J. Cole To Drop New Mixtape, "Villematic"

Inspiration strikes as J. Cole readies a project for his fans.

You can count J. Cole among the fans of Kanye's latest song, "Devil In A New Dress."

In fact, J. Cole is such a fan of the song that it has inspired him to do an entire mixtape, which he has titled Villematic.

"I'm in a zone. Fuck it. I'ma do a mixtape," wrote the Roc Nation signee on his Twitter account (@JColeNC).

"That beat is incredible, shout to Yeezy," Tweeted Cole regarding Kanye's latest offering. "Much Love. Shout to Bink. I could write a million verses to that."

Although no release date has been set for the project, J. Cole leaked an image that will presumably serve as its cover. The image is a play on Illmatic's, with a translucent picture of an infant J. Cole over top of a picture of a building.


  • jamie

    jcole is nice i hope this drops soon

  • coleworld

    i think he might surprise people wit his numbers when d album drops. i mean he has got a real buzz now, he goin on tour soon and more importantly, his fans know he is real and know that the album must be bought for him to be able to save hip hop in the longer term. i will buy it, i know a number of others that will, watch this space.

  • Anonymous

    J.Cole is the most productive and great rapper ive seen in along time

  • Red

    thats not just a building in the background it's a historic Market place, where slaves were sold.

  • Anonymous

    1. Run-DMC 2. EPMD 3. Mobb Deep 4. Outkast

  • Greg Owens Jr

    that buildin is the market house in downtown fayetteville part of history!!! they use to sale slaves there!!! 2-6 stand up fayettnam all day 910 holla

  • Urgent Message

    Jesus saves!! He is coming back to take home all those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior!! You can go to heaven with Jesus just believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and you will be saved (Romans 10:9). He is coming back very soon!! Give your heart to Jesus today!!!

  • FayNamALW

    @ado_ & RT: No problems fam. I was actually shocked that he used that! I was like, Yo! That's the fuckin market house downtown! It's nice to see J Cole stayin with his roots and tryin to bring us up in the game. Here's the wikipedia for it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_House_%28Fayetteville,_North_Carolina%29

  • The Ghost BKS1

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  • Beats By Nova

    J.Cole...once the drake era dies down. J.Cole is gonna be a household name outside of those who follow the Roc Nation movement...take that bet -NOVA- "Invest In YOUR Sound" www.BeatsByNova.com

  • ado_

    "bitch i'm bout to blow up" couldn't have been more true. and the dude under me is either an idiot, deaf, or a troll. move along. @faynamALW, good shit on the background info. stay up.


    Still not seein Weezy !!!

  • FayNamALW

    Yo. That ain't just some building in the back of that cover. Do some research DX. That's the Market House that they still got up in the center of downtown Fayetteville where we live. They used to sell slaves in that bitch. Wish they would tear that shit down. Anyway, Cole keep holdin' us down in the Ville. Can't wait for the album.

  • bhb


  • bhb


  • Anonymous

    why do nowadays rappers like j.cole release so many mixtapes,i dont remeber the likes of nas,jay z etc releasing this many mixtapes back in the day

    • SeRiSoNy

      It's funny you say that, cause Cole wasn't gonna put out no more mixtapes because of that same reason. Officially though, Cole has only released "The Warm Up" which is like 1-1/2-2 years old now.

  • mrudangd

    @Rip: the album's not done so you can hop of his jock and start speaking facts

  • Vic D

    He said the name of the mixtape is not Villematic and to whoever said it, the album ain't done. Yall think a label gon let him drop an album without a hot single?! Hell nah. Look at Lupe.


    Drop a mixtape and album the more Cole the better. "I can rap circles around these rap urkels" classic is in the making, haters about to get SMACKED

  • mrudangd

    Maybe he should work on his album...you know, the thing that's like a mixtape but will earn him money

  • SoNecessary0907

    Man J.Cole is killing every so called rap nigga out here. There's no comparing him nor competition for him. He eating niggas alive...No death penalties he giving life sentences...!!! Lol

  • Oasis

    Regardless if it's an album or a single, I'ma listen to it and see what he has to say. The guy is mad talented. New version of Nas and Jay-Z mixed. Those are my favorite artist, but they can pass the torch to a young boy like J Cole. Villmatic is what it is. The Kanye track will put you in the zone and have you thinking about making an album.

  • Anonymous

    hez beginning to be like game when he first came out reppin too hard..it comes annoying..rep your hood and hometown but every song and shit iz like too adverse man..ur drowning people wit dat and jus turn people off

    • Anonymous

      @hollar at me...dude forreal..ur jokez are like so fuckin fruitcup shit..i jus want to kno like y would i even jus assault you wit Jokez..seein you in person and sayin it was betta..but like..Internet is maybe you in person cuz.dat tough guy shit dissapear in reality and den da bitch come out datz you nigga..so like i said you rep too hard kinda turn niggaz off like your jokez and your mom wen she showed me were you was born from..lol

    • WTF????


    • SKIBO



      You sound like a bitch talking about he turning people off, so what your saying is that @ first he was turning you on and your pussy was getting wet, check for the music bitch nigga, stop getting aroused by rappers

  • Megan Fox Lover

    Kinda off topic but, Again hiphopdx is late with the dmx story. That youtube vid of him dissin "bruh bruh" plies. LMAO. Funny shit, dawg. True, but funny as hell.

  • Megan Fox Lover

    Man fuck a mixtape! Focus all your energy on the album so you can give it 100. Real talk. Id rather wait a bit longer for the album but when it come out, it comes correct.

  • Alex Mendoza

    I've been a fan of Cole since I saw him in concert with Jay-Z last fall. The Warm Up was classic but I kinda just want him to save his best tracks for the actual debut album. I know it won't sell like hot cakes but he's a huge ray of hope for Hip Hop itself. Keep it up man

  • bungalo

    ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com

  • Unda

    Interesting to say the least! Been following J.Cole since "Just Begun" from Reflection Eternal. Check out a live, on the spot beat I did in Toronto, Canada - YouTube: http://youtu.be/il3mi-b456o Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/14484915

  • Melo

    He said today on his ustream that he wasnt dropping a mixtape called villematic. It was just the single

    • Mike Meraz

      I heard him say that some of the songs on the album, he made before he was signed, but they were too good to put on Mixtapes for free lol.. that gets me excited, can't wait 4 that album.

    • Chupps

      @Mike his albums complete & from all interviews i hear of J.Cole he always saves the best material for the album, so if he wants to drop a mixtape, that's cool, new material for the fans to listen to, it's all good.

    • Mike Meraz

      I hope your right! Cause I just want this fucking album man! I'm tired of all these mixtapes! Give me some albums, then once the album drops it's not even as close to as good as the mixtapes that artist put out... cough,B.O.B!,cough, WALE!,cough..... That Kanye track was sick as shyt tho, J.cole should definitely bless that beat, hopefully your right and it is just a single over that beat entitled "Villematic".. idk.. J.Cole and Lupe bout to take over this rap Chit!

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