T.I. To Produce Cartoon "Lil Homies"

T.I. tells Angela Yee that he is producing a cartoon series "Lil Homies," and may even provide his vocal talents to the show.

During a recent interview with Shade 45's Angela Yee, the King of the South T.I. said that he is planning to launch a cartoon series called Lil Homies. Although Tip has yet to secure a network for the show, he will act as producer. He even said that he may provide a voice over narrative to the show.

"I'm actually working on a TV show as a producer…a cartoon called Lil Homies, he said. "I may do [a] voice over, like a narrator," T.I. said, courtesy of RapRadar.

T.I. is not the first rapper to take to animation. Andre 3000 produced a cartoon for Cartoon Network called "Class of 3000," and MF DOOM has lent his vocal talents to numerous Adult Swim programs, including Perfect Hair Forever. Most recently, T-Pain debuted his musical cartoon special on Adult Swim called Freaknik: The Musical.


  • wackyjacky

    im glad to see ti doin sumthin positive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwMNpDVfKW8

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    i swear people get on blogs and just complain all day about what someone is doing....yo get a life B stop worrying about the next man

    • Anonymous

      i like how you disassociate yourself from the person that comments yet you blog about how you hate it when others complain you should have kept it in your head because you sound like a hypocritical imbecile

  • Anonymous

    whackity whack come on it's like these bogus ass rappers use their influence to try to capitalize on everything! and all you ignorant fools be like "get money!" unless we owning countries we just dabbling in illustrative riches at most if that and "lil homies" how ghetto appealing is that fuck hiphop rappers of today, why must you keep telling the youth that being poor and ignorant is cool ??????????????????????????????????


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    • FUCHA

      THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING, EVERYTHING TI DOES, HE DOES IT!! check out my Video that was shot on a cloud!!!When ur done, watch it again!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS9ItPQs9gk da fucha!!!

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