Ghostface Killah's "Ironman" To Be Re-released On 2LP With Replica Poster

Exclusive: The same Get On Down imprint that's releasing Common's "Resurrection" box-set has a 2LP package coming with Tony Starks', Rae & Cappa's '96 gem.

Released October 29, 1996, Ghostface Killah's debut Ironman is widely considered to be among the Wu-Tang Clan's best works. With a supporting cast of Raekwon and Cappadonna, and Soul sample production from RZA, Ironman would garner a #2 chart appearance its first week.

Almost 14 years later, the album containing such tracks as "All That I Got Is You," Daytona 500" and "Winter Warz" is coming back to 2LP vinyl on re-release on September 14, 2010. Get On Down Records has acquired the rights to a limited vinyl run of Ghost's debut, and will contain a replica 18" x 24" 1996 poster used to promote the original Razor Sharp/Epic Records release.

Fans will also be pleased to know that "Soul Controller" will be included on 2LP of Ironman, a song initially removed from follow-up pressings of the album, due to sample clearances.

In related news, Get On Down is releasing a box-set of Common's Resurrection with liner notes from Common, and two rare remixes from Large Professor.


  • jon murdock

    one of favorite albums right are massive on this.

  • djspontaneus

    that album is one of my fav albums of all time...rza was definately on point in those days

  • mufucka

    It's about fucking time! The wu need to re-release all their early solos. Plus, Soul Controller on this??? nasty!

  • nice...

    that anonymous post was me

  • nice...

    that's my list by the way i posted that

  • The.Watcher

    I fux with this, gonna cop me the double LP for sure. Wu-Tang Killa Bees!

    • bloghappy

      Agreed. When your worst album is only The Pretty Toney Album, your career is something special. Dude has no bad solo albums. He's a prolific member in the greatest group in hip hop history. Not to mention Put It on the Line with Trife, 718 is pretty decent, and so is Wu-Massacre. No rapper has as strong as career as Ghost.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign on the ghost is the goat thing. jay is my dude but check ghost's catalog. hard to the core. aye in my mp3 collection, you know on pc and shit what ever media player you have when iset to show most albums and most tracks jay ghost dmx wu tang mobb deep and that isn't even my top 5 that's just my music collection

    • Nike Champ 718

      Ghost definitely is the greatest. No other rapper has a better discography. Ghost is the best storyteller out there.

    • c/gaddic

      In your dreams you idiot! He's not even the best in the WU Clan! Sure he has his classic material and is a legend But please don't over-rate NO WU member is anywhere near the GOAT!!! Leave those slots for Rakim or Nas


    Pure Classic!!!! Wu tang 4 life

  • DOPE!

    Supreme Clientele is better.

  • lo godfather

    After the smoke is clear, truely one of the greatest disc's of all time


    this and OB4CL went hard back n the day...then MASTER P drop then CASHMONEY came out and i havent fuck with eastcoast rap since they had shit on lock around this time...look @ them now SMDH just sad..give me eastcoast rap from 2001 on back keep the rest of that bullshit they putting out nowdays DO YOU


      to me brah havent one dude from the eastcoast made something that i wanted to buy since then thats all...but on the real we look back now and be like damn except of C-MURDER and couple other dudes NO LIMIT was wack azz hell but i still bump CMR old/new and when i say that im talking bout BABY and WAYNE yeah dog i bump BABY last two albums im all about good music dog if its hot its hot. no real hip or none of that people throw out there just good music that all i want again (DO YOU)

    • what?

      so you stopped listening to east coast rap because of No Limit and Cash Money? damn, you really sold yourself short on good music for CMurder and the Big Tymas. Fail.

  • Taliban

    One of the best Albums ever!

  • r.pgh

    i know i'll get shit for this, but Ironman is my favorite Wu solo album. I thought Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Liquid Swords were both classics, but to me Ironman was above and beyond any solo that any Wu member ever put out.

  • nice...

    it's ghost's album but rae had a verse on ther called faster blade. deadly shit. that verse alone to me is an example of hiphop at it's finest. wildflower would blow ya mind too.

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