DX News Bits: Lloyd Banks, Ruff Ryders and Trick Daddy

Lloyd Banks is joined by Styles and Nipsey for new album and Trick Daddy cleans house at Dunk Ryder while Ruff Ryders Indy is launched.

Lloyd Banks is prepping the release of his latest album, Hunger For More 2 and he's confident it will do well, according to an interview he recently did with Cutiepye. "I think it's going to do very well," he said. He also announced that Styles P and DX Next alum Nipsey Hussle will be on the album, along with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo, among others. As for his crew, Banks acknowledged that his group has maintained their strength through all the turmoil. "We stuck by each other," he said. "Money sometimes makes things change but I think that we have managed our money well...Things remained cool."

In other news, one time Hip Hop powerhouse, Ruff Ryders will continue their history with the genre by releasing material under a new independent branch.  CEO and President Joaquin "Waah" Dean will lead the way with Dedra Tate as the label's Director of Operations. Ruff Ryders Indy will be distributed through Fontana/Universal and will feature a roster with Mook, Drag-On, Shella and Lil Joaquin. 

In Ryder news, Trick Daddy recently announced that he had to clean house over at Dunk Ryder Records, saying he is now focusing on the release of his autobiography and the making of his next album, www.thug.com2. The Miami rapper spoke with AllHipHop, detailing his moves. 

“Due to bad business practices in my name and Dunk Ryder Records, I had to clean house," Trick noted. "To anybody that had to deal with any part of that, I want you to know that I was not informed about what was going on but when I found out I handled it. So I do as I always do, stay on the grind and leave the BS behind me.”

Now, he's got his mind on his latest projects which include an album (www.thug.com2) and an autobiography focusing on his life and fight with Lupus (Magic City: Trials of a Native Son). Both are being worked on and have not been given official release dates as of yet. 


  • milehighkid303

    Very nice to see these callabos, was only a matter of time before the two sickest groups from NY got together (besides Wu, thats a given). You freakin internet GOOBERS kill my ass with the Unit hate. The Unit remains supreme again, they've stuck thru the long haul and Banko brings the truth to the mic. Besides these dudes are so loyal to one another and play the game how it should be played. They've been around for more than a decade, you HERBS need to just take a ticket and get in line. ITS THE UNIT!

  • Anonymous


  • spax

    what happend to all the beefin styles has with gunit and all those mario shoutouts in the beef tracks, got damn i remembered those day the whole d-block came hard against g-unit(fuck j-hood for snitching), and now styles will be featured on banks album ??????? cot damn its all ACTING

    • jesterdxxl

      Your late mate didn't you see the vid where G Unit (50, Banks & Yayo) was in New York with the Lox, Dip Set & even Slaughterhouse etc???


    i see that single got banks thinking he gonna do # ha (www.thug.com1)was trick best album i still play that album like it drop last week

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