Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 9/12/2010

Eminem's "Recovery" officially out-sells "Relapse," while Atmosphere, Young Buck, Fabolous and Dorrough all crack the charts.

Eminem's Recovery officially outsold Relapse this week. Although Recovery's critical response and awards have far exceded the emcee/producer's 2009 return album, the numbers now suggest the same. Earlier this week, Eminem spoke to The New York Post about the two releases, noting his own disapproval of some of Relapse's deliveries. Recovery came in at #2 this week, behind singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles' Kaleidoscope Heart. The Aftermath/Interscope release has now cleared 2.5 million units.

Drake's Thank Me Later sat at #13 last week, three units higher than the previous. The Toronto emcee, along with Eminem, B.o.B. and Kanye West was among Rap's performers at Sunday night's MTV 2010 Video Music Awards. TML's "Fancy," featuring Mary J Blige and Swizz Beatz was Drake's song of choice.

Usher's EP, Versus held the #15 spot. The supplementary release to this year's Raymond v. Raymond fell just two spots. Drumma Boy, Polow Da Don and Jim Jonsin are amoung the producers on the EP, which cleared 85,000 units. Another R&B star, Lyfe Jennings has released his final album in I Still Believe. The Toledo, Ohio singer's latest release from Warner Brothers/Asylum Records features Anthony Hamilton. Jennings has previously indicated he will leave music after this year, after a meaningful-yet-short six-year career.

Rick Ross approaches 400,000 units sold with Teflon Don. The Def Jam rapper's fourth official album features work from veterans such as No I.D., DJ Clark Kent and Cee-Lo. The Miami, Florida rapper also made a brief cameo at the MTV VMA's this past week, in a sketch with host Chelsea Handler.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
2 Eminem Recovery
81,000 2,501,000
13 Drake Thank Me Later
18,000 1,051,000
15 Usher Versus 17,000 85,000
22 Lyfe Jennings I Still Believe
14,000 50,000
24 Rick Ross Teflon Don
13,000 382,000

New releases dominated the 35-100 place of the charts.

Veteran Minneapolis, Minnesota duo Atmosphere released a digital-exclusive 12-track collection called To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy. Released on their own Rhymesayers Entertainment imprint, the work is billed as a double EP. The work sold nearly 10,000 first week units, despite little marketing, further solidifying the RSE strength with fans.

New material from Young Buck surfaced in Rehab. Released on Real Talk Entertainment, and distributed my Fontana, the collection of songs have been officially licensed by the onetime G-Unit member, however sources close to the Nashville, Tennessee star assert that this is not to be considered his third album, after two previous big budget releases through Interscope. Veteran Bad Azz and Bizzy Bone producer Big Hollis handled a bulk of the beats for this collection of songs that sold over 6,000 first week units.

The latest in the retail mixtape movement, Brooklyn, New York star Fabolous released There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Mixtape through Def Jam Records. The Street Fam head's EP release features Cam'ron, Red Cafe, Vado and production from Ryan Leslie. After two weeks on the charts, the sequel to Fab's acclaimed No Competition installement has sold nearly 20,000 units.

Dallas, Texas rapper Durrough sold over 5,000 units of his sophomore album, Get Big. The E1 Entertainment homegrown sensation featured label-mates on his release such as Juvenile, Slim Thug and Jim Jones.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
37 Atmosphere To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy
9,400 9,400
55 Young Buck The Rehab 6,400 6,400
61 Fabolous There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Mixtape
5,700 18,000
67 Durrough Get Big
5,500 5,500
86 Eminem Relapse
4,600 2,049,000

Can Black Milk's Album of the Year get some evidence of being so from the charts? Will Trey Songz get a shot at that #1 spot? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.


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  • Mrnoluv

    So let me get this straight, sales are at an all time low, Em is basically the only hip hop artist that can go more than a mil (maybe Wayne too), but u fools still say Hip Hop ain't dead? Get the fuck out of here, number don't lie.

    • DJ.KO

      Kanye, Drake, Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z and Eminem all exceed platinum and Rick Ross' album looks like its getting there. Also load of albums go Gold every year so sales must be higher than previous years when they looked terrible. UK hip hop sales are growing and getting closer to the 1 mil mark each year so all is well.

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    lol God job Dorrough 5500 sold way to dallas on u wack lancaster nigga GREEDY GROVESIDE Bitch

  • Anonymous

    i got mad respect for ----- dash dash dash i think you are young tho cus you are not very articulate but i can respect your motivation and drive to try to educate these ignorant minds. keep dong what you are doing many ppl will disagree with you, but fuck them, you can lead a horse to water but that doesnt mean it will drink! good work tho. Respect

  • da1

    And that just shows you how messed up the industry is. At the grammys the winner for best rap album in 2010 was eminem's Relapse.It should of been jay-z's the blueprint 3. The production and lyics on bp3 was better then that of relapse. and I like eminem more then jay. But jay was (robbed and kept all his jewelry)at that grammy ceremony.

  • 4.83

    4.83 mil sold this week Worst Ever. All-time record since 1991. backstreet used to do that in 2 weeks. Time to get a real job you faggotts.

  • The Ghost Bks1


  • word?

    that nigga nas is confused, he rocks kufis and crucifix's IM RICH BITCH!

  • jogrind

    Buck has no promotion sold an independent mixtape (straight cash) of old tracks remixed and didn't do bad if you ask me. Some people with TV promotions sold that same amount this year.

  • gutter man

    em and drake both look mad gay in that pic.

  • Dtownj

    damn wat happened to Buck? still waiting on Game and Lupe to drop in the forthquater

    • ahab

      be glad that atmosphere sold more than buck... finally seeing signs of life among hip hop fans when a group putting out good music actually outsells a shitty no-talent nig-nog i look forward to lupe's, but dont expect too much from game anymore :-\

  • Kevin Bibbs


  • Kevin Bibbs

    A lot of flops this week... damn why is music like this now it seems like customers(us) have to wait so long for shit to get released and then they be delaying albums and shit that's why sales so low nobody got time to be waiting for shit

  • Anonymous

    Game needs to drop tht RED

  • KnowledgeBorne

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  • rewindboy1

    Who is still buying Relapse?!! Eminem basically said the album is garbage.

    • -------

      nobody is buyin it the numbers are fixed. total joke

    • b haze

      em is agreeing with his fans, there are several songs on relapse better than songs on recovery. relapse is eminem through and through. recovery is good but not really eminems style, not what he is known for.

  • Anonymous

    Em is selling cause he sold out and went POP!!! Nas best alive!

    • Desperado

      Naww bro he just matured and pretty much grew up...he realized the celebrity bashin and funny singles were just too played out...good to c em try somethin new

  • Chris Haynes


  • chase_k

    thats the kind of show artist dream of doing...its good to see 'rappers' actually make it that far Eminem shole can move some units....damn For the record...theres a waaaay better remix to Power out called "SuperPower!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDLYjOp9lyQ SuperPower! dont forget the '!'

  • Megan Fox Lover

    Ok, random but, what happened to Diddy's 'Last train to paris' & Game's 'R.e.d' Lol. I guess when you release a gay club anthem(Hello goodmorning) & a sorry excuse.. no THE WORST SINGLE OF ALL TIME..(shake) the record execs arent giving you a 2nd shot dunny. Lol at them two niggas just to think both albums had the same release date as Recovery!! lol. Right now the industry & streets are buzzing about Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Weezy F & Lloyd Banks. diddy & game best fall back till August 2011. LMAO!!!!!!!!! P.S. LMAO at young buck numbers!!!!!!! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Unit!!!

    • b haze

      no one is buzzing about weezy.

    • Doc Hol

      lol stfu Games album wont come close to AOTY or HIGO or Manifesto or Sir Lucious or prolly 30 others I could name content wise, your outta ya fuckin mind his content sucks its the same shit every fuckin song heres the formulae for R.E.D "Name Drop 30,000 times, Gun ref 30,000 times and mention Compton 30,000 times" hes one of the least versatile rappers of all time

    • ymcmb

      rehab is a mixtape on an indie label not a full album, with that in mind it's decent that he's actually charted! and SHAKE was not the single for R.E.D., the single is yet to be released but is apparently coming soon and is porduced by cool and dre! Talking about street buzz, game's brake lights mixtape had over 2million downloads in the 1st week, pretty impressive don't you think! R.E.D due to be released october/november and it will shit on all the rap albums content wise and sales wise this yr bar eminem (kanye and weezy will sell more if they have an album this yr but game's will be better) YMCMB

  • qwermoop

    LOL! Atmosphere, An underground white rap duo outsold Young Buck. He failed big time. Go get a job man cuz you got no future in this rap game.

    • Justin Newton

      shut ya mouth buck is the best he dont make one hit wonders like bitch ass soulja boy or that black and yellow fuck i cant remember his name but buck the reason why he didnt sell that much he disappeared for awhile cuz 50 cent is being a bitch and aint letting him push out his last album so he can move on let buck do his own work he does good as hell listen to back on my buck shit pt 2 he goes hard he shits on todays rap game everyone going soft in the game buck is the next generation 50 is being a bitch and holding him back cuz of his contract fck everyone that like the new rap game young buck chip tha ripper and cashville records is the best of tha best screw what anyone has to say if it was up to me soulja boy would be gone he just gets kids attention and girls buck makes the music ya wanna listen to when ya smoking one relaxing with real homeboys not some preppy bull fuck the industry no buck the industry get it buck


    is official @50cent destroyed youngbuck career damn how you go from being a platinum artist to selling 6000 copies of your cd? wow

    • ShuttinYOU=DOWWWWN!!!

      @POPTHADON...Hey at least Young Buck sold 6,400 you stupid dipshit...I know a bunch of young fake ass rap internet clowns who are trying so desperately to make money that come on Hip-Hop DX and THISIS50.com to stream their foolish ass nonsense mixtapes across the comment boards just to get people interested in them and they can't even sell their bullshit mixtapes past the 900 mark so if I were you'd shut the fuck up...You're probably one of those clowns too...

    • Anonymous

      Buck has no promotion sold an independent mixtape of old tracks remixed

  • Jamie

    RECOVERY OUTSOLD RELAPSE WEEKS AGO, YOUR ABIT LATE HIP-HOP DX. Recovery - 2.5 Relapse 2.1 Eminem, great artist.

  • Beats By Nova

    Shady is on top! Rick Ross on the other hand, has the best production for a hip hop album so far in 2010!!! -NOVA- "Invest In YOUR Sound" www.BeatsByNova.com

  • bryant donelson

    dorrough flop hard...

  • A4L

    Young Buck only 7k. Eminem is selling and selling and selling and ... First!

    • =--=-=-=-

      em is the complete fuckin idiot not A4

    • sharpsh00ter155

      @A4 your an idiot. buck had the "machine" behind him, and he went platinum. now hes sellin 6k in his first week. em had 1 song being produced on recovery, and hes sold 2.5 mill so far. im not a big fan of sales or eminem, but your a complete fucken idiot.


      @A4LOSES: what the fuck does 'the machine' gotta do with his music? the most this 'machine' can do is put his name out there, NOT make u buy the album. and young buck is a known rapper.. he was a part of the 'machine' too.. welcome to ca$hville is one of the toughest albums ive ever heard. only thing i'd say is that young buck didnt sell because it was like a mixtape, not an album. either way, im a fan of both... but obviously, eminem is the truth.

    • A4LOSES

      Uhhh...Eminem is selling and selling and selling and selling because of Interscope Records,Jimmy Iovine,and Shady Records being linked with Dr.Dre's Aftermath. Eminem is selling because of the full fledge indestructible machine you dumb stupid fuck. Young Buck doesn't have the machine behind him to back him with selling big numbers like Eminem does so of course Buck's gonna sell 6,400 copies you dumb ass. Now let's see Eminem take Shady Records and leave Interscope without the help of Jimmy Iovine and Dr.Dre backing him and see how many records that Eminem can sell without them. Can Eminem sell records on his own? Nobody ever questions that now do they? Can Eminem be his own independent artist now and sell records even with his own artists? Can Eminem sell records without the consistent help of them machine in today's music world? The only reason why Eminem keeps winning is because of the bread and butter help of the machine. Eminem is spoiled underneath Jimmy and Dre. He'd be too afraid to step away out of that machine. Let's see him be man enough to do it. Eminem owes his whole entire life in his successful music career to the machine because he hasn't sold any records without it. All of his success has been under a major label so it's unfair to say that Eminem is selling over Young Buck when Buck doesn't have the machine backing him for this new mixtape that's not an album he just put out.

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