DMX Stopped For Driving Violation Hours Following Prison Release

Fresh out of jail, DMX was stopped for a traffic violation.

Hours after being released from jail, rapper DMX was pulled over by police for speeding.

According to TMZ, X had left a recording studio on Thursday (August 12) at 11:20 PM, and was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. Once officers asked for the Yonkers emcee's papers, they learned he did not have a valid driver's license.

DMX, who just served 18 days of a 90-day sentence, was issued a citation rather than being taken into custody. He is due to appear in court at an undetermined date.

Police reportedly allowed a passenger in the car to drive DMX home.


  • kennyken

    man please stay your ass out of jail and trouble! damn don't you get it already?

  • The Ghost BKS1

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  • Megan fox lover

    "Thats racism!! Racist cops trying to keep a brotha down!!!" Naw dawg. DMX is keeping DMX down. This guy needs some church in his life. Sad.

  • rocky black boa

    catch me slippin never, been a rapper tighter than i, fly as the red eye, doin it big like im from Bed Stuy, no mercy for the weak unless i, get my dues, comin for ya jewels and your bitch too, see my tools is bananas, turn Lil Wayne blue, and any other mc that wants to see my hammer, scared ass rappers im a scarry ass rapper, going against me you wont live to see the rapture, im cold enough to turn Ice Cubes into actors, slaghtering niggas but i aint the black Mathers, just a bit sicker, you gon need insurance with the bars i deliver, you aint know kid, what you smokin? coz im more potent, so lay off the commotion before i run you over nigga, locomotion.

  • Chupps

    AGAIN? Again nigga, what the fuck man... Cops gonna name a game afta you at this rate.

  • mash


  • The.Watcher

    Damn son, this shit just getting funny now, it's like dude can't walk 3 feet without breaking a law.

  • sharpsh00ter155

    come on dmx. this shits fucken annoying. just sleep on the fucken studio from now on so i can still get an album before you go back to jail. new singles hot.

  • thekidflames

    Damn, X. Make music. Sit down and slow down. You're gonna' end up killing yourself. Seems like every time I turn around dude is being arrested. Somebody who cares, write an open letter to this cat and get through his thick skull. Bruh, seriously, do you not see your life unraveling right in front of you?!

  • Wiley

    Dude is fucking up I mean you are a great artist but you just need to chill nigga

  • Canton Originalz

    All you motherfuckers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. We're gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little bitches. Once we get to NYC and find those police fucks who are arresting DMX, we're gonna make 'em eat our shit, then shit out our shit, then eat their shit which is made up of our shit that we made 'em eat. Then you're all you motherfucks are next. Love, Canton Originals

  • deadcell


  • Nico 3

    Even Charlie Sheen doesn't get arrested this much.

  • jeffthajuggalo

    they always fuckin with dmx cuz he is one of the greatest ever to touch the mike. don't believe me look at is album records.

  • Tony Setsuna Pledger

    Come man this is unreal, how many damn times is the cops gone caught X slipping like that. They waiting for him to fuck up again, he gotta be on his shit. Because he just got out.

  • damn

    he dont give a fuck lol or dumb why he drive when his passenger had his ELS.. smh

  • nice...

    "If this man didn't have bad luck, he wouldn't have any kinda luck!" damn that's fucked up. the only thing i could think of right now is to pray for a nigga. this guy goes through alotta bullshit for real

  • Mastadon

    Are you fkn serious? Im beginning to wonder if DMX is actually mentally retarded. Crack is a hell of a drug. At this point the cops are probably tired of arresting him over and over and over and over. Like Hey Phil we havent arrested anyone tonight, im bored as hell. Alright Ed if you're bored we can drive around and look for DMX. He doesn't have a license but he's always in a car

  • Ireland

    @ Avramel What money homey? Layers cost a lot of doe u know! If this man didn't have bad luck, he wouldn't have any kinda luck!

  • Avramel

    i don't know... but his life is becoming funny... i guess once you have his money you could afford a driver...

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