Kanye West To Release "Power (Remix)" With Jay-Z Tomorrow

Kanye reveals that the "Power (Remix)" with Jay-Z will drop this Friday and says Nicki Minaj has the potential to be the "number-two rapper of all-time."

Kanye West recently stopped by Angie Martinez's Hot 97 show to debut his latest song "See Me Now" off his highly anticipated upcoming album, dropping November 16. He addressed a number of issues surrounding his upcoming album.

'Ye also address the long-anticipated remix to his current single "Power" , featuring big brother Jay-Z. Although the Chi-Town rapper was tight-lipped about the song, he tell listeners that the remix will finally drop this Friday. 

Mr. West also talked about Young Money superstar and DXnext alum Nicki Minaj, who he confirmed will appear on his upcoming LP. He said that he feels Nicki is perhaps the most dangerous new emcee in the game right now. He even went on to say that at the rate she's going right now, she could easily be the number two rapper of all, second only to Eminem. 

"This is gonna be such a big statement, and such a big thing to fill: the scariest artist right now is definitely Nicki Minaj," he said. "I think she has the most potential to be the number-two rapper of all time. Nobody's gonna be bigger than Eminem."



  • Rasheeta

    Tis, Tis. ya'll really making me sick to my stomach with all tha' hating. Ya'll talking this and that about nicki this, and nicki that!? WTF! The woman obviously has someting going for anyone 2 even make records wit her. I personally dig her style of rapping. It's different. I think on some for real sh** , I think she can keep up with the best of the best. No she is no Lil' Kim but who is? Kim did her thing when she had the spot light, O.k., it's a new day! Not saying Lil Kim can't keep up cause that b**ch go hard too but, These are new days, if Kim think she can keep up with Nicki then get out there and show them what u got! And that will tell u who is number one. If u can't roll with tha' big dogs; stay yo' ass at home! Nicki looks like that pitbull that been in the alley with no food, no water for days maybe even months. Hungry as hell! Ready to eat yo' ass up if you try to get to close!!! U get em' girl!

  • u

    this hot!!!! kanya iz one funny nigga maybe he should host bet 2010 award lmao

  • truthunspoken

    I had somebody break down the symbolism of the "Power" music video. Check it out: http://iamthegif.com/?p=410

  • Ryan

    i just found the remix here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1tkzwW7kZ4

  • trojan675

    Yall suck seriously the more relevant news here is that the power remix didnt drop? and yall wont stfu about nicki stop wasting tim we all know its not gonna happen meanwhile all this time could have been spent listening to the remix :/

  • 800mEric

    wtf happened ye your a sell out and wtf nicki minaj #2 all time wtf for god sake she sucks lacks creativity and on top of that she has ghost writers.

    • Christian Walker

      lol do you know her personally Eric? Is that how you are so certain she has ghost writers? Get the hell out of here haha you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • TheTruth

    Did you not HEAR the actual interview? Angie asked him SPECIFICALLY "what do you mean? Sales? Popularity? Skills?" and he said "ALL OF THAT!" Check it out: http://rapradar.com/2010/08/11/kanye-west-on-hot-97-angie-martinez/

    • Booth

      I been trying to tell these dumb dumbs.... Kayne is talking some bullshit... Now please stop saying what he was saying was...

  • kimbo

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  • Aziz

    Lol, you guys seriously misunderstood his comment, lmao, Biggest artist, meaning popularity and media relevance, Eminem has the largest fan base of any rapper all time, you can try to debate that, but its not much to debate there, maybe Jay, but no not really lol, skills on the mic is a whole different thing, he's not referring to that. More so cus Nikki Minaj Has so much cross market potential, she dosent have to sit in a fan base of just Rap and R&B, she has alot of appeal.

  • MattyFos

    I think with the Nicki reference to be the number 2 of all time he is throwing her up so high on the list because she's a chick. There's no way that girl is better than Jay or kanYe. But I think because of her gender, kanYe said 2nd all time because she's so talented. PLUS, how the hell does kanYe put Eminem above himself, Tupac and Jay? Eminem is nice and all.. But he's no the best rapper of all time.

  • Anonymous

    How is Ye gon say Nicki gon be better than Jay??

  • www.yokioland.com

    This is big news, looking forward to hearing it. Not sure about the Nicki Minaj comments though, think she needs to put abit more material out first...

  • FutureRapper

    Man, yeezy is just being nice or nicki minaj sucked his dick, he don't really think Nicki Minaj is second lmfao. can't wait for that power remix nigga, ye on top

  • problems/problema

    smh..nikki must have put it on kanye something ridiculous..that pussy got this dude hallucinating...

  • WillC

    I think he means in terms of sales since he put Eminem up as the best, not Jay-Z or Biggie or Nas or whoever. Eminem's the top-selling rapper of the decade, right? Don't think he means skills. I mean, IMO, he's a better rapper than Nicki Minaj.

  • Booth

    This dude must of got pussy whipped by Nicki? How the fuck you gonna say that about someone who don't have an album... Kanye insert foot.

  • MCSolarWind

    could be right about eminem (being big), but nicki? c'mon son. whats he on?

  • MoRtiS NoCTu

    For hard, creative, modern Hip Hop with a purpose and actual relevant subject matter check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAwHGTMhH6c Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!

  • freshyboi

    too bad everyone is already sick of this fucking song as for the nicki comment, yeezy must be on that crack rock

    • Tony Setsuna Pledger

      Yeah this song is getting old real quick, I think I listened to the whole thing once. It doesnt have that great of replay vaule, because I dont think he killed it right.

  • Izzy

    I'm almost convinced he says that shit just to piss people off. Nikki Minaj #2? On what effin list??!!

    • miguel Guttierres

      MattyFos: So out of Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Rah Digga, Lady of Rage, Foxy Brown, etc., you pick Nicki as the best female rapper you've heard? I understand opinions and all, but the ones I listed do not sound like whiny chipmunks as you put it and, ironically, Nicki does. I don't know which female rappers you're listening to. You might want to give them a second listen to be 100% sure after that ridiculous statement.

    • MattyFos

      I think he meant 2 as in influence/importance. There's no way he expects her to sell 80 million CDs. But because she's the best girl rapper (I've ever heard) and I hate girl rappers (their voices are always whiny and like that chipmunk sound Akon used to use) He has her number 2 all time, because she's the best rapper (with a vagina, except 50) all time.

    • Booth

      You clearly don't know what the fuck you talking about... Nicki needs to live 3 lifetimes to even come close in sales with Lil Weezy Jay-Z and 50 Cent. He was not talking about sales... he was talking about some bullshit.

    • miguel Guttierres

      DrewDown91: Really son? You really, honestly think Nicki is going to sell between 75 and 80 million copies of her albums? C'mon son, stop living in fantasies. Be realistic.

    • DrewDown91

      He means in all-time sales. I can see that. When Nicki Minaj's LP drops I am gonna cop it, and I have NEVER bought a female rap artists solo LP. (I bootlegged Lil Kim's Hardcore, though). Rah Digga was the truth but slept on. That's all he means, SALES. #2 in SALES all-time. Em, Nicki, Pac, etc.

  • LJbigbang

    Yeezy's on some bullshit if he thinks Minaj is even a good rapper, let alone a GOAT. BUT, I can't wait for this remix, it's the perfect song for Jay-Z to be featured on.

  • nice...

    is this nigga on that stuff. kanye i know you have everything in the world don't turn to drugs homie they fuck with your head. nicki minaj and em the best rappers of all time. HA (i wish i could type that louder) i'll start telling kids to stop listening to hiphop. don't none of these niggas have any sense


    lost a little respect for him saying that bullshit

  • Chris S

    crap. Jay Z is horrible now

  • dicq

    when he says her and em r the greatest he is talking bout sales

  • Chupps

    Nicki one of the GOAT's? Fuk outa here, way too early to start calling that type of shit out. She got star potential but i don't see Longevity in her at all. Em btw is not the GOAT, he's like 4/5 no1's touching BIG Pac and Nas.

    • miguel Guttierres

      @ dryanalblaster (WTF?): Are you really dissing Nas over one song? Yes, Oochie Wally sucks, but Nas has a STRONG catalogue that clearly blows that song out of the water.

    • dryanalblaster

      nas sux. oochie wally. phahaha

  • Richard Jones

    This Power remix with Jay-Z, i hope its be epic, cause lately Hov been killing tracks at a strong pace. Jay-Z killed... 1.Rick Ross-FreeMason 2.MIA-XXX0 3.Rick Ross Maybach Music (unreleaded verse) 4.Drake LIGHT UP 5.KERI HILSON-RUMORS 6.Dr. Dre-Pressure 7.Ghostwritting for Diddy and Dr.Dre I hope Hov killed this joint AND I'M READY FOR A NEW JAY-Z ALBUM. KINGDOM COME PT.2???????


    Wow, a Kanye remix with Jay-z, that's never been done before

  • asharma_

    Best rapper alive EMINEM!

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