Jay-Z Meets With Warren Buffett and Steve Forbes

Hov recently sat down with billionaire investor Warren Buffett and magazine publisher Steve Forbes for a conversation for Forbes magazine.

Jay-Z was recently spotted out in Omaha, Nebraska at the Hollywood Diner to chat with billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Forbes magazine. Although Forbes magazine is keeping tight lipped, the resulting conversation of this meeting is apparently set to appear in the magazine's upcoming "400 Richest People in the World" issue.

To some, the trio of Buffett, Forbes and Hov may appear strange, reports indicate that the Roc Nation emcee is apparently worth an hefty $150 million. Although that's close to $900 million short of making Jay eligible for the magazine's list, it has led many to speculate that the three moguls "...talked about some of Buffett's favorite topics: money and philanthropy." (Omaha.com).

A full-sized version of the low-res image can be seen below, courtesy of VladTV.


  • PJ

    Jay-Z is not an innovator. Dj Clue had desert storm fitteds in the early 2000's, Master P had a shoe with Converse in the late 90's, WuTang had a clothing line in the 90's, puff had a colonge in the early 2000's. Puff deserve to be on that cover. Puff had been an innovator in the hiphop industry since 1992. Jay-Z has the bank to start any company and most of the things he start are simple businesses that anyone with money can do.

  • Money

    Ya'll are stupid for believing in this fake money bullshit media garbage. The numbers are always faked and always over estimated. First of all, even to make that much money you do it by manipulating people and gathering income from others, the fuckin money don't grow on trees. They got it from other people's pockets and if you got that much you did some evil shit to get there. Just look at the economy, the country etc. Are people doing great? No. So what does it matter what somebody accomplished individually? These media pigs always want to talk about how great individual accomplishments are yet they never want to talk about people doing great as a whole. Here is an example. Buffet and GayZ set some kind of bullshit record. Unemployment up to 9.6% Buffet and GayZ just had a meeting talking about forbes. Drug usage is up, more kids are dropping out of schools, people are fed up with Congress. You people need to wake up and realize what the fuck is going on. If these dudes are so great and so rich than everybody would be on a more economic level. but they're not and they don't do shit for anybody. They hoard money like pigs and don't use it productively. And what do you think these dudes had for breakfast? That's right scrambled eggs and hash browns like everybody else. And when GayZ took a shit you think he hired some dude $100,000 to wipe his ass? No he wiped his own ass like everybody else. PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. THE MEDIA IS THE ONES WHO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SUCH A DIFFERENCE IN LIFE WHEN ITS NOT THE CASE. END OF STORY.

  • Anonymous

    Why are these two the supposed leaders of this NWO crap. When its OBVIOUS as the sky is blue that Obama is the one pushing this One World Government agenda. Of course you're all to stupid to see that. just wait and see when he passes another bullshit law that the country doesnt want. You're going to be wishing for change alright

  • Edgy Quinty

    ILLUMINATI!!!!! hahahaha

  • Project

    On some New World Order shit lol

  • Juke

    WOW that's a TON of success in that room right there. The type of money they make is really unthinkable.

  • BigBoi

    For everyone one that doesn't understand business and economics. Forbes does indeed make estimates on what they belive someone's net worth is by review pulic data. It is only a estimate. As for 50 cent, he did not close a vitamin water deal that made him 50-100 million dollars. 50 cent had a marketing deal with vitamen water. As part of the agreement he was given a percentage of stock. Coke boutht vitaminwater for a premium over their makert stock price. That's how 50 cent got paid. It was luck, not necessarity a great business deal. That being said congrats to him.

    • PJ

      The 50 Cent's Vitamen Water deal was a great business deal what are you talking about. It was an unknown company when 50 first decided to endorse the company. How many gangster rappers do you know would endorse in a water?

  • Billy Bucks

    Does anyone realize what a huge story this is. Think about how far you have to come from servin on the corner to meeting with Warren Buffett. That's the definition of meteoric rise. These two guys can't have THAT much in common, so hopefully they talked about making money, or better yet... GIVING SOME BACK!!! Good shit Hov. Big Pimpin for real!!

  • Life Accordin to Dutch

    seriously tho'..u a lame ass nigga if u got any kinda wrong notion about this not bein big..this is an entertainer from the projects..who managed to rise up out of his situation..take care of his family and a couple others..become the most successful "rapper" in history..and fuc u pussies who suggest that a blk man cant rise out of poverty without the help of the devil sickens me...

  • jayrealla

    Of course he got more money than 50 b/c he been doin more and doin it for longer than 50..but I will say he aint never got a check bigger than the one 50 got when he closed that vitamin water deal..because that 100-150 mill 50 got was net after taxes. Whenever Forbes reports peoples income its not accurate its just estimates of what they think people worth. You think all those people be letting Forbes holla at they accountants. I think not.

  • Anonymous

    he still dont have more money than 50 thats why he married B so she can make all the money roccawear is washed up and this nigga dont enough to become a billionaire this nigga got about as much money as babys bitch ass

  • Kevin Martins

    According to Forbes in 07' he was worth around 564 million. To be in the top 400 richest men on the planet he would have to more than double his worth. I'm not saying Hova couldn't do it... but its not very likely. This must just be like a rag to riches story or something.

  • Beats By Nova

    My man looks uncomfortable but on the real this was a big move for Jay-Z. My man used to sell rocks, now he gettin up with billionaires....REAL billionaires. -NOVA- "Invest In YOUR Sound" www.BeatsByNova.com

  • jayrealla

    Jay Z stay making moves. But he will never be a billionaire unless he comes up with a product or service that the whole world needs on a continuous basis. Those billionaires make what jayz makes in a year in a month or two. Jay-z gets money cause he makes big deals. Just like 50 cent made 100 mill but then it stopped, because you dont make a windfall like that more than once unless you really got something that everybody needs or wants. Not that you would need to though...or at least I wouldnt.

  • John45/23

    Hov's worth a loottt more than 150. He did 60 last year for goodness sake. Can't believe how many haters it is on this post, especially when 98% percent of them would probably trade places with any of them in a split second.

    • no way

      wouldn't want to be that faggott for jack shit. dude has media in his face, can't show his face to the public, has to put up with bullshit to produce even more bullshit, gotta watch his back make sure he don't get murked, can't just go wherever he wants, weighs 145lb soakin wet, has to act fake, act like a fuckin circus clown puttin on bullshit shows, fake interview smile, all the fuckin money in the world right? but the dude can't lift weights or keep himself healthy. Would rather weigh 220lb and kick ass do whatever the fuck I want to do without having to look over my shoulder for the people I fucked over to make the bullshit money, cause i didn't fuck anybody over, I earned the money the REAL way, not by manipulating people. fuck this moron, these dudes are hoarding pigs aint done shit but fuck with people and fake even more bullshit.

  • Troof

    Umm...Jay's worth a lot more than $150mil..

    • @troof

      ain't worth shit. everybody is equal nobody is better than anybody. worth 150mil whatever you say? tell him to go to the bank and cash the whole fuckin thing out see what happens. its tied up with assets, stocks, bonds, business etc, dude is no better than anybody else.

  • rottenapple

    ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com

  • Karlos De La Cruz

    Ey'Yo! Jay looks mad nervous up there! Hahaaaa. But regardless, Jay's the smartest dude in the game and if you're confusing this for anything other than a power move than you're small time and don't deserve to have your ignorant comments posted on here. Haters make me sick. For real.

    • @facebook

      you're comment is fake son and I'll tell you why. Gayz hated on mad motherfuckers to get that money, he didn't help people he manipulated people. GayZ is the hater. I'm just tellin it like it is and you don't like that because you want people to be better than others, and their not EVERYBODY IS EQUAL.

  • ??

    They're all underlings of the Illuminati. Jay is making his way up the ranks as a freemason. We all sit here and admire their every move like a bunch of pion's while remaining ignorant. You don't go from petty drug dealer to meeting with Billionaire white men and presidents without pulling many a strings. Open your eyes

  • hejsa

    This dude lost years ago. Fitty is what we need!!!


    I stopped posting on HHDX because I realized (by looking at some of your Twitter/Facebook accounts) it's a bunch of 13-18 year olds that know nothing about hip hop or how the world works. Obsessed with fantasy cults, hot at the moment rappers, and where XYZ-Rapper is gay passes for intelligent commentary. Last post. Peace out.

  • @hippidy

    Yeah they are morons. Ain't doin shit for anybody. Stupid fuckin pigs The "richest" "men" "world" "successful" "artis" are all fake names givin out by the same assholes that lie to people and produce bullshit propaganda. They made the fake names up for themselves. Nobody in the real world gives a fuck about these wack ass fruitcakes. Lying pieces of shit. nothing but worthless pigs.

    • fuck off

      you're a liar stop with the bullshit propaganda making up stories

    • Anonymous

      Aint doin shit for anybody? Buffet's going to give away his entire fortune before he dies, and he's not giving it to his grandkids. he's actually doing something to better the planet. the fuck are you doing ignorant ass kid

  • Two Faggotts

    neither one of these fags can even get a boner fuck these morons. two floppy fish

    • @anon

      fuck off you don't know what being real is

    • Anonymous

      you're the fag talking all that stuff about dicks

    • HAHAHAHA!!!

      HAHAHA!!! @hippityhop you lying motherfucca. What does a boner have to do with anything? If ya can't get it up you're physiclaly weak that's what it means. Billions of shitty dollars ain't going to do shit for some 145lb weakling who rubs up and down on security's ass every day. Gayz is not rich, successful, artist or a man. Lying fuckin frauds is what they are. My dick is bigger than gayz's bicep, talkin about rich you don't even know what the fuck being rich is.

    • HippityHipHop

      Wow your an ignorant lil ass. What does getting a boner have to do with anything. Obviously one of the richest men in the world and one of the most successful music artists in the world are not morons. I think someone is a closet queer. Go eat some nuts boi

  • ill VERITAS

    Shit Jay is worth way more than 150 million.

  • Fuck Pigs

    Fuck these two stupid pigs. They weigh 200 pounds combined money nobody gives a fuck their body and mind is weak fuckin crack both of em fuckin faggotts.

  • Anonymous

    "Now you know yo ass is Willie, When they got you in a mag...for like half a billi... And yo ass aint lilly...white... That mean the shit you write must be illy.. Either that, or ya flow is silly... It's both..I don't mean to boast, but damn if I don't brag, Them crackas gone act like I aint on they ass!! The Martha Stewart that's far from Jewish Far from a Harvard student, just had the balls to do it" "W-I, Double L, I-E, nobody truer than H-O-V And I'm back for more, New York's Ambassa-dor Prime Minister, back to finish my business up" -"What More Can I Say"

  • Rude

    GYEEAAA HOV!! Get'm homie!! REP for us real cats main! So proud of my dude s-dot. 150M though.. Where he get them figures from!? Not that I done seen my nigga acct but I KNOOW his NET is waaay more than that. And you heard it here first before it's all said and done he will be a billionaire. Rude PS Stop hat'n sucka ass MF's


    http://www.datpiff.com/The_Citadel_Dj_Ton_The_Atlanta_Braves_2.m153825.html GAT #5 "SWISHGANG NIGGA"

  • DDXX

    take what the forbes figure then figure more/cause they forgot to account what i did with the raw

  • zo

    nigga look outta place.....

  • mrconceited



    where did the writer of this article get his facts about jay-z being worth 150 million... homie made 32 last year alone.. jay hiding money.. he doesn't want to be on the list.. rocawear 80 million in the first 18 months.. jay sold the distribution and profit sharing rights to to iconic brands for 100 million cash.. this number is way off.. and being as he's married to beyonce.. they probably on the list together as a couple.. collectively i'd say they were somewhere around 700 mil to a bil.. no way jay only worth 150 million.. homie signed a deal with rocnation for 150 million.. 50 million up front.. numbers ain't adding up.. smart money's on hov

  • HOV such dummies

    even if i fell id land on a pile of money

  • DX

    this just in... Jay-Z had dined out last week. DX will keep you Updated.

  • Anonymous

    my nigga making them moves.

  • Marenol Khalifa

    damn, he looks nervous. lol

    • @prezz

      doesn't matter what color you are will you shut the fuck up with that bullshit

    • prezz

      This nigga looks uncomfy, lol , It's no supprise cause now he realy sitting next to real billionaires, hov is touchin places where no other black artist has ever done , I guess he's part of the inner circle now , but he still has alot to get through , somebody get him some water cause the nigga is nervous as fuck.....

    • Connect with Twitter

      Lol...I was thinking the same thing...

  • harris89

    wtf, you guys posted a news article about a fucking picture? jesus.

  • da1

    Hov look so uncomfortable sitting next to those extremely rich dudes. I guess it's not common for him to be present around those 50 to 60 times richer then he is. Jay's not even a billionaire yet but he is getting there. I'd give him 7 more years or so.

  • davzilla

    SMH Fuck buffett and Gay Z NWO agenda pushing ass Bitches

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