Cam'ron & Jim Jones Diss Kanye West & Jay-Z On New Diplomats Song

Killa Cam calls 'Ye a "sucka nigga" for his dealings with Dame Dash, and mentions Jay-Z, seven years after the "Un Casa" collaboration.

Both Cam'ron and Jim Jones have had public and lyrical disputes with Jay-Z before. Now, The Diplomats, a group once signed to Roc-A-Fella Records, take out their frustrations on former label-mate Kanye West. "Kanye, you a sucka nigga / Dissed Dame, so my attitude, fuck a nigga / Sucka, Jigga / How you gon' live with that? / Took ya beat, now come get it back," Cam'ron rhymes on a new Diplomats song called "Toast" recorded over Kanye West's "Runaway" instrumental.

The original song premiered on Sunday night as part of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, featuring Jim Jones' former Sony Records label-mate, Pusha T.

Kanye West has produced on The Diplomats' 2003 debut group album, Diplomatic Immunity. Subsequently, West worked with Cam'ron on Come Home With Me and Purple Haze. West also recruited the Diplomats' CEO to appear on his Late Registration album in 2005.


  • Anonymous

    Dipset bitch. Fuck the illuminati

  • Big Log

    Yo jim Jone Tru life be out soon,i hear he looking for you, you remember tru life right a real Gangter, with real Gun and aint scare to use them, word on the street is he beat the murder rap they try to pin on him and he say you the first he wanta see when he get out, all the fake ass nigga just because they can buy weed and high, think they are gangster, that why most of them dieding daily, pretty soon only the real OG be left

    • Meeks Tha Rapper

      tru life is in jail for STABBING a nigga so jus stop wit all the gun talk. can anyone name one Tru Life record?? i dont even like jimmy like that but lets keep it real G Tru Life is an industry bum. streets and music industry are not the same.

  • mike

    Seriously, cam, jim jone need to stop front do anyone remember when cam was singing love, and his first two album, then switch and became a gangter, being a fag gangster wearing, pink, got step too in brooklyn and that ass run, here he go again, Yo CAM In a few you going to get slap in these street by a real nigga who dont play that fake shit you kicking, again running off the mouth, you know to your damn self you aint no OG, and Yo JIM boy stop thinking Cam got you back that fagg is a bitch pull is shirt up you well see.

  • Triple Up

    Best song since 1996 and its not even close.

  • Anonymous

    Get off Jays Dick!!!! kill ya self hater

    • @anon

      HAHAHAHA!!! Gay Z doesn't even have a dick. all he has is a tranny pussy. he's a 140 pound fucking faggott. sticks for arms. bird chest. crack that bitch like peanut brittle

  • Anonymous

    cam u pussy!! these neggaz anit ur mans or fam ur mom was sick an what did this pussies do take shots at u!!!!!! u a lame. homo

  • Anonymous

    bicth set boys anit real at all pussy dancing ass negga!!gangsters dont dance (it anit where u from its where u at rite now)

  • Anonymous

    Dont forget about my negga who punch cam in da face he locked rite now but we anit keep putting jays name in your mouth you'll c da negga bleek is in da hood whats hood

    • Spade

      shut the fuck up with your garbage ass dipset is Ill and has been ill for years jay-z is hot fucking garbage been that way since nas ended his career fuck you and bleek hating ass dude wanna do something ? i doubt it

  • We the Best in the Game

    shoulder to shoulder

  • Chillin

    Jimmy & Cam keep doin ya thing DIPSET!!

  • Dissed

    Ha that but fucking faggot got dissed good for that satanic pig kanye piece of shit.

  • The Answer

    Kanye is portayed as real by the media, when in person he is a fake and he has alterior motives to gain popularity for himself so he can remain in the spotlight. He can't handle workin at Pizza Hut and that is where he's gonna be in 10 years the industry is a joke nobody is buyin, nobody is that stupid anymore. Cam/Jimmy is portrayed as fake by the media, when they are real in person becuase they are just doing what they do. They're not interested in selling a billion records, being on letterman, fucking Jackass up the ass, thats not them. And that concludes todays lesson in Hip Hop 101

    • to cheeba

      fuck off, you don't even know what allah is

    • cheeba

      nah, what you wrote was bullshit, you just hate for hating's sake, you test tube baby, allah hates you

    • to cheeba

      sorry son you tried to flip it. everything you wrote is bullshit.

    • cheeba

      jimmy and Cam ain't real. You're brain washed if you really think they're as gangster as they say, just because they can only sell a few records don't make them "real". Cam and jimmy wish they had half the success as Ye. The job of a rapper is to make money from selling your music to the masses. Its dumb as hell to say that Cam and Jimmy don't want to sell millions of records. The reason Ye can stay in the media is because he has more money for promotion, advertising etc, and he's more charisma in his pinky, than Jimmy and Cam has in their whole body

  • lankaistai

    woah, cam and jimmy are still bitter about hov and ye? move on fellars, make some good music thats all, in response from hov, all you will get is probably half a bar

    • @yk

      soon to be forgotten what a joke

    • yk

      c'mon son! how u gone diz ye after stealin the niggas beats, as for jay-z the nigga been around for ages and is still doin his thing. Jim jones highlight was certified gangsta and ballin, c'mon son! cam good i guess but that was when he still had juelz (by the way worse career move to drop him), these niggas are either lookin for some attention cuz there soon to be forgotten or hating ass old niggas. sit down wit a pen and think of some creative lryics and stop hating on niggas 4 making move.

    • bars

      then tell hov to stuff the half a bar up his fuckin ass

  • Controverse

    note kanye and clipse are ill

  • Controverse

    note: clipse are ill

  • Controverse

    lol, don't quit your day job. unless it's rap...

  • realness

    Lets do the eastside one time. metro north, eastriver, wilson, club 99 jefferson, charleston, ak Jackie Rob, clinton taft carver lakeview, 1990 wagner, harlem

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Okay so this is added to the lamest diss tracks of the year along with B. Siegal's Hater remix and nick cannon's god awful eminem diss where he disrespected Slick Rick by trying to use his accent

  • jayzisPig

    Fuck faggotts. Fuck Jay & Kanye Fucking homos

  • hahahahaha

    Gay kanye west and his fake advertisters.

  • BigDogz


  • BigDogz

    almost all of the comments made on this site about kanye are 100% fake and generated by robotic responses from marketing teams. Watch. kanye is the biggest faggott and fucking loser out there, he's a total moron who just wants money and to take advantage of young people. kanye is a stupid fucking worthless pig. cam & jimmy are fucking awesome to make this song. they should get their own TV show and just play this song on it 24/7 kanye is the biggest fucking pig ever fucking worthless loser. Now watch, if someone was really a kanye fan they would respond to this comment, however nobody will, if they do it will be an automated response and they won't follow up on their statement. FUCK YOU KANYE WEST GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    • ------

      @miguel ok post agree with some points disagree with other points, but alot of these comments are automated because nobody is responding, you see how we responded to each other because we are real? but don't be fooled, alot of these comments are not. and kanye west has 100X more fake comments than jimmy & cam. enjoy your weekend!!

    • miguel Guttierres

      -------: OK, I'm getting tired of you saying that most of the comments are automated responses. Again, HOW DO YOU KNOW? Are you hacking everyone's accounts? Are you doing background checks? Do you work for the FBI? Your reply meant nothing. Anybody can put in a so called "plug" for any artist out there, so are they automated too? I could call you automated for putting in a "plug" for Cam and Jim. As far as everything else, let me say this. I did read all four of your replies so don't go saying I'm ignorant or something. I do agree with some of the points you made. However, I agree with them with a different point of view than you do. You go at the superstars, I go at the coonery (Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Plies, etc). I don't have a problem with everyone liking Kanye or Jay because at least they sound intelligent when they rap. When I say intelligent, I don't mean using scientific terms or reading out of a dictionary when they're rapping. I mean they don't sound retarded on purpose speaking in broken English or mumbling like they have down syndrome. However, it's a problem when everyone likes Soulja or Gucci. Just listen to how they rap. That bothers me because that sets us back hundreds of years when a majority of the black people were illiterate and barely knew English. And when we're talking like that all the time thanks to Soulja and Gucci, then the entire hip hop culture gets ridiculed, and I know we're better than that. Kanye DOES have actual content and meaning in his music. Like I said before, listen to College Dropout or Late Registration. He doesn't always talk about money. Maybe now since he has superstar status, I'll go with that. But before all that, he was reflecting his own life, dealing with his car accident that nearly killed him. And it's normal for Jay to talk about money. He's a businessman for crying out loud. "Nobody is stupid enough to go out and portray Cam or Jimmy, unless they really live the street life." Okay...I guess you don't really watch the news much? Haven't you heard of murders and robberies and sexual assaults? Now I'm not going to say that gangsta rap is entirely responsible for that because rock music, movies and video games also are responsible, but gangsta rap definitely plays its part. What do they talk about in gangsta rap? Shooting/killing someone, robbing stores/people and plenty of sexual topics. And there are lots of people who stupidly have done one or all of the three I mentioned and have gotten arrested for that. As far as MTV, VH1 picking and choosing artists on who gets played the most, I can most definitely understand that. I've gotten tired of that over the past few years. But that's what happens when you sign to a major label or an independent label backed by a major label. Remember, Kanye's under Def Jam while Cam and Jim are under Koch/E1. So what do you expect out of that? And I didn't like the whole Taylor Swift fiasco myself. Even though Kanye's apologized, I still don't forgive him for that. It was unacceptable. As far as people that have actually done that just because they saw it on TV, I personally haven't seen anybody do that. If it's actually happening like you said, then yes, it is sad. That's all I have to say. I'm tired of being on here. Have a nice day!

    • ----

      its not about race or shit like that but let me just make an example. you think some kid in school whos maybe black goes up to some girl in school whos maybe white and does the whole "kanye west" routine on them? Of course they do, of course that happens, you don't see it because you're not in the schools, you don't know what kids do when the parents and teachers are around. You know what kids do? Imitate the bullshit mtv feeds them. Bet a lot of white girls caught slack in school after that kanye/taylor swift fake moment, but you don't know that becuase you're not going to hear from those people. They never wanted that shit in the first place, but a faggott like kanye that was his whole intention, to start contoversy like that and fuck up people who just wanted to live normal non drama lives. Ya dig.

    • ------

      When you have control over radio stations, MTV, VH1, etc. and the artist that you want to be the best and played the most gets played the most and the songs start "growing" on the people or whatever that is. That's not earning money. That's fake. I could be the best rapper and hip hop person in the world but you don't know becuase I would say fuck a mtv or a radio station, I say fuck those faggotts. So you are sitting there saying earn money, but these dudes in music like this faggot kanye they aren't "earning" money. They have the computers, numbers, soundscan, media outlets, airplay, songs on heavy rotation, interviews, commerical guest spots, partially influenced or manipulated that's how they get money. They don't earn it. Its NOT the same thing Jimmy & Cam are doing. They have much less support because the people who support them are real. They really support them as individuals. kanye has fake support because its just some thing some dorky suburb kid sees on tv then their parents give them $20 and they go out and buy the shit the kid saw on heavy rotation. then when they get to school all the "kids" are talkin about the bullshit they watched on vh1 so they bring up kanye's name. Now that kid is "cool" because the kids ran their mouth about the bullshit they watched from mtv. And you know there are some stupid kids in the class that probably intimidated and started talking shit to other students just to emulate kanye west. Figure it out.

    • -----

      Kanye does not have actual content and his music has no meaning. Its all about money, making teenagers think the dude is living such a great life that they go out in life to portray him. Nobody is stupid enough to go out and portray Cam or Jimmy, unless they really live the street life. Put 2 and 2 together and figure it out.

    • ----

      @miguel. I would say that less than half the comments are by humans. Because real people respond, alot of the comments on here are automated plugging kanye west. You're take on kanye west is false. He's not just making music. Anybody can "just make music" He takes it to the extreme and tries to manipulate part of the media and the normal average public in the process. The people just don't go out and buy what they like, some of them do. However alot of them are teenagers and not adults yet so they don't know what they are doing, they are just following stuff to be "cool" and its 2010 and we are supposed to be past that. Cam and Jim do NOT do that because nobody takes them seriously, they have no alterior motive. they are real people. kanye has corporate agendas and they are faking and making up numbers. Kanye West is not talented he's a stupid faggott.

    • miguel Guttierres

      What the hell are you talking about "fake comments"? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I'm pretty sure everyone commenting on here is a human. How the hell is he tricking people for money? He's just making music, the people hear it, and if the people like it, they go and buy it. It's the same exact thing Cam and Jones are doing, only they have less people that support them. I really don't give a damn what he does with his money. He could blow it all off or give it to charity. I don't care because it's his money that he EARNED, not bribed from millions of people. And I don't think people are brainwashed by Kanye because he's one of the more talented mainstream artists. He has actual content and meaning in his music unlike Soulja Boy or Gucci Mane. Those are the people you should be attacking, not Kanye. I'm still baffled that your dissing Kanye but supporting Cam and Jones.

    • BigDogz

      Here's my follow up: A pig is someobody who tricks people for money then wastes the income and makes it counterproductive, thus kanye west. There you have it. Or do you not think sending a shitload of fake comments on the internet which promote dicksucking is not taking advantage of young people? A lot of people like his music? or are brainwashed by media? I'll go with the latter. And thats it.

    • miguel Guttierres

      You didn't really follow up on your statement yourself. You just kept saying "Kanye is a pig" and "Kanye is a worthless loser". Why is he a pig? Why is he a worthless loser? How does he want to take advantage of young people? Or is it a lot of people happen to like his music? Yeah that's it right there. And why are you backing up Camron and Jim Jones? They are two of the most mediocre rappers I've ever heard. Cookies and Apple Juice? Pop Champagne? C'mon son! Kanye doesn't make stupid songs like those. OK, 808s was bad, I'll give you that, but everything else he makes is better than Cam and Jones on their best day. Don't believe me, then listen to College Dropout or Late Registration (the one where your boy Cam is on).

  • -----------

    kanye & jayz are two of the biggest fakest assholes in the country ruining their people and trying to weakin the country they are total motherfuckin worthless faggotts. cam & jimmmy good job

  • -----------

    this shit is alarming because most of the comments on this site are fake. Honestly, read the comments, its mostly marketing teams going back and forth. no real fans. anyway kanye & jayz are pieces of fuckin shit. so how do you like that?

  • JR_rider23

    Pants on the ground...Pants on the ground...Looking like a fool with your pants on ground....

  • Its Um

    Like str8 bitches always bringing up the pass, what the hell recently did they do now to make ya mad? And to come with a wack as flow to diss somebody don't really back ya cause to make us agree. This is little kids low, preschool bitches shut the fuck up!

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    hahahaha, these washed up nobodiez dissin jay-z! and kanye when there at da top of there game rite now. gayron and jimmyhat jonez are sum jealouz azz bitchez. they aint relevant rite now and no1 givez two fuckz bout dem so wut do they do? they diz jay! and kanye so they can get atention da eazy way. sum1 tell these 2 faggotz to shut da fuck up and worry bout demselvez. jay! wuld attack these homoz and da rest of da dicklomatz but he'z 2 busy countin hiz money stackz and tourin wit feminem (and destroyin him on every set). roc nation/g.o.o.d. muzik iz where it'z muthafuckin' at bitchez! jay-z! iz da greatest of all time. fuck haterz and fuck all gayron, jimmyhat jonez and dicklomatz dickridaz. it'z mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up in diz bitch!

    • Anonymous

      I was wondering where all the andyyyyyyyyyyy clones went.... And with lil Wayne comin out with his new ep it makes me winder if he'll return....

  • nixnox

    Jay, sick J-Cole on these clowns...

  • Marx

    Yall hating ass Hip Hop heads or some of the most crab in a barrel hating ass people I've ever seen in my life. Know one can post EVER without getting dirt kicked all over for there opinion. The shit is sad.

  • Cultures Clothing

    Ok, I just have to say this...I'm not a Kanye West or Jay-Z fan by any means...every once in a while I might listen to the "Encore/Numb" track with Jay-Z & Linkin Park, and I might listen to "Touch The Sky" & "Paranoid" by Kanye West, but outside of that, I don't really give them much play. I'm much more of an Immortal Technique/Canibus/Chino XL/Blackstar/Panacea/Blue Scholars/Common Market/Macklemore/MF DOOM/Lupe/Pharoahe Monch/Blu kind of guy. I just said that to get it out of the way for my next statement, so that people don't think I'm just dick-riding Jay-Z or Kanye West: I think Cam'ron & Jim Jones are both clowns. Cam'ron used to actually have some rhyming ability...but then he lost it somehow, and begun to do sub-par nursery rhymes in his songs. Jim Jones is just wack...his lyrical ability is below average...he always has good production on his album, but good beats can only get you so far with me. Lyrically, they're both terrible, and I wouldn't mind seeing them disappear from Hip-Hop, along with the Gucci Manes, Plies, Wacka Flockas and OJ Da Juicemans of the world. Not really a fan of the 50 Cents, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy's of the world either while I'm on the subject.

    • yes i said it

      cosign 100%

    • ICE_bergg_slim

      I agree with my man above you a herb for posting your "rap tastses" and not really stating your opinion. We don't give a fuck who you like just say what you gotta say your not cooler than anybody because u listen to underground dudes. And u obviously don't know shit about rap if the only Hov u listen to is Numb/Encore and the only Ye you listen to is Paranoid. Herb

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch


  • Akim

    Jim Jones is a wanna be gangsta and the wackest rapper alive,dissing kanye and Jay is wack and am sure this is Jim s idea not Cam,there is one thing though i need to say to Cam,Jim is a bxxche nigga He is not loyal becareful of Jim, Cam.

  • dertyDos

    The diplomats must be dropping an album. Now they can sell 10,000 copies by dissing these niggas instead of selling 5,000.

    • docspoc

      LMAO! Post of the week. I really don't like dis raps. No matter who does them. Especially ones from the past, and about a guy that produced your best selling album, that made you enough money to keep your 100,000 dollar house, but apparently not enough to pay the water you have a pool in the summer with no water in it and dipset is "ballin?"



  • benGSD

    Oh, the craving for attention and the attempt to ride on the great ones that are hot as any at the time; it's so obvious and desperate it makes my eyes bleed. (not to mention especially Jay, and Ye and the rest of the G.O.O.D. crew will cut Dipset to bits anyway)

  • starzzz

    so who's going to rip these faggots next cam and jimmy deserve an award for this.

  • ----------

    I'm no elevator its no come up

  • 305

    we takin this shit over son


    I fucks with cam.. but damn this must be a Jimmy the weazel move. Like dissin a guy who's not build to fight makes you a man. Nas already killed dip set back in the days and when tru life was out the dippers were shittin they pants LOL Grow the fuck up dudes. Jimmy you the fakest bitchmade character to ever touch a mic. Cam open up your eyes Jimmy is bad 4 bussiness haha

  • ------

    look at all ya'll mofos choking. the big boys are takin this shit over. fuck a ye & jay bullshit telemarkting robotic response. We the best homie

  • Ay Ta Z

    damn that would be cool ta see... a reunited dipset wif Vado goin' at GOOD Music lol i think Sean CyHi and Pusha would murk them tho... Wow rap really is like the WWE lol

    • haha

      best comment so far, rap really is the fcking wwe.. they're all characters.. cam and jimmy just at the shit end of totem pole trying to come up by throwing stones and hoping nggas at the top acknowledge them

  • gnigga_pleeze

    this aint gonna be news in a week, unless they plan on takin it further, which would be entertaining, but kanye and jay aint gonna take the bait. they should know that cuz there sellin records whether there in a beef or not, so why risk losin one to some rappers who aint sellin any more

  • insanemacbeth

    for those that don't understand why CAM may diss KANYE, check this:


    I mean, how else are they going to stay relevant? Has-beens will be has-beens.

    • cheeba

      relevancy in this hip hop game is when people actually give a fuck/like what you have to say, and few people care about what Dip-Set is saying nowadays. plus Dip-Set is stale as hell, they been saying the same shit since they got in the game

    • ----

      define relevant mr robot response

  • problems/problema

    surprise surprise..has beens trying to get publicity for their cornball projects..why aint they diss just blaze and every other producer who won't give em any more beats from that era when they were relevant? jimmy stole so many producers tracks and did them dirty with publishing and credit they wont give him shit..but watch his stans say he a smart businessman..if Hov was so bad why do dudes continue to sign to was signed to rocafella when?and how many others have signed since then?jada, tru life and roc nation has j cole etc...y'all mad your movemnt is over circa 98 was ill..he's a cornball with them bars now and as nice as vado is he's their version of papoose..a nice lyrical rapper who will never bubble outside of mixtapes..jim is a phony who tucked his tail and begged cam to back cause his career is dead in the more max b to steal hooks and song concepts from...fuck outta here dipset..y'all would sell your first newborn to get a kanye beat...whining ass haters...focus on your albums and shut the fuck up

  • sky2010

    Cam and Jimmy are garbage. This is how Cam raps: "OOKEY POOKEY CHEWY DOOKEY/I LOVE LUCY'S GOOEY COOCHIE." And Jimmy sounds like a Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  • ERT




  • Dirk Digg Em

    Anthony C. Smith = Dick Ridin at its Best.....You got too much time on your hands to kno this much about some other grown-ass men....lmmmaaooo

  • Money First

    You know I actually had respect for Cam at first because we have given him a Hood pass in the Chi. That nigga was hanging out in some neighborhoods that I don't even fuck with and my family is plugged by this guy joe is crazy as hell if he thinks that dissing Kanye is the way to get back on top. Career suicide. I have nothing against Dame and I think he got done wrong but not by Kanye. Truth be told Kanye definitely aint no pillar of the community but your real beef if any is with Jay. "CAM just go make some good music and shut that bullshit up! We don't need that shit in hip hop." Wild 100's all day!!!!!!!!!!

  • savage77


  • Harlem World

    Ya'll know what it is.

  • ----

    kanye & jay are two satantic cult nut cases. end of story

    • deez nuts

      Nobody cares about albums dude. they all going to wood. Or do you not read the news? 4.83 last week for the entire industry. Worst all-time, and its only dropping from here.

    • deeez

      Jay and Ye already got people's attention. Cam and Jimmy hardly has it, which is why their next album will go wood and they're desperate in their attempt to stay relevant

    • ----

      jay & ye are the attention cravers

    • deeez

      and Cam'ron and Jimmy are craving for attention by dissin Jay and Ye about 7 years after they stopped doing busines with Dame

  • nasty

    well first off cam never sold out like Kanye with his pop rap and tight as pants and men loving glasses. the dude went on stage like a drug addict not once but two times and looked like a retard. the new mixtapes cam and vado put out were pretty good. jay z sold out on his last two cds with songs for the radio- straight trash. and all cam did was rep his by dame for wat kanye did to him. seems like a legit reason to speak ones mind. i always thought kanye was weak, but people like that girl rap now ne ways. hey if you dont like cam then dont listen to his music. but to say he sold out is crazy. Jim jones isnt any good and that obvious.


    This was like the worst marketing move ever. Who's the crazy man to tell them to do this. I like Killa Kam but Purple Haze is a classic. Confession of Fire decent Diplomatic immunity str8.Why dis Kanye? Well him diss JayZ im use too but Kanye. You lost me. The master of the 808. They were drunk and high got to be.

  • David Hadad

    He only realeased this to coat tail this dude what a herb hahaha

  • Reakkt

    To anybody who supports Cam's...all I have to say is Cookies and Apple Juice...get outta here with that wack ass shit.

  • Brian

    People still release dis tracks. I don't understand. That shit is old already. They are doing anything they can to rejuvenate their careers. It's really sad


    These dudes are so damn fake, aside from the Dame and Jay issue being 5 years old, Cam burned Juelz on the business end of shit, how the fuck can he speak on someone else's business, and jim jones rocking his head like a bitch, but when 50 and Cam had beef he sided with 50, a bitch move by to bitch ass niggas hoping to get some attention

  • splonkers

    Cam'Ron And Jim Jones= Ja Rule and any other rapper that sucks.

  • thug

    fuck all ya bitch ass niccaz >!>!>!>!. Dipset 4 life harlem lennox ave. die slow mathufuckaz .. yeah go ahead haters keep hating

    • -----

      they rich, but they mortal men? ya'll chokin homie ya pr team needs an upgrade

    • just a person.

      hey how much did cam pay ya'll to say that? nothing? oh ok cool bros. free promo is the shit. whether you side with ye or cam or jesus or whoever. cam'ron, jay, jimmy, ye, dame, and them dont really give a fuck. they rich. its just music. they are just mortal men.

    • ------

      this is what its all about the realness.

  • diz

    these lame a$$ clams need to go back into hibernation! Beat kid


    I wish these girls (Cam & Jim) would put on their pink suits and shut the fu*k up. These clowns are done and no one is paying attention to them. This Jay-Z beef is old. They have yet to come up with something worth Jay-Z responding to. When they get a track on the level of "Ether" they'll be worth speaking to - however they won't and will be relegated to YouTube videos. They're done.

  • Darius Jones

    that nigga jim jones sounds like max b.

  • You maaaaad!

    Cam, you maaaaad doggie, you maaaaad!

  • Kevin Bibbs

    son underneath me you aint go no muscles lmao why you flexing... anyways cam is corny why you dissing somebody that produced for you

    • -----

      exactly h a r l e m world

    • Anthony C Smith

      lol..yea Facebook is real hard son..fuck outta here..get your skinny jeans on and go Dougie. Its cool, keep drinking the kool-aid they shove down your gay ass throat. You prob still believe 50 Cent killed Cam in that battle..huh? Did he kill Game as well? And its funny for you fools who say Jay wont bother with the Dips.strange how he wont go at Cam but he jumped on Jones We Fly high...maybe he learned after nas to never go at somebody who can beat his old ass lyrically. Best Rapper alive huh?? Please Doom ,Vado, Buddens, Cam or Crooked over his washed up ass all day.

    • Justin Farrar

      Shuttup Anthony, you're sounding real naive right now

    • Anthony C Smith

      Yea, mad corny. Not like dissin the man that got u in the buisness to begin with (Jaz O). Or cutting out your best friend from the buisness he masterminded out of spite (Dame Dash). Or forgetting about the (lol) friends and label mates that rode for you on every dumb ass beef you started (Beanie Siegel, Young Gunz, Diplomats). Or signing and doing songs with the man that everybody thinks you got merc'd by and cant compare to lyrically (Nas) fyi, The Takeover was better than Ether IMO. You mean corny like that..yea, ur right..must be a college graduate with intelligence like that. Boss of all bosses 1,2,2.5 over Jays last 3 and Kanyes last 1 and next on it.

  • William Munnerlyn

    wow cam & jones need to grow up, that mentality yall goin on with aint gonna get u no where. Yall both r garbage anyway, cam iz ok though but talk too much trash.

  • Anthony C Smith

    You dudes are simple as fuck. Fuck Jay Fuck Kanye and Fuck you homo's that ride for these fucking lame ass snakes. How many more careers does Jay have to stall,ruin or mess up before you realize he's a pathetic old hater who doesnt give 2 fucks about anybody but himself (Teirra Marie,Uncle Murda,Aztek,Young Chris,Dame,Dips,Tru Life,MOP,Amil,Biggs, hell wasnt Jadakiss made Rocafella?? or did he lose his spot to Will Smiths daughter?) I wont mention his GREAT job as Def Jam boss (50 fails for every 1 Hit). Every album since The Black Album been trash, but you sheep keep believing what they spoon feed your dumb asses. Say what you will about Cam but he's a trillion times better talent evaluator than Jay ever was. And everything Cam has dropped since his break has been closer to fire than all Jay's lame ass attempts at relevancy or Kanye (or is it Dr Kan-Dre seeing as how he's getting other producers to make his beats for him and just writing his name on the credits). You idiots get a fucking life. Ya'll the same 1's claiming hip hop dead but believe these fools are doing anything to keep it alive besides Leeching off whats hot.. Joe Buddens said it right. Take the ratchet go home and just Chris Benoit. Slime Flu on the way Mood Muzik 4 coming soon

    • co-sign

      jayz is a washed up piece of shit.

    • Anthony C Smith

      Fail, you killed your own comeback with what you said idiot. Jay-Z an MC...please MF Doom is an Mc Vado is an MC Joe Budden is an MC Jay-Z is a washed up pop star that talks about stuff he does'nt do or never did. But its cool, im sure he speaks to your inner soul huh...or lack thereof. Real G in my hood, and guarantee my I.Q murders u. Keep Sheepin lil girl, the mainstream needs followers to walk off the edge of the Earth. Kill urself twice, do us all a favor. lol , whats funny is I was prob a Jay fan b4 u were born..fucking Souljah boi ass nigga.

    • Sensaye252

      This nigga's mad 'cause I'm not using my real name on a internet website. haha. Listen Anthony Carl, your rage filled comments like "Kill urself you pussy!" makes you ineligible to argue with someone of my ilk. But for my own amusement, let me ether your simple ass right quick. First, all them dudes you named...Wayne, Drake, UGK, ALL of them have stated on numerous accounts that they admire Jay-Z's career. Jay is revered as one of the greatest MC's of all time by some of the greatest MC's of all time, that must mean something, right? What about sales? I personally don't give a fuck about sales, but if that equates to success for shallow idiots like you, then Jay has that covered too. As far as Jay not selling records until he met Timbaland, that's simply inaccurate. His first album, "Reasonable Doubt", which was made before Timbaland was even on the scene, went Platinum. Oh, and I don't care who he 'put on'. He's not handin' out fuckin' scholarships, he's MC'n. He gave mad niggas a chance to get on, and what happened? They got a little money and flipped their lid just like niggas always do. If Don King gives you a title shot and you get knocked the fuck out, is it Don King's fault? Is it his responsibility to hold your hand through your career after that? You can lead the horse to the stream but you can't make that motherfucker drink, ya understand? To Dirk, who somehow Made Anthony Carl sound like a fuckin' scholar...I'm not that 'underground' backpacker nigga that you think I am. I'm 28 years old son. I listen to whoever the fuck I want, and I don't care about their money like you girly ass niggas. I'll listen to a bum on the street or the Prince of fuckin' Wales if they can spit. "Well educated...CNN on the streets"'s obvious intelligence threatens you. You should be threatened, because you're dumb, and dumb people are weak. Knowledge is power, and that makes you a mental paraplegic, so sit in your chair and shut the fuck up while I speak boy. "No real nigga care about what a nigga does to another man"...haha...spoken like a "real nigga". I'll crush bums like you all day. Even moreso in real life, so don't act like you're some thorough ass thug and I'm a nerd behind a computer screen. We're both just regular dudes, only difference is you're ignorant and I'm smart. "Worry 'bout your grind" can miss me with all that psuedo-street corner talk you learned from your Dipset mixtape. You're a clown. Show me an adult who listens to Dipset and I'll show you a nigga that never grew up. Early.

    • Dirk Em

      Man your too easy too read. I run past retarded niggas like you all the time who think jus because they're dick ridin fans of every underground or local, non-mainstream hip-hop group...that you're well educated on hip-hop. Shut the hell up wit dat fake ass "CNN of the Streets" bullshyt like u sideline reportin. Fact is its all about gettin back in the limelight and this is these niggas ticket back in. Nothin more nothin less...if you really from the streets then u kno dont no other REAL nigga care about what another nigga does to another man. Jus worry about your own grind. F*ck outta here.

    • ---------

      @A Smith 100% correct great post. We got this shit son. We gonna crush these fucking faggotts.

    • Anthony C Smith

      Keep using a fake name suits a pussy scared to be honest. And FYI how is any of what I said speculation. Its been a known for fucking the last 10 years..oh wait, maybe you can name all the rappers Jay has put on since the Roc days? J Cole...yea his guest appearance on Jay's last was amazing. As far as leaching..hmm lets see. jay disses Wayne..Wayne becomes the hottest Jay gets a guest spot on Carter 3. Jay tries to steal Drake but fails..signs a soundalike in J Cole..yet not only puts Drake on his album, but guests on Drakes many J Cole songs has Jay been on btw??? Jay gets no love from the South til he collabos with UGK than he dismisses all his fam to ride Ross and Jeezy's dick. Jay could'nt buy a hit til he got with Timbo now he wont even put a song on his album. Kill urself pussy..i bleed Hip-Hop you just a phony pussy who talks out the side of his mouth. Go back to aguing about how wack Wacka Flocka is u fucking mongoloid!

    • Tyrone

      I guess sensaye252 is a great talent evaluator just like Cam. Those dipset clowns have had one hit song out of the whole crew. Did Jay or Kanye say something to provoke this attack or are the dipset guys looking to create news. Sure the dipset has a following, but they sure don't sell many records. And all major producers have teams of producers that work with them. Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Scott Storch, the Neptunes and so on.

    • khordkutta

      Dont hurt 'em Sensaye252!!! Good ish homie

    • Sensaye252

      It's obvious that you're the one who needs to get a life homie, being that you're so emotionally vested in the shit. Look, I don't care about all that behind the scenes soap opera shit. Who's 'real' and who's 'fake'...WE DONT KNOW THESE NIGGAS! If someone doesn't know you and they call you a snake based on shit they heard from other people and speculation, the first thing you would say is "Why you judgin' me son, you don't know me". So stop actin' like a little girl gettin caught up in all the extra shit. All I judge these niggas on is their mic skill. And Jay is head and shoulders above all those clowns. If nothing else, you should respect Jay's skills and longevity instead of huffin and puffin about how snakey he you know the nigga or some shit. For all you know, he might be your best friend if you met him. He might be a terrible fuckin' guy...but we don't know. So stop speculatin' on other niggas lives...this ain't the Oxygen channel son.

    • bkstylz

      You buggin man. I get it, you don't like Jay. But don't front on the nigga like that. Many see him as the GOAT for a reason.

    • Anthony C Smith

      Oh Yeah Madvillainy pt 2 Cecil Otter Rebel yellow 2 Crooked I Million Dolla Story and of course The U.N Gunz n Butta support real G.O.O.D Music Oh Yeah anybody else think Kanye seen more than a few of Araabmuzik's online vids for his VMA

  • Anonymous

    you people is dumb, it isn't a real diss, he's just speaking his mind. Cam isn't a superstar like Jay or West but he is nice on the mic.

    • Sensaye252

      lol@ "You people is dumb".

    • Anonymous

      no da hell he okay..but his nursery rhymes is wack az hell...Max B iz betta den all dese sucka ass forget Cam sold Juelz Santana Contract for 2 million dollars so dont talk about Jay or anybody..dat nigga needz to focus on his wack ass rhymes and corny bummy Jim Jones..who still look like he raps in cavez..

  • STOP IT!

    Cam'ron has been dead and is still dead and will never sell records ever again...If it wasn't for the triple threat indestructible team of Dame Dash,Kareem Biggs,and Jay-Z executive producing Come Home With Me then Cam would'nt be relevant right now today...Come Home With Me went multi-platinum because of Dame,Kareem,and Jay having their hands in the project plus Roc-A-Fella was on fire with record sales during that time so Cam just got lucky. If anything Cam should be sucking Jay,Kareem,and his boyfriend Dame Dash dicks all at once right now because Cam wasn't doing those type of numbers until he came over to Roc-A-Fella... Cam was always going Gold with his albums and shit and only went multi platinum once he came to Roc-A-Fella and after he left Roc-A-Fella he went Gold with Purple Haze and now Killa Cam couldn't sell shit even if he was pimping the sexiest whore in the fucking world this pussy pink and purple wearing nigga couldn't sell shit in today's marketing scheme. Plus Cam's got a boring ass flow...That nigga's voice can put you to sleep in 2 seconds so why the fuck would I even listen to this bullshit diss...Cam's diss doesn't mean anything if his voice got you falling asleep and shit...50 killed this dude's career when 50 said Koch is a graveyard...Your rap career and your voice is dead homie... You,Jenny Jones,and Juelz are some broke ass Harlem bitches in Purple and Pink high heels... You're underneath P.Diddy's sneakers everytime he walks in Harlem since he's the only Harlem nigga that's worth being talked about when it comes to money... People piss on Cam and Jenny Jones when they come through Harlem just for being some whining ass broke bitches...

  • illness_personified

    what a weak ass attempt at trying to be relevant again, these niggas are straight garbage and will never be hot again...

  • Avramel

    why would they diss kanye?... just can't think of any reason... plus, i bet that, if he decides one day to go at them, they might comite suicide, but he's just to forgiving :)...

    • -----

      jay & kanye are trash

    • paid in full

      They mad because Kanye won't give them no more beats so they can sell records that's why...lmao...They mad because Jay told Kanye not to fuck with them broke Harlem bitches and now they mad they maaaaaad!!! lmao...

  • Damn'

    Strange and disappointing IMO, Dipset released a good track a few weeks ago("Salute"), there are other ways to promote yourself. I wish the best to Cam'ron in his career, but why is he doing the kind of stupid shit he did when he was at the lowest point? That new beef is stupid and pointless, if you do this it means that don't have any good music to give, so it's your only way to exist on the internet. May ALL THE RAPPERS leave their enemies alone and focus on making music

  • C.JayDee

    How are two of this worst rappers in the fucking game gonna diss Kanye. Cam'ron IS the worst i think. At Rock the Bells everyone was talking shit on him. Stop all this beef shit. Damn. Just cause they ain't makin tight shit don't mean they have to hate on some one else doing they thing.

  • edubb1977


  • Wolfman

    I like Cam. Cam's originality is above 90% of the other artists in the genre. Unfortunately for Cam, he has about 10% the artistic ability that Kanye has. Kanye > Cam X 4.

    • ----

      @last post wack as hell. dude types in 1 billion words trying to make money. ridiculous.


      Cam'ron has been dead and is still dead and will never sell records ever again...If it wasn't for the triple threat indestructible team of Dame Dash,Kareem Biggs,and Jay-Z executive producing Come Home With Me then Cam would'nt be irrelevant right now...Come Home With Me went multi-platinum because of Dame,Kareem,and Jay having their hands in the project plus Roc-A-Fella was on fire with record sales during that time so Cam just got lucky. If anything Cam should be sucking Jay,Kareem,and his boyfriend Dame Dash dicks all at once right now because Cam wasn't doing those type of numbers until he came over to Roc-A-Fella... Cam was always going Gold with his albums and shit and only went multi platinum once he came to Roc-A-Fella and after he left Roc-A-Fella he went Gold with Purple Haze and now Killa Cam couldn't sell shit even if he was pimping the sexiest whore in the fucking world this pussy pink and purple wearing nigga couldn't sell shit in today's marketing scheme. The Diplomats are a bunch of women who broke up and now got back together like a bunch of fake ass girlfriends to get more money back in their pockets and if they get that money again they will go back to being girls in panties all over again. Jenny Jonez is the biggest girl out the group. He leaves his home girl Cam'rona to do his own girl shit and then he fails and now he comes back to be friends with his home girl again. RFLMAO! I feel sorry for dudes who like these girl ass niggaz. I feel sorry for New York Niggaz that like girl made niggaz like Cam'ron who like to wear Purple and Pink and say corny ass catch phrases like "Stop It 5!" and "Stop It Slimmmeee!!!" RFLMAO!!! Cam and Dipset have always been ladies and always will be...Yall keep co-signing these Dipset girls who like to wear Purple and Pink. Hoe Ass Harlem Niggaz...Watch Cam,Jenny Jones,and Juelz start wearing pink and purple stilettos next! Get the fuck Outta Here with this diss Cam'rona and Jenny Jonez...Dipset is dead and you dumb niggaz ain't got no good ideas for a comeback so you result to this jealous female shit right here...Good luck with that fake ass Diphoe Set reunion because that shit is gonna crash and burn faster than you think... Cam is a traitor and girlie ass Jenny Jones is so fuckin' stupid he'll still keep fuckin' with him because Jenny Jones don't know dick about being a business man like Shawn Carter does...Dame Dummy,Cam'rona,Jenny Jones,and Juelz aka Hoelz are all some lonely broke Harlem ass panty wearing bitchmade niggaz...I hate to say this but P.Diddy will probably be the last and only real Harlem nigga with business and real money that's left in Harlem who knows how to hustle and keep puttin' millions is pockets...Diddy is the last nigga left from Harlem who can actually stay rich...

  • Sensaye252

    Hip-Hop is so whack now. This shit is so tired. Same grown ass lil' kids havin' ego wars with each other. Insecure ass delusional niggas fam.

  • Mario Slim-Branch


  • J.M.

    Jim Jones looked a little TOO familiar with that dick-sucking neck motion. (And, quite coincidentally, Cam looked awfully relaxed...)

  • Nike Champ 718

    I thought Cam said he was done dissing Jay. I'm not gonna listen to the song, but this shit is corny. Dame, just start rapping and get at Jay yourself instead of sending niggas who do rap to do your dirt.

  • Asshole

    Cam'ron sucks and jim jones fucking sucks. irrelevant ass rappers. "oogey boogey toogey toogey. fruity fruity" (JONES!!!) lame asses will do anything to get people talking. dipset is dead

  • um

    BIG signs of desperation diplomats, that beef is older than my great grands

  • ----

    Why you think they call me KFC You don't know me homie.

  • FutureRapper

    OOOOH SHIIIIT. I wanna see dis shit beef up. Jay & Ye vs. Cam & Jim. Shit that would be siiick. come on niggas, scrap it out. ye and jay, diss 'em back.

    • -----

      jay & ye suck each others dick case closed

    • FutureRapper

      LMFAO, I didn't say would have a chance against them. Just sayin it would be pretty sick to have a new beef up in the rap game now.


      Jay go against Cam and Jim? ARE YOU SERIOUS? RFLMAOOOOOOOOO!!! Like Jay said "Pardon me I had to laugh at that!"...Man, Cam and Jim are so broke they should be sucking Jay and Ye's dick instead of dissing them...

  • sicoyall


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