Ja Rule Says "The Renaissance Project" Will Release Before Incarceration

UPDATE: Ja Rule will take a page from Gucci Mane's book, and release an album just prior to beginning a prison sentence.

Rapper Ja Rule is readying his first release since 2009's free digital download, The Mirror.

In an interview with MTV and XXL (footage below),  the rapper explained that his next project would no longer be titled Venni Vetti Vecci 2010.

"I changed the name of my album from Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, first of all, Venni Vetti Vecci  was my baby; that was my first album," explained Ja regarding the title change. "You can never duplicate that era in time. That was my whole life's work in that album up until that time."

Ja Rule then explained that a trip overseas gave him some perspective about the direction of his next album. "And then number two, I went to Africa  -- it took on a hold of me, when I was doing my album and the whole project, what I was going through right now, with the new beginning, I'm not with Murder Inc. anymore, but they're still the family. I'm on my own venture, so it was a sign of a new beginning, new ambitions, new everything. They built this statue out there, it's called The Renaissance, and it's a statue of a man holding his baby on his shoulders with his wife in his arms, pointing to the heavens. To me, it just symbolized what I'm about right now and just the word -- fresh start, I said that's what I want to call my project, The Renaissance Project and it represents what I'm about..."

(September 11, 2010)

UPDATE: Today (January 3, 2011), Ja Rule tweeted that his seventh album will release before his upcoming prison sentence:

Renaissance Project will be dropping before I go in #Supportrealhiphop!!!less than a minute ago via TwitBird


  • matty ayche

    yea yea ja's taking rap back to its roots give it ya all my mang fuck all the haters saying u were gone in my eyes ja hasnt been anywhere he has always hit hard 50 is dying out the only good song from fitty i heard in ages in only featuring fitty (yg toot it and boot it ) has decent flow and snoop in it can someone tell me some songs of jas to get that have been released lately

  • Anonymous

    yall wait till that first single drops then we'll see whose career is over....kill em ja

  • sean p

    you dx should do a feature on this shit. good news

  • Ghostface

    Good for him..hope its good.

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    It's nice to see a bit of support for Ja on here. He's one artist who's record I will always buy. I want a Race Against Time III, maybe some collabo's like Young Buck, even Twista or John Legend would be good for Ja.

  • Just Sayin

    The best venue to find rappers are in prison.

  • MarsKG

    We'll see where this goes. The boy Ja can spit, but 50 did fuck his career up with that "Back Down." All you niggas hating with no justification...shut the fuck up. Most of you clowns are just envious and just want to put your two cents in some shit. Hip Hop needs Ja and 50 to a degree. All this hate is killing our culture, along with the lame music we've been hearing from a lot of dudes lately. If you don't like Ja, why the fuck r u wasting ur time commenting. Better yet, why aren't you commenting on the shit you will support?

    • Neil

      50 didnt kill shit he couldnt even kill a fly u morom u forgot about RULE selling 6 mill worldwide and going platinum and fif's new albums flopped and will continue to cus he's over Ja is movin on to nu and better things KEEP YA HEAD UP JA FUCK THESE CLOWNS AND FAGGOTS esp CURTIS JACKSON who's 5-0 bitch nigga all day

    • #1 Ja Rule Fan

      I hear ya MarsKG! I've always been a fan of Ja Rule...we do need him back! There is too much hate in the world today, and we just need some good music again! We need Ja Rule back!

  • six

    Give it up Ja Rule yo shit is over but I dont count you out, you got some heat left in you homie. You let 50 weak ass bring you to a stand still, if you got it, GET THAT THEM!!

  • Anonymous

    o ok if you support real hip hop check this out!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Anonymous

    ill cop that too for sure

  • Nico 3

    Two of his albums didn't go platinum (at least domestically), but who cares, it's clear there's still some interest left in Ja Rule. Unlike DMX, he has the opportunity to still get shit out. Stop talking about it and do it.

  • amare4pres

    Ja rule >>>>> 50 cent Put it on me and Always on time >>>>>>>Candy Shop, Just a lil Bit,

    • white milk

      how abt that shyt he did with j. timberlake? tht shyt was awful... 50 was good on his 1st 2albums.the rest has been mediocre at best

    • Vincent Salamatino

      cool you just named Ja's two best singles and Fiddy's 2 worse for a comparison.

  • amare4pres

    fuck the haters Ja used to sell millions, and he better than alot of bs thats out today. So many ppl ran with his style.

  • Anonymous

    Heard one of his songs, he's not my kind of a rapper and he'd been to prison too long, fucc him !

  • SuperGucciRap

    Ja Rule doing the smart thing. He's following the roots of the Rap GOD Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane is the founder and savior of Hip-Hop. Bow down to the Lord Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane is having 12 disciples of real hip-hop as well. OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Frenchie, Wooh Da Kid, Shawty Lo, Shawty Mane (Justin Bieber), Game, Canibus, Vinnie Paz, Ja Rule, Diddy, and Christian Beadles. It's Gucci Time!

    • Tidomann

      Yawwwwnn!! Wait a minute...is u Haaaaannnnddy or Maaaaannnndyyyyy, which one of those preeks??

    • Vincent Salamatino

      How the fucc did all them rappers just end up in the same sentence, specifically referring to Vinnie Paz and Waka Flaka being in the same sentence my world just shifted and portal just opened. Vinnie Paz is the Warmonger of that group who rules with an iron fist

  • Up North

    I'm pulling for Ja. Had the opportunity to meet him once, he seems like a genuine dude. Not on no celebrity or I got money type shit. I hope he gets his Venni Vetti Vicci groove back and leaves a monster behind before he goes in. Keep ya head up B...

  • jaas


    • Neil Roy

      fuck u suck ass nigga go and suck interscope dick u bitch fuck outa here u young fuckers dont shit about REAL RAP SHIT go suxk souja boy and justin beiber dick faggot

    • phadiga

      u can get mad cow disease!!! who cares about u? none!!! hes a pussy nigga and hes rich! i betta follow a pussy nigga than follow a poor real nigga... lil punk!

  • gnigga_pleeze

    ja rules kind of a hit or miss type of dude. i bought blood in my eye and r.u.l.e. not gonna lie cuz clap back and new york was my shit. doubt ill be buyin this ill be checkin how it sounds on youtube and if its good maybe give it some itunes love or somethin. but somehow i doubt it'll even reach shelves. dudes had all his shit delayed since 05 and idont even think hes on a label now


    i will make sure i dont buy it

  • Anonymous

    this nigga career been stalled. i'm not hatin i wanted this dude to make a comeback too but it's been ages since he's been tryin make a comeback. que the homo g-unit stans, "50 murdered you".

  • mr718

    Ja Rule was the fucking man yall niggas can hate all you want hes had dozens of hits singles and collabos he started that duet style of hip hop when you drop a track and put an rnb singer on it mad niggas took his style and ran wit it so stop hating all his albums were fire cmon VENNI VETTI VICCI RULE 3:36, PAIN IS LOVE,R.U.L.E enough said hommie is an all-time legend...

    • Heat357

      You do know that Puff Daddy, Mase, Master P, Silk the Shocker, and LL Cool J were doing duet songs with r&b singers before Ja Rule came out right? I used to like Ja Rule but he has no lyrical ability and he can't even get a good beat anymore... His big problem is that he never had originality... That's what Aftermath exposed him for and the whole world saw that it was true... His legacy was completely tarnished and unfixable..

  • Sludge

    Yo get real... Poopy Butt Farts still runnin da game...Album dropping this spring on YouTube! Get ready mutha fuckaz... You may have went through struggles n survived the bad parts But you ain't earned stripes like da Poopy Butt Farts! Peace Ya'll

  • Anonymous

    Did he really tweet "support real hip hop" after all the bullshit music he's dropped?

  • JerzBoi

    Relevance: none. Dismissed.



  • kid of the east

    This album is gnna be dope! i cnt wait for this shit to come out. All u Queens niggas should be ashamed of yourselves for talking shit about your boy ja

  • clapon

    new ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com


    Not gonna lie, this shit is probably gonna suck donkey nuts

  • DrewDown91

    Q-Tip's album was called The Renaissance. Glad he scrapped the sequel title though, but when these muuufuckers gonna come up with some original shit? Recycling album titles has been going on way to long. "KRS already made an album called 'BluePrint'."

  • Loopee

    I was looking forward to it until everyone started sequeling their shit, so thsi change is welcome. Whether it drops or not is to be seen, but I'll look for it

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    This news is old as fuck. But still, I'll be looking foward to this album. I've always liked Ja, he's a good atrist, ha can rap well & knows how to make catchy records. He will have to make some catchy pop songs (just like Em!) to get his name back out there and sell some records.

  • joker123

    he got a new single...queens get the money long time no cash is the hook, i think it might be the title too. It still hasnt been released but when its done everyone gnna be surprised. It's fire, i mean this is the kind of shit people are hoping ja puts out

  • Tebone34

    Ja Rule is back. The Mirror and R.U.L.E were both underrated. Cant wait for the new album

  • TheGhostBKS1


  • ts5000

    the mirror was nice i think his new album is gonna be dope the rule is back

  • Grss

    I think the Murder Inc. gimmick is what killed Ja-rule's persona because after the 50 debacle Murder Inc. took a hard hit and never really recovered and now he's starting fresh without Murder Inc. ...It's hard to leave behind a gimmick like Murder Inc. that helped make you a millionaire only to start all over again with something fresh and new...What kind of new sound or new direction musically will Ja-Rule aim towards? His fans will always remember as Murder Inc. and they will be confused with the new direction he's going in because there's only so far he can go...He should've stayed Murder Inc. ... Won't make sense for him to go outside of Murder Inc. and try something new musically because if it's the wrong approach and it'll seem very odd...

  • HipHop

    All you niggas talkin about 50 this and 50 that last time I checked all of Ja Rules albums went platinum so stfu and have a nice day

    • Neil Roy

      hell yeah these morons dont know what they sayin 50' last release barely went gold i bet he was shaking in his boots when ja said he will release his mirror album near 5-0's album but when he didnt 50 finally stopped clenching his nuts now i know this year 5-0 is scared as fuck cus rule is back with fire. SAY GOODBYE PUSSIES THE GIMICK IS FINALLY OVER 5-0 SNITCH NIGGA IS DEAD from what i recall his movies r even doin bad DAMN hahha support for all ma real homies out there supportin big homie PEACE

    • phadiga

      UR damn right! All his album went platinum... U can hate but hes gonna hav a better album than ur best rapper...Hes world wide !!!

    • Gregor SelfHood Scott

      It ain't even gone gold. Last Temptation was his last platinum release, and R.U.L.E. "only" went gold. This album will probably make a decent push for silver, and maybe gain a gold plaque... Can't see him going platinum again tho

    • miguel Guttierres

      Yeah, you THINK. You don't know for sure. No one was checking for BIME.

    • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

      Yo Miguel, I think Blood In My Eye just finally went plat recently, & all his others def cert plat.

    • miguel Guttierres

      No they didn't!



  • deez nuts

    he can come back hell jus have to have some good ass music some good songs put out thats all it takes really

  • kurtcobaine

    i been keeping a tab on ja...believe it or not people miss him and he's gonna get a pretty warm reception. He aint hardcore rap so ppl gotta stop ragging on him cuz he aint hard. Personally i like all his music, i like his flow, production, and style

  • Loch Last Flip

    Ja still got a big fanbase to grind indie.I was a Ja fan.ja blew up as far as he could.His time was already coming.Hope this works out for him http://youtube.com/lochofmceo http://twitter.com/loch121 http://myspace.com/loch121 Check me out real nigga rap iz back

  • Eklipz'77

    This dude has more hit albums than 50 ; ) !!!! The mirror was nice, hopefully this one is better.

  • yes i said it

    Damn hommie!! in 02 u was the man hommie! wat the F happened to u!

  • yes i said it

    Ja is washed up!!

    • phadiga

      use d lil brain still left in ur skull. Everyday does'nt go well for a gambler. He had his time and so did ur best rapper...

  • Bauce

    Ja Rule is still alive?

    • phadiga

      He is and wat r u doing here fool? checking on him? or waiting for his news to pop up huh? Grow up if u can..lol.

  • whassup

    honestly, this nigga is like a cockroach... he never goes away. he came back like 3 times already.... hell even the dude that ended your career is falling off each album lmfao!!! go somwhere jeffrey

  • wickwickwack

    good title ...i wonder what he´ll be talking about his last great song was Judas ...that track is just big

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is this guy? lol

  • Christopher Williams

    Holla the Rule is back Im glad he is coming with something new.

  • You Know

    Aint no one care bout Ja Rule.

  • Mastadon

    I've always been a fan of Ja Rule. I'm just not a very big fan of rap music these days in general. They have to make music for the kids in order to sell cd's seems like. Ja has it in him to make good music. Do I think he'll actually make good music? No. I think he'll try and make whatevers hot at the time so it'll sell but I hate to tell you Ja, it won't sell. On top of all that I don't even think the cd will ever see the light of day

  • nixnox

    Honestly, the only album I liked from this cat was Venni Vetti Vecci...that shit was classic imo

  • Playboy69

    R.I.P. JA-RULE & MURDER INC RECORDS 1999-2004!

  • gnigga_please

    liked his last album. back in 04. too bad record labels wont invest in new york rappers unless its jay-z or 50 so this project probably won't get released unless he really brings the good shit even more than last time

    • TyeDiamond

      New York has been releasing LOTS of albums in the past year or so. Nas, Jadakiss, The Wu-Tang Clan probably had 4-5 in the past year come out(including solo acts), Maino, Fat Joe, Nicki Menaj coming this year, Rakim,Lloyd Banks, and Fabolous. That's just off the top of my head.

  • c.webb

    c'mon you need to get us some good music as in the past,i used to say holla holla,dolla dolla ,be back with sthg relevant homie.



  • Nerd Ferguson

    I'm curious to hear what he comes up with but I doubt it ever drops.

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  • phuckyou

    Would this dude just stop....go get a job in real estate or something

  • phadiga

    JAAAHHHHH!!! we waiting..

  • Anonymous

    why name your album renaissance? is ja trying to rip on qtip come on...

  • kid of the east

    im waiting for the album Ja....everybody mark my words, his next singles are anthems

  • The.Watcher

    Dude's still alive?

  • Sensaye252

    Ja has always been a dope MC. He's definitely had his ups and downs, and I wouldn't say he's the nicest, be he knows how to make music. His first album to me was a borderline classic. His second album was dope but not as good as the first. His third and fourth albums were weak. His fifth (I think Blood in my Eye?) was alright. I haven't heard The Mirror. Rule always has a presence on the mic, and he has some depth, some substance. I just don't want his album to have a bunch of R&B autotune crooning and shit. Or all the cliche guest appearances from whichever douchebags are popular at the time.

  • c red

    cant wait for rules new album i have always been a fan he makes fire music

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