J. Cole To Open For Eminem & Jay-Z At This Week's New York Concerts

UPDATE #2: J. Cole will open up for Eminem and Jay-Z in New York.

Eminem will be performing with a live band for his much-discussed, four-show tour with Jay-Z, reports the Detroit Free Press.

While Eminem is certainly no stranger to using live instrumentation in his performances (the rapper had The Roots back him for his live rendition of "Lose Yourself" at the Grammy Awards).

"The production is very, very complicated, a lot of moving parts, because it's only the four shows," explained production director Dan Parise.

"This is their vision," he said of the shows, two of which take place in Detroit's Comerica Park, and another two in New York's Yankee Stadium. "My job was to make it reality. But the concept, the idea, the messages they're trying to get across -- it's all theirs." (August 30)

UPDATE: B.o.B. has been added as an opening act for the Detroit show on September 2. B.o.B. and Eminem collaborated on "Airplanes Pt. 2" from the Georgia emcee's debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray. (September 1)

UPDATE #2: After Grand Hustle's B.o.B. opened up for the "Renegades" in Detroit, Roc Nation's J. Cole will treat New York fans to a concert at New York's Yankee Stadium. Jay-Z's latest artist is planned for both Monday and Tuesday's performances of next week.



  • Ldub

    lets put it this way, its hard to declare the best alive/best ever...there are too many opinions, Pac and Big fans have their valid arguments, em jay nas rakim big L big Pun etc have their valid arguments as well...im just gonna make a prediction, not saying its gonna be true, but i think jcole has the ability to be in that least when its all said and done, he's so talented...my personal opinion, no rapper can match eminems technical skills on the mic, and he's an easy top 10 maybe top 5 lyricist...nas is probly the best lyricist...pac is the realest, biggie and big L had the best flow/punchlines, and HOV is right there with Biggie with flow, and his longetivity is unbelievable...and rakim was a pioneer, who had crazy skills...every great hiphop artist has brought something different to hiphop, and i respect each one...i love this genre so much!

  • TheGhostBKS1


  • Jay

    No disrespect to B.o.B. bc he did his thing at the Detroit shows, but I woulda much rather saw J.Cole open in Detroit. I was disappointed to hear that he would be performing in New York only. The show was still insane though and i'm sure the two shows in NY will be as well.

  • kj

    This is good news. J-Cole is the future of pure rap (2010 version of Nas). Hopefully he delivers. I've overcome my bias against Em. The race issue evens out pros and cons. Forget all that, skills wise, dude is top 10 rapper ever(lower tier) whether we like it or not. But let's not get carried away with comparing him with the Nases, Jays, Pacs. He ain't on their level yet. Enjoy the music people.

    • Whiteboy

      agree with you re: J Cole.. dude is the future of pure rap.. he has bars for days. just needs to get over producing himself cuz he ain't no 'Ye.. it's holding him back. Who Dat is the first track where he has real cross-over potential, cuz he finally let someone give him some heat to rhyme over.

    • Whiteboy

      you're letting race could your view man, straight up.. I ain't callin you racist but you obviously got problems with white people that's making you underrate Em.. Fact is, I don't even listen to his music, but Em has tighter flow, and can simply out-rap ANY rapper dead or alive. Jay is my man. Jay is by far the best rapper ever to do it when you look at his content, longevity, biznis etc, but Em has murdered him a couple times, and if you're talkin straight lyrical talent and bars, Em is the best to ever do it. Dude just needs to stop talkin about so much wack shit.

  • Anonymous

    I've seen Cole live and I could tell he's passionate about his music. There's not many guys like him that came into the game with that much potential and talent. Some started off kinda bad but got better, but it seems like he arrived at a perfect time to save Hip Hop.

  • jay

    DAMNNNN My 3 Favorite MC'S all on 1 stage!!!!!id give anything to go!!! Jay Em N J.Cole...dats Kinda hard to top!!

  • sharpsh00ter155

    stop all your hatin. jay has 3 classics. (Reasonable doubt, Blueprint, Black album) em has 2, maybe 3 classics. (MMLP, Eminem show, maybe SSLP) Snoop has 1, maybe 2 (Doggystyle, maybe blue carpet treatment) Dre has 2 (obvious) nas has 4 (Illmatic, it was written, stillmatic, god's son) i think we know who the greatest alive really is.

  • Straydawgwtf305

    Eminem is nicer than most..whether you like it or not..he may not be fuckin wit Nas or Jay, but any other rapper, nobody cant fuck with him man forreal..Eminem. for being white should be atleast respected because the biases of rappers and black people who always think because hes white, a sort of connection or feel of the fact he struggled shouldnt or isnt there, and thats wrong cause he grew up in a trailor home in Detroit.i guess what he raps is a different perspective of life that ofcourse most blacks cant relate to but its realler than some of these fake ass rappers braggin about what they did, not havin a social conscience, tellin people what they did and how to stay away from that type of life..that separates the good and bad because the bad iz always followers...and he seem to really love it, so if your hearts in it, then u cant knock a nigga naw mean, or hate, so stop all this racist shit..and races bias too cause theres too much dickridin both wayzzz

    • Anonymous

      itz not Eminem oh no...itz you fuckin Fanz, and ya all mostly are white..like fuck, ya jus keep hypin something up...ya motherfuckaz were nowhere to be found wen his azz went into hiding and then ya comeback when these "hes da best" compliments and shit...fuck man..ya jus give hiphop a bad name dickriding this motherfucka so much itz annoying..this fuckin news about J.Cole..than ya sai some shit that make it seem like ya niggaz git wet and bothered by hearing eminems name..okay you have someone that looks like you rapping, hes not that great damn, stop sayin he great, hez nice, but chill da hellout, his lyrics aint shit compare to alot of rappers, he he makes of popstars and fiances and his mom, so what shit..okay..he 2D rapper, with HD to see his skin color, makez him look better to are you Eminem stans who jus like his personality.and Peas went Trip cause they are a pop group..they left HipHop in the 90's and Akeys is R&B thats not rap, plus, they had way better albums then EMinem period this year, his albums sucked...and all of you gave it probably 4 or 5's. not worth minus that..

    • NiggFRMCA

      Anonymous, you are the dumbest fuck ever. You scream racism and white people this and that and all this BS about Eminem but don't you think white people bought Jay's album. How did the Peas go nearly triple and Akeys go double. White people do buy a bunch of CDs but to diss Em all the time (which you seems to wet your panties on) is ridiculous. I'm wondering what Shady did to make you such a hater. Did he not return your fanmail or what. I personally don't believe Em to be the best out there but he is among the top 3 out there right now. And you're a dumb fuck if you don't recognize that. Stop your hating.

    • JMAC323

      You stupid fuck it has nothing to do with him being white, nobody has better flow, metaphors, similes and multis than em. You're caveman ass is just too slow to catch them.

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up..Humanitarian azz bitch...lets hold hands..get da fuck outta here..dude..racial bias will always be there man...Eminem will always have so much support to be slated as top rapper and a great because the support of his fans whom are white, that wont support other black rappers as much as him..always will be like that, they cling to what they percieve to be a comfortable and psychological niche, white people arent going to listen too much to rapper saying nigga all the time..lol..forreal..thats gon b awkward ass hell, and most rappers say nigga alot dont matter what they talking about..most white fans are that of Suburb white kids, cause then if they arent how are they buyin CD's.concert tickets, and all dat. and if they arent itz probably an hypothetical percentage like 2% or sum shit... so fuck you bitch, talent is underrated so much by real shit that people never want to talk about, and people look at someone as ignorant for sayin it..come on the real world iz can make you be too politically correct to blind you from real shit..

  • Lsn22s

    damn i wish i could go to one of those NY shows...o well...congrats to anyone with tickets... just gotta say something here... what is with all the racial comments about em? i'm half black/half white and got love for anyone whos' a decent person fuck skin color...em makes music, u dont like it, dont listen...people really like em, you dont like it, you dont have to agree...its pretty simple...i know white people who HATE eminems music and all types of different races who DO like him...its just peoples opinion...and if anyone out there really ONLY listens to em cuz he's WHITE, their opinion doesnt matter in hip hop anyways...real hip hop heads of all races can appreciate a dope artist of any race...sure him being white probably helps him sell a bunch of records, but so what? as long as the records are tight why should anyone care? real heads buy his music too, it is what it is...catching feelings over him being white just makes you look insecure... anyways...jay is dope...em is dope...and i wish i could go to one of those shows...o well...

  • Jerry carlock

    no other rapper's catalog is even close to jay-z's including eminem! I like em but song for song? He cant fuck with jay? He would end up in the crowd watching jay for an extra 5 hours because he would run out of hits! lol

    • Anonymous

      I doubt Eminem cares about sales..lol..forreal..he is the one rapper that does not need a gimmick to sale..lol..he a real ass dude, but his lyrics just not that good and thats the point i am makin so stop hypin him up...you only hate when you call him garbage..i am jus callin him as i see him, a good rapper, not a great like most fans on this site call him because of his sales...and Jay-z i bet most of the people buy his album arent white..because jay has a fanbase from the early 90's homie, includ..Adults, teenagers, girls, and i bet most of New York City, jersey and PHilly was the high portion of his sales, because they try to back their artist, thats why Jada only sold 150, because only east coast listens to him, and most are black, Eminem has a way more international appeal without tryin, thats why 50 cent is known more internationally even wen hes irrelevances because of Eminem..Europe or Africa where do you think buys the most albums and than look at the demographics, then look at the portion of record sales pertaining to the artist., then look at the demographics and the region/area in the US..trust me i am not lyin

    • NiggFRMCA

      Again Anonymous you should you are the dumbest fuck on this website. Nobody said Relapse was good. That album was shit. Recovery was aight, nothing special but your stupid ass still be coming on here bitching and shit. I don't think Shady is the best rapper alive, he's one of the top right now but the reason he sells (yes part of it is he's white) is because the man knows how to market his music. I hear that song wit Rihanna all fucking day because Shady know how to sell. All these other niggas don't know how to market themselves. And you say only white people buy his albums, I live in the Wood and many niggas round here got the album, half of them prolly burned it but still. White people bought Jay's album. If you gonna bitch and moan about Em sells this and that because he white, Jay went nearly double platinum, you don't white people bought it. I ain't no Em stan but I recognize when someone got talent, and you as the dumbest fucker on this site just loves to hate.

    • Anonymous

      cause he's white....duhhhh...do you ever see Eminem...you can have a hit and be a black rapper with a classic album and not be noticed, Eminem can come out with a trashy ass album and ya all will say itz good, Relapse, Encore, and Recovery wasnt that good, and he sold more than everybody in that year..why is that were itz way better albums that are out..

    • da1

      Are you kidding? Eminem doesn't have as many albums as Jay but he still has the same number of hits. Jay just has alot of material. Alot of which to me is forgettable. If eminem doesn't have as many hits as jay, then why did he sell so much more then him. Don't say because he's white because thats ignorant. Asher roth didn't sell. Beastie boys aren't selling anymore the same goes for Vanilla Ice and so forth. Eminem is one of the greats. case closed!!!!!!!

    • Lsn22s

      CO-SIGN Im a longtime fan of Jay AND Em but that shit is so true...people dont seem to realize just how many hits jay really has, Em has a lot of dope music, but as far as popular songs that EVERYONE knows (not just hardcore heads), i'm talking songs that you like, your friends like, your girl likes, your girls friends like, your kids like, your parents etc...jay got hits FOR DAYS, its no wonder people love jay the way they do...

  • nixnox

    about fucking time Jay did something with this cat....I am going to say this...J. Cole got mad skillz...but this cat should have NEVER signed with Jigga....my opinion of course...

  • Hater, right?

    HipHopdx has the FUNNIEST C-box. Some dude's talking about he's getting his Masters but says "iz" instead of "is". Everyone's trying to look educated or like a ultimate fucking Hip Hop connoisseur. People are trying to point out race, directly or indirectly, for the sake of arguing. Now, with all that being said, hopefully J. Cole can put on a show so more people hear of him. Even if backpack rappers going mainstream happens as soon as they get a touch of real fame (*cough Drake *cough), I feel like J. Cole will it Hip Hop no matter the fame. This is all an opinion, so do not tell me I'm right or wrong. It's music. Enjoy it or don't.

  • JordanM91

    I like how even though this is about J Cole, they still use eminem's picture

  • WhYESProduction

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  • GetemBoi

    yo.too many Eminem stans on here forreal.Eminem albums dont compare to REasonable Doubts, Blueprints, Black albums, or a Illmatic so shut up...J.Cole. ma man finally get his lime light dressed down on him man forreal though...Drake needs to fall back after this concert man..hopefully J.Cole fanbase gone build man, cause i kno his albums gon b a classic..a real one..not off of sales..lol

    • Soulreal

      Better than Eminem trashy albums forreal..lol...Relapse really was garbage omg..and recovery was okay..so if i had a choice i pick Bp3 over anything he put out diz year, a real decision though is not to get eitha cause they both fell off..

    • JMAC323

      Nick cannon is that you?

    • cogna

      You know it's funny how you say that because Jay-Z himself talked about how he dumbed down hi lyrics after his first couple albums to appeal to a pop audience and that was on the Black Album. Not only that but Blueprint 3 was a piece of shit. Plus SSLP and MMLP are both treated as classics and you don't even know what you're talking about cus his rhymes are just as dope as anything that Jay or Nas has spit, and his flow is wetter than either of thems. I aint saying hes better but you're stupid.

    • balls

      Shut the fuck up.

  • Chupps

    Why does race come up when Em's in discussion? Judge his work which is nothing shy from Poetry. Few rappers (especially these days) can be considered poets or real lyricists. From where im standing im glad Em is at the top because he actually has substance and deserves to be there unlike alot of wack rappers who Em haters bump...

    • Anonymous

      come up cause white people start glorifying this mothafu***...and then black people clash with the stans and then a war start..and then if someone see each other in person someone gets shot and Al Sharpton calls it a hate crime..fuckin Niggers..

  • Rett

    this makes me wanna hear a Cole/Em/Hov collabb!

  • bryan36

    OH SHIT, who ever said that Jay-z don't promote J. Cole can now eat a dick HAHA

    • GetemBoi

      cosign..Jay-z has the highest rate of haters in the world..and after this watch someone put an Illuminati comment on here..lol

  • Va all Day

    wow yall some racist motherfuckers on here i thought we were past all the race shit yall need to grow the fuck up. you hate Em cause he white? So if he was black than you would be feeln him? that dude got more skills than 95% of the garbage ass rappers out there.

    • IfitWasnt4daBRONX

      Co-Sign...Eminem, being 26, man..guy appeal to more jus the white audience, appreciate his skills, dont be a hater, but when you go in like he is not that good, people call you races or hater, hes good, but stop all this non sense because his lyrics are abnormal and uncoordinated wit real guys who spit real shit..listen to his songs man, how are you callin his so great when his songs arent even serious as you can sit back and jus vibe wit it and jus see what spitin..Yo, you might see me joggin, you might see me walkin "u might see me walkin a dead rottweiler dog, with it's head chopped off in the park with a spiked collar", wtf..iz that real rap shit like come on now..Rock and Roll Marilyn Manson shit...black rappers say that it will be talked about how crazy and psycho he is, but Eminem gets praised

    • deep_thinkin

      Let's be real here.... Race has played a huge part in Em's career and success. Name me one Black artist that would have had a career or any fans after putting out the first single of his debut album with lyrics that went, "hi kids, do you like Primus...do you wanna see me put nine inch nails through my eye lids.."? Any other dope rapper would have had the fans ignore the hell out them. Not to mention that the people that buy Em's albums religeously are white, and supports because he's a white rapper. I'm not hatin. Just saying that it is what it is... Lets not forget dude running around like a bitch beefing with Britney Spears, Christina Aguillera, and Mariah. Name another talented rapper whose fans would support them while pulling nonsense like this.. Em has his own lane and deserves all the shine he gets. But his angry, juvenile lyrics doesn't appeal to many adult hip hop fans... We just sit back and appreciate and respect his skills and talent.

  • SutterKane

    Should be a good show, Em and Jay together, gotta be about 10 hours worth of hit records between the 2 of them, wonder what the setlist will be??

    • Detroit313

      The set here in Detroit wasn't that great but both rappers Em and Hova are legends and both top ten rappers. B.O.B. opened here in Detroit then it was Jay-Z with Memphis Bleek, Young Jeezy, and Alicia Keys, then came Em with 50 Cent and G-Unit, Trick Trick, Hayley Williams. It was a great two shows overall though

  • Anonymous

    thank you Jerz Boi, dudez on here dumboiz man..all they think when you go against Eminem. they alwayz think you hatin cuz he white, naw bruh..he aint that nice compare to otherz man..he jus happen to be white and coincidently he has the most record sales then any other rapper..duh...itz all about marketing, and his color speakz for itself..Em iz probably in people eyez better than PAC and BIG..and NAS and Jay..lol

  • JErz boi

    Ayo ya dudez crazy on here...lol...but da guy Young Smith..F.Y.I.son black people dont buy albumz..lol..wat world you in..lol..funny. shit..but Eminem iz type overrated though, he nice though..but overrated..cause when you do see his albums..dey dont match up wit sum of da heavy weights..salez dont mean shit forreal..hiphop lived without sales and was in itz purest form till RunDmc, so if it didnt matter, you def seem a better hiphop rite now...real talk..money took ova da industry which sorry to sai= White CEO's, Fans, and Government..not races...i am both black and white

  • Anonymous

    and F.Y. you half a fruit cup wit no cocktail...if u think Em so good.put up lyrics, albums, anything you can think of to think he better than people i listen to and i had a pleasure of writing about and i fuckin kno for a fact i come back stronger, datz too all Eminem fanz...all his albums..all his songz..dont care..i kno rappers that crush dat shit...fuck outta here..git some rap guruz from where i from in Harlem, Ny, Jerz, Philly, south, west..dey all sai da samething..datz y Em dont git that much respect even if he sold more than pac and big..hez white...

    • Anonymous

      all u did was expressed that he made some mainstream music, what about songs like one love, i ruled the world, song cry, mama loves me, it aint hard to tell, all falls down, I use to love her, aint no love, they all inspired people and other rappers, if you ask any rapper who inspired them whos rappin, Jay, Nas, Big and Pac..no eminem, his content is the most important thing, and hes not that good as you sayin he is homie, who called him the greatest poet of the 21st century..let me see the article and who wrote it..if this rap game kick out record sales the real true genuine rappers will rise and be on top, but you and like aybody else look at numbers and numbers equal his skin like i said...He sold more than pac and big..that sure as hell dont make him better, and i can name many more he aint betten than whether you black or not..it doesnt matter..im From Harlem chris Jackson nigga..lived in Newark and i go to Indiana University now .im going for my masters next year ma dude i aint fake or dumb kid, iz dat your name homie, aint to afraid to show a face or show a name..and anonymous can be anybody cause not all my post even under that name..so like i said Eminem is overrated..fans are gay..look at rappers who are actually being inspired Eminem never comes out of their mouths, people in both places i lived, never hear Eminem like that Jersey nor New York, naw mean. the hood can relate to people who talk about real problems, have you ever did drugs like pills, have you ever killed your wife and aspired to kill your mom, i doubt it..only song i see you relate to is Stan..

    • Javito_1

      Dude, your name's "anonymous". If you want to be taken seriously, stop being a coward and post a real fucking name. Secondly, Eminem is a genius, and this is coming from a black dude. he's been called one of the greatest poets of the 21st century by people with nobel peace prizes in literature, while the people you listen to only get praises in uneducated urban america. Nobody you listen to can fuck with stan, lose yourself, or the way i am. period.

    • Anonymous

      calm down...you are really passionate..lol..Eminem sucks...F*** you, you f**, You gay bastard!!!...like your an EMinem Radical Extremist nigga..lol.

    • JMAC323

      who gives a fuck what color he is you illiterate fucking scumbag. You don't know shit about rap NOBODY can rhyme like em that shit should be common sense even to a fucking half retard like you.

  • my ssn 584 99 2331

    eminem is so wack he sucks so much ass wat type of rap nigga got a rock band besides jay z..i fucking hate eminem cuz hes white and he cant rap he rap fast and ppl jizz in their jeans and say he ripped it

    • kenny ortiz

      yea well if you feel that way youll like my new artist he shits on all you swag rappers and abc rappers and rappers that rap about shit they dont have. hes real http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxWjjjDHLnY

  • Joshpwill Incorp

    thats [retty huge news for b.o.b ANYWHO, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • sda

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  • Anonymous

    and is it me or its like HipHop iz goin pop wit all ya white people on it..damn..its like yall only listen to Eminem..fuck..dam stans..

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here...thats why white boiz think he good. cause dey can hype him up and cling to something that is incorrect and wrong, white people arent accepted in hiphop..people say race does not matter..yes it does and more white people get into the more it is less interesting..all of you do is fuckin brag about eminem, dont like no one else, hes not that good man..ya arent real hiphop heads...da fuck outta here.. most say they like rap, but cant name anymore than 25 rappers, without lookin up at wikipedia, and even so actually ones that gave you a feeling of bein yourself, oh yea, thers only one once again..fuck outta here

    • JMAC323

      quit being mad that a whiteboy can rap better than your favourite rapper bitch.

    • Anonymous

      YOur a cornball callin people fag, datz lame as hell..."FagBoi", this 2010 ma dude..Eminem fans also are the only mafuckaz dat call people that..wack lame azz...only lame dudez give Eminem alot of credit, and then they go on and say he sold 70 million records..lol...He's White what da Fuck...of course he is, hez da only mafucka of his kinda in HipHop, who else they gone support Asher Roth and Yelawolf..lol


      lemme guess u like gucci bitch ass fAG BOI

    • Anonymous

      Stans are homo..... Looks like Em went metro sexual too...POP star not Hip HOP u fags

  • Anonymous

    wtf...why is this wack ass country bumkin opening for Jay and Em.what about J.Cole...Jay needs to step in and say my artist is my opening act and bob wateva his name can b Em's...BoB is jus too country and really dont say anything if you bust down his lines..if i get tickets i just wait till Jay perform cause Eminem Lip syncs anyway...jus look at all his performances this year....

    • None

      Kinda hard to go against Em when almost every single artist praises him and puts him in their top 5 of all time. I would imagine the people actually in the industry have a good idea too

    • Anonymous

      what da hell does Al Sharpton have to do with ma comment you asswipe..lol..diz guy, you got me conflicted wit somebody else cuz...but like i said DMX and EMinem looks like a massacre for DMX, point blank..stop being the actor to Eminem Stan video

    • NiggFRMCA

      You say fuck my opinion but you obviously care about it if you're going on here and getting your pussy hurt. The fuck you talking about X had some real songs but he had some garbage songs. The nigga did a song wit Sisqo for god's sake. Anyway, cry racism all you want, it's bitch niggas like you who Al Sharpton grooms to eventually suck his cock and take over for him.

    • Anonymous

      DMX will trash Eminem, live performance and off...DMX persona is real, street, real niggaz kno wat im talking about..DMX will murda Eminem, itz jus the wordplay Eminem got him in everything else iz straight from the heart..DMX iz one of the best, fuck your opinion, he made two hot albums in one year..

    • NiggFRMCA

      Anonymous ur a fucking idiot. Em's catalog can stand with any of those. And he can't stand to the catalog of DMX, you fucking serious? I like the Dog but he had what one great album. Grand Champ was garbage as so was year of the dog. GTFOH with ur bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Breaking News.....!!!like all i seen was dots man wit u..i rock JAY, NAS, MOTHAFUCKIN BIG L, PUN, ELECTRONICA, MOS..HIPHOP BITCH..fuck you and your opinion..im not races..but white people make hiphop look uninterestin when all dey do iz support a dude not by his talent but because hes dat diamond in a ruff of black rappers that are way better than him..i dont give a two centz what you say..his catalog of music aint messin wit Nas, Jay's, Wutangs, DMX, and itz more so suck a dick hiphop iz not about album sales, bust down lines eminem aint all dat, his wordplay make you think he iz but you white or black dont care you on his juelz..so go kick rockz cause you a stan jus like every other white person on here...

    • young smith

      damn dude i swear either your a racist or the biggest fuckin contender for hater of the year. i aint eva seen somebody hate as much as you do bro i swear. and anyways blck people listen to em to and yeah j.cole hot but he makin his own buzz apart from jay z smart guy and its workin for him. put em or j.cole or b.o.b next top the majority of the rappers in this game right now including anyone u like and em would slaughter all they asses. o and f.y.i more black people buy ems albums then whites stupid ass



    • Anonymous

      Fuck eminem and fuck you cause you are wack..and fuck ur opinion two times cause ur white and ugly..;/..mr. dont hate on my opinion

  • superflous

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  • Rellik

    Sept 3rd at Comerica Park! Can't wait!

  • Rachael Misek

    This sounds really fascinating! I am so jealous with everyone with tickets!

    • Huey Newtone

      please kill your self,i hate white people and you look like an ugly $2 hooker.YOU UGLY ASS REDNECK BITCH I WISH YOU WOULD JUST DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND JUMP OFF A FUCKIN BRIDGE!

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    I cant fucking wait september 14 yankee stadium im gonna go fuckin nuts

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