Canibus Works With DJ Premier, D/R Period, Others On "C of Tranquility"

Canibus' second album in 2010 features some production from Premo, J-Zone, D/R Period and Domingo, as well as an appearance from 2/3 of Tanya Morgan.

Earlier this year, veteran lyricist Canibus released Melatonin Magik, an album with RBC Records that charted in the Top 100 upon hitting stores. Already, the Four HRSMN member is preparing C of Tranquility for release, his second offering this year. This release, courtesy of Interdependent Media (iM), finds the former Fugees and Lost Boyz affiliate returning to New York producers such as Domingo (Big Pun, Masta Ace), D/R Period (M.O.P., Smoothe The Hustler), J-Zone (Vast Aire, Akinyele) and the legendary DJ Premier (Gang Starr).

Due on October 5, 2010, C of Tranquility features Hip Hop-inspired tracks such as "Merchant of Metaphors," "CPTN Cold Crush," and the Premier-produced Golden Terra of Rap The last features a remix with label-mates such as Tanya Morgan's Donwill and Von Pea, as well as Moe Green and Truth-Live.

This is Canibus' tenth album, since 1998's gold debut, Can-I-Bus.



    Looking forward to hearing this shit. Wasn't too impressed with the Keith Murray collabo but the HRSMN shit is ill and premo and canibus together will be classic for sure.

  • kamus365

    always good when Cani drops...i see he tryin 2 bring that '98 sound back!! #goldeneraofrap

  • insanemacbeth

    i want to hear some HRSMN sh*t; and the 'BIS project with KOOL G. RAP!

  • DallasUCMR


  • John

    Eminem came at him a couple times on the Eminem Show and I don't ever think he got a response around that time period. Last time I heard Canibus diss Em was last year and Em probably didn't even hear that bullshit

    • Cultures Clothing

      Yeah Canibus actually dissed Em on several tracks on Mic Club the Curriculum. I don't know why everyone thinks that Canibus didn't respond back then, because he most certainly did. And of course Em heard Airstrike. Royce said that Em wasn't going to respond to it. Why would he? That's one of those situations where you have everything to lose and really nothing to gain. Going against an angry, hungry Canibus would've been a bad career move for Em. I wish they would just squash it and do some tracks together though. That's what the fans really want to see. Like even if they don't like each other...even if they don't go in the studio together... Just mail in some verses on some "Meth vs. Chef" type of vibe. Let the fans decide who came with the better verse.

    • hip hop

      you obviously never heard mic club and of coarse em heard airstrike, it was all over the net and had 200,000 views in a couple days before it was taken down from youtube

  • A.S

    Melatonin Magik was suprisingly great, and with this release he looks set to be moving in the right direction again.

  • M-Eighty

    Nothing but greatness in 2010 and beyond! Big ups to the Can-I-Bus!

  • Cultures Clothing

    I actually really like a lot of his more recent beat selections. Rip the Jacker was of course masterfully produced and mixed, but Canibus' most recent output, "Melatonin Magik", had a ton of good beats. Off of that album, these tracks all had really dope beats: -Melatonin Magik -Kriminal Kindness -The Dragon of Judah -Post Traumatic War Lab Stress -Dead By Design -Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M. -Ripperland -Gold & Bronze Magik Check them out if you haven't already. From what I've heard from "C of Tranquility" so far, it has really dope beats as well. I really like the beats from "Pine Cone Poems", "Worthlessness Purpose" and "Cingularity Point" a lot. I also like the Preemo beat, but I like the one that they premiered on SPITBOSS for "Golden Terra of Rap" better than the one that they released once it was posted to the net. Also on a personal side note, I wouldn't compare Bis to Joe Budden...I just don't even think Budden's close to that level...he hasn't ever really spit anything that floored me before. Nas, yeah, but not Budden. I think Canibus is on this really prestigious level as far as lyricists go. He might not ever sell like some of the other artists, but as far as lyrics go, he can be just mind-blowing. The only other people that I think are on that level are people like: Ras Kass Pharoahe Monch Chino XL Immortal Technique K-Rino Blu Lupe Fiasco (like on "Dumb It Down" for instance...the abstract metaphors on that song were INSANE). etc. That's just my personal opinion though. I think this one reviewer had it right above Joe Budden a while ago...he said either you love him or you hate him. I don't hate him, but I'm not really a big fan.

    • Killa

      Agree with everything you've said. Melatonin Magik had some really good beat selection, just didnt like the amount of collabs he had. As far as this new album, I ve heard both "Merchant of Metaphors" and "C of Tranquility", both are by far some of his best of all time work.

  • Its Um

    Canibus is a lyrical monster with that said his music to me is more of a head nod music than that feel good get up and dance music, which is ok, but most of the undergrond artist that is just as good as he is has that party music behind so that their lyrical skills don't start sounding boring. I have listen to canibus albums, and like I said before he is a lyric beast but his beat selection don't always make him sound as good as he should like Nas sometimes and joe buttons, but at least these have gotten better with beat selections.

  • Dante Robson

    DOPE; can't fuckin wait to hear this

  • tom_foolery

    DOPE; can't fuckin wait to hear this

  • Cultures Clothing

    Also People, look out for Canibus' "LYRICAL LAW" album that's due out in the winter. It features appearances by: Immortal Technique Chino XL Ras Kass Pharoahe Monch Copywrite Diabolic K-Rino Rock from Heltah Skeltah Killah Priest Jeru the Damaja DZK and more! It's like everybody I've ever wanted to see on a Canibus album...there was even a rumor that Inspectah Deck was going to be on there, but I didn't see his name in the announcement so I think that fell through. I'm glad that they came through with the Pharoahe Monch feature though, because that was up in the air at one point.

    • Cultures Clothing

      Yeah Lyrical Law is definitely coming out with those features. It's not an album with all new Canibus songs. It's like a remix album for Melatonin Magik, with new verses from Canibus, New verses by all of the featured artists...and at least two new Canibus songs. Should be very dope! I heard a sampler so far for it, but apparently Arch is doing a lot of changes to the beats and everything, so the tracks might sound completely different than from the sampler. I know that someone associated with the project said the the "Ripperland" remix was their favorite track. We shall see!

    • Jugganaut Bitch

      Damn that's a nice fucking line up right there. I'll def. cop that if it falls through as you stated.

  • Cultures Clothing

    I've already heard the majority of the tracks on the album (8 out of the 15), and I can tell you that it's a classic Hip-Hop album from what I've heard so far. It's pretty damn amazing. "Cingularity Point" is mind-blowing. And yes people, the Preemo collab is on there...I just don't know which Preemo beat that they're using for the album, because he submitted two different beat for the same song. Maybe one is used on the original, and one is for the remix...

  • Doc Hol

    jus because he doesn't write songs that conform to the mainstream radio friendly style and template doesn't mean he doesn't write dope songs also sales don't equate to quality and you don't need the "powers that be" to market you to sell...

  • MurrayOTU

    @Anonymous below. Yeah he got it. It's been around for a few months and as expected, both bring some serious heat.

  • Anonymous

    LOL he finally got his Preemo collab eh? I'll paypal DX Editor $5 if this holds true.

  • INOA

    Here we go again. I cant wait. Real Hip Hop. Im a go cop it. I been waiting for this moment. Shit's gonna sell 10,000 copies. Realize people that the powers that be ait promoting artists sounding mad and upset over dark production. Especially one who is not a good songwriter such as Canibus.

    • the ripper

      who are you addressing? " i told you before i'm nobodies spit puppet, i say what i want you take what you want from it" CANIBUS

  • sety

    The C of Tranqility.. that is all i seek,, Nothing is complete without every single piece,,,, i will definitley be coppin this

  • Bauce

    Canibus with actual good production? Holy hell I've seen it all

  • Doc Hol

    Hopefully its gonna be better than Melatonin Magik coz that wasnt close to as dope as I was expectin, he spent to much time talkin (bitchin) bout shit from years ago (eminem, ll, krs, beef dvd cats) that honestly is beneath him in my opinion n the shit really brought the album down. only battle shit I wanna hear on this is a Royce response since Royce diss was more disrespectful imo than any of the shit he complained about on Melatonin especially the KRS shit and Royce is more than worthy of a response, in fact far as on wax battles go I couldnt think of 2 doper cats to dual (dont say Em coz hed get eaten by both) what ive heard so far from this albums dope as well at least the cuts ive heard are he may of changed some but shit was fire what I heard.

    • Eminemiswack

      Have to agree Eminem would get his ass handed to him by both. Thats why he would just avoid it and come up with excuses as to why he wont. There should be more live battles between established emcees like Cassidy said on face to face.

    • nucca

      gtfoh em wouldnt get eaten by both jus cuz he sells records people forget he started as a battle rapper

    • theultimaterage

      TOTAL Co-sign! I agree 100%! Canibus needs to realize that his fans just wanna hear him spit that shit! He always drops a classic, like Rip the Jacker, then makes a few questionable albums like C True Hollywood Stories or Hip-Hop 4 $ale. He should just do him and stop tryna force a hit!

    • the ripper

      this album was recorded over 2 years ago, it was supposed to be released october of 08 put kept being pushed back, many of the original production has been changed.

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