Dr. Dre's "Detox" Will Feature Scott Storch's Production

According to Storch's manager, the producer has been working on "Detox" since January.

Dr. Dre's Detox could very well be one of the most anticipated albums of all time. By now, it has become known for its several push backs over the years. While the album will have The Good Doctor headlining, it will also feature input from a variety of producers. According to Scott Storch's manager, Derek Jackson, Storch will be a part of the album as well.

During a recent interview with Gyant Unplugged, Jackson spoke on this collaboration. 

"The reason he's been a little quiet is because Scott's been in LA since January working on the Detox. So he and Dre came back together and a lot of people don't know why he's been so quiet...Dre need Scott and Scott needed Dre. So we went out to LA and we've been there since January and Scott just moved back about two weeks ago. So now we're about to get back ready to claim the seat," he said.

On top of that, Jackson added that the leaked "Under Pressure" cut from Dr. Dre and Jay-Z was unfinished.

"Let me tell you this, the first single, 'Under Pressure,' that's not how it sounds. You all got a real misconstrued version of it and that's not how it really sounds. That's how it was in the early stages. [Scott produced it,] but it doesn't sound like that...Somebody leaked the version of what they just did. We cut the record when we first got there. Dre met Jay in Miami. They cut the vocals, kind of a beat up track, nothing really finished and that's what the track you guys got."

There is still no official word about when Detox will finally drop. DX will keep you posted. 



  • Nico 3

    Life After Death was a double disc, and people were still into the whole B.I.G. myth, so for the time, it was easy to sell 10 million. Of course Detox won't come anywhere near that, but if there was ever an album that could be released at anytime during the year and still sell shitloads, it will be this one.

  • Drefan

    Even if it sounds a lil bit like Under Pressure, it's still wack. Now "So Bad" on Recovery, that's a nice Dre production. He needs to make that sound a lil crazier, and than you have a sound dope enough for Detox.

  • Anonymous

    Still no word on when Detox will drop.. we will keep you updated over the next 10 years or so, and when it finally arrives you will all have moved on to the next thing.

  • mark

    Wow u fools are so disrespectful Detox will be the shit ,its funny how every artist that hears it says how great it sounds but u new generation think u know whats up ,o yeah 50 still on aftermath nerd,so from wolrd class wreackin crew to ruthless to deathrow to aftermath all had runs labels will never see and WHAT WAS THERE COMMON FACTOR DR.DRE, everyone that says he stole beats r don't make em self how come he's beats stay monster without the last guy but them without Dre is not the shit.

  • j-dub

    Damn there's alot of hatin on Dre now. So what if he uses ghost writers? At least he recognizes he isn't the tightest mc, unlike swizz beatz or timbaland who waste good beats tryin to rap on them. When detox finally does drop and sells over 5 mil and is considered an instant classic, all you fake ass hip-hop heads will call it pop. Pac, Big and Jay all moved units and weren't pop, their shit was just poppin at the right time.

  • Jeffrey Burgess

    iight y'all r ridiculous...dre is one of the best producers of all time...but as a rapper he wasn't even that hot...he just had great beats and great production...ultimate respect for that...but even if this cd drops it's either gonna b garbage...or at least...not come close to living up to the hype that it's had 4 it...but i honestly think the only reason they keep talkin bout the album is to make ppl remember aftermath is still around...cuz he aint got no more artists n shit cept for em...cuz he never puts em out...dre aint gonna give us this album...get over it...btw both his released tracks blow sack

  • Mark

    Detox can take 10 more years and the real hiphop heads will still buy it, u squares and youngstas who wasn't even born or cross the street by yourself when Eminem came out need to remember who got him where he's at and who makes the most off of him when he's selling like he is, damn no wonder we have soulja boys and skinny jeans and shit ,fuck i miss PAC.

  • Mark

    Young lifes on this site dissing the legend,just FYI NONE OF YOUR FAVORITES WOULD EXIST WITHOUT DR DRE, ICE CUBEEMINEM> AND it continues so remeber when your sucking eminem and 50 dicks rememeber who put em in your mouths squares.

  • achpe2_ms

    You are an idiot if you are still sitting around and waiting on DETOX. I understand the concept of waiting so you can put out classic music, but stop telling us every little tid bit about the album. Just keep quiet and make music. I mean real artists do what they feel and if the people like it than the people like it. If not go back to the drawing board. I forgot its 2010, Hip Hop is now WWE, too much drama and BS. Stop being a bunch of STANS and starting letting these artists know we dont need to be toyed with. Dre know that the and/or so called Hip Hoppers are just waiting to see what he's going to do. I bet you if he knew that no one was going to buy DETOX, he would put it out. He really think people are waiting on him. Time has passed the Chronics were the Chronics come up with something new in a timely manner, if not stay out the game. This album will never live up to the hype. STOP FALLING FOR THE BS.

  • Joe

    Are you fucking kidding me?.. you mean to tell me that FIRST single out of DETOX which is also the song being played EVERYWHERE on HP commercials promoting Dr. Dre and his line of beats audio ISN'T EVEN PRODUCED BY DRE.. Fuck outta here man, I got tired of this detox bullshit. I hope it flops. I hope Storch gets his shine back tho..

  • crazychris

    fuck detox waiting on wc's new one and mc eiht's new 1 is hot the new kokane is fire that's the chronic even kokane said dre don't give a damn about detox. at least kokane, eiht, and wc always delivered for their fans. 2001 was okay but the first chronic was the best ever. dre please return to the p funk samples. there are hundreds of p funk songs that have not been sampled yet.

  • Pinhead

    Scott Storch?...Serious?.. I think Dre is outta his god damn mind! All hes seeing is $$$ signs even though he got stacks of that already. and also the more they all keep crying how its unfinished and how the real ting is a million times better will just mean shit loads more work for them trying to shine up that piece of dogshit into some gold.

  • qwerty

    i heard wayne is gonna be on the album... wack ass shit. i hope it's not true lol

  • Erik Quinty

    this albums gonna blow. im sorry but i used to be a dre fan before i realized that the same 6 songs get played at fratparties, he has ghost writers, and still cant push out a cd...the fact that hes producin for j beiber doesnt help any either...some OG. i really hope noone ever deems him this. he is a huge legend in the game but no OG

  • Anonymous

    fuck this album its gonna be wack pop shit

  • wtf

    they're lying about the unfinished version of "Under Pressure" that leaked, because in the HP commercial with dr dre , they play the beat in the background and its the same exact beat that was on the leaked version of the song. i honestly think they're telling us this because they're going to change it because of all the negative comments!

  • Alex Mendoza

    By the time Detox actually drops it probably won't be to people's liking after all this time. Dre's made hundreds of beats for this album and having to choose only a handful sounds pretty damn hard. But if Dre puts together a really great album with excellent beats and features then it might go down as a classic ten years from now. I just hope it drops within the next ten years.

  • Anonymous

    Storch produced 2001. fuck dre... lyin' phony Pop puppet

  • Anonymous

    stop lyin , detox is a myth , dre's just fuckin with his fans for 10 years and will do that till he's dyin off old age , and you ignorant little dumbfucks will still be siked when scott storch and dre deliver news from the old folks home , detox is comming haha get the fuck outta here

  • Westcoast G

    I'm ridin' with you Dre, but right now DETOX is like Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster......I'll believe it when I see it.

  • allen

    Damn, I'm 21 and have been waiting for this album ever since I was 13, I been listenin to hip hop really early and I'ma be 80 years old by the time album comes out. ACTUALLY, I'll die laughing if Dre got shot and the album just happen to never come out. Cuz There is perfection vs percision and his percision is killing the perfection of the album. He needs to start putting it together and release it. GENIUS world book of records should give him the title of the longest album produced!!!

  • Garvin Inoa

    This album will be the best

  • Rachael Misek

    he looks scary.

  • fuck mr hip hop 757

    yo mr hip hop 757 u stupid motha fuckaa yo......first of alll niggas aint droppin albums for ya dumbass so fuck how u feel about detox...second of all if u knew anything u wud know that dres being smart as fuck and pushing it back to make it the most anticipated album ever and he'll probably sell the most albums in history u fuckin idiot

    • mr hip hop 757

      @Joe Everyone knows michael jackson thriller is the most selling album on history but i am strictly talking about HIP HOP albums. as i said in my statement B.I.G. life after death album is ONE of the best selling albums in history. If i wanted to break it down mc hammer sold more albums then B.I.G wit the please hammer dont hurt em album and eminem did it also wit the eminem show album. i was saying dre's detox wont outsell B.I.G. i know he wont even come close to eminem cuz em sold like 19 million wit the eminem show.

    • Joe

      Actually.. THE best selling album of all time is Michael Jackson's Thriller with over 100 million sales world wide.. B.I.G. doesn't even come close to topping that list son. As far as I know, the best selling rapper of all time world wide, is Eminem. There's a reason all these egotistical rappers who claim to be better than everyone else ALL respect Eminem.. and it's not because of his skill or talent, it's because they don't even come close to his numbers.

    • Erik Quinty

      mr hip hop tore you open hahaha. wayy too true

    • mr hip hop 757

      usually i don't respond back to ignorant, uneducated, non spelling niggas but i will make an exception for your dumb ass. im not speaking about detox just for me im speaking for all the dr dre fans who has been waiting for this album for over 10 years. i been fucking wit dr dre since the world class wreckin crew(i know u don't know anything about that group so look it up dumb ass). you probably wasnt even old enough to buy the chronic when it came out. im a big fan of dr dre but him and numerous rappers and producers has been speaking on this album for years and years. as fans of dr dre we are tired of waiting around for this album we all have been promised. with that statement u made about it might be the most sold album in history. how dumb are you?? no one will ever sell albums like they use to sell back in the day. as soon as this album leaks online everyone will illegally download it. he will be lucky to sell 2 million(double platinum). one of the most sold albums in history is notorious b.i.g. life after death album and that sold 10 million and if u think detox will outsell that album u are as dumb as u sound. so step up your hip hop history and come holla at me when u are a little more educated.

  • mr hip hop 757


    • AMEN

      Amen To That, After 10 years of waiting it better be the best album a person has heard in their life

    • fuck you

      Stop being such a faggot stan and just enjoy the news. Knowing that Scott Storch is involved is a positive thing and at least in this case there are no false promises involved (unrealistic timelines/release dates). Does it really piss you off that much to hear anything about Detox? You need to get some fresh air, and maybe check out some other rappers.

  • buckabee

    new Rosa Acosta & D.Stephens video at www.wapproved.com

  • The Truth

    Dre too busy selling headphones and laptops to do any actual work in the studio. And Scott Storch fell off, if Dre goona have somebody else producing the shit, he should grab DJ Khalil instead.

  • crazychris

    fuck detox if it comes out I'll listen dre needs to get back to his funkadelic roots. 2pac was right dre takes 2 years to make 1 damn track.

  • D Beezy

    I heard 2 Pac is gonna be on a track off detox that he wrote with Michael Jackson last weekend.

  • yeayea

    Dre and Storch need 2 get back on their drugs (aside from weed). During Chronic 2001 Dre was dropping E w/ em and the crew and Storch did his best shit wide eyed off of blow. Need 2 sit down, drink some henney, smoke some weed and do up some drugs and put out a killer album. Fuck all yall straight edgers who say otherwise. Em was better on pills too

    • Joe

      Dre is a square.. did any of you retards ever listen to "Express yourself" by NWA?.. Dre's lyrics: "Even if Yella Makes it a-capella I still express, yo, I don't smoke weed or a sess. Cause its known to give a brother brain damage. And brain damage on the mic don't manage Nuthin' But makin' a sucker and you equal. Don't be another sequel..."

    • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.

      Dre`s Last album was called 2001 & yes he does or @ least used to smoke big weed but Long Island Ice Tea is his potion of choice. -H>

    • JJ evans

      I co-sign dat shit 100%!

    • Ben Pliss

      doees dre smoke weed?!!?!??! Can anybody here tell this dude the name of his last album!! haah wow

    • Mike Twain

      That was the stupidest thing I've ever read in my life.

    • Anonymous

      you know i support this comment but uhh we cant say this shit out in public kids might be listening. anybody ever really know dre to be smoker by the way. he always struck me as true square, with talent tho

  • Crooks

    This story get more interesting by the day.. Peep myspace.com/crooksda1. Thank You in advance!

  • Megan Fox Lover

    Fuck niggaz. Niggaz is gay man. Niggaz is wearing lip gloss, tight jeans, glitter, jerking n shit. Niggaz went from N.W.A to "fuck Dre"? Yall forgot who started this gangsta shit?????? Respect the man! Even though Detox is waaaaaaaay long overdue nobody's holding their breathe anymore at this point. P.S. Dre BETTER not put any Southern cats on Detox. Non. period.

  • nixnox

    That under pressure track is hot garbage....

  • m.i.c

    my grama produced tha intro and outro 4 detox! y'all luk out 4 it!!!!!

  • freshyboi

    so hes got other guys producing for him, writing for him, like 20 guys rapping on it, wtf does this guy even do storch needs more coke money so this better do well

  • DrewDown91

    THIS BETTER BE THE BETTER THAN THE CHRONIC (ORIGINAL). SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO CHANGE THE GAME OR EVERYONE WILL BE PISSED. He shouldn't have even mentioned this album until '09. Eminem - Recovery, Dre - Detox. I like Eminem on drugs, and Doc on weed. I'm saying a prayer for this shit to be good.


    he did beats on 2001 all the ones yall gave dre credit for...word up

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