Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 8/29/2010

Drake gets his million, Usher's EP rings some bells, while acclaimed albums from The Roots, Big Boi and Distant Relatives all reach to clear 200,000.

Eminem's Recovery was bumped once more. The lovely Katy Perry's Teenage Dream assumed the #1 slot, with her new album, featuring Snoop Dogg and production from Stargate. The second slot went to Fantasia's Back To Me. At #3, The Aftermath release sold just under 100,000 units last week. It was announced last week that Eminem's live show will now include a full-band, further adding to the Detroit superstar's artistic evolution.

It was Usher who may have had the most pleasing week on the charts. The Atlanta entertainer's EP Versus pulled in a #4 debut. The nine-song collection of Raymond v. Raymond-era recordings sold just under 50,000 first-week units. Drumma Boy, Polow Da Don and Jim Jonsin are amoung the producers on the EP. Meanwhile, the original Raymond v. Raymond maintained a Top 20 performance, having just recently reached platinum.

Rick Ross crossed the 350,000 mark with Teflon Don. The Def Jam rapper's fourth official album features work from veterans such as No I.D., DJ Clark Kent and Cee-Lo. Ross' album marches towards gold. Drake's Thank Me Later reached the million mark. This is just the second 2010 Rap album to do so, after Eminem's Recovery. The album features production from Kanye West, Timbaland, and Drake's in-house team of Boi-1da and 40.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
3 Eminem Recovery
98,000 2,328,000
4 Usher Versus
46,000 46,000
17 Rick Ross Teflon Don 21,000 353,000
18 Drake Thank Me Later
20,000 1,014,000
19 Usher Raymond v. Raymond
20,000 1,037,000

Outkast's Big Boi was back in the Top 50 at #49. His critically-acclaimed Def Jam debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty features artists such as T.I., Gucci Mane and Too Short, with production from Organized Noize, Scott Storch and Lil Jon. Bun B's Trill O.G. fell to #55. Bun's album is the first since moving his Rap-A-Lot Records distribution from Asylum to Universal Fontana. The third in the "Trill" series features appearances from Drake, Gucci Mane and posthumous verses from 2Pac and Pimp C, while production is handled by DJ Premier, Boi-1da and veteran UGK producer Steve Below. In two weeks, Trill O.G. is fast-approaching the 100,000 mark.

HipHopDX Underground Report alum Mike Posner approaches 50,000 sold of his 31 Minutes To Takeoff. The Michigan native and J Records artist found a great deal of cross-over success with his debut, after previous collaborations with Hip Hop artists such as Bun B, Big Sean and Saigon. The Roots' acclaimed How I Got Over ended up at #77. This other Def Jam release features extended Roots family Dice Raw, Truck North and others, in addition to Blu, Phonte and Peedi Peedi. Lastly, Universal Republic Records' release of MTV's Jersey Shore soundtrack features a number of the label's Rap artists, including Lil Jon and DXnext alum Kid Sister, as well as Pitbull and former G-Unit producers Midi Mafia.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
49 Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty 8,700 154,000
55 Bun B Trill O.G.
8,000 76,000
72 Mike Posner 31 Minutes To Takeoff
5,700 44,000
77 The Roots How I Got Over
5,300 136,000
160 Various MTV's Jersey Shore Soundtrack
2,900 33,000

Will DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill's Kill Devil Hills take the charts by force? Will Fabolous' There Is No Competition 2 be the latest retail mixtape success story? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.


  • bash

    You idiots who say em sells cuz he's white sound like angry republicans.stfu already, so what he sells mad records, dont hate.

  • Mrnoluv

    So let me get this straight, people on here are saying Em is only selling because he is white. They are saying good albums/rappers aren't selling because haters...So tell me this, why are you guys criticizing people like me that say hip hop is dead, lol? It makes no sense. You guys are proving the point. If Em only sells because of his race and not talent (which I don't believe by the way), rappers like Rick Ross and Big Boi don't sell because of haters (I don't believe that either they just suck), how can these same people say hip hop is alive and well? It makes no sense. These are prime examples of why its a dying or dead art.

  • blackman

    man i wish yall would stop hatin on rick ross this is just a prime example of how black really hate each i thought when obama became president yall niggaz would start makin changes but yall worst than white people back in the 50s and 60s

  • Anonymous

    Em sells because he is the representation of the white "hip hop" lover. It validates the white fan to be able to dabble in the predominately black genre. By proclaiming he is the best, even though there are convincing arguments demonstrating he clearly isnt, it allows for white/suburban kid to be entitled to huge fanatics w/o being stigmitized with words like Wigga! At the end of the day, Em and Drake are just pop's world of accepted good rap, but we that inspect the underground and learn to love hip hop know that there is a huge spectrum of good, talented, and aren't corporately puppeteered to sell us an image and false message. I mean come on what is "love the way you lie" corny ass PSA compared to the rawness of Immortal Technique's weakest song? These album sales mean nothing, as they just illustrate the corporate manipulation of young minds. The easily hyped and readily convinced individuals that buy into intricate marketing. Open your EYES, these industry is one of many where the media tells you what to listen to... It encourages ignorance so we can submissive to those in power. Drake really isnt going to let you be outraged to the atrocities of the world. Open yo eyes!!! And if you are still reading power to you, for you are engaging in truthfulness!

  • tomqEW@yahoo.co.uk

    how da fk has wack ass rick roos sold more than big boi?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem keep selling cause hes white.....How many other people CD's where better...alot..i just hate the way HipHOp gone from actual lyricism and great music, to depressing as Albums with Lypsynching performances...and Drake..forreal..his albums was iight to hit Platinum next year..but he had two hits and a banging azz mixtape so he had an excuse...Eminem not really..but again he's White...no Races

    • Chitown

      @DOwntownHarlem- That doesn't even make sense. Of course he had a formula to make money. What successful CD doesn't? If he was white with no skill he wouldn't sell shit. Ask Asher Roth. Stop trying to take away from the man and start looking at what's wrong with rap in general. There is no longer any variety in rap. That is the problem. A real artist will sell if they make good music and talk about something besides pussy, money, and cars. It's amazing how so many rappers are limited in the subjects they talk about. They haven't been anywhere or seen anything in this world so they have nothing to talk about.

    • Anonymous

      wtf is races???? its racist, assholes! SMDH

    • DOwntownHarlem

      naw...He's white thats why..lol...not soundin outta of diz world races. but he talkin about bullshit...Concept album..his albums was called...Relaspe and Recovery....in recovery...he only had two or one song that somewhat talked about that...he is no different than other rappers man...you have an agenda..rap smart, or rap money..he rap money to cause he had not only a pop singer on his single but a Diva Actress in his video and another actress...Marketing..money..his skin marketing...great formula to have the best selling album this year even if its not the best or had best reviews or affect on what HipHOp stand for..

    • miguel Guttierres

      Agree with Chitown.

    • Chitown

      So what if he's white. Is it true that his sales are inflated because of it? Yes. Has Eminem himself admitted it? Yes. The fact is that most rappers now have no creativity and are all talking about the same shit. Who they want to fuck, how big that girls ass is, and how much money they spend. Eminem at least tries to talk about other shit and that's a big reason why he's selling and they're not. Who wants to keep hearing the same party music bullshit over and over again. Emotion is what hip hop(not rap)is all about. Biggie had it, Pac had it, KRS 1 in his prime had it,Outkast have it, all the best have it. Biggie and Pac sold just as much as Em because they talked about more then party and bullshit 24/7.

    • gutter man

      eminem bent over big time to stay relevant in the mainstream market where albums are sold (to little kids) and he pretends he changed his sound becasue he had this mental breakthrough. eminem has been using emotional stories to manipulate his fans into brand allegience for years.

  • gutter man

    oh - the big boi album is pretty dope. kills bun b's commercial generic synth beat album

  • owner of the boner diploma AKA gutter man

    every album on this list is weak and/or wack including bun b's weak attempt and the roots' cry baby under produced ( for the roots ) album. GET THAT DJ MUGGS VS. ILL BILL- KILL DEVIL HILLS album- or kill yourself. pussies!

  • imeafk

    a serious factor for album sales is the cd price. You can have your album cost 1$ and push 100k units and you can have your album cost 10$ and push 10k. They make the same money but billboard says the 1$ is 10 times more succesful than the 10$ cd. (numbers are for the example)

    • gutter man

      its not a huge factor- hardly anybody sells their shit for a buck. i'm cool with illegal downloads, but i would charge atleast 10 bucks for an album someone can own and enjoy forever.

  • hiohop

    lets be real is drake really that good hell no is is ok but damn wayne still spittin hot boys shit n drake spit shit over and over the same thing damn talk bout something new, if you say you want to be the greatest i listen to your music the word not the beat and all you do is say shit over n over n over keep it real lets see your true skills, man paint me a pic like pac biggie outkast slick rick shit something and wayne get back on the hot boys shit the new wayne sucks ass and you know it thats i download you shit on torrents, its not worth a true music fan money, my bad for any misspellin i am tired of all the bullshit mucis comin out of artist mouths that claim they are the best n cant relate to real music fan,you want to say hiphop stop puttin out bullshit and keep it to your self till you figure out away to make that shit sound worth listening too

  • ItsKgosi

    It doesnt really matter how long it took to go plat, what matters is that a million copies of ur music were sold. Thats something!!

    • J Pipe

      shid it was doing good til Em dropped. that shit put a halt to Drake real quick but he went plat for his rookie cd

    • miguel Guttierres

      Well, for Drake, it kinda does matter how long it took. Remember how everyone was hyping him up like he was the best thing since sliced bread? Where were they at? It should've went plat in two or three weeks, not two and a half months. TWO AND A HALF MONTHS, MAN! It's September now and that thing was released back in June. That was a perfect time for Drake's worshippers to pick the album up. So what happened? Not really good for someone who had a lot of unnecessary hype and radio stations playing this guy's songs like five times an hour.

  • MPistol

    any true hip hop head knows that album sales - especially this lot - "at times" are golf scores

  • dfgd

    http://www.youtube.com/305ilovemia#p/u No Image No Gimmicks Just Bangin Ass Music I Love M I A Presents $WonDough$ http://www.youtube.com/305ilovemia#p/u

  • Anonymous

    All these rappers still goin platinum buyin their own shit wit the success of their first's couple of releases ain't nobody sellin in these economic times.The white dude sellin only cause his race is supportin him.The internet leaked Ross whole album on datpiff weeks before it's release so who's dumb enough to go & spend money when they don't have to.Ross's Album only 7.99$ in stores.So shout to tha "Bo$$" for still gettin those kinda #s.Although "Deeper than Rap" is better than Teflon Don in my Opinion.

    • Anonymous

      haha @ those ppl stating "support our race" if there messages perpetuates ignorance you are making a stranger rich while he his label and company further capitalizes on your ignorant mistakes funny how the rapper of today makes it cool to poor and ignorant. teflon don a joke em a joke drake a joke!

    • Anonymous

      our race...to cheap to support ourselves..lol...lookin at the population of our race around the world and at whites...we are clearly outnumbered...then add rich, middle class, poor and downright gutter..we are in a big portion of poor and gutter..and datz how HipHop got started in the dirts and concrete floors we sleep on we started a art..but Money and these fuckin Industry fuckz are jus makin it a business that turned into a empire that iz controlled not by the onez who invented it but the Babylon oppressors, who once again took something from us and brainwashed millions...that my friendz is jus plain on World Social Issues

    • thats just stupid

      i think its funny how people who hate artists try to claim that the artist or the label buys the artists own album. but, thats kinda stupid. for the sake of this argument, im gonna use simple numbers. lets say lil wayne drops an album for $10 and gets $1 back in revenue.(artists really dont make that much back per record, he might cuz he writes his own material and sells records, but singers who dont write, and rookies get less than that) so if rebirth sold 300,000 units that means he just made $300,000. right? right. so, if you're going to buy your own records, your not gonna buy 10,000 or 20,000. those are small numbers, you want to make an impact on the charts. so lets say he bought 200,000 records. he just spent $2 mil and recouped 200k in revenue giving him a net loss of $1.8 mil. him, or the label. so, why would he, or the label buy the artists own records? it makes no sense at all, esp when they could use that money to further promote the artist instead of wasting it on a certification, or just to push a few more units. in conclusion, an artist or label buying an artists own records... thats just stupid. ty

    • LKM

      they also released em's whole album as well as drake's and it was like 2 or 3 weeks before they released it and they both went platinum might not like it but they did it

    • Scenario Boss

      OK? maybe if our race support our artists they'll sell also!

  • LOL.

    hate it or love it drake went platinum yes it took him a month and a couple of weeks but at least he went platinum and its the second time a hiphop artist went platinum say drake isn't hiphop cool but gotta give credit when credit is due i just hope people buy real music when j.cole's album drops but for now congrats to drake

  • Kempy

    MC's do not read freestyles off their Blackberrys. Here is Drake on Hot97 doing just that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uKSeyYFGRo This is a big no-no. I'm surprised he wasn't run out of the game for this.

  • Anonymous

    I'm lil suppirsed by Ross sales I mean 350 seems like slot even with all the guests on the album.... Maybe it's just me. Also I got that new Katy perry album to and it'd pretty good. Fun fact the beat for E.T was supposed to be for three 6 mafia.

  • BOss

    white kid tryin to rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxRLpYYvpcQ

  • da1

    damn drake it took you long enough. All that hype you had it should have only taken you a week or two to reach those numbers. And it's funny he came out a week before eminem and eminem didn't have nearly as much hype as him and still sold twice as much.

    • JordanM91

      Eminem had as much hype as drake, just a different type. This was drake's debut album, eminem already had a loyal fanbase patiently waiting for his album. I read some article last year that relapse 2 (recovery) was the most anticipated album of the year, so there was plenty anticipation. Besides, drake did great for a debut album, and I'm not even a fan of him

  • exclusiveKICKS2


    • Anonymous

      i think ppl are biased towards mainstream artists because it is noted that those rappers do not have full control over there albums. If somehow these rappers seem to make a huge impact where they disturb the status quo, they are automatically shut down!! so why would one really want to listen to a person that is willing to be censored to ideas that may cause chaos???? i guess i am biased because i am down to listen to those that deliberately attempt to DESTROY the status quo! i cannot listen to these mediocre puppets because when you sell yourself to Corporate control that is ultimately what you are. keep minds ignorant and complacent to do so.

    • JordanM91

      Hate to break it to u, but jadakiss and nas still shit on those artists. Ppl like u are as biased as can be, you automatically shut out mainstream rappers and label them all is shitty, and then go listen to underground rappers because u think theyre so cool that they aren't mainstream and nobody knows about them. Sorry to burst ur bubble, but they're are mainstream rappers that are just better overall then some underground rappers

    • The.Watcher

      i hate to break it to you, but Jada and Nas are as mainstream as can be without being pop, now if you were talking about Def Jux/Rhymesayers/Stones Throw/Duck Down artists then your post might be legit.

    • JordanM91

      Personally, I wouldn't even mention Kanye or Wayne in the same sentence as Eminem or Jay-Z. And it's not about sales that puts an artist at the top. Nas doesn't sell that great and he is in my top 5, same goes with Jadakiss. Now if you were talking about best mainstream rappers, then your list might be legit.

  • The Ghost BKS1

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  • footwear

    new ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com


    Wow, 1,014,000 unhappy owners of thank me later. I know for sure 80% of those records will end up in the garbage dump by next year


    so let me get this right DEF JAM brought records...but interscope didnt...GTFOH

  • freshyboi

    def jam obviously bought the shit out of rick ross album for higher first week sales,

  • b haze

    drake this and drake that fuck that lil punk ass canadian soap opera star. he should go back to acting, he can write songs, but he has no flow, he cannot ride a beat for his life. he is ruining the industry with his corny r&b bullshit. drake is nothing more than an industry created artist, doing whatever the execs tell him to do, selling his soul to make money. p.s. how many rappers you know that appeared on soap operas, (none) thats right. thats gangsta, lol.

    • Anonymous

      and i'm going to add the a FEMALE wrote this, so when you bring you chauvinistic attitude that drake is good because it appeals to women. im going to let you kno that arguement holds no water if a man evet bought that for me a would let him know i aint down with that corny nonsense

    • Anonymous

      wow flames you are seriously corny as hell. that is why i assume you like drake. the whole is an "artist" flip is not understandable when there isnt any depth in his lyrics. They are as unimaginative as they get explain what is versatility? because doing a bunch of nonsense at once isnt the definition! the whole gangster thing isnt even in the argument it is literally STUPID for you to insinuate that those whom dislike drake do so because they are into mediocre gangster rap

    • Mr. Soap

      Snoop dogg & Lauren Hill has appeared on them.

    • khordkutta

      Just say dude is bad actor, but thats like dissin MOS DEF and Will Smith.

    • flamez

      Hater in the house. Drake 1st of all is an artist. He is not just limited to rapping. He can also sing and even act. His versatility will take him a long way. Why does a rapper have to be gangsta to be good? When rap/hip hop was 1st created it had nothing to do with being gangsta, hip hop was created as a message, a movement. Rap did not become "gangsta" until NWA was created and still they lived normal lives once the mic was down and the camera's was off. So I wish the best to Drake as "Thank Me Later" is a great album. If the females love it, it will sell because they will make sure it gets bought. 9 times out of a 10 a dude will buy the album for a gift for a woman anyway.

  • Megan Fox lover

    Im real happy for my boy Drizzy Drake for getting his 1st platinum plaque. Keep em coming!!! But let me be honest for a minute and say i bought that Katy Perry joint. idgiveafuck that shit is my guilty pleasure. Hip hop is so dead at the moment but im NOT into pop. But theres something about Katy's voice. . . i just saw the cover art . . . she can get it in the worst way

  • Jay Freer

    i didnt realize Drake's album was a "rap" album...

  • Realhiphopky

    It's Good to See Drake's Album goin Platinum, now he is on the List of the Few artist that Can still do that, "Eminem,Jay-Z,Lil Wayne,T.I and Kanye was 1, but we will see after the Taylor Swift Backlash! Goin Platinum these days is like goin over 5 times platinum in the late 90's early 2000's. And Now Goin Gold is like goin platinum! If i was a Strugglin Rapper, i would segway into Movies like Mos Def and Common and get that Hollywood Papper! lol

    • Realhiphopky

      Another JerkBoy, So you tellin me, that if you were in the Rap Game and you saw your sales and Money take a Hit, lets say like Nelly, or Ja'Rule. You tryna tell me that they shouldn't try to get Movie checks? F*ck what you say, i would, and i would keep doin Movies until i was Morgan Freemans Age. And Just about every Rapper that's signed does it for the Money, only underground cats do it for the art. The F*ck are You talkin about!

    • Anonymous

      @Realhiphopky why is everything about making paper. according to you if the artist isn't doing well they should do movies. muhfucker who said anything about movies. the topic of discussion is music. do you think if i'm not willing to spend ten dollars on an album of YOUR music, that i'd pay to see you in a movie? NO these artist need to buckle down and make some music period and stop usin the shit as a shortcut to do other shit. that's why the game is fucked up now cuz niggas can't even focus on the task at hand and put together a couple of good songs. be an actor or open a business by all means just don't pick up the mic if you never wanted to. if i'm to support these guys they better be passionate bout what their doin

    • what

      damn dude, jerkboy? why i gotta be all a that. now you done gone and hurt my feelings.. but nyway, i wasn't trying to correct you, i was just say drake shouldnt be considered in that list, bc its easier for a new artist to sell more, bc people are always looking for something new (check the stats, most artist that come w/ that type of hype always end up dying out) and on the Carter 4, im sure lil wayne may sell a million, but i was just saying for now he cshouldnt be on the list, cuz he has to prove himself first

    • Realhiphopky

      I said he can still go platinum meaning that it doesn't happen often anymore! And Since your tryna Correct people, Lil Wayne put out a Rock album that went Gold, The Carter 4 will Go Platinum jerkboy, and we can Bet your life Savings on that! It might not be the 1st week, but it will eventually sell a mil, even if it takes 6 months.

    • what

      how do you say Drake CAN STILL go platinum? this is his first album, its the first time...he would have to do it agin for you to phrase it that way. and how is lil wayne on that list? tge last time i checked, his last album only went gold......

  • Ice Cold

    Eminem the greatest of all time like kanye and drake said

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