Album Preview: Pimp C's "The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones"

Exclusive: DX heard the collaborative work with some of Hip Hop's best, as major proof that we lost one of our greatest heroes in Pimp C.

October 5th marks the date that Rap-A-Lot Records/Fontana will unleash Pimp C's only solo album - said the maker himself, The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones to the world. While Pimp C had various mixtape cuts and freestyles featuring his half of the UGK sound, Sweet Jones will be the first time that an entire album will be dedicated solely to the legendary UGK producer/emcee. HipHopDX was fortunate enough to listen to The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones prior to its October 5th release. The album features a variety of talent, with guest spots including Drake, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire and many others.

Pimp C's partner in rhyme Bun B is only present on three tracks: "What Up ?" with Drake, "Dickies" with Young Jeezy, and "Go 2 War" with J-Dawg. David Banner brings his best beats forward, producing the Rick Ross and Slim Thug assisted track "Midnight " (previously titled "Midnight Hoes"). While much of the album was pieced together with verses, as Pimp C constantly recorded, this album was an effort Pimp had been working hard on prior to his accidental death on December 4, 2007. Expect Pimp C's abstract perverse antics backed by solid production and an A-List cast. UGK fans couldn't expect more from the posthumous release of one of Hip-Hop's legends.

Official tracklist and liner notes for The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones:

1. Down 4 Mine (produced by Cory Mo / concept by Scarface)

2. What Up? f. Drake & Bun B (produced by Boi-1da)

3. Love 2 Ball f. Chamillionaire (produced by Steve Below)

4. Fly Lady f. Jazze Pha (produced by Jazze Pha)

5. Since the '90s f. Gator Man & E40 (produced by Big E)

6. Dickies f. Bun B & Young Jeezy (produced by DJ B-Do)

7. Made 4 f. Too $hort (produced by Big E)

8. Midnight f. Rick Ross & Slim Thug (produced by David Banner)

9. Believe In Me f. Ivory P., Cory Mo, Hezeleo, BankRoll Jones, Bub & Da Underdawgz (produced by Cory Mo)

10. Hit the Parking Lot f. Webbie & Lil' Boosie (produced by Mouse)

11. Colors f. Da Underdawgz (produced by DJ B-Do)

12. Go 2 War f. Bun B & J-Dawg (produced by Steve Below)

13. Massacre (produced by VMan Productions)

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  • Anonymous

    i agree w 4rm da south no drake and those other rappers.bun should've had a word into who goes on this albumn since he more than likely would know what Pimp would have approved of and not.

  • 4rm the south

    I dont think Pimp would be cool with Drake if he was still alive but about the album, BREAD your right waaay too many featured appearances on the album & im also very glad Lil Wayne isnt on it haha. Personally I wouldn't have put Rick Ross, Drake, & those unheard of rappers on the album. Bun should of put people that Pimp was cool with like Z-RO, Lil Keke, & Three 6 Mafia or at least most Texas rappers. lazyoner your're right this isnt his only solo album (Sweet James Jones Stories & Pimpalation).I wish Pimp produced every song on this album, or at least some of em, but ima still support it & get it. R.I.P. Chad Lamont Butler(a real MC & a real king of the south)Trill Niggaz dont die!


    YEAH I AGREE WIT DUDE BELOW...WAT THE FUCK ABOUT SWEET JAMES JONES STORIES & PIMPALATION? Those..(my bad my cock was on the caps lock) were Pimp C solo albums too, this shit finna be his 3rd solo album! Did yall fuck up HHDX or did the website u copy and pasted it from do that? this aint no real hip hop site i bet this shit ran by a bunch of white jews that are gonna delete this comment as soon as they get done reading it. well fuck yall! shiiiieeeeettt and to think i was actually about to buy some clothes from that sorry ass excuse of online retail known as the "DX Shop". welp! im out dis bitch! holla!

  • lazyoner

    how is this his only solo album? what about the sweet james jones stories or the pimpalation?

  • Monkus

    lol at guy sayin pimp c woulda slapped drake. maybe. but remember bun b is cool wit drake so who knows wat woulda happened anyways RIP PIMP C!! this album should be hott IF YOUR TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT SIMPLE ABC RHYMES ABOUT CARS AND MONEY CHECK THIS NEW GUY OUT

  • Anonymous

    lol at guy that said pimp c woulda slapped drake. that depends cuz bun b is cool wit drake. so who knows wat woulda happened. anyways rip pimp c YOOOO!!! if you tired of the bullshit simpleton lyrics with no depth or character at all check this new guy out

  • 718bob

    pimp c would've slapped drake.


    I'm Very Pleased that Pimp's Final Solo Album will be released. The Guest List is a little too much,I'm very happy lil wayne gay ass is not on this album as it was previously reported,I am a long time fan of UGK and I Will Go and Copp This One.UGK4LIFE LONG LIVE PIMP-C!!!!!!

  • Its Um

    almost the same shit with dead artist with unfinish work, they have so many guest and not enough solo joint to really be called a solo album.

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