Bizzy Bone To Sign With Cash Money Records

Cash Money scoops up a member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for a solo deal.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony emcee Bizzy Bone is reportedly nearing a deal with Cash Money Records, which continues to add talent to its roster.

The Cleveland rapper will release at least one album on the label, reports

This news is positive in contrast to recent headlines involving Bizzy, which included reports that he would be joining Vh1's Celebrity Rehab.

Bizzy Bone, who was on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's reunion album, Uni5: The World's Enemy, chose not to be a part of the national tour in support of the project.

There are currently no further details regarding the solo deal.

In the past weeks, Cash Money Records has signed Cool & Dre, Freeway, and Bow Wow.


  • patti aruda

    I have a diamond cross with 21.65tcw. appraised at $45,800 I am going to sell and it is made for a rap star who can only handle BLING like this. One of a kind, custom made and big Bling! Looking for serious buyer who can handle this item.

  • The2DopeNinja

    You lil fruit

  • dskfgopsd

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    lmao at the want push him yall acting like dude is a new jack.. dude done sold millions this is nothing but money but yall got them thongs up ya asses cant even see that... CMR C4

  • Chris O

    Now that J-Woww endorsed him on "when I was 17' Bizzy looking for the new young fans.

  • phuckyou

    what are u lil fuck boys talking bout?? Bizzy Bone who is part of the LEGENDARY group Bone thugs (who have sold over 30 million records) is finally getttin the props he deserves. He was probably the best know member (arguably the dopest too) And if you know anything about him his music is far from dumbed down. young money is dope too... if u dont' think that go put ur fuckin backpack on and kill urself.

    • Anonymous

      okay wayne and drake are dope...the rest i'll give u that..they suck. listen to light it up and the resistance off of drakes cd...u can't tell me that shit aint' dope. and he doesnt' talk about selling drugs like most of ur fake ass fav rappers. dumb asses

    • John-Boy

      Your comment shows that you don't listen to music you simply skim through it. First of all Cash Money is not dope and never has been. They have always pandered to children with dreams of selling drugs and trying to be thugs which the actual Cash Money artists themselves aren't. I liked Cash Money too when I was a teenager and only cared about the beat cause there is nothing lyrical coming out of there mouths. Then you said if we don't like Cash Money we are backpackers?? So you either like them or you are a backpacker? Why can't we simply have ears that function correctly and we hear that they are garbage. That doesnt make us backpackers. And last, the leader and best spitter from Bone is Krayzie. Anyone will tell you that.

    • Dope??

      The day Cash Money is dope is the day Wesley Snipes become white....EVEN if Cash Money was dope thats not the point people are making...the thing people are saying is Bizzys music wont be pushed out kinda how Curren$y had his album done but Cash Money didnt release it...its the same for many other Artist...I hate all of them by the way...Nikki wont have a album ...Lloyd wont ne more...Chuckie all of them...Drake has a album out to increase revenue while Wayne is in jail.....By the way Krazie Bone is the best


      Eh, why don't you go get your fudge pack on and stay living ya homo. C'mon man. Young Money Dope? Are you out of your mind? Bizzy bone on young money shit is gonna sound like Mickey Mouse over gay Porn Background music. You're a fag lmao


    Wow lmfao. This is going to sound like dogshit. Now he can sound like a sensative little wuss on a very low-quality beat and do collabos with very low-quality rappers. Him and Drake should put out an R&B album together and call it "Best of Both Girls" lmao


    Bizzy is washed up and unprofessional and unpredictable, shit wont work, Cash Money always signing has been artist, need to focus on young new talent

  • delirious

    new Rosa Acosta & D.Stephens video at


    CMR stay making moves

  • John-Boy

    I'm a huge Bizzy Bone fan but I don't think this is a good look. Maybe its good for him financially but as far as music, Cash Money won't push him to make the best product possible. Cash Money fully knows that they have millions of dumb fans that are going to listen to trash regardless of how terrible it is. I can just hear it now. Raspy Throat Wayne rapping with Bizzy on the hook on a garbage ass track that all the children will love.

  • shone jones

    Cash Money is looking for weak minds they can exploit... somebody who's dumb enough to take a chain some meth and a '96 benz in exchange for all the music he's going to record with them. Bizzy, sadly, fits that description.

    • Rafa

      Man fuck ya haters Cash Money on dat, u hatin ass broke shits. why is it that niggas wit no money always hatin on the next person dats about to get his eat on. Bizzy Bone's my favorite rapper and i fucks wit any song dat lil wayne snaps on. All im seeing is Bizzy makin big moves to get dat big bread. now step back n watch Rip spit dat fire on da hard ass beats he deserves.

  • Anonymous

    i'm not a cash money fan AT ALL, but is it me or is cash money the biggest and last of the rap vanity labels? think about it. rocafella gone. ruff ryders gone. murda inc gone. even fellow new orleans label no limit... gone. bad boy hasn't a good solo star in forever and i excluded defjam cuz that like legit label it's not a vanity label. yeah we got maybach and g-unit, but come on seriously

    • Duck90

      How can you say Eminem is trash? He may not be putting out the best shit right now but Recovery is by far the best album out right now. Just because Tupac isnt putting good music out on the radio dont mean is isnt a great rapper. Eminem is in the Top 5 Best Rappers Ever. No question bout that. Next to Tupac, Biggie, Tech N9ne, and Bone Thugs. Until you can do what this guy has done you have no right trying to trash talk him. Marshall Mathers LP, Triple Platinum in 3 weeks. Name a rapper who has had that kinda success. And that was only his first Mainstream album he put out. Don't try to diss a legend like Eminem, the day he stops rapping is the day hip hop goes to shit. Hell look at what happened when he stopped for a while.... lil wayne got famous... honestly now... no one can tough him nor does anyone dare because of how great of a rapper he is. Shady has built an empire and is doing nothing but making it better every day.

    • Jordanm91isdumb

      I agree with jordan about slaughter house only because of Crooked I. But Eminem is not even in the top 10 of best rappers alive not with the garbage he's putting on radio. Eminem is actually slightly worse than wayne and wayne is trash. But slaughterhouse alone does not mean it is a good label. You need more than that so jordan your point is irelevant and not well thought out.

    • JordanM91

      Don't know how you could forget about shady records. Shady Records > Young Money by far, especially now that shady records just picked up slaughterhouse, on top of that, Eminem said he's gonna get more focused on producing again and looking for new young talent, and he is focusing on rebuilding shady records. Young Money is a fucking joke, and they are evertyhing thats wrong with hip hop. Anything from anyone from young money is talking about the same shit - bitches, money, how they are so successfull...where has eminem is probably the best rapper alive, and each member from slaughterhouse will lyrically eat 99% of rappers today alive. So yea, shady records is gonna be a fucking problem

  • sc124

    signing with cash money will end his carrer..bad bad idea

  • theultimaterage

    Ehhhh, I don't know. Cash Money has a long history of screwing over artists, and Bizzy Bone (and Bone Thugs in general) have a record of getting screwed over (cough cough Ruthless cough cough). This could go either way. If Cash Money gives him the support and promotion he needs, it can be great, but if not, he'll end up going the Ja Rule/Mack 10/Young Buck/B.G./Juvenile/Turk/etc. route.

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