Jay Electronica Explains Reasons For "Act II's" Delay

Jay Elec speaks on why he has held off on releasing Act II, citing fear of disappointing supporters.

Jay Electronica fans have been anxiously anticipating the release of Act II for some time now. Even with big name support for his music, the New Orleans emcee has kept supporters waiting with minor teases, leading to speculations and rumors about why the project has remained under wraps. Recently, Jay Electronica spoke on why it has taken him so long to release the follow-up to 2007’s Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) through his Twitter page.

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#TruthBeTold: I've been afraid to release Act II because I feel like it's not gonna be good enough. I know the people expect so much from meless than a minute ago via Osfoora HD

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I just don't want to let anyone down.less than a minute ago via Osfoora HD

The emcee did not add any additional details to this comment but as news unfolds, HipHopDX will keep you posted.



    Rome wasn't built in a day.

  • Its Um

    As long as he don't take longer than a decade with like Dre, it's ok to take your time with it. Damn U dx I wasn't posting quickly, u got posting issues that need to be fix.

  • jalapo

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  • H2O_atlanta

    What does it matter? No one listens to a hip-hop album for more than a week anymore anyways. Jay's best bet would've been to drop "Act II" during the height of "Exhibit C". Even if that would've been the best song on the album, the rest of it would have to be complete garbage for folks to diss it. 50 Cent didn't have another "In Da Club" on his album but people still loved the shit. Just make the music and release it, the public decides what it's gonna be.

    • DJPocket

      Y'all need to re-read what H2O_Atlanta posted! He's not saying release some sh!t to release it. I THINK he's saying it don't take that long to make a f*ckin' LP!!! ACTIVITY BABY!!! LOL Jay should have dropped when he had the buzz. Cats think too much now a days trying to capitalize on dat dollar when they need to just get in the lab and do what they do and make some music!


      I meant lyrically, 50 being the zebra, and Jay being the lion lmao

    • JasonCTown

      What dude above me said about JayElec and 50....dont try it. Half the reason shit is so watered down in hip-hop is because most of these non-talented rappers do just what you're saying....they just release stuff to release it....flood the market with an inferior product. At least this guy cares and is willing to tell us that, rather than piss in our collective ears with subpar product.


      So you're suggesting that artists should just slap their shit together, without thinking and just throw it out there just to stay in the media? Wow, typical newschool hiphop head, not actually giving a shit about the music. You kids now-a-days don't know shit. And if an album is classic, you can listen to it and love it for the rest of your life, not one week, idiot. And don't compare Jay electronica to 50cent, it's like comparing Zebras to Lions.

  • Dale Muphasa Oats

    You gotta keep em interested, Jay. Put out another mixtape and then release the album! I'm buying it regardless.

  • STFU

    I wouldnt worry Jay, they accept all the ignorant bullshit you spit already so pretty sure theyll accept whatever you release their clearly not the most intellectual of fans

  • freshyboi

    fuck these dr pepper ads! hiphopdx is selling out like dr dre.

  • Come on..

    Its good that he's attempting to be a perfectionist.. But delaying what you already have is already a disappointment to fans, so he's contradicting himself.. RELEASE IT JAY. Hopefully he'll learn so that every single Jay Electronica supporter/fan/stan/ can never be fully pleased.

  • hipppaToDaHoppa

    I've been kind of wary of Jay Electronica for a long time. Everything that I have heard from him is dope, but that sample size is fairly small and spaced apart. I think he might just not have what it takes to be prolific enough to really make it in hip-hop.

  • sharpsh00ter155

    the dudes an ill mc and if he thinks that hes going to let people down with the music on this album, that probably meens its not his best work. i wouldnt want him puttin out work hes not even supportin

  • freshyboi

    well hes like 35 so he better not wait too much longer

  • jesterdx

    He's a ill emcee I don't think he's gonna let anyone down besides his label because you know he's not gonna sell a shit load of albums... but who gives a fuck he's got talent when most haven't!

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