T.I. And Tiny Arrested For Drug Possession

UPDATE #2: Both T.I. & Tiny test positive to using ecstasy, mugshots surface.

On Wednesday night, Clifford "T.I." Harris and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were arrested for possession of a controlled substance in West Hollywood during a traffic stop.

A report from the LAPD states, "Deputies smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle, and a narcotics investigation ensued." Harris and Cottle were booked at a West Hollywood sherriff's station, with their respective bail set at $10,000 each.

Despite previous run-ins with the law, T.I. had been enjoying a successful week, after the film Takers, which he helped produce, brought in $21 million during its opening box office week.

Tip is currently still on federal probation after completing a seven month prison term for attempting to illegally purchase weapons in 200x. T.I.'s publicist declined to comment on the arrest, and both T.I. and Tiny are due  back in court for the charges on September 3.

UPDATE: New reports indicate that the rapper's luxury Maybach was initially stopped due to an illegal U-turn. The scent of marijuana led to a vehicle search. This afternoon the controlled substances found on the scene are now believed to be ecstasy and methamphetamines. The couple could face up to a year in prison based on prior convictions, including a previous meth charge on Tiny. (September 2)

UPDATE #2: Today it has been confirmed that T.I. and Tiny tested positive to using ecstasy, which is classified as a controlled substance. The Atlantic Records star and Grand Hustle Records co-founded is presently serving a three-year probation, which could greatly affect the forthcoming trial.

TMZ.com has the duo's mugshot photos. Click here to view.


  • tiff

    This is very unfortunate but noone's perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and celebs are no different. They are a really sweet couple and I will be praying for them and their family.

  • melody

    I was so sad when I heard the news. I pray for them both and especially the children. I even have a hard time holding back the tears thinking of what going to happen to the children. I pray the Lord sees them through. GOD bless you.

  • kb

    T.I. is dumb ass fuck. i dont blame him 4 the trees and x, but damn why is he messing with a ugly ass meth bitch. Is that the King of the south? HEll naw!!!!

  • equilibrium

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  • tpaine

    Man... Im on probation. It gets tough. But shit if I was rackin in mad dough I think I could live wit out the drink and drugs

  • Ignorant

    This is a definition of a Nigger

  • STFU

    Man, can you blame T.I. for taking X and smokin his brains the fuck out? Just look at Tiny. I'd be loaded beyond comprehension my damn self if I had married Fiona from Shrek. I bet he dies a little inside every time he looks at Tiny's face.

  • heflys

    I somewhat like T.I., but, as of late, he's doing some dumb shit. How the fuck you gone be on probation, yet get caught using ecstasy!?

  • james

    this dont surprise me and like i said i only listen to real sh&t what you expect from a nigga who calls himself tip and made a commercial for tips crime stoppers. Clown!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uytQClTe0v0&feature=channel

  • Shawn200

    T.I gone make it. I wish him and his family the best. Hes gotta be smarter though. You cant just be riddin dirty knowin these cops out here are lookin for reasons to pull some one down quick for anything. Especially being black man who is known for past issues, they love to handle them. If he gone do that shit keep it at the house. Im sure he has enough money to get a place built that the kids have no access to.

  • ItsKgosi!!

    i think its disgusting that people with 4 kids can be using X and meth!! im fuckin dissapointed

  • TEC-N!NA

    this nigga is just sooooo MONNNNNKEEEEEEYY

  • Br Promotions

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  • Amira

    What too say... (gasp) well he messed up big time i mean he just got out of jail what was he thinking!! Yu can really tell that people dont use there common sense now a days but i still luv his music

  • skuiiBlu3

    whta is wrong wit hym he jst got out and he acttin a fool get it together think about what yall gunna tell yo kids again that they daddy and mama are goin to jail for drugz stop playin and take care of wats inportant first


    This nigga is dumb as fuck. You just got out of prison and you're going right the fuck back. You dumb ass nigga. And you and ms.piggy are horrible ass parents. How the fuck are you going to do drugs, and raise kids? Get the fuck outta here. Dumb ass nigga.

  • jayouess

    I don't want to sound like I'm defending T.I. as dumb as he is for getting caught again, but you wouldn't believe how many people are on "meth"....E is big, it's stupid but you better believe your favorite rappers are doing it.

    • fdgfgdf

      lol and eddiemurphy makes u identifiable haha fail!

    • EddieMurrphy

      Look at this anonymous nigga defendin 'Loso's faggoty ass. he's like a little kid with his hands over his here's nonono fabolous is not on drugs. is that 50% good 50% ass cheese rapper your role model? queer? you wat did you think of my rolls in the movie Precious?

    • Anonymous

      Nah, Fabolous is not on x or Meth so Kill that T.i. Takes ? Not a good look!

  • chris

    never mind meth and e, what the heck was he doing with miss piggy's twin anyway?

  • tsweezy

    "recognize im baaaaaaaaack" HA, good joke t.i. Get your shit together

  • Yupppp

    weed. all good. wouldnt be a real rapper if he didnt get stopped with it. x. understandable, the man obviously likes to have a good time. meth? wow really t.i.? what kinda backwoods white trash town did you have to go to pick up that shit? that tiny bitch fuckin with my dude. all tiny's fault, as it is with all women

  • Anonymous

    T.I had asked for this ever since he started that whole "KING OF THE SOUTH" campaign. He's just a scrawny ass bully with a bad case of Can't-Get-Right-itis , who needs a good "foot in the ass" (verbally) and if need be (physically) to humble his monkey ass i.e * He went out of his way to shut down the career of a rapper(LIL FLIP) who was no threat at all, and isn't guilty of the claims T.I made. *His infatuation with hating on Luda is pathetic and slightly insane...WHY THE FUCK DOES HE HATE CHRIS SO MUCH? *He feels it's okay since he is the "KANG" to drop subpar music (T.I vs. TIP, Paper Trail, King Uncaged) and still have people worship him like he's an icon. As Shawty Lo once said "HE AIN'T NO JAY-Z." *He brought further embarrasment to the black entertainment industry by having a fight with a music exec (Chaka Zulu) at a black tie event. *His federal gun case (self explanatory). *His recent drug arrest and potentially violating his probation(self explanatory}. Not to mention T.I has been pushing his "Trap Music" anthem for years, so why shouldn't REAL TRAP STARS take an issue with that? Just because the dude got more money and raps nice don't mean he is above criticism.

  • c.webb

    fif and jay are the smartest dudes in hip hop they won't never get their asses caught in such bs,i respect over ti's smartness musically ,but this nigga is real dumb in this bitch turn he knows he's on probation he was rolling with a bitch carrying meth,he's fucked up,king uncaged is set to release in the next decade,i love the king,but fuck the fuck he's up now.

  • chris357

    t.i.snitch wifes a METH JUNKY LOL best story of the week she is SUPER UGLY and she is on drugs lol

  • G-ZUS

    T.I. is dumb. I mean cmon why would you marry this ugly chick. damn she s ugly.

    • leslie

      Maybe he actually loves her and that's why he married her... Are you saying that love doesn't matter only looks? Both of them are stupid for having that much money and not being able to pay off the cops. Could also be a set up. The police around here always try to put things on my peeps. They could still be pissed that he got off so light on his gun charges. Nevertheless what eva happened to innocent until proven guilty black people? You always want to drag each other down instead of trying to help each other up!

    • Articulate1

      Co-sign. T.I. is one dumb, lame asshole...Some of the richest people in this world are stupid as rocks...How can he look at that busted meth head every day? Bitch looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  • rideonemjixxer

    People are dumb. T.I. is a celebrity just like Paris Hilton,if not more so. Unfortuantely,T.I. is a felon,on probation for buying illegal guns as a felon.... C'mon people. Its not rocket science. I hope T.I. get past this,but damn hes a fool for this.

  • phillyrayne

    WTF ever, paris hilton can go around town with coke and nothing happends to he

    • camrock

      Paris was arrested and bailed out. Just like Tiny and TI. Both celebs got pulled because of a strong marianna odor. You would think they would invest in the odor eliminator (found on most mercedes E class models) to prevent the weed smoke from drifting out in the first place. But I forgot that when your coked up and rolling off X pills that you probably think you are invincible and nothing will happen to you.

    • bigshot

      yeah but paris hilton didnt have gun charges...stop making excuses you moron

    • Anonymous

      who gives a fuck about paris hilton and ppl do the same shit as they will for him. the difference is paris got multimillion inheritance backing her up this niggs got shit. dont be dumb

  • yerrrr

    I agree that normally a celebety could easily get out for weed and extact but T.I. WTF nigg u on fking probation nig u done fucked up man.

  • gage01841

    t.i need to grow the fuck up..wit the blessing this nigga has that most will kill for and he still cant get right. Ive been a ti fan since 24's but this nigga needs to wake the fuck up already

  • real nigga

    mane yall niggas fuckin stupid ti aint no dumb ass nigga shut yall hatin judgemental asses tha fuck up all celebs damn near do some kinda drug what yall thought cuz he went to jail he wasnt gon do shit no more he just go caught u jus cant get caught wit that shit..that shit aint nuthn compared to what celebs do and just dont get caught nigga jus unlucky..fuck u thought he was angel now..lmao alot of ppl really is fuckin idiots..all these niggas do sum shit jus cant get caught.

  • Whiterthanmost

    Yeah this one isn't exactly bustin a uey in your moms pinto...that's just arrogant. Idk but a year sounds like a pretty conservative number for all things considered...

  • H.

    T.I. is a real fool. Go to jail and never hear about you again. Why rappers and celebrities are so ignorant?

  • chaos1one

    That's fucked up man the pigs needa lay off there ain't nothing wrong with weed and ecstasy.

    • Anonymous

      weed no, x...??maybe but that aint the issue this whack asshole was saying one thing jumping on MTV making corny records with rihanna. changed his whole image and then did this...hypocritical fuck!

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    I dont know who's dumber T.I. or Soulja Boy

  • dashitfoo

    lol always said that bitch had a methed up face hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Damn T.I. I'm not a huge fan but I like some of your shit I was lookin forward to king uncaged but now I don't know. I just don't get why rappers get caught up in all this bullshit!! I know T.I. Is smatter than this. This reminds me of that Christ forsaken Tim westwood lil wayne free style. Tim asked wayne would he stop drinking syrup becuz of pimp C and he said no. Proff that rappers don't learn from there or anybodys mistakes.

    • explosive

      thats dumb i guess he should stop smoking cigarette seen bunch of people die from that, guess he should stop speeding down the highway seen people died from that, can't live life like that

  • fdf

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  • Melissa

    Shit happens,ok da man is stressed out and hiz wifey is wifey holdin her man down but come on dude ur FAMOUS u cant be duin wat we do,Ti needa get a low low spot and then they can both get there freak on

  • me001

    dumb and dumber, no wonder they are together, she loves been a hood rat and he loves pretending to be the king of the south, it's just something about a man that once he goes to prison and released he is NO longer appealing, f*ck a thug

  • Anonymous

    "C'mon baby, we can hop in the G5, buzz out to Cali, pick up summa dat touchy feely, and be back fo' da kids even realize we was gone."

  • DAMMIT KING!!!!!

    Didn't this nigga make $10 mil? WHy didn't he just take his whole family on a nice vacay instead of hiring a nanny & doin stuff like this?! Dammit king!!!!

    • Joann Johnson

      TI man I love u cause your black, u have a black woman and your doing your thing. I pray 4 u and your family that this 2 will pass. My son is n the feds right now and will b going 2 a halfway house n February 2011. He also writes songs and he has a little rap game going on. I want him 2 do good so bad, but society makes it really hard 4 black men that have done time. I'm not making any excuses 4 him r u, I just want u 2 do good so that he can say if TI can do it then so can I. Good luck young man and may God continue 2 watch over u and yours always.

  • Wa-Gwan UK

    Its always the exact same story with all these rappers that you get tired of hearing it: Rapper y was stopped by police for a traffic violation. When they searched his car they found this that and the other. Dont people have the sense that when they've got drugs in the car, especially when they're on probation, they dont do illegal U-turns or whatnot? Same thing with Prodigy. He did some stupid manoeuvre which got him stopped and searched and they found guns that got him 3 years.... Again, why do anything to attract attention when you're carrying stuff you shouldn't be carrying?


    Maybe if he goes back to d-block for little longer he will actually write sum better lyrics then the wack shit he released since he got out.

  • Anonymous

    yo this is slightly off topic, but i've been trying to figure out why ti is ridin so hard with tiny when he can just about whoever else he wants. the only things i can come up with are: a)that's his high scholl sweet heart b) she took his virginty c) she's like the real ride or die chick down for whatever type d0 or the puss must be... (i cant even think of good slang)... FUCKING GREAT

    • csm

      High school sweetheart? Uh... She's like 7 years older than him so that can't be. My theory is that she fronted him money to start his rap career. Remember she was the millionaire first. She was in R&B group Xcape and she wrote songs for TLC and others.

    • Stayto Myself

      WTF is going on with dude he just got out as we all know and did his lil community service and dat lil speech and now his speech don't mean shit to da kid's the only thing I can say is kid's prime example u can learn alot from a dummy if u observe what's going on in this world prime example T.I.

  • milehighkid303

    Lol snitchin' ass TI aint gettin outta this one. Probation son, be responsible. TI MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADD dumb, then these "black folks" wonder why society look at them stupid. Black man gettin money, still makin an ass outta himself with these kinda decisions, have some pride dog.....n before you E-THUGS start slanderin my ass, I got MAD love for black people, just not idiots and snitches like TI ass.

  • real talk

    why would the police search them because he smelled weed wen everybody in cali gettin blaized...SET UP

    • Real real talk

      UP North: Realest thing I read ALL DAY!

    • milehighkid303

      Word up UP NORTH, you got it right duke.

    • Up North

      It's called probable cause. That's not a setup. That's two dumb asses on probation getting caught doing something they shouldn't have been, out in public no less. You wanna talk setup? Let's talk about how you and I would be in prison for the rest of our natural lives on that gun shit alone, not cruising West Hollywood doing E and smoking Weed. Meanwhile, Prodigy been in the box for damn near three years for a .22, SMDH.

  • Anonymous

    but in the other hand publicity or takers!!! whack movie btw

  • Anonymous

    funny how dude was straight up capitalizing on his "new" image all bunch of bulllshit!

  • edubb1977


  • Rebs

    Damn.. I actually did believe T.I. had a little more sense than that.. i guess not.. Was really into T.I. a couple years back but thinks hes been slacking lately.. My last bit of respect for him just went down the drain.. I sure aint buying his next album. Dont wanna give this dude any more money so he can do E in his Maybach while the 5 kids are at home.. Fucking idiot.

    • Rebs

      btw i dont think Remy Martin will be too happy about this.. Think his gonna loose quite a few endorsement deals on this..


    time to put that money that none of our asses will ever see back to work T.I (lawyers)

  • Stephen Blakely

    T.I.-The Marion Barry of Hip-Hop!!

  • Anonymous

    tonyhood16@yahoo.com/myspace new song The Last Enemy

  • kennyken

    damn they one some hard shit...tiny on meth? dayyyymn!!

  • Mad Rocks

    FUCK NAW! lol i remember that shit it was season one i think

  • Anonymous

    ay no bullshit, this remind of that Dave Chappelle Episode when he making fun of Ms. Cleo and the dude from jail call ".....Oh wait i see something else, six months later.....you going back to jail....for the same shit"

  • DOPE!

    Fuckin idiot! How can you do drugs with 5 kids?

  • corey thomas

    ti is going to be a target for these crackers all his life


    This dude is a fucking moron.. He deserves what he gets.

  • T Bone

    oooooohhh damn...very stupid.... Nigga Tolol!!!!

  • ChiCityMafiaBoi

    T.I.'s bitch looks like she smoked her fair share of meth a long time ago patna. Or snorted it. look at her gigantic nose for christ sakes.

  • Desiree Tapara

    Rick Ross left it in the back & down the seat of the maybach

  • forkster187

    I don't mean to hate, but his music just ain't what it used to be anyway. I wouldn't be too bothered if he went back for not learning the first and second time.

  • Aymen

    She does look like a tweeker!!!

  • dont quit yo day job

    damn this nigga never guna learn.

  • janet lindsey


  • ba11n

    tiny just looked like a crackhead from day one...n ti just plain retarded

  • Larry Johnson

    man i cant believe TIP would be so stupid 2 ruin his career like that. fresh outta jail, a successful movie, just married. then this?! major mess up man!

  • veelow

    they got popped off again,plus it's tinys sec ond meth charge...... she must be on that stuff. Damn shame

  • Wiley

    Bruh you just got out of prison. Young & black + successful= a threat to society. But you will not be anymore if they permanently throw away the key. Im very dissapointed, all that "Ive change" shit is going down the drain

  • Anonymous

    hate copz man..all dey dude iz fuckin take out their childhood issues and fuck wit people who remind dem of their bullies in high school..datz y mos police man become copz cause the authority that the government and us as people give them is like so overused and misconceptual for them to handle and they just dont give a fuck..he lucky they didnt shoot his azz and said he had a Army style rifle like he had da last time..lol..

  • Sensaye252

    It's too bad, because despite his legal issues, I've always got the impression that T.I. was a decent dude. With that said, if you're under the microscope of the law, you can't fuck around like that. I'm a regular guy, and I still won't dare smoke while I drive. Wait 'til you get home and you can smoke your brains out homey. If you're on probation you can't do anything to make it even look like you're guilty. As we say in NY, he was whistlin' past the graveyard.

  • dfsd

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  • YouSerious?

    In the words of Nas: He's in his 2nd childhood

  • methAnf3damean Feeen

    ree prodigy, homie is doin 3.5 years for a pistol but they lettin TIP and weezy out early so they can get fucked up on drugs, what the fuck is that!!!!!

  • BWS-Fish

    "the old me's dead and gone" - Bullshit, it looks like all that redemption shit on the last album was just for sales. Hope he doesn't go to prison though.

  • Lay

    He must got an album comin out. The rap game has turned into WWE. Damn shame, I used to love her.

  • kenny ortiz

    yea tinys got a fat butt. but that face o man. if you wanna see tinys ass in a thong witout looking at her face click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxWjjjDHLnY

    • Ronald F. Faithums

      k, i almost never comment on shit so consider yourself lucky. Im about to plug in that link and see if its true. If it is, yo'll forvever go down as my hero. If its just you and some bullshit music with terrible quality, I'm marking you. Meaning if I ever see you post on here again, I'm just going to point out to everybody how much of a bullshit faggot you are that you have no audience. Okay, here I go, pray your not lying to me.

  • Anonymous

    gangsta or dumb. I'm gonna go with down syndrome dumb

  • Mary Grady, LAPD

    The Los Angeles Police Department was not involved in this arrest. Any reporting as such is false. We would appreciate a correction. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) made the arrest.

    • BWS-Fish

      phew, glad we got that cleared up, that was a real major concern for me... no one cares which branch of the police made the arrest, so kindly don't waste your time or ours puttin this sort of stuff on the board...

  • Anonymous

    He said he was wanted to be the new Will Smith and even dissed Jay, Nas and Eminem for being to old and not branching out..Homie bout to go back to Jail and on top of that he had a show on MTV out of all stations trying mentor teenagers to stay out of trouble..lol..if thats not the most contradictory actions in HipHOp i have ever seen, i dont know what iz.

    • dmize-one

      as sad as it is, usually the people with the best advice cant take the advice they give out for themselves... regardless of his personal struggles him reaching out and trying to help at risk youth was a good look for all involved... he might be looked at as a hypocrite by most for not taking his own advice, but that shouldnt diminish the fact that he was trying to help those kids...

    • young smith

      that shit is tooo damn true bro. how the hell u gone try to encourage someone else to stay positive and u can't keep your damn self outta trouble

  • problems/problemapro

    shit I would smoke mad weed and drop ex if I had to look at his wifey's grill every day too...that broad look like a smurf with down syndrome...

  • Lay

    The new Bobby and Whitney!!

  • K-Mo

    I'm waiting for more facts about this but my thing is, do they think about their kids?! smh

    • ninjagaiden78

      @K-Mo Wow, that is the smartest thing I have heard all day. You would think with all those kids, and we not even talking about the success he done had or none of that, but being a father, he would make better choices, but nope. Cats are too old to be messing up over and over like this. I hope he can get off, but man, all that dope???

  • freshyboi

    you would think it would have a cop proof stash box at least

  • freshyboi

    whats the point in driving around a 600+ horse power Maybach worth half a million bucks if you're not even gonna use it to run from the cops??!!??? cmon son

  • real ish

    yo for all u idiotts out der, weed is not considered a controlled substance...


    I can't believe this. Need for the facts to come out.

  • gage01841

    to murdock he wasnt arrested for weed homie they say they found crystal meth in his car...thats some shit

  • youngnascent

    drop it like its hot.

  • ikeatl

    something wrong with him boss he just can't get right

    • G'

      LIFE! if thats the movie you are quoting! And yea, damn shame if TI gets screwed over for a bit of weed. Weed ain't causing niggas to kill each other...all that other shit. Then again, its all bout power and protecting the white suburbs; thus, why weed is still viewed as a negative. Though you can get plastered at a bar as long as you have a ride home.

  • murdock

    that shit is just some weed this isnt news.hes smoking with his wife who the fuck cares?his wife is ugly as shit though hahahahaa

  • Duke

    I like TI as a artist but he bout one of the dumbest mutha fuckers. yeah it was more than likely just weed but your on probation dumb ass why risk it? i startin to think he went backwards in jail. must of been hangin with the wrong dudes in there.

  • v dat nigga

    wow so many lames what type of nigga hate on the next man for smokin and vibin wit his wife niggas on here talking bout they hope he get the book thrown at him what type of shit is that dont hate on the next nigga just cuz he got bread and can vibe and do all the shit you wish you could do lames

  • Derik Douglas

    where do it say anything about meth..if they had any other drug on them their bond would have been more then 10grand..i hate smart dumb people!!!

    • uknown2

      crackers will forever burn.

    • Kendra


    • N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. H.A.T.E.R.

      What does that have to do with him being black? Why are you trying to generalize his actions as ones taken by black people as a whole. How many black people do you personally know? Individuals who make generalized statements about people from different ethnic backgrounds normally don't have any friends from those groups or very few and get all their information on those particular groups from the media. Go somewhere else with your ignorance

  • daMTX

    is the old him really dead and gone dead and gone???????

  • Preach

    what a lame dude and fuck up. go back for 5 years for being stupid.

  • Anonymous

    this dude cannot stay out of jail for nothing... lol, it was only weed doe. errbody smoke weed. legalize the shit already! ANYWHO, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • J Pipe

    this is a slap in the face after they took it so easy on him last time. they should smash him this go round. a lesson needs to be taught to this dude. he taking that king shit to for.

  • G

    She's not even that good looking.

  • freshyboi

    no respect for anyone that fucks with the meth

  • train

    and who said crystal meth was the whitemans drug?? haa

  • dirtdawg

    And you thought DMX and Paris Hilton were some dumb riders...

  • freshyboi

    free prodigy, homie is doin 3.5 years for a pistol but they lettin TIP and weezy out early so they can get fucked up on drugs, what the fuck is that!!!!!

  • Truth enola

    Daaamn ..!!!! she slumpin bigtime.

  • rochelle

    He was just tlaking about how he didn't want to be like Jay-z. Cause this is so much better, cause while jay is bringing in close to 60 million a year and vacationing with his wife. T.I. is riding his wife down the street smoking and drinking sizzurrpp!! this the kind of ish you do with the side girl not the wife..yeah he is on his way to being the next Will Smith for sure!! this guy. SMDH

  • zombie

    She look like a cyclone hit her.

  • Bauce

    Rofl. Knew marrying that thing wouldn't for out for ol Tip

  • really though

    This has got to be the dumbest couple ever! TI needs a reality check, you do not sit on top of the world and continue to breal the law just because you can sell albums! Tiny needs to be home with her kids and she wouldn't have to worry about getting caught up! Does she ever be home with them? She always chasing after TI. It's a a damn shame that Tiny is trying to promote a young girl's group and they all are surrounded by drugs, guns, sex, and god knows what else.

  • Garvin Inoa

    Thats crackhead shit. If he aint do a bid for 20 machine guns, the snitch will get off out of this one too.

    • argenys

      So what if he snitched? A weapons dealer might be behind bars because of that info.

    • real shit really?

      are you fucking retarded? he clearly snitched, if your dumb ass would just look at the laws broken and the time he (a multiple felon) received. You ask who he snitched on, but you obviously haven't thought about where this snitch got all those heavy duty weapons. Open your eyes, quit trying to defend this guy cause you like his music and think he's "G".

    • real shit

      still on the snitch stuff? i mean really who could he have told on about that??? please someone answer lol goodness enough

  • Janice Pinkney

    dont know much about TI and Tiny but dude needs a reality check and Tiny needs to think about a life of jail and bail being married to TI lmao


    its nothing small possesion charge add on to the probation.. lmao @ a nigga getting the book thrown at him for a possesion charge how the fuck can you wish jail time on somebody you dont even know or did anything to you...sucker azz


      only people i wish time on is rapist i dont know TI so why would i wish time on that man my g i really hope nothing happends to the man or his wife like i said fuck niggaz wishing jail time on another man so yall think he gone get violated over a weed scented car and some xpills that somebody else gone take the charge for?

    • J Pipe

      he gets the book thrown at him b/c he voilated. when us regular folk voilate we get the time the judge put aside plus the new time for the new charge. whether it was weed or not he still voilated.

    • edubb1977

      if you knew what t.i. was involved with you would want the book thrown at him also but like i said thats if you knew so before you speak why dont you do some research and then come with a rebuttal sucka ass

  • gok

    Let me guess. He gets off with 10hrs community service...

  • edubb1977

    the illuminati kept his ass from doin hard time about those guns i wonder how they are gonna feel about this lmao dumb nigga

  • edubb1977

    I hope t.i. get the book thrown at his bitch ass but it probably wont happen you get that special treatment when your involved with secret societies regardless though fuck t.i. he is overrated anyway i have nothing against tiny she is always fly

  • Articulate1

    Damn that bitch has to be the most hideous gremlin I ever saw...And T.I. is a fuckin' idiot...dude is on probation and cant keep his nose clean for 5 minutes...what a loser.

    • Lettemrun

      You aint lying man. People have been saying this nigga has never learned his lesson because he keeps getting caught up. I never really believed that but its clear this nigga still doesnt get it! How the fuck did he violate already? All those MTV/BET specials (commercials) about his road to redemption or whatever fuck shit. Damn shame.

    • edubb1977

      tiny aint that bad damn dude cut her some slack i guess your girl must be a perfect dime fuck that your girl better be a dime with the way you talking about tiny lmao

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