established fan base. If he gets anywhere near the top 10 or 20 in album sales, his comments and promotion of the album will be somewhat justified. And Atlantic will also win, by justifying their choice to hold out on releasing the album created more hype for the album to enable it to be a success.

    • Jeff van Leeuwen

      hahaha your wrong man, 30,000 signatures is more than enough of a reaction to make a difference.. its a small representation of a much larger fan base... plus how long has this petition been going on? not long. the facebook group was created only yesterday and this site has only covered the issue now. wait for social media coverage to kick in. i'm expecting to hear more about this by oct 15th. ps Atlantic, why are you withholding material from fans against an artist's wishes? Not enough hype? Didn't market it properly? Worried it wont sell enough? Its really a shame that these corporations are more focused on making $$ than providing art to the people...

  • Meh

    Well then. Let's just hope that the people doing all this actually buy the album when it finally drops. It's been 3 fucking years. Wayyyyyy too long. At least its coming out before Detox lol.

  • player

    thats awesome for him to have fans like that. thats real dope man we need more fans like that in hip hop. fans that support their artist thru the label polotics bullshit real talk IF YOUR TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT SIMPLE ABC RHYMES ABOUT CARS AND MONEY AND TIGHT PANTS AND STUPID DANCES CHECK THIS NEW GUY OUT HES A BEER DRINKIN BLUNT SMOKIN SPIC

  • Dab

    Shit I've been waiting since Lupe said "lupEND" on The Cool. Since then I've heard like 4 songs, and the album went through three title changes in three long fucking years. I want lasers dammit

  • Devin Williams

    I need to go to!

  • LJbigbamg

    If it might get released faster, then go for it. Really need to hear this album, the leaks sound ridiculous so far.

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