Ja Rule Says 50 Cent Beef Was 'Unfair'

The former Inc. artist explains why his situation with Fif was one of the "weirdest moments in Hip Hop."

The contrast between Ja Rule's career in 2001 and his place in the music industry now is striking. Once on top of the music charts with his third album Pain Is Love moving 6.1 million units, Rule's fall from grace arguably had much to do with his beef with 50 Cent. Ja Rule recently talked to Vibe magazine about his entry back into the music industry and how he had the disadvantage against 50 Cent.

"I feel like everybody deserves a second chance to do whatever. Really, I feel that my situation was an unfair situation. A very unique, very odd situation. Nobody ever seen anything like that in Hip Hop, you know? I laugh when I see people say shit like, 'Yo, [50 Cent] killed Rule, but he didn’t kill [Rick] Ross.' No disrespect to Ross, but he did 180-something [first week sales of Teflon Don]. I went platinum with R.U.L.E. after I made Blood In My Eye…I was a much bigger selling artist than just platinum so I guess that’s why people felt I took a hit. But the music industry was taking a hit at that time, too. You can’t really judge it or try to make an issue out of it, or an excuse. It just is what it is. To me it’s just one of the weirdest moments in Hip Hop. It’s to where the fans feel like they were duped almost like, '[50 Cent] shitted on this nigga for one thing and turned around and did the same thing.'"

Although it's been years since he garnered the commercial success as he did in '01, he says he's still maintained the support of his peers in the music industry.

"Real talk, I've been getting support from basically everybody in the industry. Nobody has really been unsupportive of me at all. I think a lot of people may not openly be around and vouch for me, but nobody has not taken my calls. While I was feeling on the outside, I still felt like I was on the inside, you feel me? A lot of artists out there made me feel real warm and let me know, 'Nigga, you still that nigga. You put it down.' A lot of artists are good with me."

Ja Rule also expressed that, while he feels some new artists are entering Hip Hop for the wrong reasons, there are still a few that he likes.

"I like Drake. I like Nicki [Minaj]. I like the dude Tyga that’s on the Chris Brown mixtape. I like J. Cole, he doing his thing. I even like Soulja Boy. The little nigga smart, man. He make his records and do his thing, ain’t bothering nobody. It’s too much hate in this game. Hate is for suckas, man."

Ja Rule's latest album is titled The Renaissance Project, and is scheduled to release by the end of 2010.



  • turtleland420

    I have a prediction that before 2015, Ja Rule will put out an album that sells more than one 50 puts out

  • frank from the ya area!!!

    its all good ja rule keep doing your thang folks

  • tdubwilcocks

    at the time ja had to be the dumbest idiot to ever try these guys, lets look at it this way. ja was big no doubt but can you really compete with 50 (crazy debut and hype), Eminem (most respected rapper of the decade to this day), Busta Rhymes (Respected, crazy flow), D12 (pretty much made everybody laugh at ja, and they had nothing to lose), Dr. Dre (more experience,respected producer), Lloyd Banks alone woulda killed Ja, Yayo+ Youung Buck (hyped at the time with g-unit), The Game (Respected on the West coast), and dont forget Stat Quo, Obie,DMX and Bishop Lamont now lets take alook yes R.U.L.E. went platinum but now look at G-Unit/Aftermath and Shady 50-GRODT,Massecre at the time both platinum Game-Documentry 3x Platinum Eminem-Encore-Several times platinum Dr.Dre -making twenty times as much money off production credits Obie- Cheers=Platinum Stat-hype in atlanta D-12- D12 world-platinum Banks-platinum Buck-more respect from the south G-Unit -Beg for Mercy sold well if i recall too, so c'mon it didnt matter what ja did with RULE, because he wasn't comparing to 20million + records between all of the g-unit/shady/aftermath crew, and eminem bascially kept raping ja with his lyricism on tracks. so forget it, its over now but it was kinda funny to watch alll these true big name rappers all jump at one time on ja. i enjoyed listening to it unfold and Ja shoulda saw that eminem woulda cleaned his clock when he dissed ems daughter, you just dont bring kids into it. ja lost soo much out of it. on top of that it might have made a difference if it was in 2009 when 50 wasnt doing much of anything. but it was in 2003-2005 when aftermath and g-unit and d12 were all on top of their games. and btw i got that feeling that aftermath and g-unit got soem heat coming this fall and in 2011 watch out for those niiggaz man. and watch out for banks hes doing it real big for the gunit now

    • tdubwilcocks

      exactly i miss those days back in 04 and 05 that really showed how all those rappers spit punchlines and its fair to say that in my opinion that all of those cats from gunit aftermath and shady really showed that they could spit and what they had when it came down to it, and who woulda guessedd busta woulda joined but he did and im just sayin i would not wanna be caught up in a beef with him following what i heard from him in hail mary. 50 coulda killed ja alone, but yes i thank ja for doing it asweell cuz without that we woulda never saw what coulda been the best feud of all time.. it was interesting and i hope something on that level happens again

    • Nicole

      I'm thankful towards Ja,cause if it wasn't for that beef ,maybe we wouldn't have had so many great tracks.Thinking about it gives me shivers.This beef got togheter so many great rappers(from then till this day) like DMX,X,Dr Dre,Eminem(D12),Obie,50(G-Unit),Busta,Stat Quo,Snoop.It was a pleasure seeing those throwing lirycal punchlines,they did a great job.I wish we had that these days,having those great live concerts.Now all we have is drake,weezy or soulja boy.I do hope that someday hip-hop will be back on it's prime as it was back then. My point is that Ja probably did us (rap fans) a favour,but i doubt his comeback will be as good as Em's or even 50.

  • Shady/Aftermath

    As a white boy whos fav rapper as a kid was Snoop Dogg, even I can see Ja is a bitch!Nothing but a lil man with a big mouth. Afi Keita James, you Fat Hoe in disguise? Nikki Minaj!? Chris Clown!? David Guetta!? LMAO. Claiming real hip-hop ain't on the radio! Then hating on 50 who rolls with Dre, Em and co. Your taste is as whack as your opinion. Keep it to yourself. Like Obie told Ja..... "Curtis lift your skirt up, n...a you got murdered!"

  • Chupps

    Rule can't excuse what happened at all. He thought he could take Fif and EM, it didn't happen n he got made irrelevant for now almost a decade. I dunno why he pointing out the Rick Ross beef, Fif slaughtered ross but the games changed. Mainstream don't care about your street credentials, even to the point where we got an ex C.O near the top of the game.. Fif didn't end Ross' career, and Ross barely grazed Fif, but the winner was obvious. Ja will prolly be able to make a comeback long as he don't beef n keeps his head down.

  • Afi Keita James

    Ja Rule will never make a comeback and 5-0 is a piece of trash.

  • Controverse

    He sounds like Thugnificent talking about who's hot now a days

  • Anonymous

    epitome of whackness fuck em both!

  • Nico 3

    Regardless of the lyrical ass whipping he took from Eminem and company, nobody can dispute his past influence on hip hop. I just find it silly when he says R.U.L.E. went platinum, yet domestically, that album sold like 200,000. Maybe that New York single went platinum, but that album didn't spark much. Plus, The Mirror never came out, so momentum wise, he's stranded. A comeback is possible, but not likely.

  • brandon

    u brought eminem and whole d 12 on you b/c u couldnt keep it between u and 50 dont play yourself u opened up your mouth about ems daughter unfair haha thats like u fighyting someone 1 on 1 and u decide to punch someone on the sideline now your getting jumped

  • who who

    Ja Rule did this to himself. I remember when Eminem first announced that he signed 50, Ja said in the source that he would get lame ass Suge Knight on Dre and Em. Ja kept opening his mouth, then he got shit on by 50, Em and Busta on the Hail Mary remix. His career was over. RULE was a decent album though, but who the fuck cared at that point.

    • 3 headed monstaH

      hahah wow u remember that shit .. i cudnt say it better .. i remember that shit like yesterday .. my bro like i kno fif dre and em better squash this nuccah .. we jus didnt kno they wud body him lol

  • Sureshot2k5

    There was no way in hell Ja could of stopped..50 ( super hyped during time ) + Em ( hottest rapper ) + Dre ( most respected producer ) all at once. There was just no way, Ja had his time, and so did 50. Everyone comes and goes, legends stay in the game a lil longer. I like some of Jas and 50s new joints, so I aint counting them out, but they will probably never reach the success they once had.

  • orb213

    all is fair in love and war...beef = war.

  • 757Cities

    50 has a PLETHORA of ppl on his d*ck, WOOOOW Venni Vetti Vicci was a good album Rick Ross is selling out shows more than ANYONE right now...50 had to cancel for lack of sales artists make money off of tours (for those ppl who suck off artists for how much they sell) in the STREETS, everyone knows that Murda Inc was dogging G-Unit Ja should have phrased his statement better, he played himself 50 said he would retire if KanYe outsold him (sound of crickets)

  • BWS-Fish

    I liked what Ja was sayin here and actually thought that, with this sort of mind frame, he could become successful again. BUT... then I got to the bottom of the interview and read that the people in hip hop who he rates nowadays are drake, tyga, nicki minaj and fucking soulja boy. This proves that Ja has lost his fucking mind and must still be punch drunk from all the shots 50 took at him. If this is what you think hip hop should be about these days, then keep ure ass retired Ja.

  • Brookaveli

    I think a lot of hip-hop fans didn't respect Ja Rule at the time 50 and Em were going at him, and were quick to support the Shady/Aftermath side of the beef. These fans then lost respect for 50 as he started "singing to hoes" and pulling the same stunts that he criticized Ja for, and enjoyed watching The Game put a dent in 50's career.

  • nloih

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  • 1way

    I did like Ja's style. 50 cents is such a b*tch. Any man who would have his house burnt down with his son and baby momma in it lost all points with me a long time ago. so the only thing 50 is selling are commercials of his dumb ass running around talking about everybody - he's a small bully terrorizing he music industry. He will NEVER have another hit song, trust and believe.

    • Afi Keita James

      But 5-0 paid his goons to do it, so he's charged with conspiracy to commit arson.

    • ishawn

      dumb ass , if 50 burnt down his house and tried to kill his son and baby mam he'd be locked up ..use your head ...the investigation found him innocent

  • rollingstoner420

    stfu nigga this is so old let it go BOTH DEEZ LAMES LOST

  • T

    50cent is a washed up little bitch and should commit suicide the only reason he starts beef wit everyone is for publicity because he can't rap for SHIT. also milehighkid303, THE ONLY THING HE'S GOOD AT RUNNING IS G-UNIT RIGHT INTO THE GROUND. IM GLAD GAME GOT OUT WHILE HE HAD THE CHANCE AND SO SHOULD BANKS IF HE KNOWS WHATS GOOD FOR HIM

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      That nigga T sounds like a Bitch who used to date 50 and he got dumped. Now, he's on some vindictive shit and wishes bad things on 50 because he left him for another Bitch! It takes a weak ass nigga to hate a nigga he never met.

    • ishawn

      another dumb ass ..let's keep it real , ja is done..game is done .. and ross can't make gold .. 50 still making money ..new deal for g unit .. and 50 offered a 100 mill from warner for a 4 album deal when interscope contract is up .. now talk shit ..50 stay winning

  • Lachupacabra

    Dude talkin about how after the beef Ross only pushed 180 and he's pushed millions... But Ross never pushed millions before the beef anyway! He's always done 180-250 or somethin like that... So what dude's sayin is irrelevant... Not hatin, but Ja won't sell over 100 in his first week either.

  • Anonymous

    I love how so many people don't bother to read into the facts of the beef and FEDERAL investigation but love to just hate on Ja. Do your homework kids, Murder Inc was running with Kenneth "Supreme" Mcgriff at the time went afer 50 for dry snitching. Have you clowns posting these ignorant comments dont even know who that is. Plus all 50 did was steal Ja's style and run with it. After GRODT ( great album I mite add) eevry song 50 came with after was straight pop, 21 questions, candy shop, ayo technology, what a fucken joke. 3/4 of the poeple commenting were too young to understand just how big Ja was at the time.

    • ishawn

      first off you wanna talk facts . 50 didn't snitch cause everything he talked about on that record going at preme everyone knew about it through fed and don diva magazines . and if 50 is a dry snitch for paying homage to his block then that would make 2 pac a snicth also and people don't look at that right , they consider pac a legend yet against all odds he drop names and real life shit ..also that so called order of protection murder inc talked was fake cause the officer was never found to exist ..do your research ...fuck ja..murder inc went ahead and tried to threaten lables not to sign 50 cause they knew if he got on it was a wrap.. respect 50 ..he destroyed ja and that whole lable and made preme look like nothing in the streets ..they tried to kill this man and it back fired ...all they did was make him stronger and mae him wanna destroy them ..

    • casper21

      yeah most people are too young or just weren't paying attention and didn't notice that Ja was a superstar at the time. Him Dmx and Jay were all on the same page for a while, doing heavy numbers and then he hit a wall. But dude was definitely a major before it happened. I even bought Venni Vetti Vecci, shit bumped hard, and holla holla was a definite banger. And with X and Jay as guest features on a few joints on an album back in 1999, dude was nothing to play with in his day. 50's music career is heading in the same direction, my guess is his next album goes through an independent label too.

    • Ninja Please

      If yall wanna talk facts...50 turned his back on his homeboys who took care of the dude that shot 50 3 TIMES (dude let off 9 shots). Another fact is every time Murder Inc. and G-unit had an altercation in the streets it was G-unit soldiers who ALWAYS had to get rushed to the hospital0...

    • DreDay

      hmmm...i thought 21 questions WAS on GRODT

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      Just like Ja stole Tupac's and DMX style when he did his records...

    • Yeah rite

      50 did not snitch, it even says in the fact that he refused to cooperate with the cops. The only thing he did was pay homage to them on "Ghetto Quaran", which they did not like, kinda like if some1 dropped a song saying Marlo was the man on the wire. 50 got shot 9 times and instead of becoming a depressed scarred bitch he came right back out and wild out afta the niggaz. 50 cent could give a course to wounded soldiers on how to get over PTSD because HE was a fuckin man and took what he wanted. G UNIT for lyfe

  • milehighkid303


  • milehighkid303

    Said it once and I'll say it again. 50 RUNS THIS RAP SHIT, PERIOD!!! He came in with the force of a fuckin' hurricane, took what he wanted, how he wanted and didn't give a shit bout the naysayers, backstabbers and haters. 50 did it like you supposed to, guess its why he catches so much flack. Real heads respect 50 bottom line, fuck you lames who hate on duke, he came from nada and wrecked shop. ONE.

    • Afi Keita James

      WRONG! 5-0's done in the rap game, people woke to what he truly is.

    • 160K first week

      When you go from selling 1.1 mill to 160K first week, that's when you are officially dying.. Much respect to 50 cause he killed the game when he came in but his music career is an album away from being irrelevant. Ain't nobody tryna hear that shit no more. 50 is musically jogging in place, he ain't going nowhere.

    • Anonymous


    • milehighkid303

      High of that HERBAL MEDICINE WE GOT OUT HERE fuck boi!!!!! Lol, check the WW of BISD, plantinum bud. I got no shame for showin 50 love, n yea he bodied the industry pal, he did in 3 years what it took Puff and Jay to do in 10. So, move along lil buddy while I twist my shiwsher with this MILE HIGH sticky herb you clown. ONE.

    • Milehighkilla

      U Must be high on the atmosphere out there in Denver thinkin 5o wreckshop his album B.I.S.D title alone says it all right their. Cause his rap career is over just like Ja's


    LMAO.... a so called G using the word unfair is fucking bananas. He must have been in the jungle gym watching the best of mickey mouse when he said that! Grow up Ja

    • polo brown

      that unfair shit was funny as hell i mean come on son..lol.. if he really had fans they would of still brought his albums.just because you lose a battle doesnt mean ur career is over ex: look at jay when he lost to nas.. he just got wack with all that singing and people got tired of that shit..

    • herewegoyo

      lol I don't have anything against Ja but that "unfair" shit is hilarious.

  • Its Um

    Murder,inc was sinking doing those illegal drug search, you should have jump ship and find a different label, but it seem like you stay with it in hopes it will be rebuilt, wrong.


    Irv Gotti sounds like Ellen degenerous trying to speak Ebonics

  • Chris O

    Ja Rule was a poser who might of survived the beef with 50 if he didn't get too big for his bridges and attack Em. Once 50 had Em endorse him it was over. 50 smashed him with classics like "Back Down" and " I smell Pussy". Not to mention the other possey joints like Doe Ray Me and Hail Mary Remix. 50 Cent was my hero and I was the biggest 50 cent fan you would ever find. When he dropped amusement park though I was like this shit sucks and was so happy when he made a sick join like I got money. His mixtape "Forever King" was hot last summer and I liked a few joints on BISD. If I were 50 I wouldn't be so concerned with all the haters and all the beef, I would just say he has to start making some bangers. Some real fuckin bangers that you can't even deny are hot even if you hate him. I thought "Get Up" would be one, but it never really took off. 50 needs to make some fuckin bangers and maybe do some shit with some new cats or go in a different creative direction. I wanna finish this on Ja Rule Fuck you, you remind me of the fake tough rich kids I used to fight in college, plus u cheated on ur wife a lot I saw that gay tv show with u and Gotti, Karmas a bitch and so are YOU FUCK JA RULE FUCK IRV GOTTI

    • Afi Keita James

      not a ja rule fan, but 50 is fucken garbage two. 50 is like the exact same kinda artist as ja. they both make music for bitches. 50's best song was many men on the first cd. every thing was down hill from there. I Never liked 5-0 from the get-go, he's even worse.

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      So if 50 isn't relevant, then how can he do a sellout show here in Chicago back in May of this year? How can he do a sellout world tour overseas where he had stars come out to his shows? Why he has been in these headlines every single week?

    • I'm A Rapper Not A Singer

      Only thing I'd say to Rule & 5-o is do a song together cause that's the only way either of them will become irrelevant again.Both Needs to stop All that damn singin!!!

    • b haze

      not a ja rule fan, but 50 is fucken garbage two. 50 is like the exact same kinda artist as ja. they both make music for bitches. 50's best song was many men on the first cd. every thing was down hill from there.

  • Glass

    ok i did`t think that 50 won that Rap beef anyway. But Ja rule`s crew won the street beef for real. Hip hop is street muzik. I whoud bye this cd 4 real. Allso hope that Nas will drop a album soon. The real king of hip hop.

  • G-Unit Killa

    All these G-Unit stans it's Over get use to it. Karma's A B*tch.What Up Banks,F_ck 5-o & Tony gayo.

    • Afi Keita James

      Anonymous: who da fuck still defending these two niggas its obvious that they are both the same. thuglicious over ther just hating on some other nigga and went and did the same thing they are both HORRIBLE i am thankful they both fell off!!! and yet people still support 5-0 like it or not, I'm so glad that 5-0 got his karma, if he's dead, I Won't mourn him.

    • Anonymous

      who da fuck still defending these two niggas its obvious that they are both the same. thuglicious over ther just hating on some other nigga and went and did the same thing they are both HORRIBLE i am thankful they both fell off!!!

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      So G-Unit Killa, 50 was just on the top hip hop cash kings and Ja wasn't. 50 is still around and Ja isn't plus, 50 is set to tour with Eminem this year and when was Ja's last tour? I'll wait...


      50, G-Unit, Ja Rulle, Nelly, Lil Jon, Dipset, Bow Wow, Game,all= Washed Up


    Life aint fair pussy. People don't like Ja Rule music, and in 5 yrears rick ross' and Drake's fagget asses will be washed up too. Aint nobody feeling 50 anymore either. If your're going to make commercial bullshit ass music, in 10 years your fanbase will be gone. How many people are out there still bumping Nelly's shit? Not too many, you know why? Because it was just flavor of the month bullshit. Like laffy-taffy, grills, that stupid snap dance, the shit wares out eventually and people realise it's stupid and move on.

    • Afi Keita James

      But at least those look like classics, compared to that piece of shit name 5-0, who is a complete disaster and one of the most painful to endure.

    • Anonymous

      rowdy whatever the fuck get off 50's dick by that logic soulja boy must be killing the game! he running things just cus you sell out dont mean you are any good just means good marketing skills to ready to buy influential teens!!!


      Because of his affiliation to eminem and dr. dre. Ja aint tied to anything remotely popular. 50 remains on the coat-tail of em and dre. That's the only reason why his no-talent ass got on in the first place

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      So if that's case, why he can sell out shows and Ja Rule can't? If his new music ain't poppin' then why he can still sell out and Ja can't?


      All of his hype comes from his ties to Em and Dre. No bodie's talking about his new music anymore. I'll admit, a success like 50 will die off slower, but still, he's yesterday's news. The beefs are the only reason why he's still relevant

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      So I guess 50 just did a sold out world tour overseas and he did a sold out show here in Chicago, plus has over 3 million fans on face-book which is more than Ja who only has 24,000. Yeah you right, 50 is washed up, Lol!

    • Anonymous

      True for 100 %

  • 905

    Good for him droppin' another album, that 50 cent shit was bullshit...50 was all talk on record y'all really know murder inc. were actually gangsters, and I know that doesn't have shit to do with music but when 50's on the track saying Ja's a pussy or a fake when really he's the pussy, man that's a bitch move.

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      The only Bitch was Jeffery for lying about his whole life to the public and portraying something that he isn't. He was never a gangster, he was never a mobster, he never murdered anyone, he never sold drugs, he never even went to jail before. He wanted to be Tupac and DMX so bad that he started to emulate. He got destroyed for not being himself...

    • eddiemurppphy

      Yea retard that's what we all need to hear is this gay little mothafucka to drop an album. that's gonna do great things for the music industry. i bet he pushes 28K first month. this guy's a fuckin faggot. And yea 905 aka retard irv gotti and murder inc. some real gangstas huh? that's why they changed their name to the inc. they ain't doin nothin really real. they sold out and sucked madd dick by changing their names and shit, trying to get it in good with white homos in suits with millions of dollars. and the best part is they did that and they didnt stay prevalent. they did their time whoring for attention and got none after they got used up. No one interested in you anymore R.U.L.E.

  • kilograms

    new Rosa Acosta & D.Stephens video at www.wapproved.com

  • G

    Ja is a sucka by himself man, while he thinks he's better than DMX, come on people, is this nigga kinda crazy or what da fuck does he want?... btw it's very obvious that 50 kicked you out the game kid!

  • millwalldelaney

    hip hop is dead and buried, it's all pop music now. Guru dead, J5 no more, LOX wtf and what about wu tang, not a good album from any of these fellas in time. just face it, unless we have another Big L come along or someone like Jadakiss pulls his finger out then mugs like Ja Rule will continue to get column inches.

    • Afi Keita James

      It's been dead and buried ever since pac and biggie died. and it has gone to hell since and yet they treat them like goddamn strangers, because they haven't caught the killers yet all these years.

    • 757 Slymm

      whooaa...i agree w/u about Hip-Hop being dead, SOLELY on a mainstream level...the underground is ALIVE and WELL (Little Brother, Jay Electronica, CNN, Styles P, SlaughterHouse, Blu, J. Cole, Talib Kweli, ect ect ect) but as far as Wu Tang...maybe you are not familiar with RAEKWON and this album called Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II ????...Time, that is TIME magazine gave it album of the year (only Hip-Hop album to get it last year) and it is a STREET classic!!!!!!!....plus Meth & Red BlackOut 2 was crazy Hot also....Wu Tang is---FOREVER!

  • me

    Jnr is right. Game bodied the entire g-unit by himself and now other rappers want to try to take the credit. I know a lot of people who stopped fucking with 50 and g-unit afer Game crushed them.

    • Anonymous

      C-Bo,Yuk,Silverback guerrilla,Tha Regime,Outlaw... Expose them G-Unit sagg!N & Game, Back in '04-'05. That's why Game Jumped ship he Knew them sgga!N had that "Change Of Hearts" shit on his ass well before 5-o even begin to say shit about it.So Game can't get Credit for tha Empire fall. U No All them were 2pac little Homies, so it want shit for them to Ride on them New Millenium thugs.The Industry Kept that Beef on tha Low,didn't won't another B.I.G & Pac situation to occur.C-Bo even diss Young Buck & Em. All Out War Vols.1&2.

  • John-Boy

    He needs to realize that nobody is selling albums anymore. And this isn't just rap, this is across all music genre's. Yeah he had an album sell 6.1 million but these days, a rapper would be lucky to sell that many albums in is entire career. Just look at Rick Ross. He uis arguably the hottest rapper out these past few years but his last two albums haven't sold a million records combined. Eminem's album is barely double platinum and his songs are all over the damn radio. My point is that even if Rule is able to generate a huge buzz (and he likely wont) he needs to understand that it won't equate to multi platinum album sales. These days going gold is a blessing.

    • J Pipe

      please stop using that fucking excuse. Em sold b/c he anticipation behind it. Just like wayne & ti. They black so what's ur excuse for them selling.

    • I'm A Leader

      What City U Stay in where their Playin Em all over the radio! Way they do that At? By the way Em goin platium cause his race supportin him.We as Blk ppl Need to do the same for our culture & stop bootleggin,All those ppl that Jump on fifty bandwagon in '03 is a prime example where dey at Now.To many followers,Not enough Leaders!!!

  • Jason Smith

    rap beef=WWE real beef="when ya moms ain't safe up in the streets"

  • ALJ

    he said he liked soulja boy. LOL at him

  • X'dOut

    Ja's a bitch really how many times you hear a rapper call a beef "UNFAIR" - what a baby, if yall remember those days he went at 50, Em, Dre - what a fuckin fool. Ya ask me he's never comin back anywhere near his level he was at. And his music always sucked.

  • Preston Burns

    C-Red, you really wanna talk? ok my nigga. 1st lets get this shit right,Ross aint killed shit, if killed anything he killed his self by lying saying he wasn't a fucking C.O. when it was proof he was, now he Blow'n money fast? fuck outta here with that bullshit. i'll give u 1 thing though fif aint been in awhile because he on that bullshit trying beat ross, i think he handled that shit poorly he should've ripped his head on wax soon he said somebut he didn't. so, yeah, 50 aint hot, but Ross is? fuck the Nigger BET shit, lots of ross fans but wheres the 6millz sold or the 20millz sold? where that shit at? niggas talking bout"oh n da streetz ross 20mil sold n da streets" u wat the fuck that means 20 million mutha fucka people didn't buy the album in the stores to make it 100, they ripped, burned, downloaded the shit, that means, not saying he rapper that ppl do to, but i am saying he that he da only nigga that poes to have it locked in miami and he comes up short every fucking album. every fucking ablum sales shitty then the sales rate drops by 50%.. as for Ja? 50 didn't beat Ja, Ja Beat JA, he lost that battle when he called out busta Em, and dre nigga was thinking he Pac, the streets fall out of love with just like they did 50. but saying ross killed 50? man thats bullshit.

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      50 sold because GRODT was a classic that Ja Rule would never ever be able to make in his career. 50 has done his thing and it seems like you are being the name you placed as your user-name...HATER!

    • FuckthaHaters

      Only Reason 5-o sold half the albums he sold was because of Em's fan base if U No what i mean & that "Dr.Dre Stamp"! Lets see what those Numbers look like wit "Emi" Partna I Bet he's gon buy them himself to get them Numbers Up. Better Get Banks to Ghostwrite for'em.Cause hands down if it wasn't for the plan attack & like someone mention Ja callin out Busta,dre,Em. Ja rule is way more Lyrical than 5-o & Ro$$ I put every thang on that!!!

    • renegadesergeant

      shut up

  • c red

    people sayin rule is done look at 50 he went from 10 mill to under 500k i mean damn atleased rule went almost platinum and i dont care what anybody says ross did finish of what was left of 50 he took all of 50s fans in the south

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      The only thing Ross finished off was himself. Ross has never sold an album over 200k ever in his career. 50 last album did go gold. Ross last album didn't! His newest album isn't even at 300k sold and he has half the industry on it. 15 guest appearences couldn't even get him a #1 album this time around. Eminem beat him on his 5th week of release and Shady only had about 4 or 5 features on his joint and is already at 3 million sold. Ross is a poser who tried to come at some like 50 and got embarrassed. Remember when he called Eminem a Monkey? Now who's the Monkey now when the same dude he called names beat him out on the charts...

    • Anonymous

      Real N*ggas in tha $outh wasn't fuckin wit him we was down wit Buck!!!

  • danz

    ross never ever made 50 flop, 50 cent killed rick ross street credit after clowning rick ross on cartoons who would take rick ross serious after all them cartoons lol plus officer rickys latest album didnt sell much it did something like 180 in its 1st week.

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      Ross was a Bitch to me when 50 had his kids and Ross didn't do Shit about it but he's this street nigga with connects...

    • Anonymous

      @dan You're boy is a good comedian,maybe that his callin,cause he's got to be the Milli Vanilli of Hip-hop.

  • gage01841

    id like to see ja rule come back wit some good shit like rule 336 fuck 50 im sick of that nigga

  • Anonymous

    Ross made 50 flop but ja didn't. Ross got 50 out of the way and now ja wants to come back.

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      Game ain't 50 flop because right after his beef with Game, he sold 2.5 million worldwide off Curtis and Game's L.A.X. didn't even go platinum. Game won the beef with G-Unit but he didn't destroy them plus, Game is having more of a hard time trying to release his album and make a hit record...

    • Jnr

      That's not entirely true. Game made 50 and the whole g-unit flop HARD with all those mixtapes he did back in the day,Ross is now taking credit for hurting 50's flop when it was Game who did all that shit.

  • hookupman

    i aint da biggest rule fan but come on why yall dissing ja true nigga need to move on but come on i know half yall niggas was yelling holla holla and thats real

  • Dj Mass Media

    haha but fity clowns on everyone...he has beef with everyone, i dont even kno why ja is still talkin about this shit.. plus wtf is he talkin about "rappers that are getting into the game for wrong reasons" ? 10 years ago, he was one of those cats, talkin' about the same ol' shit with no soul added in the wax

  • none

    Most rappers just rap about money and shit, no point listening to em now

  • Lane

    Ja rule hasnt been selling like he used to but neither is 50. But on a shitty albulm 50 can get atleast gold

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      50 sold 650k worldwide Boi and got proof if you need it. Ja has flopped 3 straight times (Blood In My Eye, RULE and The Mirror)

  • Jessica

    I luv ja rule but fif is defenetly better

  • James

    Ja rule had no chance, the trends was against him. and everybody was loving fif

  • Benny Lafa

    Ja rule is done, simple

  • Benny Lafa

    Ja rule got murdered!!

  • Justin Time

    Ja Rule got murdered

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up rule please you got murdered and won ever sell again.im not even a 50 fan at all but your wack and your done face it.now you like whoevers hot?cmon stop acting like a whore.you sold records yea but now you wont and that money is running out fast.you were a pac biter from the start. i hate you commercial weirdos.

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    I don't really see how 50 "ended" Ja's career. They beefed when the industry was all over 50's dick, then 50 got over, then he just rode Ja's same style, which is what he was critisising Ja for all the time.... Anyways, I feel the Feds investigation & trials took more of a toll on Ja & Murder Inc than the 50 beef. The Feds were relentless in breaking them down, then they got shitted on by Def Jam. The e-album - The Mirror was still a decent joint, had a few good bangers & some of that catchy lady-singy stuff. Go hard Ja!

  • Braden Danyus

    "Pain is Love" is garbage. The beginning of "hip pop" and screw MTV for promoting it. Ja Rule can't pick a style and stick with it. First mistake was going from a promising "Holla,Holla" to r&b with "Always on Time." Yeah, you got paid, but look at you now! 50 cent has always sucked and I just feel bad for rappers nowdays. Trying to hard be pop stars.

    • Afi Keita James

      At Least ja rule's hip-pop look like classics compared to 5-0 and always on time had a better looking mansion than that CGI and that fake mansion in candy shop.

  • Jay

    Let me put it in a different light for you internet thugs an real street catz know what Im talking bout fifty did want an a drug dealer would do to his rival he would tell the junkies oh them niggas got shit down da block fuck with my shit its gold nigga would get the junkies an the money then his next step would be to move the rival out of the picture taken his block his product an money. fifty jus use his street tactics in the rap game. an 50 didnt fall off the rap game jus changed up. cuz u cant be doing all the shows an sellin out an fell off people dont buy cds no more they Itune that shit

  • Andre RichMan Cannons Lovell

    Good luck Rule, see you on the up and up bruva

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (face in the palm of hand) In the eloquent words spoken very veraciously by a well known poet: "BITCH! IS YOU FOR REAL?" - Dolomite Man... this dude is a clown. Just admit it. 50 ended your career when in all actuality you were trying to curtail his. He called you out for what you were, you tried to fight back, and you got served a nice heaping helping of ETHER and poof be gone. Add to the fact that you were damn near wack to start, 50 just annihilated you. Then add to the fact you tried to join forces with gatdamn Benzino of all people... (shaking my head)... Seriously. Who suggests the interviews? I give him one thing, which should be a slap in the face. Curtis did take his style and run with it....the very same style he dissed. Curtis has fallen off. Terribly. But hey... weirder ish has happened. Ja Rule = Class Clown

  • J_m

    To come to think about it, Ja Rule did fuck up mentioning Em's daughter on track. Now thats where he did fuck up ya know. You just can't do that on vinyl wax cassette or fucken mp3 shit ya know..

  • jasha

    50 destroyed murder inc! for those that say g-unit are dead.. i say how come banks went gold indi with BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY.. any girl song about to pop aswell.. i agree 50 is over but banks is holdin it down for real PLK HFM2 boyyyyy

  • Lobo

    He is just FAKE MAN People see that ,that"s why he"s out of the game 50 only needed to give him a little push to fall.Need to stop crying and face the facts.

  • nice...

    i wanna see ja come back honestly. when it was ja, x, jay and them nigga, nearly everything went platinum. the vibe was crazy. ja did have his bitch moments tho with the singing and duets an shit, if he could tap in to that v3 vibe again that would be cool. but i doubt that, as i remember him sayin he was in real dark place in his life(not artistically) then. them niggas got bring back that franchise shit, poppin bottles and shit that'd be fun. it's borin now cuz that bitch ass nigga 50 don't even drink. i think he be gettin blazed on the low tho

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      50 did jail time. 50 sold drugs and owned a Benz and a Rover before a deal. 50 was a boxer knocking niggas out. Don't have to believe me but Bang Em Smurf said this outta his mouth and he don't even fuck wit 50 anymore...

  • QB

    Forget bitin...50 had a feast on Ja's style. I never was a big fan, but I can say that he handed his style over to 50 too easily. There were plenty of opportunities for Ja to drag 50 through the mud, but he didn't capitalize. Another thing is the dynamics of the industry are very different now vs. 2001. mp3's, iTunes, etc were just getting off the ground. You're not comparing apples to apples if you say 50 or Ross aren't pushin' 6 mil in sales. No one really is except Weezy, Em, and hopefully OutKast when they drop this next one. In all, Ja needs to find a niche all over again. Its a shame because his old style would fit right in with some of the nonsense thats goin on today. Follow me on twitter @yungexecQB. New TrevariEntertainment.com coming Sept. 1st.

  • Wolfman

    I will definitely be interested in seeing what kind of following Ja Rule can still put together in 2010. Not impossible to do some solid numbers with a big hit; giving people a chance to remember his classic status. But, let's not be mistaken. I don't think Ja Rule is Eminem. What I mean is, I don't think there is a crowd scouting out the next Ja Rule CD. However, I've always been a fan of Ja. In fact, Venni Vetti Vecci is still one of my favorite CDs. Much respect, and good luck to him.

  • Anonymous

    murder inc gettin shut down hurt him the most tho

  • Gangsta

    I feel Ja Rule on this. Look 50 did his thing but his sales have suffered since 2005 along with all of G Unit. they are done just look at what has happened to them. Every ONE of them struggle to go gold even 50 and they are no more. Now I am not a Ja Rule fan but he does deserve a 2nd chance now that G unit is dust. I wish him the best.

    • Hitmanshawty

      Yall muthafuckas are dumb as hell this is a business you gotta entertain to sell 50 was smart how he came at it ja rule is a fraud he went to a private school and he came from hollins a white folks area so how you hood you can't compare what fif did on his song fif was on that fucken type shit just a lil bit talkin dirty to these skat bitches ja made love songs see the diffrence theres no comparsion at all okay your right song made a point to yall that bad talk that nigga reason you all hatein cuz you muthafucken broke you can't get out the hood so you down talk the next man yall are just credits your shit don't get no air he dosen't hear you fucks ya money ain't long enough the whole muder inc was frauds irv wasn't hood he came from a rich family 50 came from the talk what you know ya big dummys...

    • Rowdy Roddy PipeHer

      If that's the case then how did 50 do a world tour that sold out over seas and here in Chicago if he is finished?

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