Ludacris Talks "Ludaversal" Producers

Luda enlists the Neptunes, but says he won't only look for big named producers on album number nine.

Fresh off his Luda Day Weekend celebrity basketball game, Ludacris has confirmed to Billboard magazine that he's just started work on his upcoming album, Ludaversal. The album will be Luda's eighth solo effort, and it comes on the heels of his gold-selling March release, Battle of the Sexes. That concept project, netted the emcee/actor his third number one album with first week sales of 137,000. This time around, Ludacris confirmed that he'll continue to work with the Neptunes, but didn't give too many other clues as to the direction he's headed in.

"I definitely go and look for the big-time producers, but I also make sure that I keep my ears to the street and look for all the hungry ones," Luda told Billboard. True to his word, Ludacris' first few albums also featured production by the Neptunes as well as one Shondrae Crawford, who later rechristened himself as Bangladesh.

There is currently no tentative release date for Ludacris' Ludaversal album.


  • Its Um

    theather of the mind was really a up and down album thanks to some bad guests.

  • Its Um

    Try to get Dr.dre, timbaland while he's still in the game, 9th wonder, organize noise, just blaze and the rest is up to u.

  • KnowledgeBorne

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  • Anonymous

    Luda has fallin hard last album was straight Non-Sense!!! Whole CD was R&B retarded shit! Atlanta has much better artists Stat Quo T.I. Jeezy Outkast of course Fuck much talent but always dissapoints

    • dmize-one

      you must be smokin rocks... luda stays droppin hot shit.. last album aside, there are only a handful of emcees still spittin that can fuck with luda's catalog...

  • AlmightyEastCoast

    Article error: Ludacris has 4 NUMBER 1 ALBUMS: Chicken-n-Beer The Red Light District Release Therapy Battle of the Sexes Luda really has to deliver on this one, cant wait!

  • beatGOD

    yo chris, holla @ me nuguh, i got sum shit 4 u 2 hear, im all anolog as far as the beats and i do mine live. wit a lil makeover namean, man, whoo! im starvin. i used 2 live in decatur downtown by swanson heights and the o.p's and gateway projects off w.trinity word.

  • Mad55

    yeah if its like theater of the mind im with it luda!!! lol

  • Bauce

    This better be more like Theater of the Mind and not that doodoo plate Battle of the sexes trash

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