Method Man Hit By Fan At Juggalo Concert

Meth gets pelted with a beer can at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Reality star Tila Tequila made headlines this week when she was pelted with bottles, debris, and human excrement during last weekend's Gathering of the Juggalos concert in Illinois. However, she is not the only performer to have been injured at the event put on by the Insane Clown Posse. Method Man was also targeted at the concert when one audience member threw a full beer can at him, causing a gash to form underneath his eye.

One video shot right after the incident shows an angry Redman (who was also onstage) urging Meth to stop performing and tend to the injury. He chided the crowd, and told Meth, "Your face is cut, go take care of that."

However, Method Man refused to leave the stage. "Start the music, we're continuing the show," he said. "Let's fuck these motherfuckers up!" While Method Man has not taken any legal action, Tila Tequila is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the festival promoters as well as the Insane Clown Posse.

She told TMZ about the concert-goers, "If you look at these people, or monsters, whatever they are, they looked very angry and violent." Tequila sustained cuts and bruises on her face and also received stitches.



  • Anonymous

    fuck icp ans all the faggot ass juggalos

  • tyler

    all you pp, do is sit n talk shit to each other over comments. ok so you dont like icp, cool. i dont like method or red. n obviously them niggas were down to go there knowing what can happen, everybody knows the shit that goes down at the gathering. who cares about who likes what, i think yall need to grow the fuck up n get on with your lives

  • dt520

    So glad I live in Tucson, 90% of the retard Juggalo population lives in the storm drain system. The other 10% just dress that way and "whoop whoop" at every friggin street corner.

  • 1000blabbities

    We All Know Juggalos (at least 9out of 10) suck. Check my vid on youtube about this.

  • Lsn22s

    wow...i cant believe my earlier comment started some ill argument i didnt even read completely....ha!!! but i gotta say @gimik313... i'm pretty sure YOU are the only person who even mentioned those wack-ass artists like gucci mane and waka...i really dislike their music with a passion... ...and to tell you the brutal truth there little guy..... ICP sucks just as bad if not worse than the people you mentioned...sorry you were unfortunate enough to jump on that bandwagon/short-bus... and did you really call yourself a juggalo??? lol, smh, wow...just wow...i think a better term would be STAN....i think i'm done here...

  • Its Um

    they should have or get more surveillance cameras on the crowds, and hidden body guards.

  • ruphus

    I'm a juggalo and i have come to the consensus that a lot of Juggahos are idiots and this proves it. The shit that went down at this years gathering was fucking despicable.I hope they cancel this shit for a few years and hopefully weed out all the trouble makers and make the gathering more like it used to be.

  • ruphus

    I'm a juggalo and i have come to the consensus that a lot of Juggahos are fucking idiots and this proves it. The shit that went down at this years gathering was fucking despicable.I hope they cancel this shit for a few years and hopefully weed out all the trouble makers and make the gathering more like it used to be.

  • bigdave77

    insane clown pussys have the most retarded gay fans . i dont know how people like there music and there movement . its nuts

  • xripperc

    haha Meth is a boss

  • champ

    Fag ass nigga who threw that shit at Meth... I have been to a few Mef shows and he is the coolest dude to kick it with. Some people are just ignorant and whoever threw the can, I guarantee, will not step up to Meth face to face.. f'n pussy

  • STFU

    What a pussy, whoever threw that beer is a pussy and I hope that person got they ass kicked by juggalos or whoever the fuck was near him/her at the time it happened. Props to Meth for still doing the performance though, that's some self control. ICP fucking sucks by the way.

  • Fuckyouifyoudisagreeyoulickballs

    Thats messed up what they did to method man. I liked one song from icp where they dissed that faggot eminem. That was the only track I liked from them. Eminem is a homo and anyone who disagrees is as well.

  • HOG

    Its not ICPs fault one fan was a faggot and decided to be dumb. Icp loves wu and did tracks with odb.

  • Rachael Misek

    those fans are fuckin retarded...they snapped on everyone at the D12 concert i went to.

  • JordanM91

    I was put here to put fear in faggots who spray Faygo Root Beer, and call themselves clowns, cuz they look queer. Fagget2dope and Silent Gay, these are the 2 ppl juggalos look up to? lol I think juggalos are just made that ICP never got the mainstream attention that eminem did, especially not after eminem ruined their careers. Juggalos to respond in 3....2....1....

  • HERM

    Uh. Wtf was mef verse chef doin at this wack ass concert anyway?

  • HOwzCome

    Why you always say "by fan" or "fan punches so and so...etc" I think its safe to say your not a fan if your idea of appreciating something is assaulting it.

  • Truthenola

    simply put ... white people.

  • McG

    Those "bigger" name acts that perform at the Gathering have no business being there. Artists like Meth & Red, Lil Kim, etc who agree to do that show just need the quick check and don't realize they aren't respected by that particular group of fans.

  • tdsf

    No Image No Gimmicks Just Banging Ass Music I Love M I A Music and Ent presents $WonDough$

  • Bill

    I hate to say it...but that's what he gets for being involved in an ICP event. What the hell?!?

  • Miro Wilson

    Wow, little do these fans realise if it wasn't for people like Method and Red and other cats like that, there wouldn't be an ICP or a juggalo movement. Hell they should've thrown em a dutch or sumthin. But that's what happens when you forget your past.

    • YouSerious?

      Gimik, it doesnt matter how long you make music, the quality's what matters most. Method Man has better music than ICP, simply put. What's the last ICP record anybody NORMAL was jamming?

    • bear

      icp came out with there first c.d in 1992 and wu-tang clan came out with there first c.d in 1993. so it has not been that long gimik313.

    • Gtfo

      gimik313, or rather I should say, dumbfuck, you missed the point of that statement. He's calling them fickle and retarded. Which he is spot on. Anyone who dresses like a white-trash emo-clown is a fucking idiot. Show some respect to the dudes who are trying to put on a good show for you, for fuck's sake.

    • gimik313

      ICP has been making music and in teh game LONGER then Method Man pimp

    • floppydisk559

      90 percent of i.c.p fans or the ones that call themselfs Juggalos don't know shit about hip hop music, they just know anything that has to do with psychopathic records and shit they hear at the Gathering. Its sad but its true, i use to have alot of friends that called themselves Juggalos and they were annoying as fuck. one time i showed them a tech n9ne c.d and all they did was talk shit about him untill he showed up the following year at the Gathering then out of no were they all became his number 1 fan buying all his c.d's. thats a "Juggalo" in a nut shell. you could talk shit but i'm telling the truth

  • J Really

    This was a corny display of a wack crowd. The vibe must be off at those damn concerts. Anyways new signee to FNF

  • ed0n

    if i had been there, i would had fucked the fuck out of some of those cocksuckers

  • Juggaloninja

    just a bunch of drucken assholes ruining it for everybody.

  • Lsn22s

    Those "fans" in the crowd should be grateful they even had some real hip hop at a retarded-ass ICP event...i cant even explain how bad Insane Clown Posse's music is, i honestly cant help but lose respect for someone who considers themselves a fan of that enjoy something so shitty, so talentless...just goes to show what i always say...dumb music is for dumb people...

    • YouSerious?

      @gimik I never fucking said I like Gucci, I said Method Man is WAY BETTER than fucking ICP, and almost anybody who isnt on ICP nuts would agree with me. @ the other two dudes arguing what the fuck do any of your artists that you prefer have to do with this article? J Cole's nice, Atmosphere has their moments, blah blah blah. Can't we all just agree that ICP sucks? What makes "underground" hip hop better than mainstream? Because its not heard all the fucking time? the articles about Meth and ICP, so let's agree that Meth is FAR better than two wack artists and their whole shit fan base.

    • Freddy Mercury

      @JordanM91 i see you have a fetish for semi mainstream black men. Yeah i could pull that race shit to but dose it make me better, no. anyways good hip hop music is not about race, its about how in-depth the artist is with his music, and that whole fuck j.cole and joe budden shit i said just to get a reaction so relax i don't give a shit about them. if you want to bring up black music you should talk about Dead Prez, pharoahe monch, or killah priest. now thats awsome ghetto music for the soul. long story short much respect too you as long as we like real hip hop music your ok in my book as loog as you don't like that gay i.c.p shit. lol

    • JordanM91

      @ Freddy Mercury I see you got a fetish for white underground mc's, thats cool cuz im not knockin them, but to say fuck lupe and fuck j cole and slaughterhouse, ur an idiot. I can understand if u have a hatred towards mainstream rap for whatever reason, but those rappers i mentioned are not really mainstream, not as much as drake, wayne, jay-z, etc...Not all real rap is underground.

    • The.Watcher

      @Freddy Mercury Yes! You hit the nail on the head brah, RhymeSayers, Duck Down, Def Jux and Stones Throw are the shit in hip hop today, best labels hands-down. You should listen to this cat called Sadistik, he has 1 album out- The Balancing Act with guest features by Mac Lethal and Vast Aire. The album is dope as hell, dude spits like no one else.

    • freddy mercury

      fuck lupe fiasco and J cole and slaughterhouse. listing to qwel, el-p, buck 65, aesop rock, living legends, atmosphere, k-os, murs you probably havent heard of them but if you did, you should try listening to them. There is real hip hop mcs and real rap music being made today. and no shit gimik313 we know your a i.c.p fan. juggalo are the only ones that get all emo when you talk shit about i.c.p and come back with a comment for every insult towerds there rap group because they have no lives. fuck i.c.p they have'nt had a growing fan base since 1999 and there still trying to make music videos. someone should tell them that Total Request Live is canceled.

    • JordanM91

      @gimik313 You're just naming the obvious "bad" rappers in hip hop. Just because a lot of ppl listen to them doesnt mean most ppl do. Gucci and wacka do not represent real hip hop, nor does lil wayne or drake. I listen to lupe fiasco and J cole and slaughterhouse, you probably havent heard of them but if you did, you should try listening to them. There is real hip hop mcs and real rap music being made today. Judging by the comments you've left, If there are "real" juggalos out there, your the one that makes them look bad.

    • gimik313

      stop judging people? YALL are the ones judging all juggalos based off what happened this weekend. Guess what fucktards. Ima juggalo N WASNT THERE. so yeah ima say what i feel wehn you dumbasses sugarcoat shit like YOU KNOW about shit. Yall listen to pop flavor of the minute hip hop. Your opinion isnt real....As far as real hiphop goes...I guess in 2010 its all bout Gucci and the faggots that DISRESPECT music

    • YouSerious?

      hey gimik, I dont think he even mentioned who he listens to, so stop fucking judging everyone, you on ICP nuts or something? Those guys are ass, their music is ass, and their fans smell like ass. Method Man is a far greater music artist than ICP.

    • gimik313

      yet u support shit like gucci mane. waka flaka flame. lil wayne. and raw ass talentless fucks right?


    Wu representin... Look at a action like this, its fake and cowardly. If you have a prob with Meth and you are a real man then you should go on stage and get your ass beat up.Only a pussy with no heart would try being a tuff guy throwing shit anonimous. Wu tang forever fake snake skin idiot. Fucking bitchmade cowards

  • Jizz On A Juggalo

    wish i was there to "bring the pain" to those gigolos... but then again, y wud i be at an ICP concert? but then again, y the fuck wud red and meth go to one????????

    • just another juggalo

      fuck all of you you guys dont know shit about juggalos ICP is the best and fuck eminem and everyone who doesnt like ICP

    • JordanM91

      @gimik313 ICP selling millions? LMAO! Their last album sold 100k. They havent had a platinum album since 1999, matter of fact, they've only had 2 platinum albums, the great milenko in 1997, and the amazing jeckel brothers in 1999. That's 2 albums out of 10 albums that they have that went platinum. ICP is not selling, they are flopping. Another blinded, dilusional person who can't accept truth and facts.

    • gimik313

      cus theyre broke and icp is still selling millions lmfao

  • Adam Marksby

    When one or a few people do something messed up, you all seem to think the rest are the same? If you want to generalise people like that, then aren't we all pussies and pieces of shit?

    • Lsn22s

      Listen....anyone who considers his/herself a fan of ICP, or whatever it is they do and try to pass off as "music"...has a seriously questionable taste in art, let alone dont pay to go to a show headlined by Insane Clown Posse without being down with their bullshit antics and gimmicky persona, which is inherited by their sheep-like fans...basically, anyone who paid to go to that show is suspect and already on the path to the low end of the intelligence spectrum...I understand red n meth gotta make money, but i honestly wish they wouldnt even deal with such abominations to hip hop culture when Red and Meth themselves have been behind some of the freshest rap music ever created...smfh...

  • holmsie

    fuck these pussy ass clown loving fags

  • The.Watcher

    Fuck the Insane Clown Pussies and all their fans. Pieces of shit.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Juggalos are such pieces of shit...

  • Marcus.H

    ----------------------------------------- [ ] UGK - Back In P.A.T. (feat. T.I.) -----------------------------------------

  • sharpsh00ter155

    im surprised. when i heard tila teliqila got hit, i wasnt fucken surprised. meth took that shit well, and im surprised he didnt beat the shit out of the fan himself. meth still keepin it real yo.

  • edubb1977


  • harris89

    what a bunch of cocksuckers.

  • Bauce

    These clowns (no pun intended) make rednecks look like scholars

  • problems/problema

    props to meth and red for not starting a riot cause they could have seriously went in and did serious damage..y'all remember the survival of the fittest tour with keith and red throwing haymeakers at the crowd?lol insane clown posse and their fans are the scum of the earth..losers

  • jeffthajuggalo

    i saw them the day before this at the rave and shit was about the same as at gathering people throwin shit. red got hit with a lighter so this aint just a juggalo thang shit happens.

  • Cealix


  • freshyboi

    juggalos are such an interesting species

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