T.I.'s "King Uncaged" Delayed To Focus On "Takers"

The Grand Hustle head honcho wants "Takers" to be a success, and pushes "King Uncaged" deeper into the fall season.

T.I. may be known more for his rapping than his acting, but the Atlanta star takes his stage craft very seriously. Speaking recently with Rap-Up.com, Tip expressed that he has delayed the upcoming King Uncaged album to focus on his role in the film Takers.

"I pushed [King Uncaged] back so I can completely focus my attention to the rollout and release of this film Takers," said T.I. during the red carpet interview. "I feel it wouldn't be fair to the film or the album if I was splitting my attention span amongst the two, so I hit pause on the album to completely focus my attention to rolling out this here film."

Takers opens August 27, and co-stars Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Paul Walker and Idris Elba. King Uncaged, which was planned for a September release of yesterday, is expected later this fall on Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records, as the DJ Toomp-produced first single "Got Your Back" continues to make rotations.


  • bizznasty

    i dont really like nigger music but TI's shit is pretty good, aint as cheezy as everyone elses bullshit

  • Atl2Trill

    I'm not even anticipatin this album no more. I feel like it's gonna be on some pop shit.



  • Anonymous

    All his albums went Hard ya'll boys tripping

  • Eventz Pierre

    Nah thats bullshit why dont he just admit that he doesnt want to be shown up Gucci and Jeezy's album were set for the same date as T.I's. I bet one of them would of out sold King Uncaged. In my opinion T.I.'s reign as KING OF THE SOUTH is over

  • asd

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  • sda

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    like i said b4 give me tip first three albums..after that shit went wack

    • 123456789

      trap muzik and king was t.i.'s best albums imo. then you also have urban legend, paper trail


      nah homie i think IM SERIOUS is his best album to date..to me king was wack azz hell,papertrail was wack,TI VS TIP wack to.. like i said nothing touching them first three albums...i guess yall wasnt on IM SERIOUS when it first drop if yall think them two albums was hot

    • JordanM91

      'King' is his best album, that was his 4th studio album I believe, so you'd be missing out son

    • cjrocker

      T.I. vs T.I.P. was wack, Paper Trail can't be hated on though.

  • Kevin Bibbs

    Why you lyin' Tip? You just waiting for a number one record that's all. SMH @ all these artist delaying albums because of their singles getting no response. Ummm maybe you should get back in the lab and make some better music simple.

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