50 Cent Gives His Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather Domestic Battery Complaint

Rapper 50 Cent turns to Twitter to voice his opinion on the domestic battery complaint against his associate Floyd Mayweather.

Queens rapper 50 Cent took to Twitter to express his thoughts on boxing champ Floyd Mayweather being sought after by police for questioning following an alleged physical altercation with the mother of his children Josie Harris.

"She alleges he hit her. We're looking for him to get his side of the story," Officer Barbara Morgan, a Las Vega police spokeswoman, explained to USAToday.com. "We're looking to talk to him as a potential suspect."

50 Cent explained that he believes that a friend of Harris’ who lives with her may be heightening the situation between Harris and Mayweather.

“She has a girlfriend that stays in the guesthouse that floyd is paying for her as child support that is helping fuel the situation,” said 50 Cent via Twitter early this morning (September 10).

USA Today reports that Harris filed a similar complaint against Mayweather in 2005, but recanted.

“I speak to floyd every day he like my brother his babys mother did this shit befor in 2003 dragged him to court then said he didn't hit her,” said 50 Cent.

According to Mayweather’s attorney he is more than willing to cooperate with police in their investigation. 



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  • Me003

    I need to see the pictures and he was charged with grand larceny not domestic violence. Damn it's like telling a story to someone and once it hits the internet, people got all kind of stories going on. He didn't hit her, he told her and her man to get the hell out of the bed he brought and had a uhaul move the bed to the dump, He told her I wish I would let you lay up in the bed with that I brought with another man and my children in the house I brought. Luckily he didn't burn the house down like 50

  • Stakks

    Big up Fifty, keeps it real at all times thats what I like about 50 cent Word!!!!!

    • vargo05

      How the hell do you know 50 is "keeping it real"? You don't know what happened and my guess is he doesn't either and is just talking shit and backing up this other idiot. I suppose you think Floyd's apology about the ignorant racist shit he said about Pacquiao was a totally genuine apology.

  • Stakks

    Ever since OJ did his thing with Nicole every black man is abusive ane thats not fair when a white man is abusive it's ok. You really get it when you don't have the financial resources to handle the situation. You can go to jail and you did absolutely nothoing to your chick. She is just sick and jealous of you that she can't help but mess your whole world up.

    • Ronnie Guess?

      So its a black and white thing??? not someone who is known for hitting females?? his whole family is known for beating on women.. his uncle is going through a case right now.. his dad used to beat on little floyds mom!! its been said by floyd in interviews!! its in the blood! the men in that family are abusive to women!! it has nothing to do with the fuckin color of your skin!! god damn get over yourself!! how long will people like you hold on to this color shit?? its so lame!!! fuckin idiot!! when was the last time you heard a white dude say oh its cause im white that this happen??? never!!! if i am not mistaken black people have a lot of things that are ''just for them'' BET!!! UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND!! NAACP!!! THE BLACK PANTHERS!! STARS IN BLACK(THAT CABLE STATION)!!! AND THE LIST GOES ON!! oh and uumm THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

    • BWS-Fish

      i find it more interesting that this fucking spastic thinks that people dont react when a white man hits a woman. Seriously, stfu. Sometimes people on here need to stop talking about race. How the fuck can u blame a shithead like floyd mayweather hitting his girlfriend on "the white man"?? Sometimes black people have problems and white people are not related to it... This site is always filled with stupid racist comments like that and im gonna call any fucker on it any time i see it.

    • vargo05

      You're retarded aren't you? So, Floyd is really getting it because he doesn't have the financial resources to handle the situation? I can't believe how damn stupid some people on here are. Did any of you idiots bother to notice the fact that she was taken to the hospital for minor injuries? Or did you notice that he got charged with grand larceny? No, you fail to mention all the facts and make it a black man thing. Irresponsible, poor fucking baby victims. Yeah, y'all are a real bunch of tough guy gangters aren't ya?

  • Mike Meraz

    SO he'll fight a 50year old lady but not Pac-Man? yep, sounds like Mayweather.

  • chuckhollywood

    i ean work in his favor excuseme for that

  • chuckhollywood

    thats fucked up hope everything wrg in mayweather favor

  • Chupps

    I dunno the facts, even the police don't know. But all im saying is, bitches have a universal tendency to get guys mad, turn the tables and they swing at us, turn em back they want us locked up... Just saying.

  • Charles ExSavior

    Mayweather needs to fight Paquiao instead of a woman. He called Manny a chicken shit recently, but Floyd is clearly the coward.

  • pico presi

    Floyd and Matt Barnes need to form a book club!! lol

  • jesterdxxl

    We all know if Floyd hit her the bitch wouldn't be around to tell that shit... Or if she survived she won't be talking with her teeth in the wall & gums on the floor!

    • vargo05

      This is a stupid fucking comment. Do all pieces of shit hit women with a closed fist? Doubtful. Not to mention, it doesn't have to be in the face to be battery you dim witted fool. BTW, UPDATE, Floyd has been charged with Grand Larceny, a felony. What a classless piece of shit he is.

  • el bimbo

    you're another FUCKIN CRAZY NIGGER who give's substance to a fellow FUCKIN CRAZY NIGGER without basis.

  • manolito

    its because your both fuckin niggers you try to defend that fuckin crazy Floyd no matter what fuckin crazy things he was doin.ha! ha!, You are another fuckin crazy creature, god knows who the fuckin devil gave you this fuckin lucky breaks on earth. I wish you both in hell, you fuckin NIGGERS.

    • Chupps

      So ignorant... It's funny how you say that shit so bravely behind a computer screen... Please stand up and say that in public, with the relevant people around so you can get what's coming to you.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you you races fuck if that's how you feel give me a address i come split your fuck powder ass face from ear to ear mother fucker




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