Kanye West To Return To "SNL" As October 2 Musical Guest

The "SNL" cast will have a chance to kiss 'Ye's "whole ass," as instructed in "Power," when he shares the stage with them next month.

NBC's long-running SNL a/k/a Saturday Night Live announced several of its upcoming hosts and musical guests today. Planned for the live show's second episode in the new season, Hip Hop superstar Kanye West will re-appear. After telling Lorne Michaels' show's "whole cast" to kiss his "whole ass" on this year's single, "Power" , 'Ye has apparently agreed to return for the second time in three years.

The disagreement stemmed from sketches parodying various moments of West's career throughout 2009, specifically his award show antics.

Although it is not yet announced what Kanye will perform, or if he will be joined by musical guests, the Def Jam artist will share the evening with host Bryan Cranston of AMC's Breaking Bad.



  • player

    its all about ratings and controversy. this should work out well for both kanye and snl welcome to commercialism IF YOUR TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT SIMPLE ABC RHYMES ABOUT CARS AND MONEY AND TIGHT PANTS AND STUPID DANCES CHECK THIS NEW GUY OUT HES A BEER DRINKIN BLUNT SMOKIN SPIC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXnvuNmXDIE

  • who cares

    fuck this stupid moron pig get this faggott the fuck of the computer screen

  • cjrocker

    "Fuck SNL and the whole cast Tell em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass More specifically, they can kiss my asshole I'm an asshole? You niggas got joooooookes" SNL did this for the ratings. More like SMH.

  • Alexander Zubarev

    So much for telling them to kiss his ass.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Never heard of dude who's hosting. Might check the show out, just so I can know him when it airs. They should've let Kanye host and perform, because dude is straight up hilarious. They need to get Drizzy as host/musician too got-dammit!!!

    • J.M.

      The dude who is hosting used to play the dad on Malcolm In The Middle. Now he stars in a much different, much darker showed called Breaking Bad on AMC. It's about a guy who is dying who decides to start making and selling meth to pay for his treatments and to set up his family financially in case he dies. It's sorta like The Wire...mixed with Weeds...with a dash of My Name is Earle thrown in there for levity.

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