Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Raekwon Record Collaboration

UPDATE: The song is in the can, as Rae headed to New York City to record with Kanye, a verse that 'Ye called "crazy!!!"

While Twitter has been known to create and air out rifts between celebrities, it has also acted as a platform for them to communicate their admiration for one another. Such was the case when Kanye West contacted Justin Bieber through the social networking site and asked him to be a part of a potential project with himself and Raekwon.

'Ye and Bieber corresponded back and forth on Wednesday, before the rapper invited the young singer to appear on a track. He wrote, "I'm honored that you like my Music @JustinBieber!!! You gotta hear the album. Maybe we can do something together. Me, You, and Raekwon."

Bieber responded, "Me, u, and the chef 2gether on a song = EPIC. Might sound crazy 2 u but even having this convo is a living dream. Thanks."

On Wednesday, XXLMag.com spoke to Raekwon, who confirmed the collaboration.  "It's definitely gonna happen," said the veteran emcee. "When you got these kinda talents merging together to do something exciting, I think it's something that's gonna make the fans check it out. I'm big fans of both of these guys. I think, at the end of the day, shorty is a sensation. And [for him] to acknowledge me it makes me feel good that the young generation is checking me out like that. And at the same time it gives me a position to play a big brother in the game. He wants my assistance or whatever he can get it. I respect him. I like his style."

Rae explained how a record featuring the three could be huge since each has his own fan base. "Yeezy called me and we gon' make it pop," he said. "At the end of the day we're all doing our thing in the game and for them to even just have a conversation and just put my name in it, it feels good…And we gon' make a hit. Justin got his own fan base and me and Yeezy got our own fan base and we gon' make it happen. We gon' make a good record." (August 18)

UPDATE: The song has been completed, as Kanye West tweeted this morning about Raekwon's verse, while the Wu-Tang Clan member confirmed they recorded together.

Just got off the plane, then dropping my bags off then shooting to the studio to get up wit @kanyewest!less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

" alt="">

Finishing @JustinBieber Runaway Love remix too... don't know when they gonna drop it but Raekwon's verse is crazy!!!less than a minute ago via web



  • anony

    y'know, i wouldn't even care if it was JUST raekwon on the song, but the used the track from one of the wus best songs as the beat. that's just not right, never again do i wanna hear jb sing over aint nothin to f*ck wit.

  • anony

    y'know, i wouldn't even care if it was JUST raekwon on the song, but the used the track from one of the wus best songs as the beat. that's just not right, never again do i wanna hear jb sing over aint nothin to fuck wit.

  • Lord_abstract

    The way i see it, its like this... i may be underground.... but.... mainstream lovers are similar to mushrooms. keep em in the dark and feed em shit, and everything is okay. fuck that bullshit!

  • weedfight

    Exclusive 1min 10 sec leak of the track. Its fire! youtube.com/watch?v=8JSfre74_gY

  • weedfight

    Exclusive 1min 10 sec leak of the track. Its fire! www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JSfre74_gY

  • Weedfigt

    Exclusive 1min 10 sec leak of the track. Its fire! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JSfre74_gY

  • Wufan

    Rae is not the whole Wu right? He's just one member. Maybe other Wu members would never do some corny shit like this. So you can't say the Wu sold out, just Rae.

  • Cain Marc

    Follow hiphop on Twitter @HiphopsPulse

  • wackyjacky

    i got the exclusive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwMNpDVfKW8

  • d

    Justin who really?!/! Kanye we kno hes corny but raelly n Rae is he really that hungry aint that coke makin no mo money????this is why been a wu supporter never feels right they make stupid ass decisions but hey jus My opinion shit fuck hip hop this isnt it

  • Chedda Cheez

    get yo cream Shallah! fuc these hating ass niggaz and niggettes.

  • STFU

    This is an abomination to Hip Hop. It's really no surprise that Kanye would ask Bieber to collab, but with Raekwon??? For fuck's sake... I can hear it now... Rae-"stove cooking that white, where the money bags at money...." Bieber on the chorus"baby come back to me, I can't live without you" Kanye-"Power, power power...".

  • Renzo rolling

    What's next?!? A Wu Tang song featuring NSync or the Backstreet Boys?!?!?!?

  • dc_reppin

    oh and lemme guess....jason derulo on the remix.lol this is tooooooooo random

  • Erik Quinty

    what a joke.. how could wu do this


    This is a sad day for hiphop lol. Wu-tang clan is the best rap group of all time. Only Built for Cuban Linx is the best hiphop album of all time (if you disagree, u stupid), I cannot condone any type of hiphop cred that justin bieber gains in the industry. He doesn't deserve any recognition when it comes to the hiphop community. A raekwon collab with Kanye is bad enough (kanye being an other over rated douche bag), but justin bieber? Are you fucking kidding me? This is just ridiculous

  • jon murdock

    oh and im a rae fan not a beiber fan or kanye fan

  • jon murdock

    kanye is a wutang fan he said it a few times. justin is a worldwide sensation right now.in terms of a good business move why not put him on the track it will sell more albums.does this collab just sound crazy to you?raekwon beiber and kanye?who does that?will it be dope who knows.but its out of the box like crazy.

  • me5t0

    damn lol, built 4 cuban linx wont be da same in my ears kanye shud stick to pop genre

  • Chris O

    I heard of a new collabo its Immortal Technique, Myley Cyrus, Seal, & Ma$e

  • Alex Mendoza

    I didn't think Rae would go through with it, like I thought it was a joke

  • lol

    rae is leading hip hop right now

  • sc4

    My respect for kanye i lost LONG time ago, but raekwon..?? wtf..

  • Brandon

    All of you guys STFU!!! Kanye is the most diverse artist out there, he's worked with John Mayor,Maroon 5,etc. This Collabo could change music as we know it. Raekwon deserves the spotlight after everything he's done for hip hop and I think Ye' is the perfect middle man for this job. If you don't respect Kanye & Raekwon, you don't respect the progression of Hip Hop. And that's all this is, one more step in the progression of hip hop.

    • lord_abstract

      fuck this gay shit, raekwon is a fucking sell out, kanye cut and pasted lines out of classic wu joints to complete his verse, and justin bieber is a little homo trying to get in. They all fucking suck, this entire mainstream industry sucks, this isnt going to do shit for what you people call hip hop. That shit is dead. Theres Underground....and anything beyond that where bullshit like this is likely to occur is mainstream. I support the underground, where lyrics are raw, punchlines get more notoriety than catchy beats, and you have to have above and beyond talent to be recognized. Fuck this bullshit. And fuck whoever supports it. word up.

    • scrypt

      suck a fuckin cock, this is an unspeakable proposal. i got love for the wu. HOW MUCH DO YOU OR ANY OF Y'ALL WANNA BET THAT JUSTIN BIEBER'S NEVER HEARD OF RAEKWON PRIOR TO KANYE'S "BRILLIANT" IDEA? fuck that little cunt and kanye and fuck the horseshit industry

    • Anonymous

      n its digression not progression u filthy idiot

    • Anonymous

      haha r u serious? kayne is diverse following what sells isnt diverse its business savy not artistic!!! you dumb fuck

    • sc4

      kanye is a fucking sell out

  • G'

    Congratz 2 Rae for Pimpin both Kanye and Bieber out....RAEKWON IS REALLY RUNNIN SHIT..in terms of the Wu'

  • riot

    Teenage girls are going to be listening to Raekwon.

    • lord_abstract

      yeah im going to laugh at all these stupid ass inbred little lames running around at 17 years old talking about "yeah ive been bumping rae since the beginning" I dont think im going to have to wait til their 18 to get to smack fire out of their punk asses.

    • G'

      Goin' have 'em thinking he some sort of "new" rapper LOL

  • Anonymous

    y da hell are these two twittering??? dumb ass shit come on. i feel like an ass insulting the lil ass boy new rule if i cannot insult the garbage yo are collabing wit then u probably shouldnt do it come on how u think any grown ass person would feel jammin to these shit!!! think ppl think!!!

  • Anonymous

    at the end of the day justin beiber is where the money at he has the female teen on lock who will spend their money on his poppy music seriously tho was it necessary??? this is whacker than ever....why?

  • edubb1977


  • dssd

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u I Love M I A Music and Ent Presents $WonDough$ No Image No Gimmicks Just Banging Ass Music

  • snoopy7

    Rae and Kanye collab sounds crazy. Justin Beiber isn't necessary and I'm not saying that because it will make it wack. I'm saying it would make more sense to have someone better singing the chorus. Here's some suggestions of who should be on the track: Kanye West: Verse 1 Dwele, John Legend or Blue Raspberry (Chorus) Raekwon: Verse 2 Ghostface Killah or Method Man: Verse 3



  • Ob4cl2

    This is the most random collabo ever . A wna hear rae on sme cream shit not with fags like kanye and beiber!! This better not be on shaolin vs wu tang album!!

  • joshpwill

    This is a good look for 2 reasons: 1. Kanye West immediately sells bout 200K more records because of this move. Both Bieber and Raekwon fans will now buy the album, especially Bieber's- which is great, because this intensely includes middle and upper class young white girls who will make their parents buy the album, or buy it themselves. Its a lot of them in America and they go where Bieber goes... 2. It's 2010. Get off the bullshit. Music is universal. For everyone saying that either Kanye or Raekwon is selling out because of the collabo, welcome to the status quo. Music, indeed hip hop, was made to be in synced, and because of the internet, more musicians are working together. I don't see where we can go wrong. This collabo alone is multigenerational, a step towards post racial america, and brings together 3 totally different consumers of music who perhaps would not otherwise engage with each other. This song may create a community out of those audiences, breaking barriers, or at least challenging them. I aint make it up- its just the power of music. Anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

    • lord_abstract

      what the fuck are you talking about dude??? guarantee sales...if your a true hip hop head, you wouldnt buy it because of kanye because his bitch ass copied and pasted lines out of every wu joint to make his verse (dick riding faggot) and Rae??? I used to dig his shit because I always thought he was gonna stay with that grimey edge. He hung on for a long time, even in the era of homosexual embracing (now), and i respected him for it. Now i revoke my respect, and predict his sorry ass lose alot of fan base for committing treason to his own craft. and for that matter, fuck justin bieber too. he too, will come and go. LONG LIVE THE UNDERGROUND. FUCK THE MAINSTREAM!

    • ryandinho

      Get tha fuk outta here. Hip-Hop was never supposed to be "universal". This is not going to guarantee Rae any sales.

  • T Dot Movement

    LOL, damn this is an awkward ass collabo!! As for Rae, he can do whatever he wants, he paid his dues (obviously)...let him get that money and build his fanbase.

  • Paradox

    Check out new single from duo Co-Letteral Damage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGoB6PZMafo

  • shone jones

    The same people who cried about Rae doing a collab with Justin Bieber and Kanye would give De La Soul a pass for working with LFO and Chuck and Griff a pass for working with Vanilla Ice. Fuckin' Hypocrites. Do your research.

  • franco

    This article is too confusing. The editor obviously doesnt know what the phrase "in the can" even means. That phrase means the idea has been scrapped and thrown away. Then the bottom update says the song is "complete", which is the opposite meaning of something being canned.


    i think is a good move i think what fans need to understand is nothing wrong with a artist trying to expand there wings and become more bigger

    • Anonymous

      stfu! you are not progressing you are digressing what potential does beiber have in hip hop??? seriously stFu

  • gfk

    i think it's a bad move on raes part in terms of doing what his fans would have wanted him to do. but at the same time this is strictly a financial and smart move in a way. i see how it could work positively for him and wu, but at the same time it just sounds gay to me for me to even read both their names in the same sencence let alone hear rae talk about how it's gonna be live. at the same time i hope its only once song and that's it. i dont wanna see no wutang and disney colabos. fuck that shit. but i still respect rae and his hustle. everyone makes mistakes and this is sort of like a mishap that will make him lots of money lol :P

  • problems/problema

    Can't wait for the remix with miley cyrus...smh

  • freshyboi

    funny how a few months back rae was all about his fans now and doing it for the fans that stuck with them

  • The.Watcher

    Really couldn't give a fuck about what Kanye West is doing, he's wack anyway...but Rae? Damn son, I can't ride with that.

  • Mike Twain

    This is a great look for Rae; he will be exposed to a whole new fanbase. And with OB4CLII special edition droppin, dude is in line for some serious cake. Don't knock the hustle!

    • Anonymous

      i'm sayin he MIGHT do good in the ringtone but lil girls dont know shit about what rae speaks but who knows maybe they wanna seem like they gotta a lil street in em you know how cool it is to seem tough

    • freshyboi

      are you saying 15 yr old girls are gonna buy cuban linx 2 because he got on one song with beebs?

  • MidwestMac

    Bieber is the best rapper alive. His story telling abilities are amazing, and don't even get me his flow. Fuck u haterz.

  • nice...

    yeah you know jus had to get that off my chest. and it's still fuck yall niggas @ dx . one

  • nice...

    i think i would like to shove my foot up someone's grandmothers twat @ dx. fuck dx

  • nice...

    do any of you have babies. i wonder what their heads would look like if a sledge hammer fell down on it. fuck dx

  • nice...

    nah seriously i wanna ram my dick down somebody's throat @ dx. fuck dx

  • nice...

    i think you guys should hire an outside proof reader. fuck dx

  • nice...

    aye i want to take a shit and pee down the throats of the mothers of everybody on the staff @ dx. fuck dx

  • nice...

    nobody in the dx staff finished high school. there all retarded. fuck dx

  • nice...

    do any of you guys @ dx have daughters? i need hoes for my strip. fuck dx

  • nice...

    in the offices at dx they have get togethers where they all drink cum cocktail. fuck dx

  • nice...

    dx niggas have office parties where they fuck eachother in the ass. fuck dx

  • Nastynas4life

    damn Rae...why?! why with justin fagber?!

  • NY

    I still fuck wit Raekwon, he's being featured on another album so I don't care too much but if he did that shit on one of his albums I would say it's fucked up and he would be my least favorite out of Wu even thought his classic albums OB4CL 1&2.


    I could see Kanye west working with that faggot Beiber cuz kanye is one of the biggest faggots around...but Reakwon? Come on man...thats some bullshit

  • Lay

    LOL!!!! Rae gon make some new fans...

  • miguel Guttierres

    This is the most lopsided collabo I've ever seen. Bieber, Kanye and Raekwon all on one track? Now I can see Kanye & Bieber or Kanye & Raekwon, but all three looks kind of weird to me. Won't judge it until I hear it even though I despise Beiber. I'll listen to it mainly for Kanye and Raekwon and act like there's an uncredited background singer.

    • Heberpayy

      Same thing here. After E-40 with brokeNCYDE and Bun B/Snoop with Soulja Boy, I won't doubt some quality coming on this track.

  • WakeFlow

    pretty excited as well. What if they have justin spit some ill shit?! I'm ready, don't really want to hear him sing though. I need some straight heat.

    • Gamegamee

      I can't say I'm that upset... I can understand the chef wanting to try something new and expose a new type of music listener to his work... Like dude said below his sister just stole all of his old wu tang albums ... Lol...that's funny

  • mandude

    lol. i'm not going to come off like the backpackin die hard hiphop head, but this collaboration makes no sense what-so-ever. the part that makes it odd for me is raekwon and him saying " I'm big fans of both of these guys " AND " I like his style." LOL! Respect is one thing, but like-his-style? The worlds gone crazy, im telling you. Get your money rae.

  • Atl2Trill

    Raekwon is officially a sellout. I hate Justin Beiber and his wack ass pop music.

  • ptone814

    im so excited!!!! yaeeee!!!!!!!!!!! go justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) yes homo

  • freshyboi

    my little sister just stole all my wu-tang albums, thanks Rae

  • yourmomsballs


  • m.i.c


  • Anonymous


  • George21

    And ppl talked shit wen em collabed w rihanna... But wtf! A kanye collab coulda been dope Now this shit SMH!!


    Ahhh man wtf. Rae I understand that a g is all about money but damn son you cant do that. Its like not taking your fans serious or do you want to have the J Bieber fanbase? First Kanye say that with this album hes returning to his hip hop roots but then I hear all too cute beats like disney on ice. I hope I am so wrong... Still Wu forever .. Clan in da front!!

  • dontgiveafuck.

    nah man it's just like when you believe in some artists and you really appreciate their music you kinda loses faith when you hear some shit like this this prototype of event wanna make a nigga switch his style and turn into an electro music fan or some shit !

  • dontgiveafuck.

    seriously i dont understand ! you have artists such as black thought, mos def, kweli, common, rza, pete rock, mf doom, outkast, canibus, common, cee-lo, erykah, bilal, saadiq, jill scott, d'angelo, black milk, redman, dj premier, q-tip, cormega, az, hi-tek, chrisette michele, scarface, saalam remi etc and those motha fuckas find nothin else to do except makin collaborations with wayne, drake, bieber, timberlake, kanye west, wale, kid cudi, eminem, rock ross, neptunes, soulja boy, game, 50 cent and all the fuckin faggots in the world who litteraly distroys real hip-hop music ! im done with this fuckin shit ! fuck hip-hop !

  • dontgiveafuck.

    FUCK NOOOOOOOO ! im disgust bout this shit i used to love the Wu but now this shit is official ! Rae turns into a sellout motha fucka i cannot relate to this kinda shit ! back in the days i was so glad the member of the wu were almost the only ones not to collabo with justin timberlake and now Rae with bieber ??? gimme a fuckin break ! with all the real artists in the world like erykah badu, d'angelo, jill scott, bilal, saadiq and on and on theses sellout motha fuckas have to make a track with bieber ??!! i cannot even believe im writing this shit right now !! this shit is fuckin odd ! im goin to throw OB4CL 2 in the garbage after this news word to the almighty !

  • jesterdxxl

    I think Rae don't keep up with dates it's been 4 months & 140 days since April Fool's Day

  • jesterdx

    I think Rae don't keep up with dates it's been 4 months & 140 days since April Fool's Day!


    First and foremost, I'd like to take this time out to shout out Ye', Rae & Justin for what they're about to do. Vintage shit i'm sure. What ya don't seem to understand is that #1 Kanye ain't gonna go fuckin' shit up. This shit is gonna go hard bitches! #2 How ya go and hate on RAEKWON like dat when all this glorious time ya been on his dick? Ya the type to deepthroat niggas, take the whole load and oops, did I here justin Beiber - ah you a bitch. I thought I was your bitch. omg. #3 ya gotta wake up and smell the coffee cus this is a new generation and I think its a g.o.o.d. thing for the O.G.'s in the game to toughin' up these new niggas. Ya act like dat shit cute. Now ya have rae ye and justin lookin at the hate comin from they own fans cus ya just haters. bitch niggas. lookin stupid in the eyes of many worldwide hatin like your shit dont stink. If ya were either one of them niggas ya'd do the same fuckin thing! and most importantly, the money will always be there. this dat conglomerate shit. Round table shit. Learn to respect it or get knuckled down you haters! hut ya fuckin mouths already. Peace!!! Watch dis shit be a fuckin classic. oh, and by the way - dont forget that rza is on the beats on this album to dummys. its probably one of them rza joints. It gotta go hard. Anyways, fuck ya!

  • Nick Tropiano

    do ur thing rae...bieber and kanye both on top so u mite as well get some of that gwap 2...more power 2 ya...shaolin all day

  • Anonymous

    I'm starting to get sick & tired of this shit , if you collab or say you like justin bieber you prefer to have gay/pop fans or 14 year old girls with pimples , everybody seems to sell out , now I can expect it from a faggot like kanye , but so far who have the game , raekwon , dr dre , snoop dogg , I wonder who's the next to sell out

    • ZeM

      It is sad but it's all for the dough and your opinion does not count to any of you favorite rappers! Also complaining about it only seem to make more of these little collabs happen more often, so rather shut the fuck up about it dudes

  • rae fell off

    some sadd ass shit yo. had much respect 4 the chef

  • jack johnson

    Raekwon you damn sellout. you get your head in the spotlight after a good OB4CL2 album and straight away you're selling out?

  • bigsavage55


  • WTF

    Back in the days, the Wu was known for raw sound. Last year he dropped OB4CL II and now he comes up with this faggot? Sad day for hip hop.

  • Fuck this

    FUCK THIS THE CHEF CANT STOOP DOWN TO BIEBER AND KANYES LEVEL... If this happens I will shit a fucking brick.. this kid is too young to respect the Wu Tang


      Justin Bieber - born 3/1/94 Enter the Wu-tang - Released 11/9/93 That's all u need to know right there...

  • BWS-Fish

    Can't believe im actually saying this, but maybe wu-tang is not forever if this is the type of shit they are gonna start doing.

  • problems/problema

    Wtf? How do you chase OB4CL 2 with a joint feat yeezy and Beiber rae? what's next rae? you and miley cyrus with luda? oh wait how about that real street shit? Taylor Swift and ke$ha feat the chef...no? how about the Jonas bros feat you and the cast of glee..there u go son..that real street shit..smfh..thats some bullshit if i ever heard some...

    • lord_abstract

      yup straight bullshit....fuck the entire current state of hip hop as the world knows it. I will only say this one more time, then I must go on with my life, there is only two genres when it comes to hip hop. It is no longer one in the same. 1: Underground and 2: mainstream. Your either an underground head, or a mainstream faggot. nuff said. Rest in peace hip hop as an indivisible genre.

  • Articulate1

    This is a fuckin' joke right? First Common did a track with the Jonas fags and now this? I could see 'Ye doing a track with Bieber but Chef? This world is going to shit rapidly.


    This is going to be a weird record. Hopefully Bieber is only singing the chorus and not trying to rap with the CHEF. But I won't judge it until I hear something.

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