Kanye West Writes Song For Taylor Swift As An Apology

Kanye West continues to be remorseful about the Taylor Swift fiasco, and has written the Country star a song.

Kanye West has written a song for Taylor Swift as an apology for interrupting her acceptance speech at last year's MTV VMAs.

"I wrote a song for Taylor Swift  that's so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her," wrote West via his Twitter account (@kanyewest).

While showing remorse, West decried the fact that people sent him messages wishing he was dead due to the incident, and that people "made it into such a race issue."

"Taylor loves rap music...I love country music," Tweeted Kanye.

"I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her," revealed Kanye.

"It's starts with this..." he explained, concluding by saying, "I'm sorry Taylor."


  • Emmanuella Ohizua

    Thats nice, because of what he did,i hated him from that day but now i am thinking of forgiving him.

  • audio tech

    how 'bout a apology song for that manure called 808 & shitbreaks

  • pocketspit

    he already apologized somits just fart in the wind now aint nobody fuckin wit ye no more about the situation so i dnt think he should do it. not any thing against taylor im just sayin theres no rason 4 it no more.

  • King Kong

    Shit man,Kanye was wrong for what he did but it he didn't kill no one.and he apologised to the white people millions of times and i dont see no one saying eminem should died when he wrote that song dissing black people.

  • courtney

    I am a country music fan...but don't care for taylor swift at all...but what a scumbag for doing that, he should be banned forever from any awards show since he obviously does not know how to act properly

  • Killalex

    Fuck taylor swift, she deserved what happened. C'mon ye, don't be so emotional!

    • MJizzle27

      Taylor Swift is a corny ass bitch. Kanye is 1 of the best rappers 2 ever do it. Fuck that bitch.

    • miguel Guttierres

      Grow up man! I like Kanye too, but what he did was not acceptable. I mean Taylor was like, what, 19 or 20 years old? Still a young artist getting her shine and Kanye ruined her moment by stating that he favored Beyonce's Single Ladies (which contains absolutely NO substance at all) over hers. He should've kept that to himself and applauded Swift for her win. That was the smart thing to do. So yes. Kanye does need to be "emotional". He regrets doing that unnecessary stunt. If you rudely upstaged somebody like Kanye did when that other person did NOTHING to you, you would be regretting that later too. So shut up with that!

  • Chupps

    A lot of people in the world got nothing else to do but hate on Ye

  • Rachael Misek

    lol it starts like this....maybe it is a really great song cuz she has been crankin out crap.

  • Beats By Nova

    Say what you want bout YE', at the end of the day its all about the music. -NOVA- www.BeatsByNova.com

  • Br Promotions

    -Check Out my artist Duce Rivas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxWjjjDHLnY

  • Njck Atkins

    i dont know what's worse kanye or his fans

  • Kyle

    "Don't ever fix your lips like collagen Say something were you gone end up apologising." Kanye West Cant Tell Me Nothing Maybe someone should listen to their own songs and take their own advice lol

  • Anonymous

    you know i remember the 3rd verse off of All Falls Down and you kno i really took that verse so serious that i felt that was like the most realest, and by far the most legendary verse i ever heard by a rapper..then Kanye going up on stage and taking that the spotlight from a lil blonde girl (All American), and he got scrutinized for it..ever one she didnt deserved to win that shit..he took it to far but he was fuckin right...afterwards the media with its gay attentions ofcouse takes the lil blonde white girl side and she gets all this publicity and hype, goin on SNL, and other interviews..record sales boost...this was a year ago and he is still being threatened and shit..if that was fuckin Jazmine Sullivan or sum shit..you really thing the media still be doin this shit..and Kanye being the real person he is, why the fuck does he need to suck up to her, you makin her more famous then she is..jus very fucked up yo..I Used TO Love Her

    • -----------

      Dude you are trying to differentiate between people like Kanye, Taylor etc., and the media. They are one in the same. No difference whatsoever.

  • Kevin D

    Love ya 'Ye but I dunno about this... hell ya never know though. What I find interesting is we do not know if she will accept the song... i can see it now, a duet between the two that somehow turns into a song you hear on every local radio station except your classic rock station... we'll see. I hope he truely is remorseful though... i mean that night he went crazy he only had to wait 30 more mins and Beyonce got best video of anyone for the year... that's why Taylor got her nod for female video... They shared the wealth.

  • yya boy

    Kanye West likes the COCK

  • Hevymentl13

    Must be pretty easy to bring the race card into it, even though it had nothing to do with race. This is why the new generation hates rap,...too much negativity. I haven't liked real rap since the late 90's, only because the shit has too much negativity...and the fact that every little kid down the road knows more about hip hop than you...funny stuff.

  • ?


  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the T Swift apology song will sound like....

  • Anonymous

    i love how these celebs twitter updates make news now. specially fif, he's gonna be inthe headlines every day nowthat he uses that shit

  • Matt Agosta

    who gives a fuck about kanye and his bullshit....i really hate that everytime this dude tweets its fuckin news...fuck em

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