Noah "40" Shebib To Work Exclusively With Drake, Jay-Z And Lil Wayne

Drake's childhood friend-turned-hitmaker and engineer says that the Young Money star encouraged him to keep a small circle of collaborators.

Along with Boi-1da, Noah "40" Shebib has been a producer closely associated with harnessing Drake's unique sound. The fellow Toronto native and child actor-turned musician has been responsible for many of Drake's hits, including last year's "Successful" , as well as Thank Me Later hits such as "Miss Me" and the Jay-Z-assisted "Light Up" . According to a new interview with VIBE, 40's sound will be exclusive to three of Rap's biggest stars.

"At this point in time the only rappers I have any interest in working with outside of Drake are [Lil] Wayne and [Jay-Z]," 40 told the publication, saying that it was "from Drake's mouth." Besides working with Jay on "Light Up," the producer also contributed to Lil Wayne's No Ceilings mixtape last year. 40 continued, "If [Drake] doesn't' want me to give it away I won't...My ambitions are to stay focused with Drake. When it comes time to develop another artist I'll make that move...I feel blessed. I'm a kid from Toronto. I've been driving my mom's station wagon for the last eight years for real."

The executive producer and engineer for the gold-certified So Far Gone has also been credited with production for Bun B and Alicia Keys, however Drake was featured on both instances.

The upcoming VIBE interview also finds 40 revealing that Kanye West scolded the young producer for "borrowing" his sound, a claim that 40 reportedly accepts.



  • J Dismond

    40 is the top of one of the Hottest producers! Would love to work with him on a track

  • hiphop101

    im not hating at all but dude beats are boring every beat mentioned in this clip was wack. i know they was hits and became into good songs but just off the beat nahhhhh.his beats sound like breakbeats just drums.light up beat wastrash jay on a track and thats the beat. im just saying( kanye shug) honestly the only reason he can get to a jay is because drake blew. the beats on his album are boring. i just find it funny when dude are walking around like they are just that good. or and im not a producer just a fan lol

  • Alex Mendoza

    I like 40's style as a producer.

  • goinglobal

    I dont know about 40 Exclusively workin with wayne, 40 makes more Calm tracks unless Boi-1da fucks with it. Wayne aint really a calm Rapper only on Im single. No one wants to hear a whole bunch of Im single Tracks. Unless 40 can step outside his box a little. Now dont get me wrong 40 is Great but him and Wayne might make a bunch of If ya single put your hands up. Or I might be wrong.

  • gramzzbeat

    40 is the man!...keep doin ya thing......ima b up there wit you one day(soon)...hit me up for beats-GRAMZZ

  • Al Shib

    Noah didn't BORROW anything from Kanye. Kanye is an egomaniac anymore. itanimullisiey

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