DJ Khaled Joins Cash Money Records, Bizzy Bone Praises Label Already

After the Bizzy Bone deal and talks of Shyne joining the camp, DJ Khaled links up with Cash Money.

Earlier this week, we reported that Shyne was considering a venture Cash Money Records but if he goes through with those plans, he won't be the only new artist releasing music through the label. Earlier in the year, we reported that Bizzy Bone had joined the crew and this week, DJ Khaled announced that he would be joining the Cash Money family.

After a series of images and messages about a meeting with Cash Money, he made it official by posting a picture of him and Baby with celebratory bottles and messages saying it is official. 

Its getting serious my lawyer theo and cash money lawyer vernin brown just landed from a helicopter to make this meeting! $wethebestforeverless than a minute ago via UberTwitter


Last week, another new Cash Money Records artist, Bizzy Bone, told that his new label home "knows how to treat an artist." He empahsized his frustration with majors using the success of artists to acquire budgets for projects that are not used properly. He stressed, "Labels like Cash Money, Young Money, G-Unit have continuously showed the majors 'there is no recession!"


  • kat94109

    check out this "We the Best" android dj khaled designed for that MetroPCS contest, Android For All!! Pretty sick.

  • T

    career suicide for a bone member...

  • Kevin Nguyen

    Great Job Dj Khaled! I think he works very hard, and is very deserving! Young Money Cash Money Forever. :D



  • webbie

    they think i'm bullshittin or I watch too many movies, but Wayne gone rip em off like baby did juvie. Weezy F. baby and the F is for fuck yall. What up wayne, I would never sign with you if I was a rapper but I'm not mad at what u doin bruh. hustle hard

  • Exodus615

    I'm still bugging bout the G-Unit comment lol

  • STFU

    Fuck DJ Fagled and Gaybe. Parasites.

  • yeah i said it!

    the nex time i hear " we the best" imma go crazy and smash my tv set!! Dj Khalid us fucking annoying!! faggot ass nigga!

  • Nico 3

    Everybody signing will get at least one big payday and one album to roll out. It's all calculated business. These deals just don't happen.

  • Defama

    I still have yet to figure out what DJ Khaled actually does. What a twat

  • He's Outta Here!

    DEF JAM trashed Khaled but Khaled is so bitch made and ashamed that he's not gonna tell you! Remember Sha-Money XL is over there at Def Jam and Sha Money was rolling with The G-Unit so I'm most willing to bet that DJ Khaled jumped ship and ran like a bitch for no reason and get the fuck up outta there.

  • Ice Cube Yaeee YaeeeEEE!!!

    I feel sorry for any of you that think that all of these niggaz albums are gonna come out under Cash Money just because they signed a deal because only a small portion of these artists just may see an album release. Baby is gonna do these niggaz just like Eazy-E did me...

  • Gutz

    Yeah you say Get Money! but the only person who's gonna be getting the most money off of these irrelevant signings is Baby...Baby knows exactly what he's doing...Don't be so fuckin' blind... Baby - "If I sign these artists I can get paid quickly and then I'll just leave them on the ship until I need an album to come out from them but only if I'm so confident that it will possibly sell." SMH...DJ Khaled is fuckin' stupid...He just gave Baby another pay check worth of money that he can go blow on another bullshit senseless tattoo or a nice blinged up chain or a hot ride that he can carelessly spend that money on...Bizzy Bone,Cory Gunz,and Bow Wow are some more dumb fucks for signing with them too...Why the fuck else do you think that Baby is signing them for? To make himself richer that's why...Baby always needs doe and he's gonna rape it from the most dumbest and mentally foolish artists that he can easily trick just to get them to sign...Shyne had better use what sense he has left not to fuck with this dude...Yung Money is having some crazy money problems with paying people right now as well...This Baby dude is a fuckin' leech sucking scumbag who's gonna supply himself with so much of that damn money off of niggaz until it's time for the casket to drop on him...

    • d-dash

      yeah thats truth baby is looking for money to buy fancy cars to weezy and also to do tattoos,that is the reason why he want all niggas to join y.m.c.m.b

    • reality

      dude that is how the whole industry runs! The only way to get paid in full without your success paying another is to do it legit on your own is to do it without a deal like jay did in the beginning, master p, and on and on. I know your just rambling on and on but dude that is what is wrong with people. You gotta do your homework first on a subject before you speak on it. And if you have no clue at all then keep your opinion to yourself!!!!!!!

  • Erik Quinty

    bizzys on cash money?! whats the world coming to...


    BIRDMAN WENT AND GOT A 900 KARAT CHAIN, STILL DOESNT MAKE UP FOR ALL THE TALENT HE DOESNT HAVE. check out my Video that was shot on a cloud!!!When ur done, watch it again!! da fucha!!!


    Oh shit, my bad lol. I allready thought he was on cashmoney records because he sucks so much dick lmao. Dj Khaled smells like a dirty old taxi cab. He's a poser and if people actually think that what he does is hiphop, then something is definately wrong with the game, amongst other things


    damn another one thats my type of people right there get money people why yall bitchin its just music fucking cry babies wack or not cashmoney bout start droppin some music on that azz for real next year gone be hell them other majors betta take note

  • JPipe

    i still cant believe Bizzy did this

  • Toppdogg908

    Bizzy Bone says "Cash Money knows how to treat an artist", I wonder if he talked to Juvenile, BG, Turk, Mannie Fresh, Gillie Da Kid and Bangladesh before he said that

  • Anonymous

    -waits for Rick Ross to Join Bad Boy- -waits for Plies to Sign with Cash Money-

    • d-dash

      i cant wait to see all niggas to join baby made it and tha this is why rappers love him,cash money baby number one records fan.

    • ngenzi

      man dj kwalid is arleady gone. i mean he didn,t even been in the game.this nigga is here just 4 possin i will slap that bitch if i meet him. g unit 4 life

  • Anonymous

    wait wtf how'd he get signed isnt he def jam south president? Def Jam's main competition is with Cash Money, Aftermath & Roc Nation (whats left of it) idk wtf he's doin unless he's tryin to bring Young Money under Def Jam South as an umbrella label but i doubt baby & slim would do that

  • whoiscgm

    Sooooo is he an artist? WIll he be making more compilation albums? Is it another label imprint? You don't know?! Because this is just a compilation of twitter updates and not a real article with actual information? Oh I see.

    • Big S.O.S.A (since 79) tm

      I agree. Lately, this website has been laggin on the articles. It's been mostly showing artists' tweets. smh

  • kevinc Wash dc

    I think that all cash money singings are some bullshit how you gonna have all these non rapping motherfuckers but ait trying to sign juvenile or bg back and they started the label. The only people off the label who is gonna sell is only nikki minja and drake everyboby else on that label is some pure shit and none off them niggas still don't got more cds that juvenile and bg its about long jevity dumb bitches

    • DX comments suck worse than YouTube

      Please tell me you didn't just call Bizzy Bone & Freeway "non-rappin motherfuckers" and then bring up Juvenile & B.G. .... What the fuck is "long jevity"? did you mean longevity? Stupid-ass. Are you fucking retarded????????? Kill yourself.


      NEWSFLASH... B.G signed back with CMR months ago

  • YMOB

    hasnt khaled been independent this entire time? he never needed to push the type of numbers major labels push for...thats y he was able to keep putting out music.. its gone be crazy if baby f.. ova all of these new artists but i dont see how he could. i mean these are established artists that know, or at least should know, the business by now... we'll see but no one can hate...YMCM making moves like it really isnt a recesssion....

  • Alex Mendoza

    Lol maybe khaled can sell more than 200,000 units next time. We The Best shouldn't even be a label with none of its artists being able to break the gold mark. I doubt birdman can fix khaled's career if he can't even get pricele$$ to sell.

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