RZA Talks Working with Kanye West and Nas

The Abbot talks about linking up with Kanye West down in Hawaii, and says that the future may hold a new Nas/RZA collaboration.

While at the 2010 Splash! Festival, the Wu-Tang's head honcho the RZA spoke about his recent trip down to Hawaii to work with Kanye West. He discussed the appreciation he has for Kanye looking to producers and artists like Pete Rock, DJ Premier and himself for guidance. He also related a story of how he and 'Ye kicked it with Nas on stage while there.

"First of all, I want to say respect to Kanye West for reaching out to the legends of hip-hop," said the Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah. "Even though he's a legendary producer himself, he reached back out to the hip-hop community and brought a lot of producers in, a lot of talent in to add energy to his album...that shit was fun, yo.

He added, "One night, Nas had a concert, and I was in the studio with Kanye and he was like 'Yo, fuck, let's go to the concert'...we headed over [there], and Nas was like 'Yo, come on stage, yo!' I went on stage, did a song with him. It was kind of ill because I think hip-hop artists are like mutants and shit, like the X-Men or some shit. To see us all getting along with each other and showing positive energy, it's a real good thing, man." 

RZA also discussed his plans to work with Nas in the near future. Although the two have yet to hit the studio together, he says that there is talk of him and Kanye West producing the QB's emcee's next album.

"When I was down there, Nas was down there, my boy [Pusha T] from the Clipse was there," he explained. "A lot of people were coming in an out and shit, and I started playing a lot of my beats. Nas was like, 'Damn, yo, what the fuck are you doing with all this music?...We should do some shit together.' He said maybe me and Kanye could come together and produce [his] album. If that happens, that'd be real fun because I feel Nas is definitely one of the best emcees to touch the mic. I'd love to hear Nas on at least five RZA beats. That shit would be fucking crazy! We did two songs, one was called 'Verbal Intercourse' [off Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...], the other one never came out."


  • deejay215

    'Verbal Intercourse' = Classic

  • Nowit Ol'

    Good news for hip-hop.

  • Njck Atkins

    1. i want that visor 2. i don't want ye on a Nas album

  • dj nemesis

    heres a vid they released this week,nevermind them as rappers,tell me nas wouldnt destroy this beat http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh7d38F5Rm1gDY4tvY

  • Rusty Scars

    it would be some crazy shit if kanye, nas and rza made an album together...

  • nucca

    nas over rza beats is straight classic...plus get kanye on the project...wow

  • dontgiveafuck.

    everytime there is someone on crack up in this mothafucka tryin to share his crack taste on hip-hop if it's not that bitch haaaandy suckin on wayne's dick it's another hoe suckin on dj paul and juicy j's stick yall cant be take seriously anyway when it comes to great producers. the argue bout who's the best producer always took between Dre, RZA, Primo, Kanye, Timbo and Dilla. Like i said earlier in this post RZA is way better than Dre but never get his props while Dre is gettin all the dickridin. But i guess some people dont agree with that shit which is okay for me since this what hip-hop is all about : arguing about who's better mc or top producer like some superhero comics fan argue about who of their favorite superhero is better than the others

    • dj nemesis

      lmao you mention boy 1da next to dj paul an juicy j...thats the type of shit im talkin bout...then says they jus loop lil shit,nigga all there beats are perfect compositions...multi layered drums an synths,there genius...they lay the foundation for composition beats

    • child rebel soldier

      I agree that 3 6 produce hella well. I also agree that rza and dre are average, but dilla was a beast. He had all decent tracks and A WHOLE lot of them, plus a bunch of classics. Also, as a producer myself, I understand the grind, but they aren't the GOATs at producing by no means. Look at Just Blaze and Kanye for that ish. And the kid Boi 1da is definitely on the rise. Of course...so am I. Hip hop is definitely about progression. Paul and Juicy are going to have to step their shit up over the next decade to stay relevant because the art is evolving and becoming much more musical. 2 loops aren't going to make the cut by the end of this decade, it's going to take high level compositions. Ye is about to shit on everything with this next album. I'm excited because it'll be a good barometer to see what I have to do as a musician to keep up. Times are changing bro. Respect.

    • dj nemesis

      and btw,it was not irnoic it was sarcastic an just for that i know your a little jit on his computer that just listened to a couple 90's hip-hop an thinks he knows shit...nigga im a producer wit 10000 hip-hop songs on my computer,you talk producers? ive heard them all....dj paul and juicy j are the most consistent producers of all time,there grind is incredible,whereas all your lil overated producers never come out with shit

    • dj nemesis


    • dj nemesis

      well everyone in line for dre gets dropped or gets an average beat..and everyone in line for dre has to wait year after for his album and never get satisfied....everyone that likes three 6 mafia doesnt have to wait for shit,they bring us classic beats every week...thats a true producer,not slackers like rza and dre....RZA FUCKED UP THE LAST WU ALBUM,DRE RELEASED ONLY SHITTY DETOX SONGS SO FAR,KANYES LAST ALBUM WAS TRASH,DILLA IS DEAD AND HIS PRODUCTION WAS AVERAGE ANYWAYS,THREE 6 MAFIA RELEASE @ ALBUMS FROM THERE LABEL A YEAR WITH PERFECT BEATS,STOP BEING A FUCKIN TARD AN DICKRIDING SLACKERS...DJ PAUL AND JUICY J WOULD MAKE AN ALBUM WITH NAS THAT WOULD SHIT ON ILLMATIC,YOU GUYS DONT FUCKING GET IT...

    • dontgiveafuck.

      yeah you right, everybody is makin the line to get a chance to work with these guys ! matter a fact everybody want to work with them so much that they have to decline a few propositions cause they cant help everyone to make a classic album, too much work ! and i almost forgot, dj paul and juicy j's are so requested that the hip-hop world are waitin for their next move in the studio like Dre for Detox ! nobody cant wait no more to hear their new classic lp man it's been such a long time this industry is fucked up that we need savors like them ! bitch, i hope you understand this comment was ironic and nobody gives a dime bout these dudes !

    • dj nemesis

      you see your not relevant cuz 1. dj paul and juicy j are legendary and cant be mentioned in the same sentence as lil wayne 2. the reason why im mentioning them is becuz there never mentioned wen it comes to ill producers,all people talk about are east coast producers or dre like there the only ones an shit dj paul and juicy j dont just make beats,they master that shit...every album they producer,whether its 3 6 mafia gangsta boo lil wyte frayzer boy project pat t-rock tear the club up thugs i always come accross PERFECTION wen it comes to production...

  • ace....

    honestly i would rather hear a DJ paul beat rather than a dr dre beat or most of rza's beats i'm not real sure how much of their collection is done by juicy j but since the mid nineties they have several dozen beats that are A-1

    • dj nemesis

      talib an hi-teks the blast is raw too,nas shud fuck wit hi-tek

    • dj nemesis

      AND Hero from nas is a commercial south beat,he was on the grand finale on lil jons album,an he was on the your gonna love me remix wit da backwuds (WHICH HE RIPPED)...so nas on south beats wouldnt be bad at all..him wit three 6 mafia would be a classic combination

    • dj nemesis

      and no,world is yours is not the best song nas made,new york state of mind is wayyyyy better

    • dj nemesis

      hard with so many beats out there....any beat from mobb deeps infamous album (havoc another underated producer that wud shit on kanye), any beat from johnny juliano which is wiz khalifas producer... theres plenty of ill producers nowadays that i think dre an rza are washed up... listen to the song buss down by wiz khalifa,or the super high remix wit rick ross and wiz,nas would destroy that beat...yet he fucks wit people like rza that fuck up albums...jus listen to raekwons comments on rza..

    • miguel Guttierres

      Not sure. At least I can picture Nas rapping to that beat more than the other one, but again, it's more of a down-south beat suited for Bun B, Scarface or someone else. Replayable for the next 30 years? If Nas can make a mind-blowing song in a way that hasn't been done before, then probably so. But nothing is going to top The World Is Yours, which is Nas' best song he's made. I got a question for you, fam. What is your favorite non-Three 6 Mafia beat?

    • miguel Guttierres

      Not sure. At least I can picture Nas rapping to that beat more than the other one but again, more of a down-south beat suited for Bun B or Scarface or someone else. Replayable for the next 30 years? If the content blows your mind in a way that no else did before, probably. But nothing's going to top The World Is Yours, which is Nas' best song he's made. I got a question for you, fam. What's your favorite non-Three 6 Mafia beat?

    • dj nemesis

      @ miguel tell me this beat wouldnt make a classic nas song,theres no way you can disagree,i gaurentee if nas got this beat it would be a replayable song for the next 30 years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tpWdsHZGQQ

    • dj nemesis

      i can bet my left nut that they produced more in between 98-2005 then premier did his whole career

    • miguel Guttierres

      So you're saying DJ Premier hasn't done much as DJ Paul and Juicy J? Fool, Premo's been doing it since the mid 80s and still brings the heat. He has produced WAAAAAYYYYYYY more songs than Three 6 Mafia. Premo's got an encyclopedia's worth of different rappers and singers he's made beats for and Three 6 Mafia probably only has the first few pages. Your homeboys got a lot of catching up to do even with 40-60 albums/mixtapes. And I watched the video you posted. It is a nice beat, for them and other rappers with a similar style. Nas is far from the first person I would've pictured ripping that beat. So sorry dude!

    • dj nemesis

      check out the vid i just posted,tell me nas wouldnt rip that beat....better then all rza,kanye,or dre beats i heard in years...and they release beats like this all the time,like there genius you have no clue http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh7d38F5Rm1gDY4tvY

    • dj nemesis

      then you obviously dont go on worldstarhiphop,cuz every week theres a new video by them,or produced by them,and every song has a perfect beat...dilla never impressed me,kanye an the rest havent done nearly as much as dj paul and juicy j,i dont think you get it,when i say 40-60 albums/mixtapes,im literal and serious,and lets say each album or mixtape has 1 beat thats classic on there,thats still more then dre or rza.... you guys just underate them cuz you havent heard them,you listen to one song (tiesto one) and sleep on them,what you need to understand is they do that like biggie did his shit,cuple lady/club songs,an the rest is for the streets,and those street songs my friend,are PERFECTION...never mind the drug lyrics and repetitive choruses,were talking production,i listen to real hip-hop,90's an what not,i heard all your classic slum village,an dre,kanye an wu albums,and yes,their classic,but thats it,they jus released them an thats it,three 6 mafia never stops giving us perfect beats,NEVER STOP...

    • miguel Guttierres

      @ DJ Nemisis: I understand you like Three 6 Mafia and all and you like their beats. They do have some nice beats, I'll admit, but to say they're better than legendary producers like Premo, RZA, Dre, Dilla and others is a really huge over statement. They come out with classic beats on a weekly basis? I didn't see anything produced by them this past week or the week before that. Matter of fact, last song I saw released from them was that Tiesto song or whatever it's called and I have heard no one play that song since it came out. And remember, just because someone puts a million songs out a week does NOT mean they are the greatest. Sometimes things have to marinate for while in order for it to be the best it could possibly be. I have never heard of people releasing classic material on a weekly basis. That's just impossible.

    • dj nemesis

      you know what im talkin bout...these niggas dont know bout that three 6 mafia shit...an they act like im jus dickridin some south producers or sumthin,not knowin my favorite rappers are wu-tang an nas an biggie an mobb deep an shit...nigga im saying three 6 mafia are the most underated producers cuz they cud shit on dre,rza,kanye,timbo,an dilla easily....3 6 comes out with classic beats on the weekly basis,whereas all the other producers are slackers,comin out wit shit once a year if were lucky...

    • horse D

      ur opinion makes one wonder if u are under the influence of heroin

  • bhbkingstraigt


  • dj nemesis

    in other words,the way rza had the pact with the wu where he'd make all their beats an albums from 93-97,is how juicy j an DJ paul are with there label,EVERY YEAR SINCE THEY GOT IN THE GAME...thats 95-present....

  • dapluva!

    Make Jay Electronica a beat ole btch azz nigga

  • Taliban

    Did the dude up top really say over rated??? RZA is one of the most influence hip hop figures to me. Go read "The Tao of Wu" if you haven't already.

    • dj nemesis

      RZA is an influence an one of the greatest ever,but you cant compare him to dj paul an juicy j,its incomparable....the rest of the wu should fuck wit dj paul an juicy j,there beats are grimier then any...and there consistent,they have new albums coming from there camp all the time,an fully produced by them like rza USED to do...

  • nice...

    rza and kanye would be dope. kanye would have to step up his bars tho to fuck with a rza beat. rza and nas. i'm kinda giving up on nas. i'm not a die hard nas fan first off all so don't bite my head off for what i'm about to say. there are only two time nas ever really shined in his career and that illmatic and that episode when hov was gettin at him. three if you count distant relatives. other than that nas is the type of artist i always get hyped for then that shit jus fizzles. i'm just telling you the truth, not hatin.

  • nice...

    rza and kanye would be dope. kanye would have to step up his bars tho to fuck with a rza beat. rza and nas. i'm kinda giving up on nas. i'm not a die hard nas fan first off all so don't bite my head off for what i'm about to say. there are only two time nas ever really shined in his career and that illmatic and that episode when hov was gettin at him. three if you count distant relatives. other than that nas is the type of artist i always get hyped for then that shit jus fizzles. i'm just telling you the truth, not hatin

  • True Hip-hop head

    im the biggest wu fan ever,but rza an dre are both overated....there beats were amasing,but there the most inconsistent producers of all time,so is dj premier...you guys wanna know true producers? that ALWAYS come with classic beats,and never stay out of the limelight,and can crossover from grimey to commercial whenever they want? thats DJ PAUL AND JUICY J from three 6 mafia...there i said it...with way over 30 albums to there name,i think i could careless what you haters say...i even blended nas on some three 6 mafia beats and it came out perfect...check the beat for land of the lost,i put made you look on it an it came out classic....

    • dj nemesis

      if this was the year 2001 maybe i cud give you guys some credit,but what the fuck has rza done thats classic since??? maybe a couple beats on meths 4:21...what about dre? last time he did somethin classic was fuckin wit 50's first album...dj paul and juicy j?? i can show you beats all day thatll blow your mind...way more then dre or rza...you guys just sleep on them,dont mean you gotta hate...

    • horse D

      3-6 mafia??? that shit is so tasteless and corny..thats that pill taking music..

    • problemz

      smfh...wtf r u on fam? I understand you have some luv for your home team and all but Rza and Dre are overrated? u need to go to rehab son...that crack got u wildin right now b...

    • DJ nemesis

      i bet none of yall can back it up...wtf yall dont know shit bout hip-hop...rza aint done shit good since the W,an dre aint done shit good since chronic 2001,his new beats are trash,an so are rza's...on the other hand,dj paul an juicy j make atleast 4 albums a year since 1995,an each album has atleast 6 CLASSIC beats..i can back that up...

    • real real hiphop head

      yo seriously don't post on ANY hiphop site ever again after sayin that dumb shit.

    • dontgiveafuck.

      just shut the fuck up

  • lo godfather

    RZA > Nasty Nas to tell you the truth it's about fucking time!!!

  • JimmyShaz

    RZA is a legend I would like to see him work with NAS again. Verbal Intercourse is one of my favorite tracks. He should collab with J Cole and Sudan that would be crazy. His new mixtape Episode 4 is the shit!

  • G'

    RZA>Dre but The Chronic and Doggystyle really are what made Dre DRE in alot of rap fans minds....RZA suffered from the fact that the majority of his production was only for Wu-Tang, himself, and their affilates. He never outsourced his material the same way folks like Dre, Timbaland, etc did. The reason Primo>RZA is due in large part to his willingness to work with other artist at least in terms of his production being on various albums. Just look at RZA's production discography and you see maybe 98% of it is Wu. Thats a big reason for this lack of props folks see though his sound defined an era of hip hop many times over (first the grimey and then mafiaoso ish of the 90's then the sped of souls samples of the 00's)

  • MuddyDonut

    Holy shit Rza, and Kanye West to produce a Nas album? If this ever happens I will completely forget "Nastradamus" and "I Am"

    • sean w

      yo, I respect your opinion and all..but the 'I Am' album was pretty dope..and I also feel that album shouldn't be put in the same sentence as 'Nastradamus'...which was Nas' worst album, speaking as Nas' number one fan!

    • G'

      Forgetting Nastradamus is how fans can justify Nas' "rebl against the industry" vibe he has been on since God Son. I dont forget so easily. I Am was a good album for the most part though and I am sure if he had released the I Am double LP like he intended (with tracks from Lost Tapes and Nastaradamus on it) it would have been a hit. Nas Is LIke is from I Am....that song alone makes the whole album worth listening

  • dontgiveafuck.

    RZA > Dre But why is not RZA gettin his props like he should d and Dre gettin all the dickridin while he's so overrated ?

    • truthand blessings

      Thats very true. probably because dre does ridiculous numbers. But Rza's beats are more creative and innovative.

  • Gazz



      Fuck Bonkeira and Rza, Rza is a money hungry bitch. He doesnt give a shit about Wu-Tang...Bonkeira is just a bitch in general


      My bad, i thought you were talking about wu-collabos with nas where rza produced the beat, there's tons of others


      What about verbal intercoarse on cuban linx? Thought you were smart didn't you? Please shut up

  • muro

    this sounds like the best thing ive heard in years.rza is the best producer ever so that would be dope.

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