will.i.am Says He Wants To Record Album With Kanye West

The B.E.P. frontman says he'd like to do a record with 'Ye, akin to a Gnarls Barkley collaboration.

Hard Knock TV spoke to will.i.am at the recent BMI Awards show where he was honored for his contributions to the industry. He expressed his interpretation of good music and great artists, and said that in the future, he'd like to record an album with Kanye West.

"I would like to work with Kanye," he said. "I think if we came up with a project together--remember when [Cee-Lo] and Danger Mouse did that project together and they called it [Gnarls Barkley]? I think if me and  Kanye did something together, that would be crazy. It don't even have to be called Will and Kanye or Kanye and Will. We could call it anything. I think that would be way out there. And it would give us the license to do creative, no boundaries no laws just go out and do things to get applause. That would be fresh."

The B.E.P. frontman said he'd also like to work with KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, and Native Tongue.


  • Beats By Nova

    If we can get pre-fergie Will.I.am and college dropout Kanye, then that would be a masterpiece. Either way tho, it'll be hot -NOVA- "Invest In YOUR Sound" www.BeatsbyNova.com

  • Jack Bandit

    yo everybody and their mother wants to record an album with kanye this is not news if you tired of the bullshit simpleton lyrics with no depth or character at all check this new guy out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXnvuNmXDIE

  • Louisx

    Hip Hop DX Will Keep You Updated.


    Kanye, don't fuck with that hip pop whore. Will I Am why don't you go make a couple more collaborations with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber you fucking sellout.

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      Oh the irony.... You do realize that Kanye made a song with Beiber and (nearly) had a joint tour with Lady GaGa, right? They (Will & West) are both purely pop artists.

  • Heberpayy

    Anything new from Kanye, I can only hope for some tolerable flow, like he did on his last album. But if he continues with this fuck face shit he's doing on latest singles, fuck that. I mean... WTF was that on Forever? on Die Young, Live Fast? on Run This Town? Fuckin idiot pop pill motherfucker... Thank God he already had dropped Flashing Lights. And this rapper wannabe should keep with his pop-club joints, and behind Fergie's camera on video shoot, cuz I don't need to watch some homonigga doing cameo on a bitch's video.

  • problems/problema

    that studio would have a bunch of fushia and hot pink mandex wearing dudes with extra schmedium belly shirts and frohawks..lol..

  • Adrian A-Classic Joseph

    I love Will.I.Am's creativity and didn't really know he knew his history of hip-hop in that way. Really inspiring. This is what the game needs more ideas and creative minds collaborating to produce amazing music. I would love to work with this dude.

    • hater_deluxe

      duh, he was ruthless records famo...easy signed his gangster rapping ass...dont go out of your way to make this kid seem stupid just cause you happen to know some dumb trivia shit that only super nerds like you and me know. what he meant was that it was refreshing to know he's hip hop fan and not just a pop sensation...whatever! personally i think pop music is for teenagers and i would prefer if will.i.am didnt work with native tongues at all. to me he's always been a fake cutting edge dude, when kanye's always had his finger on the pulse.

    • Anonymous

      Knew his history of hiphop like that? You dont know your hiphop history. why dont you go and findout who discovered Will I Am and come back the conversation.

    • like really

      you'd love to fuck em up the ass, with kanye holding your dildo

  • TyeDiamond

    The would probably be too busy out shopping or having sex with each other to finish the album. But seriously though if they make an album together just let Kayne do the rapping. Wll.I.Am is good for beats, but he can't rap.

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